Best Heat Guns in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Heat guns are handheld power tools that shoot heat in the form of heated air. It may look like a cute hair drier but it operates at a much higher temperature.

Stripping paint, shrink wrapping, car wrapping, loosening nuts, softening glue, removing labels and adhesives, bending the plastic, dry damp surfaces and timber…there is a long list of things you can do with a heat gun.

A standard heat gun will also let you control the airflow. A professional heat gun may include an LCD screen and for heat and airflow readings and controlling.

The motor power of a heat gun decides its ultimate heating capacity. The more the motor power the better the heating. A heat gun should have at least a 1500 Watt motor for producing a decent amount of heat.

Most of the heat guns have two or three heat settings where more advanced models can have multiple heat settings. Generally, the temperature ranges from 50 degrees to 600 degrees C.

There are heat guns that come with accessory nozzles. They concentrate or disperse the heat and help in specific tasks.

In this article, we are listing the top 7 Heat guns available in India. There is a heat gun for everyone whether you are DIY do-it-yourself enthusiast, a homeowner or a general constructor.

If it is your first time buying a heat gun, you may need guidance before you can select a suitable heat gun for you. So, we are providing a heat gun Buying Guide at the end of this article.

Best Heat / Hot Air Guns in India

Heat gunsMotorTemperature ControlAir-flow ControlAccessory NozzlesWarrantyBuy Now
BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun1800WattTwo 400 /550 Degree C
Bosch Heat Gun1800WattThree 60 / 350 /550 degree
iBELL Heat Gun2000WattTwo 300 /550 degree
Yes4 Nozzles6MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Dewalt Heat Gun2000WattVariable Temperature with LCD displayYes2 Nozzles2YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
JUNKYARD Heat Gun1800WattTwo 400 /500 degree C
Stanley Heat Gun2000WattVariable Temperature ControlYesNo1YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Lezix Heat Gun1800WattTwo 380 /580 degree

7 Best Heat / Hot Air Guns in India: Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER KX1800 Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Black+Deker is a trusted brand in making power tools. If you are a DIYer or if you want a handy, affordable heat gun for minor repairing tasks, this model from Black+Decker is hard to beat.

This is our favorite product on the list. It is a no-frill basic heat gun that is powerful, well built, safe and user-friendly. And it is the best budget heat gun on the market today. It’s not meant to do heavy-duty jobs but it works great for most household repair tasks.

Though it looks small and cute it has an 1800 Watt powerful motor that heats up in seconds. The temperature can be set on two levels – 400 and 550 degree C. There is a simple button to adjust the temperature. The fan speed or airflow is also adjustable (550 L/min or 750 L/min).

This gives a lot of control and you can easily perform some of the most common tasks without any burning risk. Like stripping paint, loosening rusted nuts, thawing frozen pipes or shrink wrapping.

It can stand on its back with the in-built stand for hands-free operation, a very useful feature to keep in mind. It has an ergonomic pistol design which gives a comfortable grip. The body is made of engineered plastic and weighs just 750 gm.

It has a 2-meter long cord and comes with 6 months warranty back up from the brand. No, this doesn’t come with extra nozzles, but you can always buy them separately.

Above all, when you look at the price and compare the quality, you know it’s a worthy investment.


  • Best budget heat gun for DIY users
  • Solid build quality
  • 1800 Watt powerful motor heats fast
  • Two-speed airflow control
  • Best for easy home repairing
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Comfortable grip with pistol body


  • Not recommended for small gadgets and electronics

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2. Bosch GHG 180 Plastic Heat Gun

You can never go wrong with a Bosch product. This heat gun has three temperature settings – 60, 350 and 550 degrees C. So you better control overheat compared to the previous model. It also boasts an 1800 Watt power motor that heats up within 60 seconds and cools down with 15 seconds. There are only two airflow adjustments – 350L/min and 550 L/min

Bosch GHG heat gun is a more advanced model in terms of features and controls but price plays a big part here. It has a wide temperature range which is suitable for both light and heavy-duty tasks. But it costs almost double than that of Black+Decker. So, it is the 2nd best heat gun on the list.

Of course, you can use it for DIYs and home use but it is more appropriate for professional tasks like dent removal, PVC pipe shaping, shrink wrapping, car wrapping, etc. where you require better heat control. Cause the price seems to be too much for just a DIY heat gun.

The thing that we most like about this heat gun is the overheat protection. It stops the device if the internal temperature outreaches its maximum heat tolerance. It’s a safety feature for both the user and the machine.

It has a plastic body and a flat back that can stand upright, for 2 hand operations. The heat isolation cap makes sure the user doesn’t burn his hand while using it. The design is also very compact and it weighs just 750 grams. It has a 2 meter fairly long cord.

Bosch has 6 months warranty back up.


  • Three temperature settings make it ideal for every type of tasks
  • Heats within just 60 seconds and cools down within 15 seconds
  • German build quality
  • It is recommended for more professional tasks
  • An overload protects the motor and ensures long-lasting performance
  • Heat isolation cap prevents accidental burnings


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • At this price point, Bosch could have provided with accessory nozzles

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3. iBELL HG20-82 Plastic Heat Gun

iBELL HG20-82 heat gun comes with 4 nozzles, dual heat and airflow controls, and a 2000 Watt powerful motor. It’s perfect for the hobbyists, the professionals as well as the DIYers.

iBELL gives tough competition to Black+Decker which is our best pick from the list. Honestly, you will struggle to find any better heat gun that iBELL under this price range along with accessory kits and such a powerful motor. The only reason we have placed it 3rd on the list is the build quality. It gets too hot after using it for a while, so you need to give it some rest before using it again.

Of course, it is a budget product and there will be some drawbacks. Yet you can handle pretty much any tasks using this heat gun. It can do hardcore jobs like bending PVC, soldering pipes, joining tarps, as well as light-duty jobs like stripping paint, removing plaster, thawing frozen water pipes, dent removal, etc.

Temperature can be adjusted at two levels- 300 degrees and 500 degrees C. You can also adjust the airflow depending on your task.

The plastic body is pretty lightweight, weighs close to 900 grams.

iBELL heat gun has 6 months warranty back up which you can extend for another 6 months after registering to their site.


  • Best value for money product
  • A 2000 Watt heavy-duty motor
  • It comes with 4 nozzles- Cone nozzle, fishtail nozzle, 2 scrappers that can handle almost every tasks possible with a heat gun
  • Best for stripping paint, removing plaster, loosening tiles
  • Perfect for hobbyists as well as professionals


  • The plastic body gets too hot after prolonged use. You need to give it some time to cool down

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4. Dewalt D26414-B1 2000W Digital LCD Heat Gun

The Dewalt D2641-B1 is the most high-tech high-end heat gun on the list, exclusively made for professional use. It has an LCD display for temperature and airflow control, 2 sets of nozzles and a 2000 Watt huge motor.

It is one of the most powerful heat guns on the market and if you are a DIYer this is probably not the best option for you. It is also the most expensive product on the list. You can use it for bending, welding, applying varnish, ski waxing, re-melting adhesive, shrinking wire ends and lots more. In short, there is almost nothing that this beast can’t handle.

The LCD screen gives temperature and airflow readings. You can change the temperature from 50 degrees C to 600 degrees C with a delta of +/-10 degree C. The airflow can be set only at two levels-high and low. It’s also provided with two nozzles- cone nozzle and fishtail nozzle.

There are better safety features as it is made for industrial jobs. A overheat protection, anti-vibration control, torque control, counterbalance ensures user’s safety.

It has a sturdy body and an ergonomic design for easy grip. The kickstand support lets you stand it up and use it hands-free. It is incredibly lightweight (600 gm) so it can be used for long time stretch.

Dewalt has 2 years of warranty back up.


  • High temperature, reaches 600 degrees C
  • Wide range of temperature control
  • Exclusively made for industrial and professional use
  • LCD display shows temperature readings for better user experience
  • Solid build quality with ergonomic design
  • Multiple safety features for user safety
  • 2 years warranty


  • The price is quite high and as a professional heat gun it could include a scrapper
  • We wish the LCD display had a backlit. Working in dark would be so much easier

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5. JUNKYARD Electronics Plastic 1800 Watts Hot Air Gun

Looking for the cheapest option available out there? This heat gun from Junkyard is by far the most basic of all the heat guns on our list.

It boasts an 1800 Watt motor that can generate a maximum 500 degrees C heat. That’s enough heat for things like shrink wrapping, softening adhesives, melting soft plastics, thawing pipes, etc.

There are two heat settings for variable applications. The minimum you can set is at 400 degrees C. You can also set the airflow between maximum 750L/min and minimum 550L/M speed.

Being the most basic heat gun of all, its uses are pretty limited. It doesn’t include any accessory nozzles. We don’t recommend it for heavy-duty or sensitive tasks where you require precise heat control. You can do some general household tasks. The best use will be for DIY tasks.
Coming to its design it’s small, compact, and lightweight. It features an ergonomic pistol body that fits comfortably and too easy to work with. There is only one button for temperature and air-flow control.

Like any of our best models on the list, this also can be used hands-free owing to its in-built stand. It has a 1.25 m long cord.

You have 1-month warranty back up on the tool.


  • Best affordable heat gun for DIY users
  • 1800 Watt powerful motor
  • 500C maximum heat and two airflow controls under this price range makes it a special one
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Easy-grip pistol design
  • You can stand it up on a worktable for hands-free use


  • Bulky body
  • Sometimes it gets too hot. You cannot use if for a long time
  • You may notice some smoke or burning smell coming out, but that’s the burning paint in the exhaust. It should go away within 5 to 10 minutes

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6. Stanley STXH2000 Heat Gun

This is something in the middle of the basic and high-tech heat guns. It boasts a 2000 Watt heavy-duty powerful motor, variable heat control, and dual-speed airflow control.

The perk of having this heat gun is the variable temperature control. You can simply turn the dial to set your desired temperature. This makes it suitable for the hobbyist as well as DIY users. You can do pretty much all household repairing tasks and some light-duty professional tasks too.

The price can be too much to pay for just a DIY heat gun. But the build quality is superior compared to other cheap models. We don’t recommend this for repairing gadgets or electronics as it’s a big unit and there are no accessory nozzles provided.

The motor gets hot quickly and can run for quite a while without any overheating issues. The in-built stand lets you place it on a worktable and use two hands. The 2.5 m power cord length is bigger than usual which lets you move with the gun freely.

You have 1-year of warranty on the device.


  • Variable heat control for variable applications
  • 2000 Watt powerful motor heats quickly and takes little time to cool down
  • 5-meter long power cord for hassle-free operation
  • High-quality material used
  • 1 -year warranty back up


  • It is expensive but doesn’t include any accessory kits which is disappointing
  • Not recommended for repairing critical and sensitive devices such as motherboard of a computer, mobile phone, etc

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7. Lezix KX1800 1800-Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun

The last heat gun on the list features an 1800 watt robust motor which reaches 580 degrees C on max. Also, it has dual temperature settings that blast air at 650L/min on the highest and 500 L/min on the lowest.

This is another high-temperature heat gun on the list, after the Dewalt, buy it is cheaper. And it lacks LCD screen, accessory nozzles, and other safety features. For this reason, we don’t recommend this for industrial use. But you can still use it for bending the plastic, PVC, shrink wrapping, shrink labelling, loosening nuts, loosening adhesives, etc.

The design is a simple pistol type. And the nozzle is made of amalgamate metal. So it can withstand high temperatures. Like any other heat gun on the list, this too can stand on its back for hands-free operation.

Being on the cheaper side the heating is fast and effective. Though it’s not a branded model it has great customer response. If you want a powerful heat gun at an affordable price that does the job for you, go for this.

It has 3 months f warranty back up but that covers only manufacturing defects.


  • High-temperature heat gun
  • Two temperature and two airflow controls
  • Small but powerful tool
  • Best for DIY lovers and common household repairing
  • High-quality nozzle and solid plastic body


  • Doesn’t come with any accessory nozzles
  • It could have included an overheat protection

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Heat Gun Buying Guide

Heat guns are incredibly versatile and useful tools to have around the house as well as in worksites.

A lot of heat can destroy instead of fixing your task. Similarly, too low heat for tasks like welding, bending doesn’t help at all. And for professional tasks, you need something more than just a gun that shoots heat.

So here is a buying guide for you if you are a first-time buyer or if you want to upgrade to something better.

For DIY or Professional Use

The first thing is first! You need to determine where and how you will use this tool. Here in ‘Do it yourself’ or DIY stands for those who will use it for doing light jobs. Like stripping off paints or thawing a frozen pipe or maybe an electrician who often needs it for melting plastic wires. You can also be a professional who will probably use it every day, say in the garage, warehouse or the construction site.

The important thing is if you want it for professional tasks, you will need something more powerful that can handle tougher jobs, otherwise, a regular model will soon be dead when used in this way.

The products that we have mentioned in our list can handle all DIY tasks and some repairing tasks too. These are not for industrial use, but, this should be more than enough if you don’t handle any construction site projects.


The most popular type of heat gun in the market today is the Electrical Corded ones. You will see their power is mostly given in Watts. Higher wattage means overall better performance. This means it heats faster blows more air and can easily take off old paint.

Wattage for electric corded heat guns usually ranges from 1500 W to 2300 W.

For simple DIY or home use, we can assure you that an 1800 Watt heat gun will be more than enough. But, if you want to use it for professional tasks then you may need bigger guns with the highest wattage, say 2000 or more. They are either gas-powered or electrical.

Temperature Control

Most heat guns pretty much have control over temperature; even if it comes with just a button with two or three heat settings. The more advanced and expensive models can have a greater degree of temperature control. Maybe a rotating switch that moves across many heat settings? They can handle almost all tasks from melting and shrinking the hardest materials to heating frozen water pipes.

There are some DIY special and cheap heat guns available with a fixed temperature of 340 to 500 degree C, as this is the optimum temperature of stripping off paint or acrylic stickers.

The reason we don’t recommend them is they are not suitable for most other tasks. Like loosening bolts and nuts, melting plastic or PVC, etc. They are also not suitable for delicate tasks such as repairing motherboards of PC.

Airflow Control

Just like the temperature controls its better if your heat gun has an airflow controller too. The airflow is measured in liters/minutes. Usually, it is set at 500 liters/minute which can have two or three configurations. It may seem no big deal, but it will make sense when working on sensitive areas where you don’t want other parts to come under heat exposure. Similarly, when in need you can increase the airflow for quicker results.

Airflow doesn’t change the temperature at all, but it does control the rate of air coming out from the nozzle. Right, air-flow with the right set of nozzles makes your heat gun more effective and precise.

Would You Prefer An LCD Screen?

You can find an LCD screen only in the premium models. Having an LCD screen can be really cool at times. It allows you to control the temperature and airflow with the highest accuracy. Professionals who work with very sensitive materials and applications will value the benefits of an LCD screen.

We don’t say having an LCD screen is a must cause paying alone for an LCD screen will add a few more hundred bucks to your bill. You can escape this as long as you are away from professional and critical tasks.

Overheat Protection

Electronic tools are heat sensitive. The inner parts can get too hot and therefore heat guns have greater chances of damage compared to other power tools. In-Built heat protection will automatically cut off the power if the internal temperature exceeds its predetermined threshold.

This often happens after prolonged usage. This also ensures safety to the user while extending its overall lifetime. Thermal protection to your heat gun is the maximum protection from the damage due to the extreme temperature that they tolerate day after day.

Free-stand or Handheld

When you are using your heat gun for bending pipes, won’t it be more convenient if you can place it over a workbench and hold the material over it? Definitely!

For this reason, most of the heat guns are designed in such a way that they can be placed stationary or be handheld. If you think you will use if for such applications look for a model that has a flattened back motor case and/or an integral stand that will help keep the device standing on a surface for hands-free operation.


If you don’t know nozzles are small apertures that are attached in front of the heat gun to direct the heat. Now, some heat guns come with a whole kit and some with just the gun itself. Most heat guns are supplied with at least one or two basic nozzles that allow you to do some of the most common tasks.

But, there can be dozens of other nozzles suitable for specific tasks. So, you can always change them even buy separate nozzles depending on what you want from your heat gun. Some common nozzles are-

  • Spoon Reflector Nozzle – heating a shrieked tube, defrosting frozen tube, bending/welding, etc.
  • Cone Nozzles –focuses the heat it into one spot allowing you to heat faster. Best for spot applying car wrappers, vinyl decals, loosening bolts, nuts, etc.
  • Flat or Fishtail Nozzles – spreads the blast of heat over a large area. Perfect for stripping off paint, loosening tiles, etc.
  • Glass Protector Nozzle – it protects the glass from the extreme heats. If you are stripping off paint from windows or applying a window tint to your car, for example.
  • Scraper – mainly used for stripping paint

Few words before the Conclusion

Heat guns are cool, versatile and useful power tools that can make your life so much easier. But not to forget, they are electric and these guns shoot heat at 500 degrees C which can cause a deadly accident if not used with proper care. For this, we always recommend you to read the instruction manual first; even if it’s not the first time you are using a heat gun.

Safety Tips of Heat Gun

  • Taking safety measurements is not recommended, it is must, it is mandatory.
  • Always wear safety gloves and goggles.
  • Wear proper clothing and protective shoes.
  • Make sure the location is safe for using a heat gun.
  • When you are using it for melting materials like plastic or paint, ensure the room has proper ventilation.
  • Don’t forget that it’s an electrical device so be careful from electric shocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a heat gun start a fire?

Heat guns are flameless. But they can still be dangerous. It can cause burns and catch fire. For these reasons, use a heat gun that at least has two heat settings. So, you can use the appropriate heat and avoid any sort of accident.

2. Does a heat gun consume too much electricity?

Yes and No. It will depend on your use. The most basic heat gun has 1200-1500 Watt motor where the most advanced ones can have 2000-2300 watt powerful motor. And if you use them for long hours you’re electrically bills are going up.

3. Can a heat gun break glass?

Rapid heating and cooling can cause a crack in the glass. It’s better if you use a glass protector nozzle. If not, use the gun at low-temperature heat settings and then slowly raise the temperature.

4. Can I remove wallpaper using a heat gun?

Of course, you can. Most of the heat guns are good at removing wallpapers and scrapping paints. You don’t need anything high-tech. Your regular and simple heat gun will also do it.

5. How to remove wallpaper using a heat gun?

Take your heat gun and use a scrapper; it will be easier and faster. Hold the heat gun at least 4-inches away from the wall and keep the gun constantly moving. Don’t hold it in one place for more than 15 seconds. Or else, it can burn. Now take your scraper and scrape off the wallpaper in the opposite direction. If you are not using a scrapper, gently pull it while continuing heating the glued part you are about to pull.


You first need to shortlist your requirements and then purchase a device. Once you are done with that, you are free to choose any of the above-mentioned products that fit your budget. If you want any recommendation, go with the BLACK+DECKER KX1800 Dual Temperature Heat Gun. It powerful, it’s affordable, it’s best for medium to light-duty jobs.

Did we miss anything? Do you have any questions left? Share them in the comment section below.