Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

In today’s busy world, vacuum cleaners are blessings that not only is a perfect time saver but also a perfect dust cleaner. After our tight schedules, it becomes really difficult to clean the doors, the curtains, the chairs, or the carpets. But the vacuum cleaner has made our task easier. We have introduced some really useful and smartly designed vacuum cleaners.

1. TIREWELL TW-7006 1100W Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Tagline: Featured with 1100W turbo suction this vacuum cleaner can remove dust easily.

This handheld vacuum cleaner does both dry and wet cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has multiple attachments that allow awesome dusting. It can be connected with any 2-pin plug. You can clean carpets, flat surfaces as well. It is completely safe to use because of nature protection, voltage protection, and short circuit protection facilities. The cyclone suction feature removes all dust, dirt efficiently. This vacuum cleaner comes with a 2 feet extended handle so that you clean the difficult to reach corners easily. And the 5-meter wire ensures better electrical connectivity for a smooth service.

2. Gtech Pro Handheld Vaccum Cleaner

Tagline: A cordless vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and easy to use.

This vacuum cleaner has a smart airlock technology that can even collect larger waste materials too, making your house neat and clean. It has a dust capacity of 1.5 liters so that you can enjoy hassle-free services. The breathable three-layered bags can store all the dust and dirt with super proficiency. It is powered with a 22v lithium-ion battery for awesome longevity. The packaging includes the main unit, extension tube battery, spare Bags, power Brush, power floor head, charger, service tool, brushed nozzle, and power Hose.

3. Deerma DX700 600W Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Tagline: Comes with low noise features this vacuum cleaner is styled in contemporary design.

This handheld vacuum cleaner is designed with advanced blackhole technology that cleans the surfaces and does the dusting neatly. It has nozzles and brushes that can even clean hard to reach areas also. With the 3 layered filter system, you can clean your living space easily. This vacuum cleaner is easy to clean as it’s detachable.

4. Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum (Copper)

Tagline: With super technology, this vacuum cleaner can do a great deep cleaning.

Dyson presents an awesome vacuum cleaner that not only does the dusting but also cleans the larger debris. To enjoy an hour of professional cleaning service just charge this cleaner for approx 3.5 hours. It can clean the carpets perfectly because of the direct-drive cleaner facility.

The 10v digital motor and 130AW machine will help in deep cleansing. And the filtration process helps in storing the dust so that it doesn’t leak in your room again. For ease of usability, you can turn it into a handheld vacuum cleaner too. This certified asthma and allergy-friendly cleaner provide fine dusting because of the soft roller cleaner head.

Things to consider before buying a handheld  vacuum cleaner:

  • Maintenance: There are mainly two types of vacuum cleaners available, i.e bagged and bagless. If you’re planning to buy a bagged one then definitely check if it is detachable and how much easier to use. Bagless vacuum cleaners are easier to use indeed as you don’t have the headache to remove the bag and clean it but to clean the carpets bagged one works better.
  • Functionality: If you are buying a cleaner for your apartment then go for a medium or small-sized one so that you don’t face difficulty to keep it when not in use. But if you have pets then you should check if the vacuum cleaner can clean the lines or hairs.
  • Noise: The factor that we often ignore is the noise. If you buy a vacuum cleaner that makes excessive noise then that will be very inconvenient to use.