Best Glass Oil Dispensers

Glass oil dispensers are handy tools that allow you to pour the oil with precision. They also make sure the oil stays fresh because of their high-quality borosilicate glass material.

Modern oil dispensers are freezer-safe and dishwasher-friendly, making them easy to use. The lids of these bottles usually contain stainless steel with a rubber spout to prevent leaks and spills. 

In this article, we bring you some of the durable, high-quality glass oil dispensers that make a style statement in your kitchen. 

1. Oil Dispenser – 500ml (Pack of 2)

Award: Best in Quality

Tagline: Square-shaped bottle for better grip

The bottle contains thick glass and comes in a large size to store half a litre of oil. The square shape gives sufficient grip even when the bottle is full. 

This set of two oil dispensers can store 500 ml of oil each and come in a high-quality glass to keep the oil fresh. The stainless steel lid and the rubber cork make it easy to pour the oil without leakage. The square shape of the dispensers ensures a firm grip while pouring. The glass material resists scratches and retains its new look even after prolonged use. 

2. Baskety Glass Oil Dispenser

Award: Best in Durability

Tagline: High-temperature resistant

The bottle contains BPA-free borosilicate glass to make it resist extreme temperatures. It has a wide mouth to refill without any funnel.

Basket offers a durable and safe pack of two oil dispensers containing borosilicate glass to ensure the oil stays fresh for long without chemicals leaching into it. The dispensers can hold 500 ml of oil each and are ideal for daily use. Each bottle measures 34.9 x 14.5 x 7.5 centimetres and weighs 620 grams, making it lightweight and easy to use. The stainless steel lid is rustproof and leakproof, preventing any mess in your kitchen. There is a cap to secure the glass dispenser when not in use. 

3. DKdas Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Award: Value for money

Tagline: Has a lever-release snap lid for easy pouring

The dispenser allows you to pour sufficient oil each time with the press of a button. The unique shape makes it easy to use with one hand. 

DKdas has come up with a glass oil dispenser with an innovative design, allowing you to control the amount of oil you pour. The borosilicate glass ensures the transparency of the bottle to let you keep a check on the oil. It has a BPA-free plastic lid with a nozzle that releases the oil upon pressing. This unique nozzle design makes it easy to adjust the oil flow. 

4. Femora Borosilicate Glass Oil Dispenser

Award: Also Consider

Tagline: Has a non-slip base to prevent slips and falls

The borosilicate glass body of this dispenser has a sturdy base to prevent accidental falling while you are hustling in the kitchen.

Femora offers a multipurpose glass dispenser to store oil, vinegar, spices and pickles. It has the capacity to hold 500 ml of ingredients. The borosilicate glass body makes the dispenser dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. The bottle has a scale identification to check the amount of oil left. It has a 304-grade stainless steel lid with a silica gel spout for easy pouring without leaks and spills.

Things to consider before buying glass oil dispensers:


To keep the oil fresh, go for a borosilicate glass oil dispenser as it is chemical-free and durable. Moreover, it resists extreme temperatures and does not release any odours.


Most of the glass oil dispensers come with a 500 ml capacity to make it easy for you to hold and use them. If you are a family of more than four, go for a 1-litre capacity bottle.


To ensure the oil does not leak or spill from the dispenser, go for the one with a stainless steel lid and a rubber spout. This spout ensures only the required amount of oil comes out of the dispenser each time.