Best Hanging Planter

Wall hanging planters are perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations. If you decorate them with some beautiful flower plants then it will look amazingly beautiful. With the help of these planters, you can easily create a green space in your home.  Herein, we have discussed four pretty hanging planters. Let’s have a look:

1. AASHU Self Watering Hanging Pots 

Tagline: Multicolored hanging planters that have a self-watering feature.

AASHU self-watering hanging planters are primarily made of plastic. These are sturdy and durable. The self-watering feature of these plants is simply amazing. You can decorate your living room or balcony easily with these hanging planters and the most important factor is you can get more space for planting. These are 35 x 22 x 22 cm and have a good drainage system. 

2. TrustBasket Crown of Colors Railing Planters

Tagline: White stylish hanging planters that don’t occupy much space.

TrustBasket planters are primarily made of galvanized material and look extremely stylish because of the bright white color. These planters can give your home a heavenly look and don’t even occupy much space. They come with adjustable and detachable handles. So, you can adjust them as per your requirements. These planters can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.  

3. Ecofynd Oval Polka Dot Balcony Railing Planter

Tagline: The handcrafted hanging planters are perfect for both artificial and original plants.

Ecofynd planters are primarily made of metal and look extremely cute. These are very sturdy and have a good drainage system. These handcrafted planters have an amazing color combination that will match with any wall background. You can also decorate these planters with some succulents or some herbs. 

4. BIO Blooms Vertical Wall Garden with Hanging Pots 

Tagline:  Premium quality hanging planters that are easy to assemble.

BIO Blooms set of 24 hanging planters are made of high-quality material to last long. These planters are easy to assemble and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor. You can plant all types of plants in these planters. These vertical planters have an amazing drainage system and are very sturdy.

Things to consider before buying hanging planters:

A good planter will help in the plant’s growth. Hence, before buying a planter we need to consider a few things:

  • Drainage: It is important to check the drainage system of a planter. Because if a planter doesn’t have a good drainage system, then it will affect the plant’s growth.
  • Size: Size should be checked before buying the planter. Because if you are buying a planter for a succulent then you might need a smaller one. Again if you are looking for a planter for an indoor palm or spider plant, then you might need a bigger one. 
  • Material:  It is also necessary to check the material of the planter. Because if it is permeable in nature, then it will enhance the plant’s growth.