Top 7 Best Ice Cream Makers in India: 2021 Reviews

best ice cream makers With ice cream maker at home, you can enjoy healthy and hygienic dessert anytime you want. But how do you choose an ice cream maker that right for you? We recommend considering below factors…

1. Type – Based on their working principle, ice makers are divided into 3 types.

  • Bucket Type – It is suitable for people who don’t make ice cream regularly. They use ice and salt for freezing the ingredients but churning has to be done manually. It is affordable than other types.
  • Canister Type – They are suitable for people who make ice cream regularly. It uses gel containing bowl for freezing the ingredients. Before using this machine, it has to be placed in freezer for 24 hours, so preplanning is compulsory. They are expensive.
  • Compressor Type – It comes with a built-in freezer which makes it suitable for people who make ice creams regularly and don’t want to plan things ahead.

2. Capacity Ice cream makers are available in 1 to 4 liters capacity. You have to choose according to your requirements. Along with the above two, you should also consider factors like auto-shut off, easy to operate, and speed to determine which ice cream market suits you. We recommend to read our “BUYING GUIDE” for more clear information. We have also provided a list of best ice cream markers in India after consulting with ice-cream making professionals.

Best Ice Cream Makers In India

Ice Cream MakersTypeCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Kitchenif Canister type1.5 Liter1 YearCheck the Price
Cuisinart ICE-70 Canister type2 Liter3 YearsCheck the Price
Mr. Freeze EIM-700T Canister type2 -3 cups1 YearCheck the Price
Sunbeam Polar --2 cupsNo WarrantyCheck the Price
Hershey’s Dual Canister type2 cups1 YearCheck the Price
Cuisinart ICE-21 Canister type1.5 Liter3 YearsCheck the Price
Hamilton BeachCanister type1.5 Liter1 YearCheck the Price

Best Ice Cream Maker Reviews In India

1. Kitchenif 1.5 Liter Ice Cream Maker

Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Yoghurt Maker Kitchenif comes handy in a world of ice-cream makers where most of them are either expensive or requires manual churning. It is one of those brands which have popularized ice-cream makers in India and its mind-blowing performance has made it the topper on our list.

If you are a person who wants to learn how to make ice cream at home, this one should be your choice as it boasts a comparatively less cooling time and a safety lock.

Enjoy bucket full of fresh frozen ice-cream, and desserts free from any preservatives/additives and made with seasonal fruits and flavors. With its 1.5 L large bowl, it makes a whopping 6-7 scoops of ice-cream in one go within 30 minutes.

The nice cube shaped design can fit into 80% of the double door refrigerators. A wide mixing paddle is able to make a variety of other desserts like sorbet, slush and yoghurt. Twist and un-lift the upper part to add chilled ingredients into the double insulated frozen bowl and enjoy desirable desserts any time!

The 4 raised handles make it easy to carry and hold. It is easy to clean as well! Just press the lock key at the bottom of the upper lid, separate the motor and get it washed. An elegant transparent lid with a safety lock feature ensures that the ice-cream mixture doesn’t spill out.

A small spout on the front lid lets you add ingredients without opening the top cover each time. The electric ice-cream maker makes lesser noise compared to others; noise level is 70Db which is safe to your ears. It is backed up by 1 year of warranty. Furthermore, it comes with a free recipe book from which you can make and try different types and flavors of ice-creams.

How to use?

  • Plan the day before making ice-cream, take the insulated bowl and refrigerate it for about 12-18 hours.
  • Place the frozen bowl inside quickly before it starts to defrost
  • Put the mixing paddle on the freezer bowl.
  • Switch on the Kitchenif Ice-cream maker.
  • Start adding ingredients through the small opening on the lid, while the mixing paddle is rotating and the machine is on.
  • Let the ice-cream maker run for good 20 to30 minutes
  • Ice-cream will be ready on time depending on the volume of total ingredients and recipe
  • If you like ice-cream in the soft serving stage, serve it immediately
  • For chilled ice-cream, transfer it into another bowl with lid and freeze it for 2-3 hours


  • Affordability
  • Large bowl with 1.5 litres capacity
  • Makes quick ice-cream in just 30 seconds
  • Safety lock
  • Spout opening for easy adding of ingredients
  • Easy to clean detachable bowl
  • 1 year of warranty


  • Not suitable for single door refrigerators

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2. Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice-cream maker

Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice-Cream Maker is selected as second product in our list because of its large capacity bowl. The insulated bowl has capacity of about 2 liters measuring 19.7 cm diameter and 16.5 cm height.

This makes it suitable for the entire single door as well as double door refrigerator. It has 2 transparent plastic lids, one is big lid for complete ice cream maker bowl and other it for small opening that is present on the big lid. This opening is helpful to add mix-ins to the ice-cream in between the churning.

The base of the machine is made up of strong and stainless steel, which holds the bowl properly. High quality plastic made mixing paddles are sharp enough to scratch the ice-cream from edges while churning process.

It also prevents the air from entering into the ice-cream mixture and avoids formation of ice. Digital one touch pad allows you to preset the time and choose the dish you are preparing. Because, it has 4 one touch buttons indicating start/stop, gelato, ice-cream and sorbet.

It also has automatic turn off feature that is helpful for everyone. Four rubber grips present on the outer base of the machine firmly fixes it on the surface and doesn’t cause any disturbance during vibration. This product comes with 3 years warranty against any damage which is a great factor to consider.

During the operation, machine makes 70-80 dB of sound, which is quite high when compared with our first product The only disappointing point is it takes almost 20-24 hours to freeze the bowl completely whereas the first product takes less than 18 hours for freezing.

How to use?

  • As it a canister type ice cream maker you should freeze the bowl for about 20-24 hours. Then, fix it to the machine and pour all the ingredients.
  • Now, you can place the dasher and close the lid. Here, you should preset the timer and afterwards switch on the machine.
  • Once the ice cream is ready the machine shuts down automatically. So, you can transfer it into an airtight box and freeze it.


  • It has digital panel which provides hassle free operation.
  • Large capacity of the bowl
  • Good quality mixing paddle
  • Preset timer.
  • You can prepare ice cream, gelato, sorbet and yogurt also.
  • Small opening on the lid allows you to add mix-ins easily.


  • Bowl requires 20-24 hours to get frozen.
  • Produces high noise.
  • Little bit Expensive.

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3. Mr. Freeze EIM-700T Maxi Matic 1.5 Pint Thermo-electric Ice Cream Maker

Mr. Freeze EIM-700T Maxi-Matic 1.5 Pint Thermoelectric Ice Cream Maker Next product from our list is Mr. Freeze Ice Cream Maker. This is the first compressor type ice-cream maker in our list. It has an environment friendly thermoelectric cooling system, which cools the ice-cream.

The insulated bowl, which is attached to the base of the machine, has capacity of preparing 2-3 cups of ice cream. Plastic paddles are made up of BPA free material which perfectly churns the ice-cream.

It has 3 push buttons on the top side of the device indicating start/stop, hard and soft. This enables you to control the churning speed as per your need. Also, the device makes beeping sound when the dish is ready.

This alerts you to turn it off though you are doing some other work. High quality plastic transparent lid allows you to check the texture of the ice-cream. A silicon spatula is provided with this ice cream maker to take out the ice-cream easily and avoid the occurrence of scratches inside the bowl.

This product comes with warranty of 1 year and an instruction manual is provided along with the device. As it is compressor type ice-cream makers the sound produced is very low. The one biggest drawback of this product is it is very small in size, which produces less amount of ice-cream.

How to use?

  • Initially prepare the ice cream mixture and refrigerate it for 2-3 hours. Then, pour the mixture into the insulated bowl and close the lid.
  • Now, press the button either hard or soft and later turn on the switch.
  • Once the ice cream is ready the machine starts to make beeping sound. Then, you can switch off the machine.


  • Environment friendly thermo-electric cooling system.
  • Transparent lid.
  • Low noise that is less than 60 dB.
  • Silicon spatula avoids scratches on the bowl.


  • You cannot add mix-ins during the churning process because it doesn’t have separate opening.

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4. Sunbeam Polar Blast Ice cream Maker

Sunbeam FRSBPLBST Polar Blast Ice Cream Treat Maker Making ice-cream with sunbeam polar blast ice-cream maker is very easy. It makes ice-cream quickly and the design is completely different from the other products in our list. The complete body of the ice-cream maker is made up of good quality plastic.

It has a tube at the upper part along with a blue colour lid. At the front there is an opening from where you can collect the ice-cream. Once at a time it prepares 2-3 cups of ice-cream. This machine is best for combining 2 different flavours or preparing ice-cream using frozen yogurt.

It is semi manual and semi automatic kind of machine that prepares ice-cream in 5-10 minutes. All the parts of the device are separable, which makes it easy to wash. Manufacturer has give warranty of 1 year in India. This product comes with a drawback where it is not suitable for preparing ice-cream using raw ingredients.

How to use?

Take some frozen yogurt and pour it into the tubular structure of the machine. Now, press the blue coloured lid across the mixture by pressing the button. Collect the ice-cream from the front side.


  • Easy to use
  • Small in size and lightweight
  • Parts are easily washable
  • Good quality plastic that is BPA free


  • Parts are not dishwasher safe

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5. Hershey’s Dual Single Serve Ice-Cream Machine

HERSHEYS Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Machine Next product in our list is from west bend, which is one of the special ice cream makers because; here at a time you can prepare ice cream of 2 different flavors. Two freezing insulated mugs present in this device are of size 10 oz, which takes around 4-5 hours to freeze.

It comes with two separate plastic paddles that go inside the mugs and churn ice-cream properly. As it has a unique design, all the parts of the machine can be separated and are easy to wash and reassemble back.

This ice cream maker is perfectly suitable for serving 2 members. Lid has opening near the cups where you should place the funnels to pour the ingredients into the cup. The top of the machine consists of the motor which allows the paddles to rotate and start the process.

Once the complete set up is done we can switch on the device and leave it for 20 minutes. Though it has high speed but the noise produced by the motor is very less. It needs supervision as it doesn’t have alarm in it. You can turn off the switch after 20-30 minutes.

How to use?

  • Here, all you need to do is initially take out the mugs and freeze them.
  • On the other side you can prepare the ice cream mixture and keep it ready.
  • Once the mugs are frozen place them properly on the device and keep the paddles in it.
  • Now, close the entire device by keeping the lid and motor above it.
  • Then, you can use funnels and place them near the opening to pour the mixture into the  mug.
  • Make sure you put proper measurement of mixture otherwise it may come outside and increase your cleaning work.
  • When everything is set up properly you can switch it on and leave for about 20-3 minutes.
  • Then, turn off the device and consume the ice cream.


  • 2 insulated mugs
  • Produces very low sound
  • 2 ingredients funnel
  • Easy to wash


  • It doesn’t consists of alarm.

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6. Cuisinart ICE-21 ice cream maker

Cuisinart Ice-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Make Cuisinart is one of the oldest and trusted brands of ice-cream makers. This is second product of Cuisinart in our list. The model ICE-21 is suitable for those who want small and sleek products for their kitchen.

An insulated bowl of Cuisinart comes with capacity of 1.5 litres that takes approximately 12-14 hours for cooling. Once, the bowl is frozen you can directly attach it to the base. Mixing paddles has blades of about 1 and 1 ½ inches that speeds up the churning process.

It is made up of BPA free material. The heavy duty motor, present at the base of the device controls the working of mixing paddles. The large transparent lid measures 3 inches in diameter which makes it easy to pour the contents into the bowl.

Also, the locking system makes it fuss free to lock and unlock the system. This is a multipurpose device that is helpful in preparing sorbet, gelato and frozen yogurt. Rubber grips are given to fix the device firmly on the surface to avoid skidding or slipping of the device during the operation.

As it comes in 3 attractive colours such as red, white and turquoise you can choose it according to your kitchen colour. This product comes with warranty of 3 years which is helpful factor.

How to use?

Take out the insulated bowl and freeze it for about 15-16 hours. Afterwards immediately attach it on the machine and place the paddles in it. Now, pour all the contents into it and switch on the machine. You can have delicious and creamy ice cream after 20 minutes. Pros:

  • Large capacity
  • It is very easy to clean because the bowl is detachable
  • The rubber feet avoid any kind of damage to the device.
  • Good quality BPA free paddles.


  • Bowl is not dishwasher safe.

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7. Hamilton Beach Ice-Cream Maker

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, 1.5-Quart, Red The last product from our list is from Hamilton beach brand. It has insulated bowl of capacity 1.5 quarts which provides 6-8 scoops of ice-cream. This bowl takes 20-22 hours to get frozen completely and is suitable for almost all kinds of refrigerators. Mixing paddle blades are strong enough to churn the ice cream properly and make thick ice cream.

This machine is useful for preparing the sorbet and frozen yogurt. The lid is wide open that allows you to add the ingredients directly from the above. Also, the parts can be detached and cleaned easily. So, you can also add mix-ins easily in-between the churning process.  

Base of this machine has a motor attached to it that runs to make ice cream thick and creamy. During operation the device makes noise of about 80-90 dB which is a point of concern. A free ice cream recipe book is given with the device, which helps in preparing varieties of ice-cream.

The user manual helps you in adjusting the time and calculates the preparation time.

How to use?

Initially freeze the bowl for about 22 hours and later attach it on the machine. Place the paddles and lid. Now, carefully pour all the ingredients from the above corner. Once, it is ready, turn on the machine and let is start churning process. Due to single insulation it takes about 1 hour to prepare ice-cream of your choice.


  • Easy to clean as you can separate all the parts
  • Comes with a free user manual
  • Allows you to mix the add-ons easily.
  • It has large capacity of 1.5 quarts ice-cream.


  • The frozen bowl starts to warm up very soon
  • None of the parts of machine are dishwasher safe.
  • Makes little bit noise.

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Ice cream makers’ help in minimizing the work and produces best ice cream at home. Instead of spending every time to purchase the ice cream flavour of your choice it is better to invest in the ice cream makers. This machine helps in making healthy and hygienic ice-cream easily.

After vast research we have selected Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Maker as our first choice because of its amazing properties.

If you have any queries you can write to us in the comment section. Our team of experts will clarify them as soon as possible.

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