Best Halogen Heaters

A halogen heater is an eco-friendly appliance that keeps your room warm during winters. The halogen gas heats the lamp present in the heater after which this lamp glows giving you a warm ambience. These heaters are portable and heat your room quickly. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best halogen heaters in the market that have an aesthetic appearance and are durable.

1. Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Room Heater

Award: Best for Noiseless heating.

Tagline: A customizable room heater with 500W and 1000W heat settings allows you to set the desired temperature. 

Bajaj room heater has two halogen tubes to provide you with constant heating during winters. Coming in the size of 36 x 19.5 x 42.5 centimetres, the heater is ideal for small rooms. With a cord length of 1.5 metres, you don’t have to worry about the placement of the heater. The mesh grill provides safety to your hand against the direct heat. Meanwhile, the outer body contains durable ABS plastic. To provide even heat distribution in the room, it has a heat reflector with chrome plating. The design of the heater ensures noiseless operation in a small to medium-sized room. 

2. V-Guard 800-Watt Electric Room Heater

Award: Budget Pick.

Tagline: An efficient room heater that just consumes a half unit of power in an hour. 

V-Guard has come up with an electric room heater that is compact and heats the room quickly. It comes with two halogen tubes to provide sufficient heat during extreme winter months. The product is lightweight and ensures noiseless heating. To help you make the right heating choice, there are two temperature settings, 400W and 800W. Coming with automatic tip-over protection, the heater shuts off in case of any tip over. 

3. Usha Halogen Heater with Oscillation

Award: Best Features.

Tagline: The wide-angle oscillation ensures even heat distribution across the room. 

Usha halogen heater comes with extra long heating tubes to give you an efficient heating experience. It is lightweight and heats the room quickly by consuming less power. You have an option to choose between three power modes, 400W, 800W and 1200W. There’s a handle at the top of the heater for easy transportation. With an in-built tip-over switch, the device shuts off automatically to prevent malfunctioning when there’s a tip-over. The durable ABS plastic body remains cool to touch even after prolonged hours of usage. 


Award: Highly safe.

Tagline: The shock-proof body of the heater protects your family from sudden electric shocks. 

Kerwa offers a highly efficient smart heater that has 180-degree rotation capacity to spread out the heat evenly. The heater has three halogen tubes for quick heating. With the built-in switches, you can set three heating options, 400W, 800W and 1200W. As an additional safety feature, the tip-over switch automatically shuts off thereby preventing any injuries. The shock-proof insulating body and the child safety mesh protect you from accidental electric shocks. Weighing just 478 grams, you can carry this heater anywhere you want. 

Things to consider before buying a halogen heater:

1. Power consumption

To make sure you don’t spike up your electricity bill, go for a room heater that consumes less power. In the case of a halogen heater, more the halogen tubes, lesser the power consumption. 

2. Safety

As a halogen heater produces heat, it is prone to giving electric shocks. Make sure you go for a heater that has a durable outer body that remains cool during the heating process. Also, check if there’s a tip-over switch to the heater. It prevents any injuries and also saves the heater from malfunctioning by shutting itself off during tip-over.

3. Cord

Make sure to check the size of the cord the heater comes with. The cord generally needs to be at least 1.5 metres in length to ensure you can place the heater anywhere in a room.