The 8 Best Handbags In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Handbags are not known only to fit their utility but also for the style statement they create. A look is never complete if it is not paired with the right handbag.

A handbag defines our personality and style and, at the same time, stores all the things we require for our daily outing.. Some say that a woman’s entire world is in her handbag.

These bags are sturdy and trendy and are great for office, personal, and even parties.

Factors to consider before buying handbags

  • Number of pockets or compartments: A handbag with only one compartment will create clutter and make it difficult for you to find your things easily. Hence, it is important to buy a handbag that is categorized and can store your things neatly in different pockets.
  • Type of style: Before buying a handbag, it is important to know what occasion or use you are buying it. If you are buying one to complement your outfit, it will depend on the color, style, etc.
  • Water-resistant/Material: Weather is unpredictable, so it is important that the bag is immune to water, and the material is not easily distressed during daily usage.

Apart from these features, our comprehensive Buying Guide below gives you insight into some of the popular and stylish handbags featured online.

We have researched and collated 8 handbags for customers to consider and select the best option for them.

8 Best Handbags In India

HandbagMaterialNo of compartmentsStyle/Occasion and ColourBuy Now
Fostelo Women's Catlin Handbag 100% Polyester5 (3 big+2 small)Daily use/Office(Maroon)CHECK ON AMAZON
Women Marks Women's Handbag100% Polyester4 (2 big+2 small)Daily use and for dinner parties (black and gold)CHECK ON AMAZON
Lapis O Lupo Women Fashion HandbagCanvas and polyester5 (3 big+2 small)Office use and casual (black)CHECK ON AMAZON
Lino Perros Black Faux Leather HandbagFaux leather1 (3 smaller inside)Party and special occasions (black)CHECK ON AMAZON
Caprese Felicia Women's HandbagSuper-fine material1Casual and vacations (light blue)CHECK ON AMAZON
Speed X Fashion Women's Shoulder Bag100 % polyester4 bags of varying sizesDifferent occasions (black)CHECK ON AMAZON
Speed X Fashion Women's HandbagPolyester-synthetic4 (3 big +1 small)Work, formal occasions (tan)CHECK ON AMAZON
Mammon Women's Blue PU Leather Handbag Polyester3 bags of varying sizesDifferent occasions (blue)CHECK ON AMAZON

8 Best Handbags In India Reviews

1. Fostelo Women’s Catlin Handbag (Maroon) 


This vibrant handbag not only will up your style quotient but also make you feel ultra-fashionable. This versatile bag is sure to be the envy of your colleagues and friends. It is made of 100% polyester. In its deep maroon color and inner beige, this handbag adds a touch of elegance that every woman craves.

The bag has 5 compartments which consist of 3 big ones and 2 small ones which are inside and on the outside as well. The compartments are spacious and big enough for you to store your everyday needs in an organized manner. The zipped closures ensure that nothing falls out or is misplaced.

The stress points of the bag have been double stitched and strengthened with hidden nylon strappings. The bag also comes with stud and ring detailing, which add an extra element to the bag. The twin bag handles make you look effortless as you carry your handbag around.


  • Affordable
  • 5 compartments


  • Colour tends to fade

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2. Women Marks Women’s Handbag

Women Marks

This modern handbag is sleek and trendy at the same time. Made of 100% polyester, it is available in black with gold trimmings and black and pink tassels.

It has 2 main compartments with smaller pockets inside and 1 provided outside. It also comes with a detachable pouch. The bag is versatile and is great for the office as well as to take to dinner.

The bag comes with double handles, as well as can be used as a sling bag with the attachment provided.


  • Not very expensive
  • Stylish looks


  • Heavy as it weighs 500gms

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3. Lapis O Lupo Women Fashion Handbag


This black beauty is sure to catch the eye of everyone you pass. It is made of canvas on the outside and polyester on the inside and looks very chic. It is durable and is very soft to touch as well.

The bag has 3 compartments and 2 smaller ones. The size might be small, but it can hold all your essentials. It has a fake leather top handle and sling. It looks classy, and its base can fit on any smooth surface without toppling as it is fitted with golden buckles at the bottom.

The bag is great for office use and to even take on a holiday. Its adjustable sling makes it versatile, so you can even pair it with casual wear.


  • Versatile
  • Durable and stylish


  • Heavy

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4. Lino Perros Black Faux Leather Handbag

Lino Perros

This classy and sophisticated handbag is designed and made under superior craftsmanship. The bag comes with diamond-shaped detailing, making it the perfect companion for a dinner date, party, or even a wedding. Its faux leather material makes it look shiny and glossy.

It is small and can hold all the basic necessities required. It comes with 1 main compartment, which is further divided into 3 smaller pockets. It also comes with the option to add a sling in addition to the double handles. It’s contemporary design, and high-quality fabric makes it a worthwhile investment.


  • Stylish and classy looking
  • Small and light to carry around


  • Not suitable for office or daily use

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5. Caprese Felicia Women’s Handbag


This avant-garde handbag is sure to make everybody want one. It is great for casual use or to take on a vacation and is made from super-fine material. It is great for withstanding regular wear and tear.

The handles are made from leather trims and add a contrast to the bag. It has spacious compartments and can hold a large number of things.

You can hold it in your hand or use it as a crossbody bag by using the detachable and adjustable straps.


  • Versatile and spacious
  • Modern and trendy


  • Colour tends to fade

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6. Speed X Fashion Women’s Shoulder Bag

Speed X Fashion

This is a set of 4 bags and comes with a shoulder bag and 3 smaller separate purses of varying sizes. It is made of 100 % polyester.

The bags are very handy and stylish and can be used together or separately. The biggest one has 3 compartments with a sling and double handle option. The medium size also has a sling, which is black and pink, and 1 compartment. The 3rd option is great for parties as it comes with a gold chain shaped handle. The smallest one can be used as a wallet to store money.

This set is great for working professionals and college students as it provides versatility.


  • Versatile (4 purses)
  • Affordable


  • Material is not durable

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7. Speed X Fashion Women’s Handbag


This tan-colored bag is elegant and sophisticated and provides that classy look every woman looks for. It has double handles and is made of polyester.

The bag has 3 main compartments locked by a magnetic hook and a smaller zip pocket on the outside.

It is great for office work or running errands around town. The spacious compartments provide more than enough room for your essentials. The extra tassels on the handles add a touch of fun.


  • Stylish
  • Spacious


  • Stitching is not durable

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8. Mammon Women’s Blue PU Leather Handbag 


This chic bag comes in a set of 3 of varying sizes. The bigger one is great for office or casual use and even for college students. It comes with a single handle and a cross-body sling.

The medium-sized one is great for lunch dates with friends or when you go shopping. The smallest size is great for storing your money or to go to the neighborhood grocery store.

The lovely blue color makes it eye-catching, and the spacious compartments are great for storing all your necessities in an organized manner. The bags are made from polyester, and the smallest bag comes with a chic chain strap, which is durable.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • Few compartments

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Buying Guide For Handbags

Above are some of the best handbags that you can go for right now. But which one is best suited for your purpose? This is a fundamental question, and the answer to it lies below in this Buying Guide. Check it out.

1. Type

Bags come in different styles and types, but handbags are usually the most versatile. Do not get confused by tote bags as they are a type of handbag that is bigger and for more casual purposes.

Handbags are more sophisticated and elegant and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are usually held by the straps, but some offer sling options as well. Choose which bag would suit your needs depending on your requirements and occasion you are buying it for. E.g., party, office, or casual purposes.

2. Material

Handbags are made of different materials such as leather, faux leather, cotton, and the most popular and cheapest is polyester. If you are environmentally conscious, go for natural material such as cotton or jute.

However, leather bags are more expensive and can be easily substituted by faux leather. Whereas, polyester bags are the most easily and commonly available material in handbags. Make sure that the material you choose is durable and, if possible water-resistant as well.

3. Compartment

 This is also important in your handbag selection criteria. Make sure that it has adequate compartments and is spacious enough for your essentials. Especially if you are working or going to college, you might require more space.

Also, keep in mind that the compartments must be segregated not to mix up your things and be easily available when you need to take them out.

4. Functionality

Make sure that you are picking your handbag according to the occasion you are using it. If you want something versatile, make sure it is of neutral color and medium size. For office, use keep a sober color, which is spacious as well. For party use, buy one which has some shimmer and shine and can carry your phone and purse.

5. Zipper

 Some handbags with the standard zippers, whereas some come with magnetic hooks. So, make sure that your handbag is adequately secure, and your things do not fall out. There are a few handbags that do not have any form of lock at all. Be careful while buying such bags as they are more prone to being stolen while you travel.

6. Size and Portability

 Make sure that the bag is not too bulky or heavy. Handbags, as the name suggests, are to be carried in hand, and the more the bag weights, that much more you will regret taking it along. The height and width also should be suitable as you will find it difficult to store it when you travel or are sitting at your desk.

7. Handles

 Depending on your preferences, choose double handles, cross-body sling, or single strap. Usually, party bags come with trendy handles such as gold chains, etc. Some people do not mind holding their bags, while some like the option to hang it on their shoulder. So, choose according to your requirements and amount of things you carry in your bag.

Characteristics Of Handbags

  • It should be versatile and suited to the occasion you require it for.
  • Compartments and space should be adequate.
  • Should be durable and strong.
  • Should have a zipper or some sort of lock to prevent things from falling out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How should I take care of my handbags?

Most handbags cannot be washed by putting it in the washing machine or dryer. It is also better not to wash them with soap. A lightly wet cloth can be used to rub off any stains. Make sure that you do not carry food directly in your bag. Rather, keep them in plastic pouches. If you are prone to dirt and mud while traveling etc. then make sure you buy a canvas bag or something similar which can be washed easily.

2.Should my handbag match other accessories that I am wearing?

The look you create is up to you. While some like having everything matching, others prefer a mix and match sort of trend. But you can match something subtle like your belt or earrings for a classy look.

3.Which handbags should I have in my closet?

It is better to keep a handbag for each occasion, be it a party, work, or casual outings. Make sure you have a bag in all the common colors as well, such as black, blue, white, and even tan. Apart from this, it is useful to keep bags in varying sizes which can be used according to your requirement.


Everybody has different tastes and requirements; hence, it is important that we choose according to our likes and dislikes rather than going for what other’s opinions are.

Having said that, one of our favorite options is the Lapis O Lupo Women Fashion Handbag, as it comes with double handles and a sling option and is quite attractive to look at. It also is spacious and durable and suits various occasions.