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Best Incense Sticks

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Aromatic incense sticks release a unique fragrance and create a healthy atmosphere in your home. Not only for worship, the delicate aroma of incense sticks often relaxes you during yoga and meditation. There are thousands of brands of incense sticks flooding the market. Herein, we listed the best ones from a pool of brands. 

1. Zed Black 3 In 1 Monthly Pack Incense Sticks

Award: Best Pack

Tagline: Multi-purpose incense sticks that create a refreshing smell. 

Zed Black’s incense sticks spread a pleasant fragrance all over your home. The set includes two packs of incense sticks, and each has approximately 159 incense sticks. A single incense stick will keep the fresh and natural fragrance flow for up to 30 minutes. Thus, the super pack makes your home or office a holy place with its soothing scent.

2. Hem Precious Lavender Incense Sticks

Award: Soothing Scent

Tagline:  Let your indoors/outdoors filled with the freshness of lavender fragrance. 

The aroma of HEM precious lavender incense sticks offer you great relaxation and peace. The incense sticks fill every corner in your home with a delightful and mesmerizing lavender scent. You will get six-packs and each pack comes with 20 long incense sticks. You can enjoy the lavender fragrance for up to 35-40 minutes upon burning a single incense stick. Always store incense sticks in dry places for best results.

3. Darshan Incense Assorted Incenses

Award: Long-lasting pack

Tagline: Each incense stick will burn for at least 40-45 minutes.

Darshan’s assorted incense sticks set has six different fragrance packets. Each packet has 75-80 incense sticks. These sticks ensure a refreshing smell of sandalwood, patchouli, meadow, woody, and white stone. These sticks are made from purely natural and aromatic plant-based materials. Thus, they release less smoke and are safe to use.  

4. Cycle Pure All in One Agarbathies

Award: Mixed fragrances

Tagline: A pack of 191 incense sticks with free turmeric, and kumkum powder.

The Cycle is one of the best and well-known brands of incense sticks. The sticks offer a decent and safe fragrance since they are made from a unique blend of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. The mild fragrant sticks create a pleasant atmosphere for prayers, meditation, and many more. This set includes eight incense packets, each with a lovely fragrance. Further, you will also get an incense stand that holds the stick safely and comfortably. 

5. Mangaldeep Sadhvi Agarbatti

Award: Best Affordable

Tagline: A pack of 100 incense sticks in a delightful fragrance. 

The Mangaldeep Sadhvi incense sticks are less extensive but never compromise in releasing relaxing fragrance with less smoke. The pack contains 100 incense sticks. These incense sticks are made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure user safety.

Things to consider before buying an Buying Guide

1. High quality

Choosing incense sticks with perfectly rolled natural or plant materials is a great option. Natural incense sticks not only give you the best fragrance but they are also ideal for healing and ensuring peace of mind. Also, make sure that the scent should not be too pungent.

2. Avoid incenses dipped in oils

To make incense sticks smell good, most of the manufacturers dip the sticks in fragrance oils. If you find any artificial perfumes in the ingredients list, then ignore that product. The incense sticks that use artificial fragrances look thick and release more smoke while burning. 

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