The 4 Best HD Set Top Box In India Reviews and Buying Guide

When you purchase an expensive television set loaded with features, you hope to get the best out of it. This is why you should invest in an HD set-top box to make use of the TV up to its full potential.

Set-top boxes nowadays come loaded with extra benefits like OTT services, games, and value-added services. It will stream premium HD content on your TV, including channels that you have always loved but been unable to watch better picture quality because of your previous TV.

While buying the perfect HD set-top box for your television set, consider the following points:

  • Resolution: since most television sets nowadays come with high definition support, try to get a set-top box with HD channels. If you get a hold of set-top boxes that provide full HD or 1080p streaming, go for it. It will greatly benefit your TV viewing experience and help you put all your TV features into good use.
  • Added perks: try to find companies that give additional perks along with the main product. Be it additional OTT services, value-added services, games, educational channels, and so on. Most set-top boxes provide a month of free services to allow users to get a demo of the product they are about to use.
  • Connectivity: Check the connections that the HD setup box offers. Go with the one that comes with HDMI connections, additional connections like USB ports, audio output.

If you want to more about HD set-top boxes, we have evaluated a detailed Buying Guide describing every feature and functions that come with an HD set-top box.

4 Best HD Set Top Box In India

HD Set-Top BoxResolutionAdded services or productsBuy Now
Tata Sky HD Connection1080p full HDAmazon Firestick with extra charge,
OTT channels with an external subscription fee
Airtel Digital TV HD DTH Set-Top BoxHigh definitionDolby digital sound, video of premium
quality, and record and play that requires extra charges
Dish TV Hindi HD Set-Top Box High definitionsurround sound; easy recharges, 67+ HD
channels, active services
D2h Videocon HD Set-Top BoxFull HDeasy recharges HD channels, active

4 Best HD Set Top Box In India Reviews

1. Tata Sky HD Connection

tata sky

First on our list is the most trusted company in the broadcast business, TATA SKY. This is one of the best set-top boxes available in the market to stream HD channels. The thing that makes this product stand out is the fact that it merges pay-tv and OTT services together into one single package.

The company offers package customization, channel selection on an a-la-carte basis, their own platform that provides interactive services, a programming guide available in Hindi, video on demand, a customizable video library along with plenty other services. Their comprehensive list of services offered ranges from news and movies to sports and entertainment channels.

The set-top box streams HD content and that you get the freedom to pick and choose. Unlike other services, you pay for only the things that you wish to watch. When you purchase the TATA SKY HD Connection, you are provided top-notch clarity in audio and video, sharper images, vivid colors, and the support of surround sound. The viewing ratio is 16:9 for your comfort clubbed with 1080 p resolution for a wide range of local, national, and international channels.

The product is 3D ready and houses several channels apart from the regular ones. The whole family can enjoy In-house content and media provided with other services, be it cooking, games based on cartoons, live darshan of heritage sites all over the country, an educational channel for kids, and Vedic maths, and a fitness channel that is available 24/7.

Their post-purchase service is exemplary and is available for you in 13 Indian languages for ease of communication.

Product specifications:

  • Brand: Tata Sky
  • Mounting hardware: HD set-top box, dish, remote, HDMI cable, power adapter
  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Audio Wattage: 100 watts
  • Packages included: Amazon Firestick with extra charge, OTT channels with an external subscription fee
  • Connectivity ports: HDMI output only


  • Picture quality
  • Sound quality
  • Easy and hassle-free installation


  • Only free channels are included in the basic package that is complimentary for the forest 30 days.

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2. Airtel Digital TV HD DTH Set-Top Box Connection


Airtel Digital TV HD DTH set-top box boasts of extraordinary quality for viewing. It streams in HD and comes with a universal remote. Universal remotes make surfing TV channels easier because it works as a dual receiver for both the set-top box command and the TV itself.

With 5.1 surround sound, you get crystal clear voice output that seamlessly complements the HD video playback. You can get 550+ standard definition and high definition TV channels that come with budget plans that fit everyone’s pocket. You can record your favorite TV programs using the set-top box itself and also pause live TV.

The most unique factor of the Airtel Digital TV HD DTH set-top box is that it doubles up as a media player. When you purchase such a device, you need minimum gadgets and maximum benefits. Otherwise, you would have to purchase a separate media player to stream your personal media. A separate remote would have to be taken care of to navigate through the TV.

The set-top box comes with a one-year warranty and free standard installation. The purchase price includes 1 month FTA pack for you to demo all the channels that you need.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Airtel Digital TV
  • Mounting hardware: HD set-top Box, Remote, AV Cable, Outdoor Unit
  • Resolution: High Definition
  • Packages included: Dolby digital sound, video of premium quality, and record and play that requires extra charges
  • Connectivity ports: AV cable


  • Universal remote
  • Converts to media player
  • 1 month FTA pack included


  • Not full HD
  • Does not provide OTT services along with broadcast channels

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3. Dish TV Hindi HD Set-Top Box

Dish TV

Dish TV has cemented its place in the direct to home broadcast services in the past decade. They are one of the country’s most trusted companies that claim to have more than 10 crore viewers.

They have a widespread network across the country that provides service 24/7 and supports almost all regional languages. The set includes DishNXT HD set-top box, a subscription of superfamily HD pack that is complimentary for a month, lifetime warranty that amounts to Rs 1000 INR on the set-top box.

The installation is free, along with a demo. The package contains a remote, Antenna(ODU), HDMI cable/AV lead, STB adapter, HD signal receiver, and an antenna cable.

When you purchase the is TV Hindi HD set-top Box with 1 Month Super Family HD, you get 5 times better picture quality than its competitors and surround sound. The price includes easy recharges, great value packs, 67+ High definition channels, and a wide range of active services.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Dish TV
  • Mounting hardware: HD set-top Box, Remote, HDMI cable/AV Cable, 10-meter wire, dish antenna
  • Resolution: High Definition
  • Packages included: surround sound, easy recharges, 67+ HD channels, active services
  • Connectivity ports: HDMI cable


  • Surround sound
  • Active services
  • HD channels


  • Not full HD
  • Does not support play or pause, recording

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4. D2h Videocon HD Set-Top Box


Videocon d2h brings you an array of services that are both attractive and affordable. This set-top box comes with a complimentary gold pack that is valid for one month of HD channels.

You get high definition picture quality like never before. Navigation is made easier courtesy the faster processing speed of the system. The picture quality provided is 1080p, full of HD, and transmitted via an HDMI cable that comes with the box. You get a standard remote, dish antenna, LNB, and the box itself in the package.

The standard installation is free, while any extra component requires extra charges. You will also receive a 10-meter cable that will be extended if necessary with additional charges.

Easy recharge packages and attractive a la carte prices make this set-top box a crowd favorite. Their after-sales service is also commendable, and you can easily get enough information from the customer service or their informative website.

Product specification:

  • Brand: Videocon d2h services
  • Mounting hardware: HD set-top Box, Remote, HDMI cable, 10-meter wire, dish antenna
  • Resolution: full High Definition
  • Packages included: easy recharges, HD channels, active services
  • Connectivity ports: HDMI cable


  • Easy navigation
  • Affordable packages


  • With multifaceted set-top boxes available in the market that provide extra services, this might be a let down for the customers because of the limited options

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Things To Consider Before Buying HD Setup Box

Having a decent HD setup box lets you enjoy daily soaps, live matches, films, reality shows, news, etc. With the advanced features, you get the right dose of entertainment.

With a myriad of HD setup boxes, choosing the reliable one is confusing. We evaluated some of the vital factors to consider in the best HD setup boxes.

Scroll down our detailed blog to make the choosing part easier.

1. Resolution:

Through the setup box, the broadcasted content can be viewed on the screen. The viewing experience depends on the resolution the setup box offers. The HD setup box offers a 720*1080 pixel resolution. Nowadays, HDTV broadcasts support this output resolution to ensure the on-screen content appears to be the best.

2. Installed Package:

Varied setup box offers varied packages for the varied duration. The subscription fees differ as per the chosen pack. Don’t fall into the trap of packages with fancy, catchy names. Check the HD package cost instead.

Find the package that offers your desired channels. Check how much extra you have to pay for those relevant channels. Also, note down how easily you can switch between offered plans.

3. Viewing Platform:

The HD setup box must consist of a platform that offers a huge number of different channels.  Having a large platform supports a good deal of entertainment channels over conventional setup boxes. This support gives the viewer an unparalleled screening experience.

Ensure that this advanced setup box has zero interference apart from severe climatic conditions. Club your screen with setup boxes that even have backup mechanisms to even out the severe weather situations.

4. Connections:

Check the connections that the HD setup box offers. Go with the one that comes with HDMI connections, additional connections like USB ports, audio output. These allow the viewers to enjoy the finer quality of content. Also, it broadens the ability to access numerous gadgets. Viewers using multiple HDMI compatible gadgets need to look for setup boxes featuring numerous HDMI ports.

5. Remote:

Most set-top boxes come with extra remotes required to navigate through the channel lists while another one has to be kept handy to operate the TV. But some have an added advantage where they provide a universal remote that can operate both the set-top box and the TV. This is a hassle-free approach and a great way to enjoy your favorite programs with no worry.

6. Aspect Ratio:

Choose the setup box as per the (W: H) aspect ratio of your screen.  Pick a setup box with an aspect ratio of 16:9 that complements the current rectangular shaped HD screens. Viewers with square-screened TV should opt for a setup box with a desirable aspect ratio, i.e., 4:3.

7. Disk Storage:

Buying a setup box with desirable internal storage offers a bunch of benefits. Storage allows the viewer to add specific programs in their best setup box. Small storage limits your viewing enjoyment within a limited number of recorded contents. Having spacious storage lets the viewer store and access numerous desirable recorded, stored content.

Always go for a 500GB hard disk storage to add favorite channels, films. You can also find better storage than this in the finest HD setup boxes.

8. Recording Advancement:

This essential feature has to be precise enough to offer a pile of features. Setup boxes offering multiple recordings at one go is always desirable.

This accurate recording loaded with advanced features allows the user to enjoy recorded contents as per their flexible time. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite movie/ content frequently.

9. Portability:

This plays a vital role when the buyer needs to shift it to other places as per the needs. Although it is installed in one place, buyers prefer setup boxes weighing around 20 kg. Viewers find this light-weight device easy to carry along.

10. Apps & Services:

HD setup box offers much more than recording, basic channels. The finest models offer user-friendly apps & services for added, personalized entertainment. So, even if you lose your remote, you are not out of luck. This is a great option only if you don’t lose your cell phone under the sofa.

There are instances where a setup box offers basic mathematics, vocabulary to kids through the pre-installed apps. Gamers must choose setup boxes offering installed games.

11. Remote:

A gadget without a remote doesn’t make much sense. Controlling TV manually is over. Try exploring everything with the remote. Having a featured remote is preferable by viewers searching more.

12. Number of Channels:

After choosing the package, check the included channels within that package. Viewers should consider the package of  HD channels he is getting through a setup box. Choosing the setup box offering the highest number of channels would be a wise decision. Operators may advertise offering a plethora of channels. Check whether this attractive deal has got HD channels covered or not.

Check which all channels are of free. Also, if your desired regional channels are a part of this advertised package. Find the no of HD & interactive channels present in the mix.

The main aim is to look at whether the package is offering you the desired channels.

13. DVD option:

Buyers looking for a two-in-one feature can go ahead with the setup box offering DVD player option. The best HD setup box offers such unique features.

14.  Installation:

Before selecting, check whether the provider charges additional charge post-purchase. Find the turnaround time details post an installation request placed. It’s important to calculate whether there will be any additional charges covering the cable costs. Also, does it charge per meter while relocating the connection from one floor to the other?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the functionality of a set-top box?

An STB or set-top box, locally known as a cable box, is an information appliance device that usually consists of a TV tuner input and shows the output on a television set. It also contains an external source of signaling that turns the source signal into content viewed on a television set or a digital display device.

2.What is the difference between an SD and HD set-top box?

An SD set-top box will display standard definition channels with a clear picture quality because of poor resolution. An HD or high definition set-top box, on the other hand, provides crisp picture quality that is suitable for your television. It enhances the viewing experience because of higher resolution and pixel density. You can enjoy watching sports or your favorite program in the best picture quality.

3.I have an SD set-top box. Do I need to upgrade?

If you have a TV that supports high definition video, definitely go for an HD set-top box. It will not only make your viewing experience better manifold, but it will also provide the best in class picture quality. If you have a TV that supports HD but are yet to purchase an HD set-top box, you are missing out on a lot of things.

4.What if I recharge with the same pack that I used for my SD set-top box?

You will get SD channels only, which will stream in standard definition only. On larger TVs, standard definition picture quality seems pixelated, which might be a letdown for some viewers.

5.How do I connect an HD set-top box to my TV?

If you have a TV that supports high definition, you should most definitely check if it contains an input for HDMI cable. If it does, then there must be no problem connecting your HD set-top box to your TV. Most TVs that have high definition come with HDMI cable inputs, so you need not worry.


A good HD set-top box should also contain enough disk space for you to record and save your favorite shows to watch at a later date. Check if your television supports high definition streaming, and if the product you are about to choose can connect to your device. Mostly all high definition set-top boxes connect to television sets through an HDMI cable.

The above qualities of stated set-top boxes come in such a variety of options that it is difficult to select the one that is right for you. But be sure to select the one that is rich in features and also has a smooth user interface. And in that category, Tata Sky HD Connection should be your best bet.

It comes with a host of features loaded with extremely useful perks. It comes preloaded with a one-month complimentary subscription to the basic pack. You can watch your favorite OTT services along with the good old cable networks, all thanks to one device.

Do let us know what you think about the product review and tell us which HD set-top box you are going to purchase to enhance your TV viewing experience.