The 5 Best Heating Pads in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you suffering from pain or stiffness of joints or muscles and want to get relief from those pains? Then simply invest in a heating pad/heating belt to alleviate your different kinds of pain.

Heating pad uses heat therapy (warming effect) to increase blood flow and thereby promotes better flow of nutrients to the affected areas to heal the damaged tissue at a faster rate. It effectively eases your pain, soreness and stiffness of muscles and joints, especially during cold winters.

Although, they come in different shapes or sizes but one has to check these 2 main factors before buying to ensure that they invest in a most suitable heating pad for them.

Ailment – You should know what type of pain or which part of body you’re targeting (type of ailment) before using this heating pad. For instance, one who suffers from chronic neck pain should be benefitted by purchasing and using the neck wrap.

Auto Switch Off / Temperature Settings – If the heating pad is too much heated then it results in causing burns or threat to the user. So, the heating pad with auto-switch off option will get turns off automatically when it reaches the maximum temperature /heat and allow you to use it safely. Also, check the temperature settings available to use this heating belt.

Don’t fret, just go through the below mentioned Comprehensive Buying Guide where we have provided all the information required to make you right choice. Also, we have included a list of some best products in which you can select you best one.

Top 5 Heating Pad in India

Heating PadsSize of the BeltWarrantyBuy Now
Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt34 X 25 cm1 yearCheck On Amazon
Activeheat Electrical Surgical Heating Belt34 X 24 cm1 yearCheck On Amazon
ADDMAX Orthopedic Electric Heating Belt48 X 24 cm---Check On Amazon
EMPORIUM Electric Heating Pad8 X 12 cm---Check On Amazon
MCP Heating Pad------Check On Amazon

Best Heating Pads in India: Reviews

Here we are providing you the five best selling heating pads / heating belts in India. Just go through them and select the best and most suited one, as per your requirement.

1. Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt

Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt

Flamingo orthopedic will give a quick relief for pains like sprains, cramps, backaches, boils, neck, knees, joints, muscular, abscesses and women related pains. It is specially designed with 4 layers of insulation on both sides to bring you comfort and heal your pain and stiffness.

The in-built twin thermostat will ensure you with safety and works on 240V and comes with 3 temperature settings (low, medium & high) for pain relief, which can be controlled by using a remote. This heating belt is highly flexible and allows you to use it on any afflicted area to reduce the pain for about 10 – 15 minutes as treatment time.

The imported long-lasting coil, Velcro strap – on belt with portable type heating pad and the thermostat will provide 100% safety and convenient to use. They come in three convenient sizes and flexible to use on any afflicted area. The power cord is 5 feet long in which you can use it comfortably.

For its proper care and maintenance, simply wash this cotton cover heating belt either in machine (or handwash) and dry it thoroughly to keep it clean. It comes with 1-year warranty and its dimensions are 20 X 20 X 4 cm (extra-large), with blue is outer color and white inside, and weighs about 399 grams. For any queries or claim warranty, then you can contact the customer support toll free number @ 1800229978.

What we liked:

  • This electrical heating pad works with 3-point regulator to control the heat.
  • The 4 layers of insulation and 2 in-built thermostats will enhance the safety of the user.
  • The long-lasting heating coil will make you use heat for effective relief.
  • The cover is soft and washable and makes it easy to use and maintain it.
  • It is flexible, portable and versatile product.
  • Value for money

What we didn’t like:

  • Not suitable for everyone.
  • Need to improve on the temperature control.

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2. Activeheat Electrical Surgical Heating Belt

Activeheat Electrical Surgical Heating Belt

This Activeheat orthopaedic heating belt is another excellent product from our list. This heating belt increases blood circulation and thereby reduces the muscles soreness and muscle spasms. This electric controller switch with 3 temperature heat levels.

The heavy-duty coil and dual thermostat will help you to hold the heat for a longer time. It aids to provide relief from sore muscles from an intensive workout, reduces joint stiffness and pain for the arthritis patients.

The 3 different heat settings which are controlled by a convenient slide switch to produce the heat therapy at just the right temperature required for your ailment. The extra-large size of this heating pad will come with a soft outer cover will keep the belt from sticking to the skin and thereby provides a comfort level to filter out the excess heat to the skin.

This electric heating pad comes with dimensions of 34 X 24 cm, works on 45W power and weighs about 608 grams. It won’t use while sleeping and not washable and won’t foldable. You have to handwash the outer cover only and this belt has 1-year warranty on any manufacturing defects.

What we liked:

  • It soothes the soreness and stiffness and relieves your pain and discomfort from orthopaedic problems.
  • The heating will cause the increases the blood circulation in the affected area and heal the targeted areas.
  • The thermostat and switch will provide 3 levels of heating will help to hold the heat properly.
  • Product design is nice looking good, which makes it comfortable while using.
  • Easy to use and value for money.

What we didn’t like:

  • The heat up time is too much which makes it not comfortable to use.
  • The pad starts to be melting upon repeated usage.
  • The size is too short and won’t cover the entire area.

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3. ADDMAX Orthopedic Electric Heating Belt


The ADDMAX electric heating belt will made with high quality velvet cloth which makes it soft and comfortable. The carbon fiber heating technology will make it wear resistant and corrosion resistant and thereby enhance the long service life. The hot compress will promote blood circulation and this electric heating pad relieves waist fatigue and sore muscles in your legs, back, arms, and the built-in heat therapy will provide comfy hot for arthritic pain, stiff joints, stomach discomfort, menstrual pain, and muscle aches.

The single button controller for 3-level heat controller will make it use with effortless. Low (45°C), medium (65°C) and high (85°C) in which you can adjust the desired heat level as per your need. The dual adjustable straps will provide tight fitting and compression in which they give extra stability and support while performing exercise or doing any work.

This heating pad can be used at any time and anywhere and it comes with faster heat-up time. The length of the cord is 2m and the size of heating pad is 48 X 24 cm and weighs about 549 grams

What we liked:

  • Inbuilt dual thermostat will allow you to use it safely without any side effects.
  • 3 comfortable heat levels and equal distribution of heat.
  • Works on low power consumption (240V).
  • Long lasting heating coil with multiple applications.
  • 4 layers of insulation on both sides to provide safety and comfort while using this electric belt.
  • The Velcro strap-on belt (stretchable) and controller switch with indicator will make you use it anywhere and anytime.

What we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark.
  • The inside wire may get burned along with the cloth when used at high level heat for longer time.
  • A little bit pricey product.

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4. Emporium Electric Heating Pad

Emporium Electric Heating Pad

This heating pad from Emporium works like a charm on excruciating pain in the back, joints, and shoulders. It delivers a stream of heat to the targeted areas relieving you from unbearable pains & cramps and gives complete muscle relaxation.

The pad provides dry heat therapy that is advisable for orthopedic pain relief. It comes with three heat settings that you can choose from depending on the level of pain you have and on how much heat intensity you can bear. It has a maximum heat capacity of 80°C while consuming just 55 W of energy.

The heating pad is ultra-soft giving extreme comfort to the users while using. The flexible microplush adapts to your body types and provides effective heat.

Its 8″x 12″ size makes it an easy accessory to carry with you while traveling. It does not take up much space while storing and it is very easy to use.

What we liked:

  • Effective dry heat therapy
  • Suitable for both men & women
  • Soft slide controller with 3 pre-set heat levels
  • Perfect size & easy carry
  • Relieves orthopedic pain

What we didn’t like:

  • Does not come with a warranty
  • Chances burning during overheat

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5. MCP Velvet Electric Heating Pad

MCP Velvet Heat Therapy

The brand MCP functions with the sole purpose of supplying perfect healthcare products with premium quality at affordable prices. Its velvet electric pad comes with built-in heat therapy to provide quick and effective relief from all kinds of muscular pains, back pains, soreness, injuries, menstrual cramps, stomach discomforts, etc.

You can adjust the heat level between the three settings that come with the pad. The low level is 45°C, the medium is 65°C and the highest is 85°C. Depending on the pain and your capacity to endure, you can choose any one level.

It is very soft and comfortable to the users as it is made of high-quality fabric. It comes with dual adjustment straps that provide perfect fitting and compression for extra stability.

It is a great accessory made of tremendous safety measures. It ensures 100% safety with its in-built twin thermostat and 4 layers of insulation on either side.

The heating coil lasts longer resulting in low power consumption. The pad distributes the heat evenly giving a complete heat treatment and relief.

What we liked:

  • Convenient to use
  • Made of soft & flexible material
  • Premium quality velvet cloth
  • Low power consumption
  • Extra-long connection cable
  • In-built thermostat safety

What we didn’t like:

  • Not washable
  • Does not come with a warranty
  • Quality can be a little better

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Buying Guide for Heating Pads / Heating Belts in India:

Got struck on various products available in the market and don’t know how to choose the best one, as per your requirement. Then simply go through this guide that provides all the essential information required for a buyer to buy the most-suited product.

Benefits of Using Heating Pads:

Here are some notable benefits, one can grab by using this heating pads.

  • It soothes the tired and aching muscles, caused by over-exertion of body parts, tissues or muscles. So, its usage will provide you immediate relief and allows you to feel refreshed and relaxed from the pain without using the pain medications.
  • One can use this versatile product on various body parts to get maximum benefits rather than restricted to back or spinal areas.
  • The soothing effect of heating pads will allow you to get a sound sleep. Try to choose a heating pad that is ideal for your mattresses to soothe the stiffness of body parts (especially, which are associated with osteoarthritis).
  • The warmth of the pad will provide soothing effect on the targeted area and thereby eases you from pain and stress.
  • It promotes proper blood circulation and increases the flow of nutrients to diminish the severity of muscle spasms and heal the damaged tissue at a faster rate.
  • Some illness or disease cause body sensitivity either to environment or water then the heating pads is the best solution to reduce the body sensitivity.

Types of Heating Pads:

In general, there are 5 main types of heating pads available in the market. Let’s know what are the pros and cons of each of these types before purchasing.

Electric Heating Pads:

  • Plug this heating pads in the electric socket to work them properly.
  • The produced heat will go deeper than 1/4 inch below the skin but not into the muscle tissue.
  • Generally, it comes with 3 heating levels setting, in which one can adjust the heat level as needed to get relief from the pain.
  • Prolonged exposure to this type of heating pads may increase the risk of burns or scars, in case if you fall asleep when it is operating.
  • It’s always best to invest on a model that comes with automatic shutoff or pre-set timer feature.
  • Highly durable and can be used as many times as possible.

Moist Heating Pads:

  • This type of heating pad is soaked or filled with water before applying and thereby uses moist air to relax the sore muscles, as this heating pads.
  • They available in the microwaveable bags form, which includes conducting filler.
  • The hot water bottles which is encased in any special fabrics also comes under this category and avoid burns on the skin.
  • They are little bit effective than regular electrical pads, as they won’t go much deeper than skin level.
  • Won’t cause any irritation which is associated with dry heat.
  • The moist air will penetrate deep into the muscles and thereby results in long lasting pain relief.

Infrared Heating Pads:

  • Although, radiation of infrared is invisible but one can feel the heat produced by it.
  • The heat is able to reach deeper than skin surface and thereby penetrates soft muscle tissues.
  • The intensity of heat produced by this infrared pad are similar to the kind of heat produced by the sun.
  • One with dry skin won’t use this infrared heating pads.
  • It incorporates the electricity and come with extensive controls.
  • Expensive than other types of heating pads.
  • So, invest in a heating pads that come with automatic shut off and comes with various temperature control facilities.

Microwave Heating Pads:

  • One can easily heat up the microwave heating pads directly in the microwave.
  • Made with insulating fabric and filled with grains like flaxseeds, wheat, buckwheat, rice, etc.
  • The heat will be applied to the affected areas for an effective relief.
  • Used at any time of the day, even while sleeping, they won’t go deeper than skin level but allows you to stay warm on the cold night.
  • Durable and affordable than other types of heating pads.

Chemical Heating Pad:

  • They are available in small sizes and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Comes with varying heat patches like moist or dry and can be applied to any part of the body.
  • Won’t require electricity for its working.
  • They available in small size that be either placed on the affected area directly or worn in a cloth before placing on the affected area.

Things to Consider before Buying this Heating Pads:

Here are some basic things which you have to consider before purchasing this heating pad / heating belt. Take a look at them and buy the best by checking these factors.

1. Auto Switch Off:

In case, if the heating pad is too much heated then it results in causing burns or threat to the user. So, if the heating pad has auto-switch off option then it will get turns off automatically when it reaches the maximum temperature and thereby allow the user to make use it safely.

This safety feature not only helps you to save your electricity but also reduces the chances of burns and other dangerous accidents.

2. Ailment:

One should aware that what type of pain they suffer from (or) which part of body they target before buying this heating pad. For instance, one who suffers from chronic neck pain should be benefitted by purchasing and using the neck wrap.

So, the user should be aware of the type of ailment they want to use the heating pad for. Also, consult the certified health professional to know whether you’re experiencing a severe ailment that requires more than a heat therapy or usual pain like soreness or stiffness due to overexertion or back ache.

3. Heat Source:

After knowing the type of ailment then it is important to check which type of heat source or mode of operation you perform to get relief from the pain, soreness and stiffness.

In case, if you stay in a place where there is a constant electricity, then prefer to use an electric heating pads which are comfortable, easy to operate and comes with automatic shutoff feature.

If you’re in travelling or staying in a place temporarily then you can prefer to use microwaveable, moist air or chemical heating pads due to the ease in usage and portability.

4. Heat-up Time:

The heat-up time deals with the time taken for the pad to get ready for use. While some models require longer time and some require shorter time.

It would be an issue for those who are in hurry either to go to bed or get to work. So, for them, choose the advanced models that can heat-up in seconds and comes with various extra features and expensive. If the heat up time won’t bother you too much then it will be a better to go for a heating pad that comes with heat up time greater than average and works effective.

5. Heat Settings and Features:

The electric heating pad is most suitable for this option why because it is designed to have varying temperature or heat options (numerous heat settings) which are suitable for different kinds of pain. Apart from this, one has to choose the heating pad that comes with an automatic on & off feature and to adjust or regulate this heating tool.

6. Length of the Power Cord:

In case, if you’re planning to buy a wired heating pad then you have to opt for the one which comes with a longer wire and thereby helps you to plug the socket. So, that it won’t hinder your movement and allows you to get relief from the pain in a comfortable way.

7. Wireless Capability:

If you’re moving around or want to use this heating pad effectively then it’s always good to choose the heating pad with wireless capability why because it definitely gives you the freedom to use it anywhere to get relief from the soreness or stiffness. It enables you to use this heating pad anywhere you want and thereby allows you to move or work comfortable even when the pad is applied or working.

8. Safety:

You have to choose the best heating pad that makes it different from every other type is how safely it is used. Whatever type of heating pad you’re going to purchase, it should be topnotch both in safety and quality and thereby known for its durability and warranty.

Always consider the potential hazards and risks associated by using this heating belt. Exposure of infrared rays constantly or leaving the pad for a longer time will result in painful burns. So, choose a heating belt without compromising on the safety and health.

9. Comfort:

In these days, most of the people are getting busy in the day time which makes them unable to use this heating belt during day time. So, for those people, there are some heating pads which allow you to use it at night time. Simply opt for those heating pads which are comfortable to use at night before sleeping to get relief from stress, strain and soreness.

10. Pad Size:

In general, there are three sizes of pads (large, medium and small) available in the market. So, one has to choose them by depending on the area of impact, comfort and size that suits perfect for the targeted area.

For instance, the small pads are enough if you experience neck pain and target wider areas like spine, back, legs or abdomen then you have to look out for the larger heating pads that cover the wider area of coverage.

11. Material:

The heating belts are specially designed to comfort the sore muscles. It is essential to invest in this pad which made with comfortable materials. So, check the material, which is durable and last longer without wearing it down. Some fabrics aids in better distribution of heat more effectively than other materials.

So, do proper research before purchasing the material of the heating pad. Also, opt for the one which are easily machine washable. The built-in material must be able to pop and hold the heat that make it useful for your designed purpose. They cause heat and hold it effectively for relieving the pain.

12. Dry or Moist Heat:

In general, the heating pads uses dry heat and moist heat. The dry heat is more commonly used option but not suitable for people who have sensitive skin. Also, the frequent exposure to the dry heat will cause the skin dehydrate and electrical models include the use of dry heat.

On the other hand, you can also invest in heating pads that uses moist heat, as they trap moisture and prevent the skin from dehydrating and enhance the tissue elastically and results in younger looking skin.

13. Timer:

If you want to regulate the functioning time of the unit. This makes it easy to determine whether you are using the heating pad for the right amount of time or not. So, that it won’t cause any side effects.

14. Price / Warranty:

The price of this heating pads may vary as per its types, features, material, and versatile functioning in pain relief. So, check the price that starts from RS. 1000/- along with the warranty of the product (generally comes with 1- or 2-years warranty) before choosing the product.

Precautions while using Heating Pads:

The heating pads carry some risks along with various benefits. Have a look to check what are those.

  • Always reads the instructions before using the heating pads. So that you can operate it safely and effectively.
  • Although, it is safe to use on aching joints and lower back but limit its usage for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time in each hour.
  • Also, never ever place a hot pad directly on the abdomen when you’re pregnant why because the increase in temperature may harm the baby in your womb.
  • One should not combine the heating pad with topical rubs or ointments. You can use them after using this heating pad for effective results.
  • Avoid sleeping with a heating pad and make sure to have a piece of cloth like towel between skin and heating pad to avoid burns.
  • Always it is suggested to begin the heating pad with lower setting and then use increase its heat settings, as per your need to get relief from the pain.

Who will be benefitted from this heating pad?

Here is a brief list of health conditions that can be alleviated by using this heating therapy.

  • Arthritis – The heating pad will help to mitigate the acute symptoms and pain associated with it.
  • Fibromyalgia – The heating pad will stimulate the blood flow and oxygenate muscle tissues to alleviate the chronic pain.
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries & Muscle Spasms – The pas will promote healing process by increasing blood flow and elasticity of connective tissues.
  • Lower Back Pain – The heat therapy relieves the lower back pain.
  • Cramps – The heat therapy alleviates the pain associated with cramps and relieves your painful symptoms of restless leg syndrome, menstruation, neuropathological and other health conditions.
  • Mental Health – The heat therapy will help you to deal with daily stress, strain and mental conditions and make yourself feel comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When to use this heating pad?

The need to use this heating pad will arise whenever you suffer from any kind of pain and want to get relief from the pain like uncomfortable back pain, stiff joints, cramps or tremor and sore muscles after an extensive workout. Never ever apply heat therapy or heating belt on any wounds, burns, infections or cuts.

2. Is the usage of heating pad safe during pregnancy?

Yes, they can use to get relief from various pains like aching back, joints, neck or hips but with utmost care why because the increase in the body temperature may cause any risk for the unborn baby and also results in miscarriage. They can use either electrical or microwavable device but won’t apply them directly on the skin and also won’t use it for more than 20 minutes.
Always use lowest temperature on the heat setting and won’t fall asleep while using. Avoid using this heating pad on the abdomen and consult your doctor before using this heating pad.

3. How many years can we use heating pads effectively?

The average lifetime of this heating belt will depend on its care and maintenance, which we provide. So, for the best quality product when taken proper care regularly then it last longer than five years.

4. How long one has to apply this heating pad or what happens it left for longer time?

Always, it is suggested to apply or keep this heating belt for about 20 minutes for effective results. In case, if left for a longer time then it may result in sustaining the burn or leaves you with unbearable pain.

5. What will happen if one sleep with heating pads on their body?

It is not advisable for continuous application of heating pad on the body, especially if left while sleeping why because they may cause burn all over the skin and may result in the risk of heat pad catching fire.
Some models of heating pads are specially designed with features that allow you to keep them while sleeping with complete auto-shutoff option and reducing the temperature slowing after shutting off and thereby keep you safe and comfortable.

6. Who should not use this heating pads?

This heating pads is not for everyone usage. There are some limitations for people who can or can’t use this heating pads. Have a look on those people who won’t use this heating pads.
*Children, especially under 9 years age.
*People who are suffering from body sensitivity issues or allergies.
*Person who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

7. What is the maximum temperature which we can set in the heating belt?

The most common range of temperature lies between 6° – 70°C for dry heating pads while the maximum range will be 80°C for moist heating pads. So, never ever exceed 80°C on any type or model of the heating pad.


Our body can endure only up to some level of pain. After which we need assistance in the proper way to get rid of that pain. A few muscle pains can sometimes last months if not treated well. Heat pads help you in treating yourself from this excruciating pain with effective heat therapy.

Through this article, we showed you the best heating pads available in the market and why these are to be considered for purchasing. With our detailed buying guide, you are provided knowledge of important factors essential for a heating pad.

If you are still confused about what to choose, we recommend MCP electric heating pad as it is economical, efficient, and user-friendly. It comes with a premium quality velvet cloth that is very soft and flexible. It is designed to be completely safe with extra steps of protection.

It does not mean the other products are not to be considered. They are indeed very coherent and budget-friendly. Choose the one that lasts long and gives you fast relief in an effective way.

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