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Top 10 Best Hair Dryers in India: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

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For many of us, hair dryers are a necessary part of daily routine. They reduce the hair drying time by almost 80%. And there is much more than just drying the hair, these devices can help you style your hair as well (be it curls, or straight).

A good hair dryer has to be light in weight, easy to use and highly efficient. But it should increase the frizz and make the hair shafts brittle.

While purchasing a hair dryer, the main factors to look out for are hair dryer type, weight, heat settings are several others. We have mentioned them clearly in our “Buying Guide” read them to make an informed choice.

For those, who don’t have much time on their hands, we have picked up the top 10 hair dryers in Indian market. Take a look at them choose wisely.

Best Hair Dryers in India

Hair DryerWattage
WarrantyBuy Now
Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer1000 2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Havells HD3151 Hair Dryer12003 YearsCheck On Amazon
Remington D5000 Hair Dryer 1800 2 YearsCheck On Amazon
SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer12002 YearsCheck On Amazon
Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer 20002 YearsCheck On Amazon
Panasonic Hair Dryer10002 YearsCheck On Amazon
Vega VDH-05 Hair Dryer 10001 YearsCheck On Amazon
Choba Shoptoshop Hair Dryer20002 YearsCheck On Amazon
Nova NHP 8100 Hair Dryer12002 YearsCheck On Amazon
Hana Stylish Hair Dryer1500 2 YearsCheck On Amazon

Best Hair Dryers Review in India 2022

1. Philips Hair Dryer

 philips-hair-dryersPhilips, a well-known Indian brand with consumers across the world. When it comes to hair styling products, HP8100/46 is one of the best and affordable hair dryers in the market.

Phillips hair dryer occupied 1st position in the list due to the strong air suction to dry the hair. It is cleverly designed such that the compact and lightweight design makes easy to carry and handle effortlessly.

Though it is less expensive, this hair dryer offers outstanding performance to the users. Thermo protect feature provides optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. It features advanced concentrator technology with a quick-heat head for steady and uniform stream of air to dry out the hair without making it frizzy.

2-speed setting (low and high) are provided which help you adjust according to your hair type. To perform the drying process, the Philips hair dryer uses 1000-watts of power that is very much suitable and safe for everyday use.

The product development team of Philips have given a modern and ergonomic design to this product. Being compact and light in weight, you can handle it easily. The 1.5-meter length cord enables you to access the areas without any issues.

On the whole, this is the most popular and widely used hair dryers in India 2019. Besides, this amazing product is backed with 2-years warranty from the date of purchase. The only downside is that the dryer cannot blow out cool air.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Thermo protect temperature setting
  • Advanced concentrator technology
  • Consumes 1000-watts of power
  • Comes with 2 flexible heat settings
  • 2-years of manufacturing warranty
  • Heat up or dries the hair in 15-minutes


  • Cannot blow the cool air
  • Available in single colour

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2. Havells Hair Dryer

Havells-hair-dryersHavells India Limited is one of the India’s leading companies in providing household solutions. This brand has pioneered in terms of quality, cutting-edge technology and quicker service.

The HD3151 hair dryer from Havells brings a perfect balance for drying, styling and makes the hair frizz-free. They are more durable and have longer life than other hair dryers.

1200-watts motor provides gentle airflow of dry air leaving you smooth and shiny hair. By setting the dryer to optimum level, it will let you to dry out the hair quickly. The heat balance technology ensures distribution of air to prevent hair damage and results in less exposure to heat.

It features a detachable nozzle that allows you to set the airflow in a specific direction for blowing the hot air. By detaching the nozzle, the device covers hot air to a maximum distance. Cool air shot gets activated when you set the temperature to low mode, styles the hair with a smooth finish for long-lasting results.

Honeycomb inlet is featured at the back to ensure the hair do not gets scrambled while drying the hair. 1.6-meter long power cord offers maximum flexibility, comfort, and helps to move freely while styling. A storage hook is also provided to hang perfectly on walls, doors, hangers etc.

Overall, the performance of Havells compact hair dryer is good and best to use for small/medium/long hair. It also keeps the hair look gorgeous, healthy and protects against dandruff, excess heat. If you are a regular user, you may experience noise while operating on a long run.


  • Honeycomb inlet
  • Easy foldable handle
  • Heat balancing technology
  • Features 3 cool shot settings
  • Double protection mechanism
  • Requires 1200-watts power for drying
  • Honey comb inlet for tangle-free hair
  • Detachable concentrator with fixed nozzle
  • Comes with 3-temperature settings i.e. hot, warm, and cool


  • Not an ionic flow
  • Make some noise while operating

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3. Remington Hair Dryer 

Remington-hair-dryersLast one from the list is Remington hair dryer. It is best in making the hair shiny and glamorous on a long run. That’s why we’ve given as one of the best hair dryers brands in India.

Though it comes on expensive side, supports all hair types – short, medium, large. It utilizes 1876-watts of motor power which is good enough to dry the hair quickly (i.e. in just few minutes).

A detachable nozzle is used for precise drying and styling. This amazing hair dryer has cool shot button to dispense the cool air from the machine to set according to the desired hair style.

Above all, the dryer comes with excess 2 heat and 2 speed settings so as to adjust as per the user’s convenience and requirements.

Overall, the performance of Remington premium hair dryer is good and best to use in home, saloons, beauty spas etc. The only disadvantage of using this product is that when you set the device to high mode, your hairs starts burning and loosen its strength.


  • Ionic conditioning
  • A detachable nozzle
  • Suitable for hair drying and styling
  • Comes with 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • 1876 Watts power supply


  • Comes at high prices
  • Doesn’t come with foldable option

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4. SYSKA Hair Dryer

SYSKA-hair-dryersSyska is yet another famous brand in India with has maintained the quality, genuine price and assured after sale service. Compact and foldable design makes this product easy for you to carry wherever you want. The hidden secret of this hair dryer is that it utilizes 1200-watts of power for everyday drying and styling your hair.

Like Philips, SYSKA hair dryer comes 2 speed settings –low, high for the convenience of users to dry up the hair strands. The concentrator present in the device helps to maintain the hair moisture levels for hair styling.

The overheat protection feature protects the hair from damaging i.e. when the excess heat is released from the device. Heat balancing technology distributes the hot air evenly to dry out the hair quickly and a big wind inlet reduces the spinning/ curling of hair for efficient drying.

The manufacturer offers 2-years of warranty services on the product and you don’t need to worry about the internal damage within the specified time. Visit the nearest authorized service center and get it repaired for free of cost.


  • Heat balance technology
  • 1200-watts of power supply
  • Overheat protection feature
  • Hot and cool air blower function
  • Compact and light weighted design
  • Foldable handle for easy accessing
  • Comes with 2 speed settings (low, high)


  • Power cord length is too short.

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5. Wahl Hair Dryer 

Wahl-hair-dryersThe hair dryers from the brand Wahl are suitable for all types hairs. This professional level hair dryer comes with a high wattage power of 2000-watts which creates optimum airflow and gentle drying makes easy for everyday usage.

With the variable speed settings option, you can adjust the airflow to low/high as per your needs. It makes use of Tourmaline technology which generates negative ions to keep the hair frizz-free. The unique foldable handle gives a smooth, comfortable grip and helps to move freely as you required.

The hair dryer features 2 heat and 3 speed settings so as to adjust the airflow and heat as per the convenience of users. It comes with 3 attachments- 2 concentrators and 1 diffuser which allow easy and convenient styling of all hair types.

After drying, you need to switch on the cool shot feature in which emits the stream of cool air and helps to style and preserves natural texture of the hair.

The manufacturer offers 24 months of standard warranty from the date of purchase. In case of any damage to the product (i.e. defective parts) or facing heat issues, visit the Wahl service center to get it repaired.

The durable nature makes it as one of the best hair dryers out there in the market. Though it is on expensive side, offers exceptional performance of hair drying to the users.


  • A concentrator.
  • 2000-watts of power supply.
  • Comes with 2-speed settings.
  • Plug and play type hair dryer.
  • Backed with 2-years warranty.
  • Features a tourmaline technology.
  • Perfect for drying and styling your hair


  • Heavy weighted design
  • A bit expensive than other hair dryers

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6. Panasonic Hair Dryer

Panasonic hair dryer

Panasonic does not need any introductions. It is known for supplying reliable consumer electronic products with advanced features. Its hairdryer is no different.

Panasonic’s hair dryer has a dual-speed selection. You can choose a speed from the different speed settings depending on your hairstyle. All you need to do is gently push the handle to vary the speed.

The hairdryer is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 355 grams. But do not let its small size fool you. It packs a power of 1000 watts which delivers powerful yet gentle air to dry your hair.

You can make use of the turbo mode to increase the airflow for effective performance.

Besides its lightweight, it has an ergonomic design that helps you to hold it comfortably. It has a hanging notch. You can simply hang the dryer on a hook.

The legible 1.8-meter long cord allows you to use the dryer freely without having to remove it from the power socket.

Panasonic has backed this product with a 2-year warranty period. You can contact the brand’s customer care to avail of the warranty.


  • Dual speed mode
  • Turbo mode for uniform powerful airflow
  • 1000-watt power
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Convenient hanging loop
  • 1.8m long cord
  • 2-year warranty period


  • Not durable material
  • Operation is not quiet.

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7. Vega Hair Dryer

Vega-hair-dryersVega is famous brand in India for beauty, styling and cosmetic products. Among their wide product ranges, their hair dryers are one of the best and affordable as well.

In contrast with the above-mentioned hair dryers, the presence of professional AC motor promotes faster airflow and helps to dry out the hair in less time.

The diffuser distributes the hot air evenly and is well-suited for making wavy and curl hairs. The concentrator nozzles give precision styling and air control within the device. It also comes with 2 heat and speed settings that can be adjusted as per the user requirement.

A cool shot button dispenses the cool air to set and style your hair. It should only be done when the hair drying is completed.  Otherwise, you may experience improper hair setting. Vega hair dryer with safety automatic overheat cut-out option helps to protect hair from excess heat. Further, it also comes with hanging loop for easy storage.

To perform hair drying and styling the Vega hair dryer uses the power in between 1800-2000 watts for smooth operation. After usage you can protect the device from damaging with a foldable custom design option.

The performance of Vega hair dryer is good and of acceptable range. It comes in a compact and sleek design which makes it easy to handle and store. Also, it gently dries and conditions hair with a silky shiny feeling.


  • Detachable nozzle
  • Powerful airflow suction
  • 2 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Safety automatic overheats
  • 1800-2000 watts of power supply
  • Hanging loop and cool shot button


  • Doesn’t come with warranty
  • Poor design quality

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8. Choba Hair Dryer

CHAOBA-hair-dryersCHAOBA is an entry-level hair dryer that comes with finite number of useful features like concentrator, and nozzle that helps to dry and style your hair.

This professional hair dryer is best to use for salon or family members – men, women. We’re also impressed with the powerful wind motor-fan which utilizes 2000-watts energy for smooth functioning of the device.

The detachable concentrator nozzle emits the stream of concentrated air which can further be used for straightening and styling the hair. Overheat protection mechanism ensures device safety by turning it off automatically when you forget to switch off or used for hours.

It has got hot and cold air options to allow the user to dry out hair, condition and then style it. A long 2-meter power cord makes it easy to move and access freely when connected to a power source.

To conclude, the performance of CHAOBA professional hair dryer is impressive as it blows hot air evenly to the hair. The major drawback is that the manufacturer did not mention about the warranty details and also makes some noise while operating. Apart from that, it’s totally worth the money you pay for.


  • Healthy breeze mode
  • Overheat protection feature
  • Advanced concentrator technology
  • Thermos protect temperature setting
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes in an ergonomic design
  • Utilizes 2000-watts of power supply


  • Cannot be folded
  • Makes noise while working
  • Doesn’t come under warranty

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9. Nova Hair Dryer

Nova-hair-dryersNova is a new brand yet its standard quality hair dryer comes with a lot of useful features and is available at affordable prices.

It incorporates Ion conditioning technology which emits ions to eliminate frizz, seal the cuticles and keeps the hair shine using the essential natural oils. Advanced EHD technology distributes the right amount of heat and prevents damage to the hair.

The thermo protect temperature setting facilitates the fast drying by setting to the ideal temperatures while conditioning the hair. A concentrator nozzle type attachment is used to get a concentrated stream of air to straighten or style the hair. It even dries the hair 20% faster than other hair dryer brands.

The dryer comes with overheat protection to help the hair from burning and 2 heat settings for adjusting the airflow and makes it suitable for all hair types.

Style the hair while you dry it by accessing to hot and cold feature. To make it happen, it utilizes 1200-watts of power which is good enough for day-to-day usage.

The performance of nova foldable hair dryer is excellent as it spreads the hot air evenly on the hair. Additionally, the product is backed with 12-months of warranty services from the date of purchase.


  • Overheat protection
  • Hot and cold feature
  • Thermo protect settings
  • Relievers from mental stress
  • Attachment type concentrator
  • Ionic conditioning technology
  • 1200-watts of power supply for hair drying


  • Produces noise while operating

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10. Hana Hair Dryer

Hana-hair-dryersIf you are looking for a high quality hair dryer at cheaper rate, then HANA professional is the right choice. This stylish hair dryer comes with patented shielding technology and strong air suction capacity that helps to dry up the hair quickly from a distance.

It offers 3 speed/heat settings for those who use dryers on a regular basis. You can adjust the settings to reduce the damage to the hair. Also, this amazing functionality makes perfect to use for people with short hair.

This dryer is suitable for both women and men. You can style your hair within less than 2 – 3 minutes depending upon the hair length. As this styler comes with hanging loop, you can store it easily whenever you want.

The 2.8 length cord makes it easy to dry hair in even hard-to reach areas. the manufacturer offers 24-months of warranty for repairing against the defects from the date of purchase. The soft and stylish design makes easy to handle and carry to other locations.


  • Robust wind motor fan
  • Convenient hanging loop
  • Patented heat shielding technology
  • 2000 Watt power consumption
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • 3 speed settings
  • Compact design for easy handling
  • Overheating protection
  • Low noise


  • Plastic quality is less

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Things to Look for When Buying a Hair Dryer

When it comes to hair styling, hair dryers are essential tools for both men and women. The warm air emerging from the hair dryer will remove the wetness. When it comes to purchasing a hair dryer, investing in a high quality model will decrease the chances of winding up in a dry scalp and brittle hair.

The key items to focus while shopping for a hair dryer include type, power, material used, hot/cold air or any other accessories. If you aren’t unaware of these factors, we have provided them in detail. Scroll down to know how these factors help you to decide the best of the available brands in the market.

1. Hair Dryer Types

Based on built-up material, hair dryers are categorized into 3 different types of hair dryers. Each of them has unique functionality in improving the hair health by drying and styling. Let’s have a look at each specific type in detail!

  • Ionic Hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryer uses negative ions to break down the water droplets (which are positively charges) on the hair shafts. This helps in reducing the drying time drastically. As negative ions don’t open up the hair cuticles (or pores), the hair strands will dry smoothly without any damage.

Further, it neutralizes the positive ions in the hair and thereby reduces the frizz. This type of hair dryer is best suited for thick and frizzy hair. You can use iconic hair dryer at lowest setting to preserve the beautiful curves. By neutralizing positive ions on the hair, these dryers condition your hair and reduce the frizz as well.

Because of faster drying time, it is obvious to over-dry the hair which often to damage and causes fine hair to look limp. So, if you have small, fine or thin hair, then it is better to avoid ionic dryers. And moreover, they are effective in building volume like other blow dryer types. When it comes to price, ionic hair dryers are much expensive than ceramic hair dryers.

  • Ceramic Hair Dryer

This type of hair dryer comes with a plastic or metal plate coated with ceramic or porcelain. This coating is specially developed to distribute heat evenly. When compared to others, these hair dryers can sense the temperature present in the room and regulate the heat accordingly. This ensures appropriate amount of heat is used while drying hair, leading to reduced drying time and damage as well.

Though ceramic hair dryers can reduce the heat and increase the speeding time, they cannot generate negative ions like ionic hair dryers. The mild heat settings are perfect for styling any type of hair. As their working mechanism prevents hair from becoming dehydrated, it is perfect for fine and dry hair.

  • Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline is basically a gemstone with pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties. To say in simple words – when force is applied over tourmaline, it generates electric charge. This material can discharge both infrared heat and negatively charged ions. So, it is often used in manufacturing infrared and ionic hair dryers. However, tourmaline hair dryers are much more effective and faster than ionic and ceramic hair dryers.

In some hair dryers, tourmaline is used in motor. While in some products, it is used as a coating on the heating element. These hair dryers are much safer to the hair as they generate gentle and even heat. When compared to ionic and ceramic, tourmaline hair dryers are 50% faster. They are best suited for thick and frizzy hair. If you have thin and short hair, then it is better to avoid this option.

  • Titanium Hair Dryer

In this hair dryer, the heating element is made up of titanium metal. When compared to other hair dryers, this one is much faster. However, titanium hair dryers are not suitable for thin, dry and small hair – because the temperature generated by them can damage the hair shafts. They are the most lightweight hair dryers in the market. Just like ceramic hair dryers, this one also distributes heat evenly and maintain the temperature at steady levels. They are suitable for only long and very thick hair.

Below table represents comparison between the three types of hair dryers for a quick review…

Recommended forThick and frizzy hairThin and fine hairThick and frizzy hairLong and very thick hair
Not recommended forThing and fine hairThick and frizzy hairThin and fine hairThin and dry hair
Heat producedUneven and dryEven and consistent but a bit harshEven and consistent but a bit harshEven and consistent but a bit harsh
Amount of hair damageVery highLessVery lessLess
CostAffordable (within Rs.600)Medium priced (starts from Rs.1200)Very costly (starts from Rs.200 to Rs.25000)Medium Priced (starts from Rs.1000)

2. Motor

Motor is responsible for efficiency and performance of a hair dryer. A motor with good wattage provides sufficient heat and pressure required to quickly dry the hair without damaging it. High-torque and AC motors are the perfect choice as they have the capability of moving the air quickly through your hair. When compared to cheaper and low quality alternatives, salon-quality AC motor provide 40% much faster results. And they can last up to 3 times longer as well. If you use hair dryer regularly, then investing in a product with high-quality motor is important.

3. Power Consumption

This factor plays an important role in deciding – how fast the hair dryer can dry up the hair completely. Wattage measures how fast the motor of the hair dryer works. Dryers with higher wattage will dry your hair faster that a dryer with low wattage. For curly and thin hair types, 1400Watt motor is sufficient enough to the hair shafts thoroughly without causing any damage. However, for those with extremely thick or difficult to dry hair, a dryer with wattage of 1800 to 2000 is recommended.

4. Heat Settings

Just like material and wattage are important, having different temperature settings is also crucial for a hair dryer. Search for a product that with at least 3 different heat settings that include – low, medium and high heat. Apart from these, modern hair dryers come with adjustable heat setting option. It is best suited for people with fine and thin hair. These hair types soak the heat much quicker than thick hair. So, you can adjust the heat and air flow according to the requirements. Starting with lowest setting, you can adjust the temperature as per the need.

Below table represents hair type and suitable hair settings…

Hair TypeHeat Setting
Fine, thin and dry hairLow heat setting
Normal hairMedium setting
Coarse and thick hairHigh heat setting
Fine hairAdjustable heat setting

5. Filter

Most of the hair dryers available in Indian market comes with filters – which are present to protect the motor and increase the lifespan of the blow dryer. Over the time, filters gather dust, lint, hair and other debris. So, they have to be cleaned regularly. Some hair dryers come with hinges which are much easier to clean. Too hot temperature and decreased air flow are the indicators that tell you to clean the filters. You can use tweezers to remove lint and hair. If it has removable grills, then it can even vacuum the filter.

6. Different Hair Dryer Accessories

  • Cold Air Blaster – This feature helps to seal the hair’s outer cuticle, locking the moisture and improves softness. If the hair is brittle and dirty, then it will help to reduce the coarseness. It also prevents any additional damage caused by heat.
  • Nozzle – It lets the air and heat flow in one direction to ensure the targeted hair area gets dried up quickly. If you are experiencing frizzy hair, absence of nozzle can also be a reason. Without nozzle, hair flows in all directions, pushing the cuticle up and leaving frizzy hair.
  • Diffuser – This feature is suitable for people with curly hair and who wants volume. It helps to add volume and embrace hair’s natural texture. It will help smoothen and lock the curls while blow drying. For curly hair, it is better to choose a diffuser with thicker separator as it preserves the shape of curls.
  • Concentrator – Concentrator snaps on at the end of the blow dryer and emits hot air in the form of a concentrated stream. This feature allows you to straighten your hair with the dryer and reduce frizz.
  • Comb Attachment – It is very convenient to have a comb attachment as you can style your hair while drying it. Make sure the comb attachment can smoothly glide through your hair, leaving it untangled and shiny throughout.
  • Cord – Choose a hair dryer with considerably long power cord so that you can hold it over your head freely as your style your hair. Some hair dryers come with retractable cord features which makes them easy to store.
  • Low EMF – Some people are worried about electro-magnetic field emissions. Some hair dryers have high EMF, while some have low. If you use hair dryer regularly, then check EMF before purchase.
  • Quick Dry – Some hair dryers come with quick dry feature, which is suitable for working women.
  • Dual Voltage – If you travel frequently, then having a hair dryer with dual voltage feature would be highly beneficial.

7. Auto-Shut Off

Auto shut off feature in hair dryer helps to turn off the device when the excess heat is generated (i.e. more than the required) as it results in hair loss or damage.

8. Weight

Weight of a hair dryer should also be considered while purchasing the product online. Heavy weight hair dryers come with big motors which make them faster and more powerful. Also, they’re very difficult to use/handle and will be burden to your arms. And the light weight dryers are more comfortable to use and hold while drying the hair in different angles. So, it’s best to choose a blow dryer which weighs less than a pound.

9. Price and Warranty

As the price of hair dryers range from few hundreds to thousands, you can choose any one based on your budget. When it comes to warranty, make sure the brand/company provides at least 1 or 2-year warranty. During the warranty period, if the device doesn’t work, then you can get it repaired or replaced without any extra costs.

Advantages of Using a Hair Dryer

  • Decreased Drying Time: Thick and long hair take long time to dry. Using Ionic hair dryer breaks down water particles, leading to faster water evaporation and thus cutting down the drying time by 50%.
  • Minimum Heat Damage: When compared to standard blow dryer, hair dryers are much gentle as they use less heat to dry hair. As the amount of time taken to dry the hair is reduced, the hair damage will also be less.
  • Reduced Frizz: Frizzy hair is prone to static which is why ionic hair dryers are perfect. Ionic technology will release negative ions which neutralize the static charges, minimize frizz, tighten cuticles and create smooth finish. Ionic hair dryers also reduce surface tension which prevents the hair getting tangled.
  • Smooth Hair – Negative ions released by ionic hair dryer lock the moisture in the hair cuticle, leaving the strands smooth and luxurious. This makes it easy to style your hair as well.
  • Comfort – As hair dryers are light in weight, you can easily you them to style your hair without straining the hands, shoulders or arms. If you travel a lot, then smaller units can be handy.
  • Durability – Ionic hair dryers have a longer lifespan and durability than conventional hair dryers. However, high quality ones can be a little expensive than blow dryers. But they are worth every penny you invest.

Disadvantages of Using a Hair Dryer

The only drawback of hair dryer is – if used repeatedly, then it can drain all the necessary moisture and make the hair frizzy and brittle. This can ultimately lead to hair falls as well. However, if you have to use hair dryer regularly, then you can try semi-drying your hair.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does using a hair dryer cause damage your hair?

As per a research, even air drying can cause damage to your hair as well. And using a hair dryer will actually cause less damage. However, you have to use the hair dryer at right distance and temperature.

2. How much does a hair dryer cost?

Usually, these devices cost around Rs.300 to Rs.5000 or more depending on the functionalities, power consumption and other factors.

3. Do hair driers give off radiation?

Yes, hair dryers give off some radiation and as it held to head, it can be a bit harmful. So, it is recommended to place the hair dryer at some distance. Never put the hair dryer near to head when you are using it.

4. Is it ok to use a hair dryer daily?

Actually, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer daily as it can dry out the scalp and excess heat can damage hair cuticles and hair breakage. If you have to use a hair dryer daily, then it is better to apply some hair serum on the dry hair.

5. Does hair dryer lead to hair fall?

High heat temperature from blow-drying can lead to dry and brittle hair which can ultimately lead to hair breakage and hair fall.

6. What is the appropriate hair dryer for thin hair?

People who have thin hair obviously look for device that adds thickness and volume. When styling thin hair, it is better to purchase a ceramic hair dryer. This device regulates heat temperature levels to avoid damage to thin and fragile hair. And moreover it creates lift in the stands to make your hair bulky and lively.

7. Which hair dryer is good for thick and frizzy hair?

Thick hair takes lots of time to dry. You can cut the drying time by 50 – 60%, if you use an ionic hair dryer. These devices use negative ions to dry the hair (dry drying up the positively charged water ions). This process will not only fasten up the drying process but also prevents frizz and curls.

8. What is the suitable hair dryer for curly hair?

If you are looking a hair dryer that embraces your hair’s natural texture, then look for a hairdryer with diffuser attachment. Curly hair has different texture than other hair types. The diffuser will smoothen and lock the curls.


Hair Dryers are surely our knight in shining armor. They help us get our desired hair style within few minutes. But whenever you use a hair dryer make sure to keep at certain distance from your hair. Because the direct heat at too close proximity can damage the hair texture and lead to breakage.

We understand that choosing single hair dryer from several choices can be overwhelming. But if you are still confused, read our buying guide to pick the right one as per your requirements.

When it comes to our choice, our top priority from the list is Philips Hair Dryer that offers exceptional performance at an affordable price. It comes in a lightweight design that makes easy to carry and handle effortlessly. Moreover, it comes with finite number of attachments like nozzle, concentrator, and filter to blow the hot air evenly to the hair strands.

It performs the blowing operation in just 15-minutes and has a warranty of 2-years from the date of purchase. Besides, Philips hair dryer reviews and ratings are too good and interesting.

If you think we’re missing any of the popular hair dryer models or have any doubts, let us know in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as soon as possible.

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  1. Really loved the article. Each aspect of the hair dryers are explained so well. Just got myself the Philips Dryer.

  2. Im in need of a ceramic hair dryer.. Is Wahl 5439 a ceramic hair dryer.. if not which is the best ceramic hair dryer in India?

    1. Wahl 5439 is tourmaline hair dryer. You can choose Remington Ac2015 hair dryer. It has patented ceramic pearl technology which ensures smoothest salon finish to your hair.

    1. We have selected top 10 best hair dryers in this article. Among them, we recommend to go for Philips or Havells. Because of their durability, they will last long. However, the longevity of any appliance depends on how well you maintain it.

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  4. I have moderate hair not too thick & noo thin hair. I want a hair dryer that can dry my hair & style my hair too like that of saloon quality but does least damage.i have seen some dryers dry up hair & makes frizzy. I need that of saloon quality & most affordable . Can u recommend best dryer to my needs from top like ranks 1 to 5.thanku

  5. Can u give rating to these products based on parameters most minimum radiation & most minimum damage to hair & best for styling,pricing. Then we can clearly choose best. Hope u wl help us. Thanku

  6. Hi, I am Kareena Recently I purchased a hairdryer from FLIPKART online store I got 60% off on my purchasing by applying saveplus deals. Thank you.

    1. Hi
      Are you looking for anything specific in these brands or are you thinking of comparing these brands in general?
      Nova and Vega have a wide range of products in their catalogs and they all vary in various features, pricing and their corresponding reviews. Out of them all, Vega in general seems to be winning as more and more people are preferring its products for quality and service.
      One particular hair dryer for Vega that is winning should be the VEGA Pro Touch Hair Dryer. It comes in two different colours (black and maroon), has 2 quick heat settings and 2 different speed settings. It has a cool shot button, 2 different nozzles and also, one year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

    1. Hello John! Whenever you are out of the shower, your hair is too wet for the hair dryer to have any complete effect on it. Hence it is suggested that you first dry and wring out your hair using a cotton towel. This will help reduce the water quantity in your hair and now, you can use a hair dryer to further dry out your hair.

  7. Hi there! Good stuff but I just wanted to ask a quick questions. How bad is it that I dry my hair with a hair dryer on a daily basis?

    1. Hi Mariam. Drying one’s hair on a daily basis is not a suggested way of hair maintenance. Frequent drying of hair using a heat or even cold blown hair dryer leads to the hair becoming brittle. Brittle hair ultimately falls down due to low moisture content and loose hold. Hair dryer should be only used occasionally.

  8. Hey! Great article, I have been using the Rozia 1800 watts hair dryer for the last 5-6 months. As a swimming instructor, I constantly have to dry my hair after my frequent showers. But recently, I noticed that the dryer is getting warmed up very fast. Do you think the filter is damaged? Do I need to replace it or outright buy a new one?

    1. Hi Martha! There is no need to fear as the heating of your machine is probably because of lint and dust build up. Frequent use of a hair dryer leads to dust and other particles to be built up in the air filter part of the hair geyser. When the air filter is blocked due to the presence of such particles, whenever the device is turned on, the passage of air through the filter via the dust particles would lead to friction and thus heat is built up in the hair dryer.

      When this happens, you do not have to replace the filter nor do you have to buy a new one. Simply unplug the device, clean out the filter using a brush and a vacuum suction cleaner. This should clear our the filter and when you turn on the dryer, it won’t get heated as often. Hope this helps.

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