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Best Gas Stove Lighters for Quick and Safe Ignition

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A gaslighter is a must-have tool to ignite the gas stove. Not only for lighting gas stoves, but modular lighters are also used for multiple applications such as burning candles, outdoor cooking, and even light up cigarettes too. Here, we have listed the best igniters that are lightweight and easy to use. Let’s start.

1. Pigeon-Gas Lighter

Award: Best Durable

Tagline: A super shiny gas lighter that comes with a knife!

It’s a well-known and conventional gas lighter. It has an ergonomic design on its top that gives a comfortable grip to regulate the fire. Further, its premium gauge stainless steel body offers a long-lasting performance without scratches and rust. Along with the lighter, you will also get a sharp knife that helps you chop vegetables faster.

2. Storite Pistole shape Metal Impulse Igniter

Award: Best Self Igniter

Tagline: A safe and reliable lighter with a long shaft ensures a safe distance from the fire.

Storite spark lighter comes in a handy gun shape that helps you ignite with ease. It is made from rust-proof stainless steel that ensures its sturdiness and durability. Further, the gun with 10 inches long shaft ensures safe use especially for domestic kitchens. Besides, it weighs around 170grams only. Thus, it is lightweight and ensures user comfort on use. It can deliver 30,000 sparks on its life cycle without using any batteries. 

3. Clipper Neo Flama Matchless Flame Lighter

Award: Best safety lock

Tagline: A lightweight lighter that delivers odorless flame on every use.

Clipper’s lighter is made from scratch-resistant and durable plastic material. This can be useful for multiple applications. This lighter can light up candles, incense sticks, diya’s, and even gas stoves too. It has a safe child lock system that allows you to lock/unlock the igniter after every use. There is also a refiller that helps you refill the lighter for better use.

4. Skyview Gas Lighter

Award: Best portable

Tagline: A multi-purpose and portable candle lighter perfect for camping cooking.

Skyview rechargeable electric lighter will be a good partner for your outdoor cooking. It has a wind-proof safety switch that helps you use it more comfortably even in the heavy wind. Its flexible long neck with 360-degree rotatable features offers you more convenient usage. Further, this USB-powered tool delivers up to 1000 sparks on a single charge. Moreover, its automatic turn off features protect the tool from overcharging or overheating. 

Things to consider before buying a gaslighter

1. Size and weight

If you are looking for a lighter for outdoor cooking, then it should be lightweight and pocket-friendly. So that you can easily carry it anywhere you go. On the other hand, the lighter’s with 9-12 inches’ of a long neck offers you a higher level of safety. So, choose a multi-functional and lightweight igniter.

2. The material of the body

Multi-purpose lighters are mostly made from plastic and stainless steel materials. Compared to plastic lighters, heavy-gauge steel lighters ensure a longer lifespan. 

3. Type of Lighter

There are both battery-powered and self-operated lighters available in the market. Battery-powered lighters ensure bright sparks on a single charge. Besides, self-operated igniters deliver sparks without the need for batteries. Both have advantages. So, based on your interest, choose one that best meets your requirement. 

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