Best HDMI Cables

For video and audio transferring HDMI cables are necessary. There are many variations of these cables that can be categorized into two broad streams – standard and high-speed HDMI cables. Buying an HDMI cable that ensures magnificent audio quality and theatre-like video quality, is not an easy task. So for your searching convenience, we have come up with some high-quality HDMI cables:

1. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable

Tagline: With a 6 feet length this HDMI cable allows connectivity to multiple devices.

AmazonBasics HDMI cable can connect with any Blue Ray player or computers or TVs also. For proper output, you have to adjust the display resolution and the refresh rate. It is designed so amazingly that it’s backward finds well compatibility with the previous HDMI standards. Comes with a gold plated corrosion-resistant connector this cable provides amazing conductivity causing better signal transmission. This durable cable with PVC outer layer and shielding can deliver two video streaming at the same time without any distortion of connectivity. It supports 1536 kHz total audio and 32 audio channels. This high-speed HDMI cable ensures good synchronization while audio streaming.

2. BlueRigger High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 

Tagline: With a speed of 10200 Mbps this HDMI cable provides a magnificent viewing experience.

BlueRigger introduces a superb HDMI cable that ensures ultra HD video quality at 1080p resolution. It can quickly connect with multiple devices as well as entertains multiple streams. Made of PVC material this cable ensures better connectivity. You can enjoy up to 32 discrete channels with this cable. It is perfect for any home theatre or gaming arrangement as it creates terrific audio quality. As it comes with a triple shield of copper and Full metal jacket housing it is highly durable. The gold plated and corrosion-resistant connectors take care of the signal delivery. It connects with all HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and computers.

3. Belkin High-Speed HDMI Cable Supports Ethernet

Tagline: 3d compatible cable that has a 24k gold plated connector for better signaling.

Belkin 2m long HDMI cable supports 1080p Full HD videos as well as provides full support to ultra HD videos. Designed with a built-in audio return channel this ensures the amazing audio quality. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz this cable provides awesome picture quality. It connects well with any HDTVs or apple products and DVD players. 

4. Tizum High-Speed HDMI Cable

Tagline: Featured with integrated ethernet channel this HDMI cable ensures ultra HD video resolution.

If you want to experience beyond HD video quality then Tizum cable is a perfect match. With a 10.2 Gbps of speed, it assures fast connectivity with DVD players or with any computers or HDMI supportedTVs. Within a connected system, it entertains content distribution too. Made with advanced technology this cable provides high definition sound quality. It can deliver up to 16 channels with next-level video resolution. It supports 3D viewing experience.

Things to consider before buying an HDMI cable: 

  • Cable application: We don’t buy HDMI cable without any specific purposes. If you need an HDMI cable for the projector or tv then you can go for the standard cable that supports HD video resolution. But for better connectivity and content distribution you should choose a high-speed cable that supports ultra HD video resolution. 
  • Quality: It may seem difficult to define the quality of an HDMI cable while buying online. But if you check a few features such as a gold plated connector or high-speed facility then it is easier to select the better quality cable.
  • Durability: Whether you are going to keep your cable connected to a device for years or going to remove and install it every day, you need to buy a durable cable. Because durability ensures a longer life of the product. And for that, a cable that is protected with some powder coating or with some shield is more preferable.