Best Helmets for Men and Women in India

Just as seat belts are an essential safety feature of car, a helmet is an essential safety guard for any motor cyclist that saves them from severe injury and even acts as a life saver in case of fatal accidents.

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a recreational biker, having a quality helmet with proper fitting and effective protection features is essential to ensure that it does not affect your riding and is capable for handling significant impact.

But when it comes to choosing a helmet, there is a wide range of products available in the market that come in different styles and is made from different materials. So, in this article, we have included a brief guide on how to choose the best helmet and rounded up a list of some of the best helmets for men and women available in India.

Best Helmets For Men & Women

Helmets For Men & WomenWeightInner MaterialMaterialBuy Now
Vega Cliff CF-LK-M Full Face Helmet1.2kgEPS PaddingAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Check the Price
Steel Bird Classic Full Face Helmet1.1 KgABS materialThermoplastic Check the Price
Studds Cub Open Face Helmet 1.5 KgFoam, cloth, linerPolyurethene, Thermoplastic Check the Price
Vega Verve Open Face Helmet1.1 KgEPS PaddingABS material Check the Price
Studds Premium Vent Professional Full Face Helmet1.4 KgEPS PaddingPolycarbonate visor duly silicon Check the Price

How to Choose the Right Helmet for You?

Every youngster love to go college, office and travel on bikes. It gives them immense happiness and at the same time safety do matters. Helmet is one such product that safeguards from road accidents. With the plenty of brands and models available in the market, it’s quite difficult to pick the best one matching with your preferences like colour, style and design.

Probably, you may not know how to select the helmet for bikers. Here, in this section, we’ve discussed several important factors like type of helmet, usage – men, women, inner and outer shell materials cushion padding and much more. Let’s dive into the topic!

1. Size

This is by far the most important factor to consider when choosing a helmet for you. The helmet you choose should not be too tight or too loose. It should sit snugly on your head and the top of the helmets eye port should be just above your eyebrows.

You can measure your head size by wrapping a measuring tape around your head about 1/2 inches above your eyebrows. Compare this measurement with the size of the motorcycle helmet you choose. Most helmet manufacturers provide sizing chart with their helmets.

It is also important to determine your head shape and choose a helmet accordingly. Most manufacturers make helmets in 3 head shapes –

  • Long Oval – This shape is suitable for those having a more oblong or oval head that is longish from front to back and narrow from ear to ear.
  • Intermediate Oval – This shape is best suited for those with a round head which is shorter from front to back and wider from side to side.
  • Round oval – This shape is best suited for those whose heads are longer from side to side and narrower from front to back.

2. Type of Helmet

The type of helmet you choose should depend on the type of bike you ride.

  • Full Face Helmets – A full face helmet is a must have for sports bikers because it offers all-around protection to the head and face including the jaw thanks to the chin bar. This is undoubtedly the safest type of helmet.
  • Half Shell Helmets – Half shell helmets have a minimalist design covering only the top part and back of the head. Half helmets are very light and comfortable but they offer the least amount of protection. This type of helmet is best suited for casual riders.
  • Open Face Helmet – Open face helmets offer more protection compared to half-shell helmets but they leave the face unprotected. It allows better visibility and access to your face.

3. ISI-Certified Helmets

ISI is a certification mark for the manufacturing products (home and kitchen appliances) in India. Government has made compulsory to sell in India which helps to identify the fake products and cancel the licence. The products listed in the article are ISI-certified and maintains the safety standards to protect the drivers.

4. Affordable Price

Price of the helmet is not an issue when your priority is to have a good-quality helmet. It protects you from road accidents and also enhances the usage capabilities. People do not like to change their helmets for years. It’s not the right thing to do. Once it has reached the expiry date, throw it away and buy new helmet for safety reasons.

5. Important Features of the Helmet

a. Helmet Weight

A standard helmet usually weighs between 1400 to 1800 grams. If you wear a properly fitting helmet then there is no need to worry about the weight because it gets evenly distributed around your head and shoulders. But if it does not fit properly, then even a light weight helmet can strain you neck.

b. Helmet Construction

A quality helmet should have a strong outer shell, impact absorbing inner lining and a retention system.

c. Outer Shell

In most cases, the outer-most shell of the helmet is made from fiber-reinforced composites that controls during a hard impact which in turn reduces the force of the blow before it reaches your head.

d. Impact-Absorbing Liner

The inner liner is made from Styrofoam or other similar material that absorbs the shock of the impact and reduces the power of a hard strike.

e. Padding

Soft and spongy padding the surrounds the head and face help to make it comfortable and also ensure that the helmet sits snugly on your head.

f. Retention System

A retention system or chin strap ensures that the helmet stays secure on your head at all times.  The chin strap can be adjusted to fit your face.

How to Measure Helmet Size for your Head?

helmet measurement helment size

As it’s everyone’s duty to wear helmets for safety concern, you should also be careful while buying the helmet online. Firstly, you should measure the size of head and accordingly pick the helmet matching with your requirements. Given below are some of the simple steps that help to measure the helmet size:

  • Takeout the measuring tape and wrap it around the head just 1/2 inch above eyebrows.
  • Compare your head with the helmet size. Be sure that different helmet brands offer different sizes.
  • Give it a try before you purchase online. It should exactly fit with the face because the loosen helmet may disturbs the driver giving a jerk.
  • If your fingers can easily fit in the helmet then it’s not the actual size you are looking for. You should go with the smaller size that fit snug around face, head with no pressure points.Depending on the requirement, you can adjust the cheek pads for comfort fitting.

Few sellers say that helmet is of free-size. Do not trust them. It’s actually not and only certain helmets support the heads. So, measure the head size and then add your favourite item to the kart when you purchase helmet online.

Benefits of Wearing Helmets

Road accidents are the major source of deaths and injuries in India of every year. To minimize the deaths, and lead a happy life, one must take a pledge to wear helmets while driving. Wearing a helmet assures that you are absolutely safe by protecting against accidents. Given below are some of the possible benefits of wearing helmets. Have a look!

  • Protects against injuries 

Do you know that driving bike is 26X times dangerous than cars and may lead to death. It’s true and in most cases the motorcycle crashes are head injuries. Once you put on the helmet comfortably to the head, you are less prone to injuries and deaths. A recent study also says that helmets are 37% efficient in protecting against the road accidents for bikers.    

  • Better visibility options 

As helmets are available as open face and full face, both offers clear visibility when you’re travelling to tourist places, holiday trip on bikes. Wearing a high-quality visor helmet will certainly help in improving the visibility than cheap quality helmets. The transparent glass or screen protects eyes from dust and other pollutants when you’re on a move. You can simply concentrate on driving and reach the destination in time.

  • Comfort and Style

You’ll have a thrilling experience when you ride 2-wheeler at high speeds. The ventilation system offers proper air circulation when you wear the helmet. At the same time, helmet offers extreme comfort and comes in a unique style to match with the customer requirements.

Cleaning a Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a new helmet is easy than maintaining the older ones. Cleaning is essential when you wish to use helmet for a long-time and also enhances the performance. When you wear helmet, you have a close contact with the face, head and releases excess sweat. It reaches to the soft cushions inside and smells too bad. To overcome such problems, it’s better to keep the helmet in good condition by cleaning from time to time. Do follow the steps given below to clean the helmet and ensures long-lasting performance…

  • Remove the attachments like cheek pads, breadth guard, visor, front glass, etc.
  • Take out the liquid soap or shampoo and then mix with cool water.
  • Now, apply the solution on helmet and rinse well to deter dirt, stains and other harmful pollutants.
  • Once washing the helmet is completed, allow it to dry for few minutes i.e. 15-30 minutes.

Full Face Helmet for Men

1. Vega Cliff CF-LK-M Full Face Helmet

Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet

Now riding your favourite mountain bikes amidst of mountain ranges will definitely be safer with Vega full face helmet. This lightweight and compact design helmet makes easy to carry and wear on head effortlessly.

In contrast with popular brands, Vega is offering full-face type helmet that uses EPS liner on inside and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene on the outer shell. Both of them tend to be strong, offers comfort and do not break easily.

When you wear this helmet, you may feel uncomfortable for the first time. As the days go on, it exactly matches with the head and you no longer feel tight. It is because the inner soft cushion uses foam material which takes approx. 10 days to adjust the shape of riders.

Depending on your needs, you can fix the visor/screen of full face helmet which is absolutely a scratch-resistant nature. The snug fit ensures style and also protects riders from the road accidents. Moreover, it is an ISI-approved helmet that does not compromise on the quality and safety standards.

To summarize, Vega cliff helmet is protects you from dangerous road accidents by featuring sturdy materials that long longer. It is available at cheap rates and hence we’ve given as the best budget helmet in India.

What we didn’t like is that it comes with small chin strap mechanism which does not support medium to large heads. Also, the outer shell may easily prone to dust and other contaminants while driving.


  • ISI- certified full face helmet.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Available in black, white, red color combinations.
  • Suitable for men with small, medium to large heads.
  • Made of scratch-resistant material, EPS padding to offer comfort.
  • Outer boy made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for sturdiness.


  • Not a stain resistant.
  • Small chinstrap support.

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2. Steel Bird Classic Full Face Helmet

Steelbird 143453 Adonis Classic Full Face Helmet

Make your bike ride secure using this Steelbird full face helmet. This wonderful brand mainly targets on youth with its style, and graphics. It is one of the best brand helmets in India equipped with anti-scratch, anti-fog visors and anti-glare protection features in economical prices.

Compared to other models, it has classy design structure that makes it suitable for all age-group people (i.e. mid 20’s, 30’s & 40’s) to protect your head from road accidents.

Furthermore, it is equipped with EPS concussion padding and dynamic ventilation system to offer safety and comfort. The outer body make use of fine-quality thermoplastics which protect from several damages.

How to test the helmet size?

  • Simply measure the circumference of head in inches just above the eyebrows.
  • Compare with the helmet size and then select the appropriate one.
  • A tight fitting helmet protects your head when met with an accident.

Winding up, Steelbird full face helmet is best to use for bikers and sportsperson who compete to win the race battle. Also, Steelbird helmet has very good reviews and ratings online. The only drawback is that it is not suitable for medium-faced people. Other than that, it adds a great value to the money.

Keep in Mind: When you buy Steelbird full-face helmet online, the product you receive may be quite different from the image shown – colour options. Be careful while selecting the desired color you wish for.

People are so disappointed to know that the glass is not a scratch-proof and the helmet is not available in small, medium sizes.


  • UV resistant Polyurethane coatings.
  • Dynamic ventilation system for airflow.
  • EPS concussion padding to prevent allergies.
  • Chinstrap mechanism for safety and easy operation. 


  • Glass is not a scratch-proof.
  • Not available in small, medium sizes. 

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Open Face Helmet for Men

3. Studds Cub Open Face Helmet

When it comes to the safety and comfort options, no other brand can compete with the Studds open face helmet. It has got all the basic features like soft cushioning, visor, and style required to be the best choice for those who travel daily on bikes.

We’re pretty impressed with the unique style, design and are available in 5 different colours – black, red, grey, white and matt black to grab the customer’s attention. Also, most of the youngsters do love wearing such styled helmets.

The outer helmet shell is build using high-grade thermoplastic, polyurethene and inside with ABS materials. Dynamic ventilation system increase air flow when you wear the helmet offers extreme comfort while driving.

Polycarbonate visor features scratch-resistant properties and EPS concussion padding inside the helmet prevents against allergies and skin rashes. The quick chin strap mechanism allows you to adjust and ensures safety with ease of operation.

Like Vega, this helmet makes you feel tight and then the foam material takes time to adjust according to the head size.

In a nutshell, this Studds model is the best open face helmet for men because of the comfort options and is made of anti-allergenic materials. The elliptical shape helmet keeps your head securely all the times.

There are some drawbacks too like the unique style doesn’t fit for women face and 1.5kgs helmet weight makes difficult to hold for a long-time. Also, it is not available in small and medium sizes.


  • Very economical to buy.
  • Chinstrap mechanism for easy accessing.
  • Outer shell is made of high-grade thermoplastic material.
  • EPS concussion padding for comfort and convenience of riders.
  • Available in 5 different colors – black, mat black, red, grey, white.


  • Cannot be used for women.
  • Bit heavy to hold/carry the helmet.
  • Not available in small and medium sizes. 

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Open Face Helmets for Women

4. Vega Verve Open Face Helmet

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet

As per the recent survey, half a million people are starving to death because of the road accidents. Although, government has taken several measures to control the road accidents, one must drive safely and protect themselves wearing a helmet.

When you Google for the best brand helmets, you’ll definitely come across Vega open face helmet which best suits for women. It is available in pink colour and considered as the best helmet for women in India because of the comfort, bee eyes look and long-lasting nature.

This ISI approved helmet comes with different shells to match with the girls taste and lightweight nature makes them easy to wear and carry to different places while travelling.

The foam, cloth and liner are used inside the helmet and ABS plastic on the outer body. Silent chin strap lock ensures the helmet does not move while driving scooty. Further, it also incorporates, visor removable mechanism and patent visor for added safety.

On the whole, Vega open face helmet offers decent performance and is good to use for women because of the dashing looks with ponytail space. To match with the different aged-group people, it comes in small, medium and large sizes. The only thing is the outer coating vanishes quickly and offers poor manufacturing services.


  • Comes at affordable price range.
  • Open face type helmet for women.
  • Lightweight, sturdy design structure.
  • Foam, cloth and liner inside the helmet.
  • Good ventilations system for air circulation.
  • Outer body is made of ABS plastic material.
  • Patent lock mechanism for safety purposes.
  • Available in 13 different color combinations.


  • Poor manufacturing services.
  • Outer coating may vanish quickly. 

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Full Face Helmets for Women

5. Studds Premium Vent Professional Full Face Helmet

Studds Premium Vent Professional Full Face Helmet

Are you looking for a decent-quality helmet within the budget? Then Studds premium full face helmet is the best option. This durable and robust helmet provides all-round protection to the head and face.

The outer-shell of the helmet is made from high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic which makes it extremely strong and durable. Further, it is coated with UV resistant polyurethene material that adds a great aesthetic value.

Specially designed soft cushion inner EPS concussion padding protects against the pollutants that cause allergies and head from crushing in road accidents. Dynamic ventilation system increases the air flow by offering comfort to the rider while driving. To add on, the spare visors come in clear, mirror, smoke tint, and rainbow options for clear vision and thereby making it a scratch resistant.

Wrapping up, this Studds premium full face helmet is available in black colour of large size and is ISI approved too. The only downside is that the helmet is frequently prone to dust and other harmful contaminants because the materials used are not stain-resistant. Once you wear the helmet, you may feel discomfort at the beginning and the foam cushioning may take hardly 7-10 days to offer comfort.


  • ISI approved full face helmet.
  • Outer thermoplastic material.
  • EPS concussion padding inside.
  • Made of scratch-resistant materials.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Available in black and red colour combination.


  • Not a stain resistant.
  • You may feel tight once you wear the helmet. 

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Few Words to Say…

The first thing that comes to the mind while riding a bike is helmet which ensures safety. It’s a one-stop solution to prevent road accidents and severe injuries. But, when it comes to choosing the best brand helmet in India, you should always look after the head size, comfort, style and design, price that we’ve mentioned in our Buying Guide.

With the plenty of choices and models available in the market, it’s bit difficult to select the right one for daily use. Of all, we’ve picked Vega Cliff Full Face Helmet as the best because of the lightweight and compact design. It is available as full face with EPS padding inside and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material outside.

Vega full face helmet has very good reviews; ratings online and the stylish design grab the customer’s attention and make them buy without having a second thought.

Which brand helmet you like the most?  Are you using any of the popular brands or have doubts regarding buying a helmet? Write to us in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as early as possible.

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