The 5 Best Gardening Tools In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Gardening always gives us pleasure, a way to connect to nature and the peace we get in turn is always worth it. Mostly we have gardens in our homes and we love to maintain it with pure legacy. Apart from home gardening has been seen in schools, hospitals, and restaurants as well. To have a good colorful garden which has flourished flora we need to maintain it with care as well. For maintenance, we require tools that are suitable and helpful. But often we get confused about which tools are exactly needed and for what purpose we should use them. So, here’s the solution to all our issues which tools are required for which purpose, and if your planning to start your gardening adventure then which tools you should look for.

There are two necessary points to consider for buying the gardening tools

  • Material: A durable material like steel or iron will help you create the best beauty in your garden.
  • The number of tools: The basic tool requirement is a minimum of five.

We have listed the products that are present in our list for you. For more details regarding the purchase of the gardening tool, you can read the Buying Guide at the end of the product description.

5 Best Gardening Tools In India

Gardening Tool KitNumber Of ToolsColor/Metal ColorBuy Now
Kraft Seeds Gardening Tools Set5Orange,BlackCHECK ON AMAZON
Truphe Gardening Tools Set8BlackCHECK ON AMAZON
Bulfyss Gardening Tools7-CHECK ON AMAZON
Ketsy 564 Garden Tool Kit5MulticolorCHECK ON AMAZON
Falcon Garden Tool Set5Multicolor SteelCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Gardening Tools In India Reviews

1. Kraft Seeds Gate Garden Spectacular Gardening Tools Set

Kraft Seeds

Since 2000 Kraft seeds are providing a wide range of products for the development of a sustainable environment by offering flower seeds, vegetable seeds, flower bulbs, and gardening tools. It comes up with a wide variety of gardening tools. If you are searching for tools then this one is best for you.

Kraft seeds garden tools always keep their customers in mind and the tools they design comes with the ease of gardening. We need not run anywhere for the required tools.

Holding is what should always be comfortable and these tools are easy to handle. The ergonomic handle provided a good grip so that it is easy to hold and use.

We always look for the best in quality and here is the best in quality with affordability as well.

Technical Information

  • Number of tools – 5
  • Dimensions- 29 × 14.2 × 12.8cm
  • Weight- 860 grams
  • Color- orange handle
  • Metal- Black


  • Ease of gardening
  • Rustproof
  • Dirtproof
  • High precision blade


  • Gloves should be cleaned and kept properly

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2. Truphe Gardening Tools Set Kit of 8


TRUPHE provides a variety of tools to manage our gardening and agriculture keeping the quality always in mind.

TRUPHE toolset of 8 is one of the quality products served by the company. This pack constitutes of weeder, cultivator, cutter, big trowel, small trowel, garden fork, and hand gloves. So, we can call them all in one pack for gardening.

These tools stand top on the list of durability and the look is sophisticated as well. To make it durable, the metal is coated with the powder to prevent rusting making it worth buying.

Along with the quality, TRUPHE takes care of its customers with ergonomic soft handles to prevent pain or fatigue. Additionally, it features hanging holes for clutter storage.

These tools are portable and lightweight so that we can easily carry them anywhere providing us the comfort and ease of gardening making it fun.

Technical Information

  • Number of tools- 8
  • Dimensions- 28.9 × 15.7 × 8.3 cm
  • Weight- 910 grams
  • Metal- Black color


  • Durable
  • Rustproof
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • The handle may lose after some time.

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3. Bulfyss 7 Pieces Gardening Tools


BULFYSS stands renowned for the quality of products in gardening and agriculture. One of the most reliable products is 7 pieces tool kit for gardening which includes a small trowel, big trowel, one weeder, one form, one cultivator, a pruning shear, and a pair of gloves. This is one of the perfect gardening gifts for your parents and grandparents as well.

Keeping in mind the use of tools by different age groups these tools have been equipped with soft handle touch which has a good grip and prevents pain and fatigue.

It has a hole at the top of the handle so you can hang it easily after use at a particular place meant for your tools.

The lightweight of the tools makes them portable and provides us the ease to work and the handles prevent tool loss.

Durability is what we look for when we spend money and this is what is given through these tools. It is made of rust-resistant CR-MO metal plate. Also, the wiring can be used for a long time.

Technical Information

  • Number of tools- 7
  • Dimensions- 30 × 19.99 × 3.99cm
  • Weight- 372gm


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Rustproof
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy


  • Gloves may get damaged after prolonged use.

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4. Ketsy 564 Garden Tool Kit 5 Pcs


KETSY has a wide range of tools required for agriculture and gardening purposes. One of the finest products of KETSY is KETSY 564 garden tool kit which has 5 pieces including a trowel, transplanter, weeder, fork, and cultivator.

This product is known for its quality and durability. It has sturdiness making it more durable. The powder-coated over the metal is the other reason for making it more durable.

For the prevention of fatigue or pain, the handles have a soft-touch making it easy for use, and the plastic handle makes the grip better.

This product fulfills all the gardening needs.

Technical Information

  • Number of tools – 5
  • Dimensions – 36.7 × 12.1 × 8.2 cm
  • Weight – 1 kg


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • The precision may reduce.

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5. Falcon FGTB-95/5 Steel Garden Tool Set


Falcon stones provide a wide range of tools for gardening which are significant in quality. Falcon stone FGTB-9515 is one of its fine quality products.

This set has 5 tools which include one cultivator, two weeders, and two trowels.

It is considered to be one of the perfect tools set for all your gardening needs.

The fixed handle makes it worthy of buying though it doesn’t have hangers.

It has a sturdy structure which makes it more durable.

Technical Information

  • Material- steel
  • Color- multicolor
  • Package content – 5
  • Dimensions- 28 × 8 × 3 cm
  • Weight- 1.37kg


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Soft handles
  • Durable


  • Due to heavyweight, it is not portable.

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Buying Guide For Gardening Tools

In the Buying Guide, you will get to know about the gardening tools types, usage, and points to consider while buying them.

The instruments used for the maintenance of gardens i.e. for plants, flowers, grass, and trees are known to be gardening tools. These tools are used for cutting, ploughing, and other gardening purposes. There has been tremendous advancement in tools for gardening with the growing technology and mostly tools used now are more efficient and easier to handle. We need not learn using these tools- no hard and fast rules for the working.

Types Of Tools

Maintaining a garden is not a single thing to handle. You have to look for various things. Therefore, a single tool cannot help you with the same. So, let’s have a look at the variety of tools and their purpose as well

Diggin Tools

1. Shovels

Shovels are the landscaping tools used in the garden. It is also known as the work horse of the garden. There are various types of shovels available

  • Round Pointed: It is used for digging and ploughing the soil. The rim on the shovel blade gives more foot pressure while digging holes and pointing cuts into the soil.
  • Square Pointed: It is suitable for shifting materials. If larger it is generally referred to as Scoop.

2. Spade

Spades are the smaller version of shovel with a flatter blade. It comes in various types According to its use. Let’s have a look at each type

  • Garden Spade: It resembles like square pointed one. It is used for digging the ground, cutting, edging the surface.
  • Drain Spade: It has a narrow head that is rounded in shape with a straighter handle used for working at less space. It is used for digging the trench surface and transplanting as well.
  • Trenching Spade: It is similar to drain spade. A narrow head in a pointed shape. It is used for digging, clearing trenches, plantation and shrubs planting
  • Post Hole Digger: Posthole diggers are used to dig deep holes. It digs more precisely than shovels.
  • Garden Trowel: This is used for digging in less area. It is a narrow blade ideal for planting bedding plants.

3. Racks And Pitchforks

Rakes functions as human hand in a bigger scale. They are available in different sizes and shapes according to the functioning-

  • Leaf Rake: It is used for removing the dry leaves from the ground and grass clippings. These are available in a wide range of sizes. The flexible steel made tines helps to clean the debris of yard.
  • Garden Rake: It is useful for hard ground as the rigid steel times help to dig and scratch easily on hard surfaces. The flat bar helps move mulch, compost, and gravel easily.
  • Thatch Rake: It is designed to remove the short thick grasses.

4. Pitchforks

Pitchfork has its base from agriculture. Depending upon the material to be moved these are available in various styles and sizes.

  • Bedding Fork: It is used for removing loose material like straw, hay, and mulch. It has curved and round times.
  • Manure Fork: It is used to handle heavy materials.
  • Spading Fork: The flat tines are useful for twist the soil, lift the plants, and separating stones. It is beneficial for making holes for aeration process and soil compaction as well.

5. Garden Hoes

It has been designed for removing the weeds and ground breaking. Let’s have a look at different hoes available-

  • Standard Garden Hoe: For handling chopping, it is set at a right angle.
  • Warren Hoe: It is used for dual purposes because of its unique design. The first one is digging due to its pointed ends and the open-top helps in a closing furrow.

6. Saw And Pruning Tools

There is a vast variety of saw and pruning tools available. Few of them have been listed below

  • Pruning Saw: It is generally considered that when the saw has more teeth, it cuts precisely. And, this pruning saw works in a similar way especially designed for restricted work area.
  • Hand Pruner: It is used for cutting stems without effecting the plants. It is best to deal with the dead wood stems.

 7. Other Tools

  • Mattock: It is generally used for heavy work on- ground and available in different types of blades.
  • Cultivator: These are designed to scratch the soul either before planting or around the plants while growing.
  • Edger: These are available in various sizes and shapes to cut a clean line where a lawn transition occurs.

Things To Keep In Minde Before Buying Gardening Tools 

As we came across a variety of gardening tools used for different purposes now it is time to have a look at things we should keep in mind before buying tools. Let’s get to know-

1. Affordability

The foremost thing to look at is your budget and whether as per your requirement and budget you have the availability of the tools. Just go through various sites and compare the prices.

2. High-Quality Material

Your investment in any tool is affected by the quality of the product. If you spend more than the quality and durability then it’s nothing less than regret. So always look up for high-quality tools.

3. Size and Weight

Depending upon your need whether you need small-sized tools or large ones choose selectively. Often, we make the wrong choice according to our requirements. So, lookup for appropriate size and weight.

4. Easy to clean

Whatever tools you are choosing just have a look at whether they can be cleaned easily or not because hygiene is what is necessary for us.

5. Portability

Your tools should be portable as we can need it anywhere. Lookup for portable tools.

6. User Friendly

Just lookup for the tools which are user-friendly so that you don’t have to rush for guidance every time you want to use.

7. Good Warranty

What if your tools get damaged within a month or so? Do you go for another round of investment for the same thing? No! lookup for tools with an extended warranty period.

8. Accuracy

Your tools should serve you the purpose they have been designed for. Go for the ones with greater accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does the maintenance of tools is high?

No, it is cost-effective but depends upon the user how well they are maintaining and cleaning regularly or not.

2.Do we have to buy all tools designed for gardening?

No, it is not necessary. You should buy according to your purpose and requirement.

3.How to sharpen garden tools?

You can take them to the hardware store. And, before starting the sharpening wear eye protection goggles. Use protection while sharpening tools

4.How to clean the gardening tools?

If you clean your gardening tools, it will last longer and will save money. It will increase the life of the tools as well.


We hope after reading the article you must have got the idea of what to look for when buying the gardening tools. Gardening is a hobby as well which people prefer doing on weekends. So, gardening tools help you to maintain your garden.

Therefore, we hope you will be able to select the right gardening tool for you. As per our recommendation, we select Kraft Seeds Gate Garden Spectacular Gardening Tools Set for you because it is the best in the market and contains all the basic tools. Other gardening tools are satisfactory as well.

If you have any doubts you can comment down below to get a reply to your query.