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Top 5 Best Glucometers To Buy Online in India: 2021 Reviews

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Unhealthy lifestyle and intake of sugary substances increases blood glucose levels and the condition is called Diabetics Mellitus. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects 400 million adults every year worldwide.

During this period, you may experience symptoms like thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision and sudden weight loss. Consult a doctor for proper medication and later on, you undergo several tests to monitor blood sugar levels and improve overall health.

All you need is to have Glucometers, a hand-held portable device that allows you to check the blood glucose readings from time to time. With the advancement of technology, glucose meters are flooded with high-end smart features like Smartphone connectivity, voice command, and high memory storage capacity at an affordable price.

It cuts off the cost for visiting medical centers, labs and prolonged wait for the test results. When it comes to choose glucometers for homes, you need to consider glucometer type, test strips, lancets, and built-in memory that we’ve mentioned in our “Buying Guide” that helps to make the right decision.

Our team of experts has done tremendous research by reviewing the products and picked the Best Glucometers India 2020. 

Let’s get started!

Best Glucometers in India

Accu-Check Instant Blood Glucose Monitor 1 dropNoYesCheck On Amazon
Dr Trust Glucometer Machine0.5µlNoYesCheck On Amazon
Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer0.5µlYesYesCheck On Amazon
Contour Glucose Meter0.6µlYesYesCheck On Amazon
One Touch Select Simple Glucometer1 dropYesYesCheck On Amazon

Top Glucometers in India

1. Accu-Check Instant Blood Glucose Monitor 

Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The very first one in the list is Accu-Chek glucometer which helps to monitor blood sugar levels fast and effortlessly. It is one of the most popular and highest selling glucometer in India that is available at decent prices.

Compared to others, it is suitable only for self-testing and provides accurate results in just 4 seconds.

This wonderful device comes with a pack of 10 test strips to determine the blood glucose levels. And for testing, insert a test strip into the meter, prick your finger with lancet and apply a drop of blood. The readings will now be displayed on screen within 4seconds. It even allows users to test the blood by placing the sample on strip in the glucometer.

This glucometer is highly sensitive to change in temperature. So, you need to store within an operating temperature of 8-42˚C and humidity levels up to 85% in a room.

The device stores to a maximum of 750 samples by giving an opportunity to control the blood levels more precisely. Additionally, the nifty feature supports and transfers recorded quantities to tablets, PCs, mobiles etc.

If you are the one looking for better value for money and easy handling, then this is for you. It comes with lancing device, built-in safety features and clever functionalities for easy operation.

Apart from that, there’re 9 color indicators that will let you know about the situation you are currently experiencing- red for low, green for normal and blue for high.

Winding up, the overall performance of Accu-Check Glucometer is good and acceptable. It has come with 750 strips that no other product in the list contains. But, the only downside with this glucometer is that it needs to code every time you use new test strips.

Are you the one looking to use glucometer for lifetime? Do not worry! There’re is another model Active Blood Glucose Meter  from the same brand Accu-Chek which helps to screen test the sugar levels in your body without pain. Though it is bit costly, totally worth the money you’re paying for.

What we like:

  • Easy to handle.
  • Clever functionality.
  • Gives accurate results.
  • Maximum of 750 test samples.
  • Suitable for only self-testing.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Target range indicator with 9 color options.

What we don’t like

  • Less number of test strips.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Dr Trust Glucometer Machine

dr trust fully automatic machine

Next up on our list is the most trusted glucometer from USA; Dr Trust fully automated blood sugar testing glucometer. This particular meter comes with all the handy features. It is completely automated to make self-testing less painful and effortless. 

This wonderful device from Dr Trust is packed with brilliant features. Such as:

  • Huge LCD screen for easy reading,
  • Auto electrode insertion detection,
  • Temperature warnings,
  • Sample loading detection
  • Auto alerts and many more.

The only downside of having these many features is that some may find it cumbersome to handle.

Just like any other good glucometer, this device displays results under 5 seconds. What makes this meter stand apart is that It requires very less amount of blood (0.5µl) to monitor the blood glucose. Thus, less painful. Its alternative site testing feature allows you to use a blood sample from fingertips, forearm, upper arm, calf and thigh.

The meter utilizes the latest GDH-FDA strip enzyme technology to give you accurate readings. The technology helps in avoiding blood oxygen, galactose and maltose interferences in the blood sample. The kit comes with 60 strips and 60 lancets which avoids running back to the store every 2-3 days. The strips can last up to 2 years while the lancets have a lifespan of 5 years.

The device works on different modes depending upon the time of the day the blood samples are inserted. For example, the AC mode takes the measurements early in the morning when the blood sample is given on an empty stomach. The PC mode is for after meals while the general mode can take readings throughout the day. The ketone alert feature indicates when there is an imbalance in the ketone level ( > 13 mol/L). 

Coming to the physical attributes of the device, the glucometer has an LCD screen with backlight to make it easier for consumers to read them in the night. The one-push strip ejection button keeps hygiene in check.

One can dispose of the used strips without having to touch them. The memory of the device is capable of holding upto 1000 readings. The no coding monitor is packed with features that give you accurate readings. 

What we like:

  • Ample number of strips and lancets
  • 1-year warranty
  • Fully automated features
  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to handle
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Requires only 0.5µl of blood sample
  • Alternative site testing
  • No coding

What we don’t like:

  • The settings and features might overwhelm and confuse some consumers.
  • The strips are expensive.

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3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Get health alerts using Morepen Glucometer. It has got wonderful features and functionalities that record the accurate values of sugar levels in blood. For this reason, we’ve given 2nd priority among the best glucometers available in the market.

Compared to Accu-Check glucometer, it has stylish and ergonomic design structure that attracts most of the customers. You don’t need to code for generating precise results. Moreover, the Morepen BG-03 Glucometer has 1400+ reviews and good ratings.

What is included?

  • Battery
  • 10 lancets
  • Plastic case
  • Lancing device and
  • BG-03 glucometer

This glucometer is equipped with a good number of useful features like 25 test strips, lancets, and LCD display at reasonable prices. All of them, helps to track your blood readings exactly.

While testing the device, one must provide the blood sample of 0.5µl for better and smooth functioning. The beeper alert mechanism will let you know when there is a drop in sugar levels or gain. It even buzzes the sound when you turn on the device for measuring and when the test is completed.

This glucometer comes with inbuilt memory that can memorize up to 300 previous results, so there is no need for noting down your daily results.

The ideal sugar readings should be of range 140-200mg/dl. Maintain the blood sugar levels stable to stay strong, healthy and lead a happy life. If you find sudden changes in blood, it’s better to consult a doctor for proper medication or change in testing schedules, diet plan, and fitness programs. Otherwise, it results in side-effects and may undergo several operations or surgeries to cure diabetes completely.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this glucometer. So use it wisely to know the accurate readings of sugar levels in blood.

Note: The readings from the glucose meter are only for general information and not a substitute of medical examination from registered diagnostic centers

If you’re looking for a device that comes with more number of test strips then grab Dr. Morepen BG-03 Test Strips. It comes with 50 test strips that just needs small blood sample for testing the sugar levels.

What we like:

  • 0.5µl blood required.
  • Pack of 25 test strips.
  • Lifetime warranty services.
  • Comes at very low prices.
  • Accurate and ergonomic design.
  • Beeper alert system buzzes w.r.t sugar levels.

What we don’t like

  • Design quality can be improved.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Contour Plus One Glucometer

Contour Plus One Glucometer

Contour Plus One integrates the blood glucose meter with a mobile application on your smartphone to simplify the management of your diabetes. It seamlessly collects your BG readings throughout the day with remarkable accuracy.

The smart meter comes with an indicator that gives out three different lights. Greenlight, when blood glucose (BG) reading is within target, yellow light when it is above the target, and red light when it is below the target. Along with these lights, the mobile app also prompts an alert when the readings are critically low or high.

It is designed to avoid lancing a second time & wasting strips. It prompts the users to reapply the blood if the first sample is insufficient to take a reading.

You can easily put your results in context by adding events to them. You can add the diet you are having or the medication you are under. You can also add photos, notes, or voice memos.

The app allows you to forward the BG readings to your doctor without much effort. It shows you options where you can send the current report or a summary of the last 90 readings.

Its latest My Patterns feature identifies different patterns in your BG readings and it helps you learn about possible causes behind them.

It has a test reminder plan that lets you understand how the food you take and activities you do affect the readings. You can use this plan to get the optimum results by testing at optimal times.

What we like:

  • Memory for 800 results
  • Fast & easy-to-read results
  • Bluetooth smart system
  • Second-chance sampling
  • Permanent connection to the database results

What we don’t like:

  • Extra care must be taken on the packaging

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5. One Touch Select Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

Are you looking for a device that helps to monitor blood sugar levels then One Touch Select Glucometer is for you. It is considered as one of the best glucometer brands available in India right now.

It best suits for those who are suffering from diabetes for a long period of time. This innovative device is very easy to use and obtain accurate results in just 5 seconds. Hence, it can be used in hospitals, health care centers, homes and other bays.

What is in the box?

  • Battery
  • Carrying case
  • Lancing device
  • Sterile lancets
  • Starter guide and
  • One touch glucometer

To discuss the features, it has a visual and audio alert system that will notify if the blood glucose is too high or low. Further, it acts as a reference for doctors allowing them to provide correct treatment.

On the front side of meter, you will notice red and blue color indicators. Blue indicates the low sugar levels and red is the time to consult a doctor when the situation is worse. It uses a lithium cell battery to operate and lasts longer.

Moreover, it has icon-driven interface with no coding, no setup or no buttons. It just comes with 10 test strips that are of low cost compared to others in the list.

To check blood glucose levels, simply insert the strip into meter and place the blood sample. It will give the appropriate results in no time. And also alerts you when the battery is low on the machine.

To conclude, it has got exceptional features to match with the users requirements. The major disadvantage of using this product is that it does not have a memory function. So, it will record only the last reading and will erase the data when you test again. Other than that, it’s totally worth the money.

What we like:

  • Easy to hold.
  • Sound alert system.
  • Great choice for homes.
  • Coding is not required.
  • Compact and slim design.
  • High or low alert mechanism.
  • Lifetime replacement option.

What we don’t like

    • No storage memory function

Buy Now From Amazon

Things to Look For When Choosing a Glucometer

There are various things that you should look into a glucometer before actually buying it because one wrong step can actually lead you to a confused state about your health. 

Here is a list of factors that will not only make your purchase an easy one but help you in choosing the best product: 

1. Test time

You get the results in different test times which varies from glucometer to glucometer. Usually, many machines come with a test time of 5-15 seconds. As you will be reading the results twice or thrice in a day, you would require the one which can give results as earliest as possible. Look for a glucometer that comes with a test time of 5-10 seconds only. 

2. Blood sample

You don’t require much blood sample nowadays as they were required before. So, it doesn’t hurt much while lancing. If you are afraid of blood or sensitive to lancing then quest for a glucometer which can just take one drop of blood or lesser than one milliliter of blood. 

3. Data storage

It completely depends upon your readings. Some glucometers come with functionality which can show the average in every 15-30 days, some come with a storing data capacity and can store around 360 test results. While there are other options as well, some glucometers can offer you a chance to download the readings in your mobile and laptops and send them to your physician on a regular basis. 

The one which can get downloaded comes with many options for tracking daily reading and recording it and buying this one can help you track your sugar level in a very precise manner. While other kinds of readings can prove to be very helpful as well because it completely depends on the requirement of your test. 

4. Markers 

Markers are also called as flags. You can easily find out about the time of your readings that is- post-lunch or before lunch (the readings can vary to the highest extent from morning to evening and to check the levels predominantly, this feature holds importance). This feature is the best because it can certainly show you good results by enabling your doctor to monitor your insulin level of two different times. 

5. Automatic or manual coding

There are two types of machines- one which automatically codes the details of the glucometer test strips or the other- which requires the coding to be done manually. This happens every time when you go for the purchase of a new glucometer test strips and going for an automatic option could be just perfect (you will not have to manually enter the details into the machine).

6. Battery or rechargeable

Certain glucometers come with a battery that can be changed after every 1000-1500 readings and there are rechargeable glucometers that don’t require any battery (you can simply charge it the same way you charge your phone). Mostly, people prefer a rechargeable one because it can work similarly to any other chargeable electronic device by churning out the chances of changing batteries frequently. 

7. Lancet

Nowadays, most of the glucometers come with their own lancet. Lancet is nothing but a sharp and thick knife kind of material that pricks your finger to take the blood sample. It doesn’t cause much pain while the blood is taken out for sample. 

8. Accuracy

It is an important factor that you should surely pay attention to because if the accuracy isn’t fine then you might get the wrong results which can lead to further complications. For finding out the accuracy, you should keep your average reading by 10-20 records. But still, there are chances of the wrong accuracy results and that is why looking into the reviews of customers in the terms of accuracy can be just fine. 

9. Notifications

If your sugar levels are very high, low or very low then you will either get a notification through a beeping sound or an LED light. These notifications are good to know about the rising issues in your body. 

10. BGM size

For those who travel and want to store the glucometer in less space should look into this consideration. The size should be smaller and compact so that people can easily store it and it should also be lightweight because you will be carrying it mostly. 

11. Sync to app

There are some glucometers which come with a synchronizing feature where the readings, log meals, and insulin needs can be synched to an app. 

12. Additional features

If the person who is purchasing a glucometer is visibly impaired then they can buy the one which comes with an audio reading option. Also, for better readings, there are backlights and LED lights available for the meter. Having a USB meter can also help in better storage and the one which comes with extra memory storage can be a plus. Other recordings are also shown as insulin doses and carbohydrate grams. You can test ketone levels in your blood through some glucometers as well. 

13. Warranty

Usually, you get 1-5 years of warranty on these glucometers which can help you remove the chances of spending money on the exchange. 

14. Price

You can find the best glucometer within the range of 800-2000 INR. While we would recommend you to buy the one which shows accurate readings to avoid further complications. 

Where to purchase the test strips?

Well, purchasing test strips depend upon your usage. If you are purchasing it online, check the accuracy and durability of the strips and if you are going for offline purchase, check for the product’s detail precisely. Also, if you are buying in bulk, checking every strip in detail holds the utmost importance. 

Is it easy to maintain the meter?

Well, it can be very easy to maintain the meter if it fulfills all your requirements and gets easy to handle features. How much time does it take to calibrate when you buy a new glucometer strip is also a factor you should look upon because you will purchase the strips regularly. Also, how easy will the glucometer be to clean is an another factor which you should surely look upon. 

What are the factors that affect glucose readings? 

There are various factors which affect the readings and some are listed below: 

1. Reading technique

Some users fail to read correctly and that is why the accurate readings can’t come. Make sure that you have tested the levels first in front of a doctor or physician and then by yourself. 

2. Testing site

Sometimes the lotions or other materials on your hands can affect the readings and that is why, it is always important to test after washing hands to avoid dirtiness and wrong readings. 

3. Weather conditions

Different weather conditions can also affect the readings badly and that is why look into the meter which comes with an explanation as to how you can take readings in all types of weather conditions. 

4. Test strips

Sometimes, the test strips might also not be compatible with your glucometer. Check the expiry date and compatibility before every purchase. 

5. Alternations in meters or strips

You might experience a change in your strips which sometimes might not be known by the seller. Please enquire about the accuracy beforehand and other details in such cases.

Who should purchase a glucometer? 

Certainly, if your readings are more than 100mg/dl before eating anything and 140mg/dl post 2 hours after eating something then you should first consult a doctor. If the doctor declares that you are a patient of type 1 or 2 diabetes then buying the one could be perfect. 

Also, it depends on the level of your diabetes as well. 

What are the pros and cons of using a glucometer?

Well, when you have diabetes and the doctor has asked you to measure the levels on a daily basis then a glucometer can come to your rescue by providing you the exact and perfect ratings. 

Also, it is very convenient, easy to use and inexpensive which saves from visiting your doctor and spending a lot of money and time for a test which can be taken at home. 

Talking about the cons, there are many people who get afraid of the needle and glucometer requires to prick every second day or others. It can affect these people a lot and also, many people have complained that there finger pains due to the pricking of needle regularly. 

To our knowledge, the technical experts of our country and world are working towards building a glucometer that can take the readings without pricking your fingers. We hope that it arrives soon so that everyone can benefit from it. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Glucometer

1. How a glucometer works?

As we know that glucometer is used to test the sugar levels in blood, let us know it’s working in detail!
Initially, prick your finger with needle to obtain a blood droplet and take it on lancet strips. Now insert it into the glucometer to know the accurate readings of glucose levels.

2. Is it safe to use glucometer?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use glucometer as it does not result in any side effects. You just need to store the device in hygienic condition and maintain properly to last longer.

3. Can we reuse glucometer lancets and test strips?

Nope, we cannot use glucometer lancets and test strips again and again. Because it collects the blood samples to test glucose levels which are not safe when kept open as it may cause side effects- infections and other health issues. Once you test the blood sample using test strips and lancets, throw it in dust bin and start another day with new one.

4. Is it necessary to have prescription for using glucometer?

If you are unaware of using glucometer, you should not use without doctor’s prescription or healthcare professionals. Even though you’re very much familiar about diabetes, it’s highly recommended to consult a doctor for safety tips and precautions to use effectively for tracking the accurate glucose levels. 

5. What factors should I consider while purchasing a glucometer?

With so many options available in the market, it’s important to pick the best one that perfectly matches with our requirements. Some of the key factors that one must look into are – glucometer type, usage, accuracy of the glucose monitor, compatible strips and lancets, memory function, smart connectivity- Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, ease of use and finally the portable nature.

6. How often you should check the blood sugar levels?

Different diabetic patients have different requirements. But, you cannot take decision on your own. Doctors are always there for you to guide in a proper way to control the sugar. It’s highly recommended by the experts to take sugar readings twice a day- pre-lunch and post lunch timings. If the problem is severe, you need to test 3-4 times a day.

7. What should be the ideal glucose readings throughout the day?

As per the health standards and doctors suggestions, you need to maintain the sugar levels so as to stay strong and healthy. The following guidelines are suggested for adults aged 20 and above. Check it out!
* Fasting- less than 100mg/dL
* Before Meals- 70-130mg/dL
* After Meals- less than 180mg/dL
* Bed Time- 100-140mg/dL
For children aged 6+ years, the blood glucose readings are as follows:
* Fasting- 80-180/dL
* Before Meals- 90-130mg/dL
* After Meals- 180mg/dL
* Bed Time- 110-200mg/dL
And for pregnant women:
* Fasting- 60-95/dL
* After Meals- 140mg/dL
* Bed Time- 110-200mg/dL

8. What could be the reason for inaccurate glucose readings?

The blood glucose meter generates accurate results if you use properly. But, if you get inaccurate readings it can be due to the following reasons:
* Test strip is not inserted properly.
* Due to water, oil, dirt or alcohol on your skin.
* The device has stopped working and is looking for new batteries.
* May be you haven’t apply enough blood sample on the test strip.
* Some models require code and you need to enter the code correctly.
If the above-mentioned factors don’t match with your situation, consult a doctor to check the sugar readings in blood. If you find the product to be defective, approach the manufacturer via contacts or email to replace with new one.

9. Can 2 different people use the same glucose meter?

Yes, you can use glucometer in a family consisting of 2 or more diabetic patients. It does not result in any side effects or health issues unless you share the test strips and lancets. But, it is strongly recommended not to use the same sharp, lancing devices and strips for knowing the sugar levels in blood.

10. How long a blood sugar monitoring system does lasts?

You can replace the glucometer for every 1-2years. It even lasts longer if you maintain the device in good condition by cleaning it regularly and storing in hygienic places. Otherwise, it may result in malfunctioning, generates inaccurate results and finally reduces the lifespan to 4-6 months.

Few Words to Say…

Now a day’s millions of people are successfully monitoring their blood glucose levels using the advanced glucometer models to stay strong and healthy. These wonderful devices even track your previous readings and notify the ideal sugar levels in blood and thereby keeping diabetics and other dreadful diseases at a bay.

You may be confused to pick the one that perfectly matches with your requirements. Also, you must have clear idea on what you are purchasing. To ease up the things, we’ve given few important parameters like accuracy, test strips, data transfer capability, automatic coding, and built-in memory in our Buying Guide. Check it out!

Of all the popular brands and choices, we’ve given Accu-Check Instant Glucometer as the top priority because of the amazing features and functionalities. Moreover, this instant glucometer reviews and ratings are good and inspiring.

Which one you prefer the most? Or using any of the branded models? Share your doubts and experiences in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as soon as possible.

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  1. Well done, Tej! Thanks for covering all popular glucometers in India. I am using the FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor with NightRider BluCon to get my reading updates every 5 minutes on my phone and smartwatch. I am also able to set targets so if my reading is outside the range then I will get alarms and my children can also monitor my readings, in case reading is too low then can help me. My cost is about Rs 100/ day which includes a Libre Pro sensor for 2000 Rs, and 14000 Rs for a NightRider( reusable, people can use it over 3 years). Each strip of glucometer costs about 15 Rs while it’s painful to prick your finger and you will get reading only when you test it manually, no alarms and no sharing of readings. I am sharing this information so people who are checking more than 1 time in a day they can consider using it for a painless experience


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