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Best idol statues

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Idol statues are an amazing idea to brighten up the decoration of your house or office. These statues are not only perfect for home decor but also create a very soothing look to your decor. Just think of a corner with one of these idols and some white flowers and two or three scented candles – you can instantly feel that exotic peaceful vibe. These statues are even perfect for office decor as the simplicity of these statues create a very formal and royal atmosphere. Here we will be talking about some of the best idol statues that are of superb quality and very artistic design too!

1. Brass Buddha Idol Statue

Tagline:  Lord buddha statue with an antique finishing.

This classic statue of Lord Buddha is a wonderful piece to enhance the divinity of your house. The kalash and the draping of the shawl makes the statue look more serene and calm. The statue dimensions are 6.8x4x2.5cms and weighs around 1050 gms. As it is made of brass, the finishing of this statue looks very antique and shiny. You can even gift this buddha statue for multiple occasions such as anniversary or birthday or diwali. 

2. Sitting Buddha Idol Statue

Tagline:  Bright orange and black buddha statue for home decor.

If you are planning a surprise gift for your family, friends or colleagues then this is going to be the ideal match for you. This statue is made of raisin and it weighs around 299 gms. The Buddha statue is of 8×18.5×24 cms dimensions and can be a very good selection for office decor too. The sharp bright contrast of orange and black tone looks awesome and can go well with a white or yellow or red background. Because of raisin and the colour selection the finishing of this idol looks very glossy and vibrant.

3. Riddhi Siddhi Chhatra Ganesh Idol

Tagline: A magnificent ganesha idol statue for gifting purposes.

This ganesh showpiece is absolutely magnifying. Measuring 15x14x18 cm, this statue itself has a very soothing essence and it weighs around 470gms. This handmade sculpture of Lord Ganesha can be a very classic gift for any house-warming parties or diwali parties. This idol is made of sand casting procedures and hence this statue has a very stylish texture. The smooth glossy effect looks very artistic and classic. You can keep it anywhere in your home or office to add more values to your decor. 

4. Goddess Lakshmi Idol

Tagline: A perfect light-weight Lakshmi statue for the puja room

This Lakshmi statue is a perfect match for any puja rooms. This statue of Goddess Lakshmi weighs around 130 gm and is of 50x50x80 mms. It is made of raisin and can be a perfect gift collection for diwali or anniversary parties. This hand-painted statue has a very antique essence in it. As many people believe that goddess lakshmi brings health and wealth, you can even keep it in your office table. It is a very lightweight statue that looks absolutely gorgeous and bright. 

Things to consider before buying:

There are a number of idol statues in the market but before buying you need to consider a few things first like quality or price. So, here we have listed out few factors about idol statues first:

  • Quality : Always go for quality but not quantity. Though it’s difficult to understand the quality of an item in online shopping, if you check the material you can get some basic ideas. Like if the statue is made of brass it will be on the stronger side. Again if its primary material is raisin then it will not look dull rather much bright. So before buying a statue try to check the primary material, so that you can get an overall idea about the longevity of the item.
  • Price: We always love the concept of buying a quality item at an affordable price. So if you get an idol statue at a pocket friendly price and if you are also assured about the quality then just go for it.
  • Design: It is very important to consider the design before buying. Because if you are a kind of western setup you need some classic artistic statues but if you have traditional indian setup then you might need an antique statue to enhance that.
  • Size measurement: Not all sizes look good in all spaces. If you have a low case arrangement then you will need some small pretty idol statue. But if you are looking for your puja room or showcase then you might need a larger one. So, remember that size always matters.

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