Best Grow Bags For Vegetables

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Grow bags are containers where you can grow plants easily instead of pots or some other planters. These are mostly useful for growing vegetables or for gardening on the terrace or balconies. These bags are generally spacious, unbreakable, cost-effective, and undoubtedly durable too. These bags provide enough aeration to the roots developing the growth of the plants. Here we have listed out the best four grow bags. Let’s have a look:

1. BIO Blooms Agro Grow Bag for Terrace Gardening

Tagline: High quality plastic bags that can be used for all types of plants.

BIO Blooms plant grow bags are made of plastic. These soft and durable plastic bags are perfect for plant growth as it prevents circling roots. As these bags are very lightweight, they are easy to move and drain the moisture out. The bags have a good drainage system to eliminate overwatering. In this set, you will get around 10 packs of grow bags.

2. Leafy Tales Terrace Gardening Grow Bag

Tagline: HDPE grow bags are ideal for home and terrace gardening.

Leafy Tales green grow bags are sturdy and lightweight. These bags are suitable for home gardening and terrace gardening. The best feature of these bags is they are reusable. In this set, you will get around 18 packs of bags and you can place these bags wherever you want. These bags have a super drainage system.

3. Homecrop Fabric Grow Bags for Terrace Garden

Tagline: Gardening grow bags that are able to prevent water stagnation.

Homecrop Fabric grow bags have an amazing feature, i.e they can regulate temperature. Hence you can use these bags every season. Not only that but these bags have an amazing drainage system. These bags are 49.53 x 42.93 x 11.94 cm. The best feature of these bags is reusability. These lightweight bags are simply perfect for home and terrace gardening.


Tagline: Lightweight plastic grows bags that are reusable.

COIR GARDEN HDPE plant grows bags are amazing for the kitchen garden. One can easily plant vegetables and flower plants in these bags. These bags have a good drainage system that helps in saving the roots from the damage of overwatering. Undoubtedly you can reuse these plants every season. In this set, you will get 5 packs of these to grow bags. These are sturdy enough and will last long.

Things to remember before buying a plant grow bag:

Plastic grow bags come in various sizes and are available in variable qualities too. But before buying these bags one should consider a few things, such as: 

  • Can be placed anywhere: It is always important to check if the bags are easy to use. Because generally, we grow our plants in the terrace, kitchen, garden, or balconies. So if we want to move the bag from one place to another, the process should be easy enough.
  • Drainage: If the grow bags don’t have a good drainage system, they will affect the roots of your plants resulting in their death. A good drainage system helps in preventing the damage caused by overwatering.
  • Durability: Though the grow bags last for a maximum of 2-3 seasons, it should be sturdy and durable enough. And before buying one should check the durability to understand the quality of the bags.

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