The 5 Best Headlamp In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you planning to do camping on weekend trips with friends? Running on a dark forested route? Then headlamp is essential to complete your activity effectively & effortlessly.

The headlamp is small, and lightweight that can be placed on your head to perform your work by illuminating the way. It is not only used as wilderness tool but also used in any survival kit. They require a little maintenance and the best part about headlamps are they are easy to clean.

Check out these factors below before buying a headlamp that suits perfect for your needs.

  • Battery Life – The headlamp is equipped with either rechargeable or replaceable batteries and both in few models. One has to choose the headlamp that provide steady brightness / illumination for a longer time, without replacing or recharging in between.
  • Beam Types and Distance – There are 4 beam types – Spot (focus) beam for a distance lighting to light up the night up to few hundred feet. Flood (wide) beam for a wide, closer lighting to illuminate around you. Variable beam will switch between spot and wide beam types. So, choose the light intensity and distance it covers, as per your activity.

Apart from this, one has to consider light modes, lumens, runtime, weight, etc. which we have clearly explained in the below Buying Guide. Also, we review different types of headlamps available online and list the best of them.

Just go through them and pick the best headlamp that suits perfect for your requirement.

Here we have listed a few best-selling headlamp products available in the Indian market. All you need is to choose the best one, as per your specifications.

5 Best Headlamp In India

HeadlampsBattery TypeBeam DistanceWeightRuntimeBuy Now
Docoss 2 in 1 HeadlampRechargeable Lithium Ion Battery300 feet140 grams5 hoursCHECK ON AMAZON
Istara LED Headlamp TorchReplaceable AAA Pencil BatteryNA349 grams4 hoursCHECK ON AMAZON
Coleman HeadlampReplaceable AAA Pencil Battery50 meters300 grams7 hoursCHECK ON AMAZON
Angel’s Best Super Bright HeadlampRechargeable Lithium Ion Battery50 meters250 gramsNACHECK ON AMAZON
Fsi Head TorchRechargeable Lithium Ion Battery30 meters120 grams5 hoursCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Headlamp In India Reviews

1. Docoss 2 in 1 Zoomable Ultra Bright Headlamp


DOCOSS zoomable head torch is ergonomically designed with elastic headband and constructed from tough, lightweight and high-quality materials. This handsfree LED torchlight is perfect to use for hiking, cycling, night walking, running, camping, caving, and reading.

It comes with safety backlight to make you visible from behind while walking or cycling outside at night. It is a high-power LED head torch with robust build quality and durable to use for a longer time. This can be worn as bike helmet light or hard hat headlamp, as it comes with adjustable straps to make it fit properly without getting slip.

This water resistant has long battery life with tough quality of torch body. It comes with an adjustable beam angle, which allow you to choose between coverage and brightness, as per your requirement. It has dual light source in which main light utilizes Cree XP – E LED and auxiliary light uses COB LED for bright illumination. It features a micro USB port for charging the battery of your headlamp.

For proper angle adjustment, you have to bend the housing up and down to use properly in various situations. Whereas for zooming function, you have to rotate the body to adjust focus to have a clear view while searching, exploring or rescue.

Product Specifications:

  • Light Modes – Strong (high zoom), light (low zoom) and emergency light (normal)
  • Battery Type – Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Battery Runtime – 2 hours
  • Bulb Type – LED
  • Weight – 140 grams
  • Beam Distance – 300 feet
  • Battery Charging Time – 6 hours
  • Included in Pack – 1 head torch, 1 head strip, 1 USB cord for charging
  • Charging Type – USB recharging cord
  • Beam Modes – Zoomable


  • Equipped with an elastic fabric and adjustable headband.
  • Easy to quick to recharge
  • Adjustable beam angle and zoomable.
  • Illuminates bright light with zoom and focus modes.
  • Long battery life and lightweight, durable & sturdy body.
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use.
  • Suits best for use with helmets and hard hats.
  • Ideal for use in various outdoor activities.
  • Value for money


  • Overheating, if used for a bit longer time.
  • The waterproof nature of this headlamp is not up to the mark.
  • A few reported that it has low battery backup.

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2. Istara LED Adjustable Headlamp Torch


This Istara headtorch is another amazing headlamp that provides enough brightness to lead the road in darkness. This hands-free LED light is 40 times brighter than ordinary flashlight. Also, it allows you to adjust the beam to either spotlight (for a narrow range) or floodlight (for a broader beam).

It allows you to choose the light intensity between three light modes – high, low and strobe (emergency). It is simple and easy to use and has ease of switch access for on/off/toggle between modes. It comes with adjustable straps that give you a perfect fit to keep it in place.

It swivels 90° adjustable up and down rotatable head to alleviate neck strain. Its water-resistant design will make it a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor activities like camping fishing, running, hiking, cycling, caving, etc. even in rainy day.

It has red warming light at the back of the headlamp that makes you visible for other cyclists/people and thereby keep your night activities safe. This LED ultra bright white light bulb comes with 1800 lumens and has a focusing plate to adjust the range of light. It either focus on a small range of illumination or expand the range to make it view wider and clearer.

Product Specifications:

  • Material – Plastic
  • Lumens – 1800 lm
  • Battery Type – Replaceable AAA (3) pencil batteries
  • Light Modes – High, Low & Strobe
  • Weight – 349 grams
  • Battery Run Time – 4 hours
  • Beam Modes – Zoomable and Adjustable
  • Bulb Type – LED


  • Lightweight elastic headband with adjustable lens.
  • Provides broad and bright illumination
  • Offers protection against water, dust & ice.
  • Comfortable to wear due to its adjustable fit.
  • Its head can be swiveled up to 90-degrees.
  • Perfect to use in various outdoor activities.
  • Affordable price
  • Fits to use with hard hats and helmets.


  • A bit bulky.
  • Batteries are not included in the pack.

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3. Coleman Headlamp with Battery Guard


Most of the conventional headlamps experience residual power drain till the batteries are connected to its circuit, even it is off. But it won’t happen in this Coleman headlamp, as it comes with a battery guard and let you power whenever you need it most.

This battery guard will disengage the battery automatically from circuit when headlamp is turned off and thereby extends its life by 25% more and also increases its shelf life. It comes with various features like fully adjustable head strap for proper fitting, a single on/off switch, impact resistance for up to 1 meter, and have LED bulbs for a long-lasting illumination.

It comes with water resistant (IPX – 4) that let you use this headlamp even in rainy day or in any weather. This battery guard headlamp provides power for up to 50-meters beam in any situation/place to complete your activity like running, cycling, walking or camping.

Product Specifications:

  • Light Brightness – 100 lumens
  • Material – Plastic
  • Bulb Type – LED
  • Water Resistant – IPX4
  • Impact Resistance – 1 meter
  • Battery Runtime – 7 hours
  • Battery Time – Replaceable AAA (2) batteries.
  • Beam Distance – 50 meters
  • Weight – 300 grams


  • Battery guard technology to preserve battery life and prevent corrosion.
  • Strong waterproofing feature for safe outdoor usage
  • Has adjustable headband to ensure proper fitting.
  • Long operation time.
  • Simple design and easy to use.


  • A bit expensive product
  • It is not movable up & down (not adjustable).
  • It won’t have any light modes – only a normal lighting.

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4. Angel’s Best Super Bright Headlamp


This Angel’s headlamp is another effective headlamp that used widely for camping, fishing, running, cycling, hiking, & caving. It is ergonomically designed elastic anti-slip headband made with tough, lightweight material that make it use for a longer time.

This safety flashlight is water resistant and has adjustable beam angle that help you choose from coverage and brightness. It requires 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries with 4800mah (battery life of 200 hours) to operate it effectively even in rainy days.

With its 160 lumens of light brightness, it allows you to see the path ahead for up to 50 meters without any issue. It has both adjustable (90-degrees to prevent straining neck) and zoomable beam modes with three light modes (strobe, high and low light).

Also, it has a safety backlight that let you visible from behind while cycling or walking at night. One can easily adjust the beam to spotlight for narrow range and adjust to floodlight for broader beam.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery Type – Rechargeable Lithium Ion 4800mah
  • Light Brightness – 160 lumens
  • Light Modes – Strobes, High light, Low light.
  • Beam Modes – Zoomable and Adjustable
  • Beam Distance – 50 meters
  • Weight – 250 grams
  • Bulb Type – LED


  • Easy to access on/off switches
  • Adjustable straps for perfect fitting.
  • Ergonomically designed elastic headband.
  • Ideal to use for numerous outdoor activities.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Features three lighting modes to set it based on the situation.
  • The head can be swiveled up to 90-degrees.
  • Provides broad, narrow and wide bright illumination.
  • Batteries are included in the pack.


  • The product should have a better water resistance.
  • It takes much time for the battery to charge.

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5. Fsi Powerful Ultra Bright Head Torch


This 10-watt powerful headlamp is from FSI, which is a perfect option for anyone who needs a headlamp to complete their indoor or outdoor activities like running, walking, camping, reading, hiking, fishing or anywhere you require handsfree lighting.

It is an adjustable elastic headband that is designed in a simple and generous style to fit perfectly for anyone who wants to use this headlamp. It features waterproof nature that protect the device from splashing water from all angles and it can be easily adjusted to 180-degrees. It let you reach up to a distance of 300 meters and has 2 lighting modes – high & low.

Product Specifications:

  • Beam Distance – 30 meters
  • Weight – 120 grams
  • Power – 10 W
  • Light Modes – High & Low
  • Beam Mode – Adjustable at 180°
  • Light Brightness – 500 lumens
  • Battery Type – Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Battery Charge Time – 5 to 6 hours
  • Runtime – 5 hours
  • Bulb Type – LED
  • Color – Black


  • Affordable price
  • Portable, simple and compact design
  • Applicable in various situations to have versatility.
  • Capable of illuminating a wide area.
  • Suits best for use with both hard hats and helmets
  • Waterproof that suits to use safely outdoors
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Equipped with an elastic and adjustable headband


  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark
  • The straps quality is not good.

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How To Choose The Best Headlamps

Either it is a workplace (like coal mining), camping or any activity task, a headlamp should be an essential piece in your kit to complete it effortlessly with its handsfree design. One has to check with the adjustable straps, built construction, waterproof nature, light brightness of the headlamp before buying it.

In this buying guide, we have provided all the essential information, including various features which you have to consider to let you grab the best headlamp.

1. Lumens

Lumens are used to quantify the amount of light produced by a light source (brightness). In general, the lumens of headlamps will range from 50 – 1000+ lumens. For instance, the headlamps with less lumen range is great for use at campsites and groups, whereas the if you’re climbing or caving or want to lighten up the large area, then you will require headlamps with output of 200 – 500+ lumens.

Along with the battery usage, the lumen output will go down and dim the lamp. So, to extend the battery life and light output, a few models come with different modes to adjust the lumens output.

2. Beam Type

Most of the modern headlamps uses LED bulbs to make it more durable, energy efficient, and long lasting. The type of bulb will be determined by the beam type. There are different beam types of headlamps – wide, spot, beam pattern & variable. A few high-end models can easily switch to either mode, as per their requirement.

  • Wide Beam – Here the headlamps will produce a dispersed light (floodlight) in a wide angle for illuminating campsites or close objects.
  • Spot Beam (or Narrow/Focused) – Lighten up the path for ahead to cover dark, uncharted area. Useful while running, cycling, hiking, in any dark hours/night.
  • Variable Beam – This will let you switch in between a spot and wide-angle throw in a single headlamp.
  • Beam Pattern – High quality headlamps will create a uniform beam without splotches or dark rings. It is achieved with best quality lenses and reflectors.

3. Light Brightness Modes

The headlamps provide a number of different light modes that let you set the brightness as per your requirement without draining battery.

Strobe / flash as signal in emergencies or preserve battery life. It makes you visible while running, biking, or hiking along roadside.

Red light mode for viewing stars, cooking, or wildlife without losing the night vision. Used widely for overnight campers, as it extends the battery life.

High (Spotlight) mode for focused, bright light directed towards a distant object. Suits best for spotting climbing anchors, night hiking, etc.

Middle mode is offered by a few models, in which it illuminates with mid-level of brightness.

Low (Floodlight) mode also known as proximity/standard mode, used to produce a wider beam of dimmer, soft light towards downwards to see nearby objects. Energy efficient light setting option that suits for night hikes, cooking in camp, etc.

Zoom / boost mode for high intensity beam for short period (10 – 20 seconds). Found on a few models like what causing rustling sound nearby bushes but this mode will exert a high drain on batteries.

4. Beam Distance / Beam Length

Light source is essential to navigate in dark. Beam length is the distance that light can travel (like meters). So, one should know how far the headlamp will project the light while cycling, running or rappelling in dark/night. The headlamp with greater beam distance will cause fast depletion of batteries. The longer the beam distance the faster it will drain the battery power. So, it’s necessary to check the beam distance of a particular headlamps before its purchase.

5. Runtime

One should know the runtime of headlamp in each mode, especially while heading out for a night ride or hike. This runtime or burn-time is used to quantify how long the lamp will produce usable light till the battery charging lasts. The average running time of headlamps is 3 – 4 hours, which depends on the brightness and beam length of the particular lamp.

Even though, the manufacturers determine the runtime by conducting tests with low setting of the headlamp. We suggest you to carry extra batteries to make it use, if essential to complete your task without any problem.

6. Size & Weight

Most of the headlamps comes with a consistent size whereas a few are simple options that are intended to use in emergency. Also, check that the headlamp will fit /compatible properly on the hard hat or helmet. Its strap should be long enough to wrap it around.

A few models of headlamps are bigger and heavier due to additional battery and quantity of LEDs in the lamp, which are designed for night rides on mountain bike. A quality headlamp should be comfortable, lightweight and sturdy to produce adequate amount of light.

7. Water Resistance

The IPX rating of a particular headlamp will let you about its weather resistant, waterproofing and breathability ratings. Here the IP stands for Ingress Protection and the X means no dust rating. The IPX rating system like IPX – 0 is not water resistant and getting any contact with water may damage the electronic components.

Most of the headlamps offers the water protection by IPX – 4 to IPX – 8, in which the electronics withstand liquid splashing (rain drops or ambient humidity) in any angle. So, it’s essential to check the waterproof/water-resistance rating (at least IPX – 4) of a particular headlamp before its purchase.

8. Power Source / Battery

Almost all the headlamps use batteries (rechargeable or replaceable batteries) as their power source. They operate on either AA or AAA batteries, which you have to replace them regularly. A few models use rechargeable lithium ion or NIMH batteries that offer a mini – USB recharging option, which let you recharge in between the trips or outside in sun if you have a solar power source. A few high-end models will offer both options for its longer working.

While working on brightest mode, the headlamp will drain their charge up to 4 times faster. So, some models offer external battery packs to use for extended period of time. Or else you can carry power source (as backup) along with you to extend the runtime or power a higher lumen of your headlamp.

9. Comfort

A headlamp should come with a design of adjusting the strap to secure the light properly on the forehead without placing too much pressure. A few models will distribute the weight between front, and back to provide proper balance and less bouncing. So, one has to choose the headlamp which is made of durable yet soft fabric and adjusters won’t get loosen or slip on its own.

10. Price

Avoid buying cheap quality headlamps, as they made with cheap, crappy plastic that won’t last longer. Its battery will run out in less time and makes you feel big and bulky that wobbling around the head. So, it’s advisable to purchase a best quality headlamp at a reasonable price. Here the brand, warranty and reviews of the particular product should be noticed.

Additional Features:

There are some add-ons features which you have to know to make proper use of headlamp, in any situation.

  • Dimmer Function – Useful feature, especially when trying to conserve battery life or perform your task without irritating others.
  • Tilt Feature – Useful to illuminate the ground while walking. Simply tilt the headlamp down rather than looking at feet to illuminate the path.
  • Light Sensors – Adjust the light brightness (lumen output – dim or bright) automatically based on the setting without user interface.
  • Lock-Out Feature – Act as a key for storing a headlamp in the pack while travelling without draining batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to check features on intended use/activity?

It is always essential to know the intended settings, which will make the selection process much easier. A few features required for your task whereas a few won’t. So, here are some features to look based on your intended usage.
Camping – spot beam, longer battery life with red light mode, & tilt feature.
Running – lightweight & high beam distance.
Hiking – waterproof, light sensors, lock-out & tilt features.
Climbing – tilt feature & spot beam
Trail Biking – spot beam & high beam distance.

2.How to clean and maintain the headlamp?

Here are some tips that ensure headlamp to work for a longer time.
Its suggested to remove the batteries from headlamp before storing it/not going to use for a longer time. Regular cleaning of headlamp will let it function properly and look presentable. Simply remove the hardware from headband strap and remove batteries. Wash the band to clean the headlamp set and clean all its surfaces, simply use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe off all grime and dirt.
To make the lens crystal clear, you have to apply a thick paste made from baking soda & water on the lens. Clean it with a soft rag and repeat it regularly.

3.How long does the batteries last?

The battery runtime of headlamp will determine the number of hours the light can be operated at full power. Also, it indicates how efficient the headlamp uses its battery power. In general, the runtime can be at least 3 – 4 hours and if it is even more, then it might have a heavy battery. How bright the light produced/used by the lamp will determine how long it’s battery last. So, choose a headlamp with decent runtime and average beam length to complete your task.

4.What are the types of work headlamps and why we need it?

There are various types of headlamps used for different professions. You have to select the specific type as per your work requirement. They are headlamps for firefighters (waterproof & shockproof), mechanics (high luminous intensity with spot beam), mineworkers (bright light for a longer time without causing static) & oil rig works (same as mineworkers but won’t require bright light).
It allows you to work with both hands while still providing enough illumination. It makes it easier to move around as you go on your way, especially while crawling into tight spaces. Also, it let you visible to prevent horrendous accidents from happening with its bright light. So, it’s worth purchasing the perfect headlamp to perform your function/activity.


We hope the above-mentioned buying guide and best-selling headlamps will help you in selecting the product that suits perfect for you. In case, if you ask us to pick one, then it would be Docoss 2 in 1 Zoomable Ultra Bright Rechargeable Headlamp. The reason is that it is innovative, uses dual light source, water resistant, adjustable angle mode, zoomable, 3 light modes and offers best runtime.

But in case, if you’re looking for a replaceable battery for headlamp, then you can opt for Istara LED Headlamp, why because it is water resistant, zoomable, rotated with 3 modes at 90° that makes it perfect for various outdoor activities.

Let us know which one you’re going to pick from the above listed product. Feel free to share your queries regarding its purchase in the below comments section. We will reply you as soon as possible.