The 7 Best Guitar Amplifier in India: 2021 Reviews

Guitar Amplifier (or amp) is an electronic device used to strengthen the weak electrical signal from a pickup on guitar and thereby produces sound through one or more speakers.

So, an amplifier is must for playing guitar, especially if you take your shredding seriously, why because it take your music/tone to the next level with its effects, sound system and other features.

Whether if you want to jam out alone in the room, amplify the strumming for band practice or playing some chords at party will won’t get complete potential without a guitar amplifier. So, it is must to buy.

One should consider those 3 main things before buying guitar amplifier other than the brand, features, and model to grab the best one.

Types – There are 4 main types of guitar amplifiers – Tube / Valve amplifiers, Solid State / Analog amps, Modelling / Digital amps & Hybrid amps (mix of different amp technology).

Sound Quality – Not all amplifier create same or equal sound quality. The tube amps gives a realistic and genuine tone. Solid state amps provides a detailed tonal quality and they are easier to maintain. Although both these types provide a good quality sound but it depends on what type of music you’re playing.

Speaker’s Size – Different size speakers will produce different sounds. Smaller speakers will produce higher frequency than larger one. It’s true, you can find top end sound quality from 10 inch speaker rather than 15 inch speaker. Also, check the difference between the open backed cabinet and closed cabinet designs.

Want to know what are the other factors to check before buying this guitar amplifier, then have a look on the below mentioned Comprehensive Buying Guide along with some top selling best guitar amplifiers in India.

Guitar AmplifiersPowerSpeaker SizePower SourceWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Blackstar Guitar Amplifier40 W6.5 inchesAC adapter13.6lbs1 year Check on Amazon
Roland Guitar Amplifier3 W5 inchesBattery & AC adapter

5 lbs1 year Check on Amazon
Marshall Guitar Amplifier15 W8 inchesAC adapter17.2lbs------ Check on Amazon
BOSS Katana Guitar Amplifier7 W4 inchesBoth Battery & AC adapter2.6 lbs1 year Check on Amazon
Fender Frontman Guitar Amplifier10 W6 inchesAC adapter8.5 lbs1 year Check on Amazon
Stranger Keyboard Guitar Amplifier40 W6 inchesAC adapter6.2 kg1 year Check on Amazon
Palco Guitar Amplifier15 W6 inchesAC adapter3.08 kg6 months Check on Amazon

Stuck over various brands of guitar amplifiers and unable to decide which one suits best for you. Then simply go through the below mentioned products, which we have selected as the best amplifiers among various products in the market, after thorough research and analysis.

Best Guitar Amp for the Money: Reviews

1. Blackstar ID Core 40W 2X20 Stereo Combo Guitar Amplifier

Blackstar ID Guitar Combo Amplifie

The Blackstar ID core will give you an mesmerizing playing experience with an incredible tone and flexibility. This amps come with an intuitive control set and versatile programmability (2 X 20 programmable combo) that allows you to customize the design for your own sound.

Its enhanced voice control comes with 6 different channels such as clean bright, clean warm, super crunch, crunch, OD 1, OD 2. To get the exact tone of what you’re thinking, you have to paired it with Blackstar’s patented ISF control. The effect section of this amplifier will deliver studio quality modulation, reverb and delay effects simultaneously which we can store along with sound.

Storing of patches and deep editing will be simple by using Blackstar Insider software (free). You can easily record/reamp from your amplifier to your computer directly by using an USB Mini B connector. With the unique voice control and patented ISF (infinite shape feature), this amplifier will allow the exceptional flexibility and ease of use which enable you to design and deliver the sound properly whether at home or rehearsal or in studio.

The super wide stereo technology comes with 12 stereo sound effects and provides an immersive sound experience when plugging your media player into amplifier’s MP3/line in jack (EQ) will results in a multidimensional jam session for great sounding music playback. The stereo speaker configuration and speaker emulated line out will help you for silent practice / recording.

Product Information:

  • Power – 2 X 20 W stereo amp
  • Number of Channels – 6 Voices
  • Speaker Size – 2 X 6.5 inches
  • Effects – Stereo Modulation, Reverb, Delay, Envelope Filter, Chorus/Flange
  • Dimensions – 17 (W) X 7.3 (D) X 13.2 (H) inches
  • Weight – 13.6 lbs
  • Power Source – AC adapter
  • Warranty – 1 year

What we liked:

  • 12 built-in effects and 6 inspiring amp voices (from classic clean to saturated overdrive) will make your play excellent.
  • Record directly from amp to computer by using USB 2.0 functionality.
  • This modeling guitar combo amplifier is ideal for beginner’s with its 40W and 6 channels.
  • Edit and store the patches with the Insider app and thereby increase your practice time.
  • Super wide stereo technology and infinite shape feature (ISF) will provide a perfect and immersive sound.

What we didn’t like:

  • Foot switch is not provided and you have to buy outside.
  • A little bit pricey product.

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2. Roland M-CUBE GX Guitar Amplifier

Roland Guitar Amplifier

The Roland Micro Cube is most popular battery powered amplifier of all the time. While the new M-CUBE GX keeps the tiny size and provide huge sound of its predecessor while adding various great improvements like increased output power, i-CUBE LINK, chromatic tuner and memory function for saving your settings.

The battery powered operation, ultra compact footprint, and big tone will make this amp as the best one. It provides up to 25 hours of playing time by using 6 NiMH AA-size batteries, which allows you to have an uninterrupted fun while jamming at camping trips, parties, beach or home.

With increased power output, it delivers better performance than before one and the built-in chromatic tuner acts as an external tuner while you’re playing. It provides 8 COSM amp tones from ultra clean jazz to heavy rock which are used for playing any musical style while the newly added EXTREME amp will notch by providing a massive voice for crushing & heavy metal riffs.

5 different EFX types are provided to tone your sound the newly added HEAVY OCTANE effect will work great for giving unique, ultra low power to distorted tones. The amp also has DELAY/REVERB processor on the onboard along with newly added spring reverb for surf and roots rock sounds.

You can save the setting of your tone with effects by holding the MEMORY button for a few seconds. You can use it save a favorite sound or style and switching between the lead and rhythm tones. The i-CUBE LINK interface on the onboard will allow you to integrate with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, as you can connect to the audio jack of device with interface cable (included). It can also be used as stereo input in which you can plug in to any music player or audio device and play it.

With CUBE JAM app, you can jam, record, and learn. It includes effective tools for practicing your music like independent speed and pitch adjustment of audio playback, center cancel to clear solos and create the jam tracks, etc.

Product Information:

  • Power – 3W
  • Speaker – 5 inches X 1
  • Power Supply – AC adaptor (OR) 6 Rechargeable NiMH AA battery
  • Weight – 5 lbs (2.7 kg)
  • Dimensions – 24.7 X 22.7 X 17.2 cm
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Audio Wattage – 5W

What we liked:

  • It is an ultra compact guitar amplifier with custom designed speaker.
  • 8 COSM amp tones, 8 DSP effects and reverb/delay options will let you compose and play the best music.
  • The memory function helps you to save the effects and settings.
  • i-CUBE link jack will provide the audio interface with any of your devices (iPhone or iPad).

What we didn’t like:

  • Batteries are not included in the product, which you have to buy outside.

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3. Marshall MG15CF Guitar Amplifier

Marshall MG15CF Guitar Amplifier

The MG15CF is small in size but big on sound with its powerful Marshall punch that works excellent to practice and entertain a small crowd. Whether it’s durability, price, power or sound, this amp works as best. The high volume handling capacity with both clean & overdrive channel will provide a noise free clear tones.

The fuzz-oriented styles that range from blues to hard rock or even straightforward thrash metal sounds will be played with this guitar amplifier. It comes with 2 channels – clean and overdrive and has standard 3 knob EQ (base, middle & treble) for best tonal control.

It comes with an integrated digital spring reverb effect and all setting of each channel can be stored and recalled.

The headphone and MP3 player / Line in inputs are included, which allows you to jam / track and play or practice silently. The 15W amp and single 8-inch speaker will support for your band practice. It has bold carbon fibre look and combines with analogue FX.

Product Information:

  • Number of Channels – 2
  • Power – 15 W
  • Speaker’s Size – 1 X 8 inch Marshall custom speakers
  • Power Source – Fixed AC cable
  • Dimensions – 14.8 X 7.7 X 14.6 inches
  • Weight – 17.2 lbs (7,39 kg)
  • Technology – Solid State
  • Range – MG Carbon Fibre

What we liked:

  • It is simple and well built amplifier (15W) for solid practice.
  • Clean and overdrive channels for different sonic textures and 8 inch speaker for classic tone.
  • Preset channel modes for both storing and recalling the setting.
  • Line input for jamming along the track while headphone & line output for practice and record.
  • To add depth to the sound, you can use integrated digital spring reverb effect.

What we didn’t like:

  • The power cord plug (UK plug) which is provided with this amplifier will won’t fit for Indian 3 pin socket.
  • No warranty period mentioned.

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4. BOSS Katana Mini Guitar Amplifier


The BOSS Katana mini combo amplifier will deliver big tone with its multistage analog gain circuit and 3 versatile amp types (brown voice, crunch & clean) in a compact pack. The brown voice is perfect for metal leads with its iconic high-gain tone, crunch gives overdrive rhythm tone and clean offers sparkling tone with wide dynamic range and make it perfect with the use of pedals.

The speaker emulated output will make the Boss Katana Mini ready for silent practice and direct recording. Additionally, the plug in headphones and jam will won’t disturb the others.

It is small in size but offers an impressive control over the tone. 3 band EQ will allow you to shape your sound with middle, bass and treble controls. The built-in delay effects section will make it perfect for adding a sense of space to lead tones.

It can be powered with 6 AA batteries that help you to play up to 7 hours of operation. Also, you can use an AC adapter (optional). So, its compact size, battery operation and robust carry handle will make it as ideal amplifier for the electric guitar.

Product Information:

  • Type – Solid state
  • Number of Channels – 1
  • Power – 7 W
  • Speaker Size – 1 X 4-inch speaker
  • Effects – Delay
  • EQ – 3 Band
  • Power Source – 6 AA Batteries (OR) 9V DC power supply
  • Dimensions – 9.06 X 4.6 X 7.12 inches
  • Weight – 2.6 lbs (1.5 kg)
  • Warranty – 1 year

What we liked:

  • Built -in 3 band EQ and delay effect, 3 amp voicings (clean, brown & crunch) will make this portable combo amplifier as best one for electric guitar.
  • 7 watts power with a 4 inch speaker will help you to practice and record your tone properly with rich and full sound.
  • The rechargeable NiMH battery powered amplifier will help you to play for up to 7 hours of operation.
  • The AUX input is used for jamming with music from a smartphone.

What we didn’t like:

  • Battery is not getting properly charged.
  • It won’t come with an adapter.
  • Used effectively for home based practice or home studio.

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5. Fender Frontman 10G Guitar Amplifier

Fender Frontman 10G Guitar Amplifier

The Fender Frontman 10G is perfect for beginner’s, students, guitarists & teachers. It comes with 10W, feature dual selectable channels (drive & normal), auxiliary input for CD or drum machine use, 2 band EQ (treble & bass) & headphone jack.

The Frontman provides explosive tone with intuitive controls like gain controls will drive the amp properly. The volume controls the amplifier loud. The treble and bass controls will shape the low and high frequencies of the guitar tone. It features a convenient front panel clean and overdrive switch.

The closed back design will allow you for heavier bass response. The 1/8 inch headphone out jack will allow you to silent practice at any hour without disturbing others.

Product Information:

  • Type – Solid state
  • Number of Channels – 1
  • Power – 10W
  • Speaker Size – 1 X 6-inch fender special design speaker
  • EQ – 2 Band
  • Controls – Gain, volume, over-drive select switch, bass and treble.
  • Dimensions – 10.25 X 5.75 X 11 inches
  • Weight – 8.5 lbs (3.86 kg)
  • Power Source – AC adapter
  • Warranty – 1 year

What we liked:

  • Dual selectable channels (drive and normal)
  • 2 band EQ and 6 inch fender special speakers.
  • Solid state output with 10W.
  • Headphone jack and closed back blackface styling.
  • Auxiliary input for CD, drum machine or tape.

What we didn’t like:

  • Sound cracks full when used on overdrive mode.
  • Great for home use and practice but suitable for high volumes.

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6. Stranger PM40 Octopad / Keyboard / Guitar Amplifier

Stranger Guitar Amplifier

The Stranger is one of the best Indian manufacturer of amplifier. This PM40 amplifier is not only used only for guitar but also for keyboard & octopad. This works effectively and comes at reasonable cost. The amplifier is as important as the instrument they play why because the amplifier will give life to your tone and make it reach to all the people.

This amplifier will give you a complete control over tone options like bass & treble +10db. Also, it has digital echo effect on the board along with line in and line out for more connections.

It requires 40W power and comes with 6 inch heavy duty speaker and tweeter. The compact size, plywood rexine finish and metal grill will make it look classic and also it is light in weight. So, you can easily withstand being lugged from gig to gig.

Product Information:

  • Power – 40 W
  • Number of Channels – 2
  • Speaker Size – 1 X 6 inch heavy duty speakers
  • Dimensions – 24 X 26.3 X 31.4 cm
  • Weight – 6.2 kg
  • Effect – Digital Echo
  • Power – AC adapter
  • Warranty – 1 year

What we liked:

  • Suits for other instruments as well (as it comes with 3 inputs – 1 MIC, 2 AUX for instruments & 3 Bass guitar).
  • It is good for jam and other indoor purposes.
  • The stereo output and balance lineout will help you to connect this device to computer for recording.
  • It has an excellent sound quality speakers.

What we didn’t like:

  • This model won’t have any USB or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Suitable for beginners and those for home gigs.

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7. Palco 103 Guitar Amplifier

Palco 103 Guitar Amplifier

The Palco is another Indian company who manufactures best guitar amplifiers. This Palco 103 is compact and efficient multipurpose amplifiers in the medium range series. It comes at an affordable price without compromising on the sound’s quality. The 6-inch high quality speakers will provide excellent music with best clarity.

The hard case of this amplifier will protect it and thereby makes it strong, durable and sound proof on all sides. 2 inputs of amplifier in which one for guitar, keyboard or other instrument and another for MIC. The volume and tone controls will allow you to practice and record the tone effectively.

The combo (speaker cum amplifier) comes in a portable pack with a handle at the top, which makes you easy to carry everywhere with you to have an enrich sound experience. You can connect the amplifier to your mobile with aux jack. Although, it won’t have any inbuilt battery but there is an option to attach external battery of 12V DC. The headphone and  Line in inputs are included, which allows you to jam / track and play or practice silently.

Product Information:

  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Type – Solid state
  • Power – 15W
  • Speaker Size – 1 X 6-inch high quality speakers
  • Dimensions – 27 X 24.5 X 19 cm
  • Weight – 3.08 kg
  • Number of channels – 1

What we liked:

  • Decent and strong appearance
  • Quite loud sound
  • value for money
  • Ideal to use for basic learners and beginners.
  • Suits best to play in a medium sized rooms.
  • It comes with tone and volume knob controls and 2 inputs.
  • Comes at affordable price

What we didn’t like:

  • It is a basic amplifier in which it won’t have reverb or any other effects.
  • No USB or Bluetooth connection and sound quality of the speaker is not up to the mark.
  • Only for home practice.

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All the above mentioned products are best guitar amplifier but you have to choose the one that suits perfect for your guitar, as per your requirement.

Our top pick is Blackstar ID Core 40W 2X20 Stereo Combo Guitar Amplifier. The reason is that it comes with 12 built-in effects, 6 inspiring amp voices and 6 channels for mesmerizing playing experience with an incredible tone and flexibility. You can edit, store the patches and record the play directly from amp to computer with USB connection. The super wide stereo technology and infinite shape feature (ISF) will provide a perfect and immersive sound.

Hope you got an idea on how to choose and which one to buy the amplifier. Do you think anything we missed in this article? Or want to share your experience with us? Then feel free to share it with us in the below comments box.

  • Thanks, that was v informative! One Q – You mention Blackstar 40W, wouldn’t that be too ‘much’ fo home/room use? I guess no, but how’s this Blackstar LT-ECHO 15 Guitar Amplifier instead for a beginner?

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