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5 Best Hot Air Brush in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Hot airbrushes allow you to straighten your hair without reducing the hair volume, which might be an issue with hair straighteners. These are also quite easy to use and can be bought quite easily after considering the following factors:

  • Size: The size of a hot air brush is quite essential to check as a large-sized brush offers more contact area. It also allows you to easily create large-sized curls if the diameter of your brush is high.
  • Modes/Attachments: You can find multiple modes and attachments in most hot airbrush options out there. These make them highly versatile and flexible for different hairstyles.
  • Warranty: If you want to use your hot airbrush for a long time without facing issues, then you should get one with a long warranty period. While some options come with a 1-year warranty, other reliable brushes also offer a 2-year long warranty that is always great to have.

Since such brushes are so handy for hair straightening, we have mentioned some of the best hot air brushes in India in this article. As you would expect, this article also has its major features and options, along with a detailed Buying Guide. All of the details present in this buying guide can be quite handy to easily buy the perfect one for you by going through this article until the end.

Best Hot Hair Brush India

Hot Air BrushesModes/AttachmentsControlsPowerWarrantyBuy Now
CARRERA Hot Air Brush Styler5 Attachments3 heat and 2-speed settings---1-yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Panasonic Hair Styler2 Attachments2-speed settings
650 watts2-yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Techfire Hot Air Brush3 in 1 working modes3 heat and speed settings1000 watts---CHECK ON AMAZON

khushi Hot Air Brush
3 in 1 working modes3 heat and 2 speed settings1000 watts---CHECK ON AMAZON
TFW Hot Air Brush3 in 1 working modes6 Precise controls, 3 heat and 2 speed settings1000 watts---CHECK ON AMAZON

Top Hot Hair Brush India: Reviews

1. CARRERA Hot Air Brush Styler

CARRERA Hot Air Brush Styler

Carrera is a professional brand of hair products and tools that are made for commercial usage. If you want a high-performance hot airbrush, then you can consider the Carrera 535 hot airbrush because of its various features and options.

The Carrera 535 professional hot airbrush is present in the 1st position in this article as it is the best performing option present in this article. This is due to the reason that you get a total of 5 attachments in this brush. These attachments allow you to use this brush for different kinds of applications and hairstyles as per your wish.

You get a blower attachment for using this brush as a hairdryer. As for the rest of the attachments, they offer diameters of 22 mm, 38 mm, and 50 mm that can be useful for creating different sized curls. While two of these attachments have the same diameter, they have a different bristle pattern that can be useful for different hair volume.

This hot airbrush comes with a 1-year warranty as it is a professional grade product that makes it quite reliable. A great thing about this brush is that it offers a total of 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings for offering precise control to the user. Although, since this is a professional grade product, it is a bit on the expensive side.

Best Features:

  • Multiple Attachments: You get a total of 5 attachments with this hot air brush that have different sizes and uses for flexibility while using it for hair straightening.
  • Precise Controls: This hot airbrush comes with a total of 3 heat settings along with 2-speed settings to adjust its performance as per your need.
  • Reliable Brush: Apart from offering a great build quality, this hot airbrush comes with a 1-year warranty that is always useful to have in a professional product.

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2. Panasonic Hair Styler

panasonic hair styler

Panasonic is one of the most popular brands of hair care tools, like trimmers, straighteners, dryers, and much more. As you would expect, it also makes various hot airbrush models, including the one we have mentioned here in this article.

This Panasonic EH-KA22-V62B hot air brush is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is the most reliable and durable option present in this article. It offers an excellent build quality along with a 2-year warranty that is much better than most other options out there. Due to this, you can expect its 650-watt heating element to work for a long time.

Since it is a 650-watt hot airbrush, it is ideal for home usage as it is not the hottest one out there. But it is quite efficient for a lower electricity bill for your home. You can also change the speed of this hot air brush as per your wish using its 2 setting control system.

It also comes with two attachments for further customization and control while using this hot airbrush. This includes a brush attachment and a blower nozzle for using it as a hairdryer. A highly useful feature of this hot airbrush is that you get a 360-degree swivel cord in it. This allows you to rotate this brush without kinking the power cord.

Best Features:

  • Efficient: This 650-watt hot airbrush is quite efficient as it can produce decent heat with low power consumption.
  • Highly Reliable: It is one of the only options out there that comes with excellent build quality and a 2-year long warranty along with a great customer service experience.
  • Swivel Cord: You get a 360-degree swivel cord in this hot airbrush for rotating it without kinking the power cord of this hot airbrush.

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3. Techfire Hot Air Brush

Techfire Hot Air Brush

Techfire’s hot airbrush has been most popularly used in the market nowadays because it has all the features that you wish.

It is a multi functioning device with straightening and drying options. You can use it as a hair straightener, curling iron, comb, and blow dryer. You can get distinctive hairstyles of curly hair, wavy hair, or straightened hair now having a saloon effect at home. 

As it works at 1000W power, it gets heated quickly, and hence, it is ready within seconds to get your work done. So, it is definitely an efficient and time-saving option for working women and ladies who are busy. 

This Techfire 3 in 1 hot airbrush has a unique lightweight design with high-quality ceramic. It spreads the heat uniformly throughout the plate and releases the negative ions surrounding each hair strand to remove frizz, smoothen the hair, and eliminate static. You will, therefore, have silky and shiny anti-tangle hair within minutes. With its special drying option, it reduces hair moisture and dries your hair faster with no damage. 

Moreover, it has a nylon pin and tufted tangle-free bristles with a massaging ball to allow gentle movement. Also, its 360-degree swivel cord allows you to move it easily and flexibly preventing tangles and twists. So, it assures high-level safety to your hair. 

The device also has a LED showing light to indicate multiple heat settings. Besides, a convenient gear adjustment rotates gently to ease your setting mode. So, it is an absolutely better choice of a hot airbrush. Go on through its best features once again to get a quick view. 

Best features

  • Power Heating Element – It has a 1000W heating element that quickly gets hot and gives you sufficient heat. 
  • 3 Working Modes – It has three working modes of the low, medium, and high heat settings for fine, normal, and thick curly hair patterns. 
  • Ionic technology – It gives out negative ions to make your hair smooth and shining. 
  • Swivel cord – You can use it handy with a hassle-free swivel cord that allows you to move the device as per your desire. 

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4. Khushi Hot Air Brush 

Khushi Hot Air Brush 

Kushi hot airbrush is yet another best product you can choose from as it has good features and reviews as well. This 3 in 1 hair styler works like a hair straightener, hairdryer, and hair curler. 

This handy device is ideal for use even at home, travel, and office. And so, women can get an instant curly or straightened loose hairstyle anywhere. 

With specific negative ionic technology, it assures smooth and shiny hair by reducing static and frizz. Also, it minimizes heat damage and prevents over-drying, and so your hair becomes healthy. 

It has different adjustable heat settings of the high, medium, and low feasible for thick hair, normal hair, and fine hair respectively. Moreover, it is suitable for all hair types – dry and wet. 

Khushi’s hot airbrush has an ergonomic design that enables you to use it without any difficulty or harm. It has an oval design which makes it easy to move along your hair, and the bristles or hair won’t get tangled. Also, with the 2m 360-degree swivel cord, you can move it at any angle to style or dry your hair. 

In a nutshell, this is an efficient, affordable, and easy-to-use hot airbrush to give you healthy and silky hair. Go through its best features and add it to your hair care kit. 

Best Features:

  • Efficient: With a powerful 1000W heating element, it heats up quickly and efficiently works as a dryer, straightener, and curler. 
  • Ionic technology: The negative ions from the device saturate the airflow, maintain the moisture of the hair, nourish the hair, and reduce hair damage. 
  • Safety: It has an automatic safety feature to give the best protection against overheating. 
  • Adjustable Settings: The hot airbrush has adjustable controls for heat and speed to use for any hair texture.

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5. TFW Hot Airbrush

TFW Hot Airbrush

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and efficient hot airbrush to use at your home without any difficulty, then this Tirth Fashion World’s (TFW) hot airbrush can be your right choice. 

This 3 in 1 brush gives drying, straightening, and curling hair effects. So, it is a one-stop solution for multiple needs. With 1000W power, it heats up quickly and gives the desired temperature to suit your custom-fit styles and operations. It has 3 temperature or heat (cool/low/high) and 2-speed settings to change as per your specifications. 

By simply adjusting the particular modes, you can have straightened, curls, waves, flips, and other styles with just one tool. You need not even worry if it suits you or not – it is perfectly suitable for any hair texture. Moreover, you have six precise settings to set to allow multiple hair-designing modes. So, ladies, you can undoubtedly go for this as its hairstyle effects last longer. 

Many of you may still worry if it can be safely used or not. However, it has an automatic shutoff facility, tangle-free bristles, and 3D floating plates that help you use the airbrush without harming yourself and your hair. Your hair does not get snagged, pinched, or twisted even if you glide it over your curly hair. Moreover, it is safe enough to use for your kids too. 

This one also has a 7.5 feet swivel cord that can move around 360-degrees, and so, it is a harmless, painless, and hassle-free way to style your hair. Now, have a look at its best features to get a quick understanding of it. 

Best Features:

  • 3 in 1 hair dryer and volumizer for frizz-free hair
  • Ionic technology: Its negative ions make your hair smooth, shining, soft, and static-free. 
  • Oval design brush: This design adds volume to your hair. It moves around your head with 360-degree airflow vents for faster dryness and uniform heat distribution. 
  • 6 Precise control settings, 3-heat settings, and 2-speed settings. 
  • It saves money and time. 
  • It has a nanosilver, argan oil, and tourmaline on its ceramic heating plates to avoid pulling or damaging the hair. 
  • It is lightweight and portable to use even on vacations, business trips, and weddings. 

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Buying Guide for the Best Hot Air Brushes in India

Now that you have gone through the various hot airbrushes in this article, along with their features and details, you must be wondering about the various intricate factors before purchasing. While some of you might have already purchased a hot airbrush, a few of you might still be confused. Therefore, we are here with a detailed buying guide just for you. You can find all of the essential aspects of hot airbrushes in this buying guide. These can be quite useful to easily choose the perfect hot air brush by going through the following factors one by one:

1. Size

One of the most important things to check while buying a hot airbrush is the size of the brush. This mainly includes the size of the heating element itself and not the complete hot airbrush. It is important to check as a larger size offers a higher surface area for more contact with your air for easily straightening them. You can also expect a higher airflow in a hot airbrush that has a large size.

A longer airbrush can be used to quickly straighten your hair since it affects a lot of hair at once. Although, if you want to make curls, then you should check the diameter of the heating element of the hot airbrush. This is due to the reason that a larger diameter is useful for larger curls quite easily. Although most hot airbrushes allow you to change the diameter using attachments, you can learn more about these attachments later on in this buying guide.

2. Power

Since hot airbrushes are quite similar to hair straighteners or a hairdryer, all of these have a power rating. And this power rating is quite important to check since you can get an idea of its performance. This also tells you about the power consumption of the given hot airbrush. As you would expect, this power rating is given in watts that include options like 600 watts and 800-watt hot airbrushes.

When compared with each other, the 800-watt hot airbrush uses more power to produce more heat. A higher heat rating can be useful if you want to straighten your hair quickly. Although, this power output can be adjusted using the controls present in your hot airbrush.

3. Attachments

Most of the hot air brush options out there come with multiple attachments included in the box. These can be easily attached or removed to the hot airbrush base as needed. While the base contains the heating element, the attachments are mainly responsible for changing the size and shape of the comb part of the brush. This means that you can change the diameter of your hot air brush between options like 20 mm, 30 mm, or 50 mm diameter using these attachments.

Usually, these attachments also change the shape of the brush head. While some attachments have fine bristles, others might have larger and wider bristles. Both of these options are made for achieving different hairstyles. Some hot air brushes even come with blower attachments that allow you to use the given brush as a hairdryer. As you would expect, this makes the given hot airbrush quite flexible for different uses.

4. Controls

You can find a wide range of controls on most of the hot air brush options available here in India. This is due to the reason that you need control dials for successfully changing the heat output of the hot airbrush. It is quite essential to have so that you do not burn your hair due to high heat. While some brushes have buttons, others might have dials for their controls.

Usually, dials offer more precise control over the heat output of the given hot airbrush. If you want to use your hot air brush without head and just with the air, you can also adjust the fan speed using its controls. As you would expect, such hot airbrushes also come with an on-off switch that allows you to power off or turn on your hot airbrush as you wish.

5. Warranty

Just like hairdryers and hair straighteners, these hot airbrushes also usually come with a warranty. This manufacturer warranty ensures that if you face any issues with a hot airbrush, you can get it fixed quickly and easily. While some hot airbrush models come with a 1-year warranty, more reputable brands offer a 2-year warranty. As a result, such hot airbrush models are considered to be highly durable and reliable. You can use these for a long time without any issues.


If you want to comb your hair while straightening them, then a hot airbrush is just the perfect thing for you. These are much easier and safer to use when compared with hair straighteners. You can use these for getting straight hair without losing any of the hair volume or damaging your hair. So, we have mentioned some of the best hot air brushes in India in this article, along with all their details. We have even mentioned a detailed buying guide in this article for easily choosing the perfect one for you. But if you quickly want to select a hot airbrush, then you can simply choose one from our recommendations:

  • The Panasonic EH-KA22-V62B is the cheapest yet the most reliable option present in this article. This is due to the reason that this 650 hot airbrush comes with a 2-year long warranty along with an excellent customer service experience. You also get a total of 2 attachments with it that are quite handy to have while brushing your hair.
  • You can also consider the Techfire hot airbrush if you are looking for affordable and budget hot airbrush options out there. It comes with a 1000 watt heating element that is more than enough for most users out there. And despite its budget price, it offers a total of 3 working modes to the user for ease of use. This brush also has a 360-degree rotating power cord.
  • Although if you want a hot air brush for professional usage, then you should go with the Carrera 535 hot airbrush. While it is the most expensive option present in this article, it comes with a total of 5 attachments with it. This has a total of 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings. You also get a 1-year warranty with it that is always great to have.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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