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Best Ice Cube Balls

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The concept of ice cube balls is perfect for any cocktail party or entertainment gathering. Apart from adding elegance, these ice cube balls keep your cocktails chill without watering them down. In addition to that, you don’t need any fancy equipment or appliances to make them. The ice cube ball makers are mostly made up of food-grade silicone material. Because of their non-sticky nature, you can easily remove them without any issues. They are easy to clean and maintain as well.

The ice cube ball makers are available in different options, and choosing among them is not a simple task. However, some of our best ice cube ball maker suggestions are below if you want to purchase a durable option.

1. Glacio Sphere Ice Mould Tray

Award – Best in Quality

Tagline – BPA-free

The silicone mould from glacio is BPA free and 100% safe, making it a perfect option for freezing liquids, including soup, ice and even baby food.

glacio Sphere ice mould tray is perfect for making 2.5-inch large ice cube balls. Unlike traditional ice cube moulds, they are extremely flexible and easy to remove once the ice forms. The ice cubes obtained from these trays are great for filling ice buckets. In addition, this mould is dishwasher safe; hence it is easy to clean and maintain. 

2. Lifestyle-You Sphere Ice Moulds

Award – Easy to Use

Tagline – Leak-proof lids

This ice mould comes with a leak-proof lid that prevents spillage while freezing the water.

Lifestyle-You Sphere ice moulds create slow-melting ice moulds which are perfect for your cocktail parties. You will get a perfect ice-sphere of 2.5 inches in size. Unlike regular ice cubes, they don’t water down the drinks quickly. In addition, they are compact in size and stackable, so they don’t take up much space in the freezer.

3. ZIVIK Silicone Ice Cube Ball Maker

Award – Large Size

Tagline – Non-sticky

This ice cube ball maker has a non-stick material that helps release the ice cubes easily from the mould.

ZIVIK silicone ice cubes come with 6 large spaces to make ice cubes of 1.8 inches. They are perfect for accompanying iced coffee, cold brew, mojitos and cocktails. It comes in a pack of 2 premium silicone trays with 6 round mould spaces. It is made up of premium quality food-grade silicone materials free from BPA, toxicity, odour and chemicals.

4. ADTALA Ice Cube and Ball Trays

Award – Value for Money

Tagline – Easy to Fill

This ice cube mould tray comes with a mini funnel, making it easier to fill up without spilling or over-filling.

ADTALA ice cube mould product comes in a pack of 2 pieces, making two different ice cubes. It is made of premium quality food-grade silicone material which is BPA-free and 100% effective. You can also freeze liquids from the water like soup, fruit juice, and even baby food. They are easier to clean and dishwasher safe as well. 

Things to Remember While Purchasing an Ice Cube Ball Maker

1. Material

Usually, ice cube trays are made with hard plastic, which requires hard twisting, banging or running under the water to remove the formed ice cubes. But the latest models come with silicone material, making it easy to remove the ice cube balls because they are bendable and flexible.

2. Shape

The ice cube ball trays come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Some trays help to make little tiny ice cubes for Mojitos or big rocks for the scotch. Alternatively, they also come in different shapes like flowers, spheres, cubes, rectangles, etc.

3. Capacity

Some of the ice cube ball makers can make only 2 pieces of ice at a time, while some of them can make as high as 16 or more at once. If you tend to host large parties, trays with higher counts are suitable. So basically, you can choose based on your regular requirements and preferences. 

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