5 Best Fire Extinguisher in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

What if you could prevent a fire hazard even before the fire engines arrive! A bit of pre-planning might just save you lives and hours spent on chasing the insurance company. Be it your home or workspace, fire extinguishers are an indispensable safety measure. But before you set out to buy one, it is important to know which type of extinguisher will suit your needs.

Features to check for before purchase:

Now that you are familiarised with the various types of extinguishers, let us view the features that would aid your selection.

Capacity– Check the capacity of the extinguisher keeping in mind the size of the space where it is to be installed. Extinguishers with the capacity of 1kg – 9kg are available in the market. One kilogram (1kg) dry powder extinguisher is recommended for domestic home use.

Single Use vs Rechargeable– There are two types of extinguishers, single-use and rechargeable. The single-use need replacement every 10–12 years, unless an earlier expiration date is mentioned by the manufacturer. The rechargeable one should be serviced every 6 years. Though a rechargeable one will initially cost more, but refilling it once the pressure gauge indicates that the contents have depleted is far less expensive than buying a new disposable one.

Mounting hardware– Some extinguishers come with a wall clip or in-built mounting option to ease the installation process.

Warranty- Most extinguishers require stringent maintenance. A 4- 5 years warranty is a good feature to look for.

Does choosing the perfect extinguisher now look like a tedious job? Not to worry as our team of experts have already listed down the best extinguishers for you. A quick look and you will know which product best suits your needs.

For more details regarding the various types of extinguishers, installation, usage, simply read our ‘Buying Guide’.

Best Fire Extinguishers in India

Fire ExtinguisherTypeCapacitySingle Use/ RechargeableWarrantyBuy Now
Eco Fire Fire ExtinguisherABC Powder2 KGRechargeable5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Safepro Steel Fire ExtinguisherABC Powder2 KGRechargeable1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Ceasefire Fire ExtinguisherABC Powder500 gmRechargeable5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Eco Fire 6 Kg Fire ExtinguisherABC Powder6 KGRechargeable5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
HappeStop Fire Extinguisher-----500 mlSingle UseNoCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Fire Extinguishers in India: Reviews

1. Eco Fire ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguisher

Eco Fire ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguisher

With 15 years of experience in the area of fire-fighting equipment, Eco Fire Industries brings to us its ABC Powder type fire extinguisher. Eco Fire is known for providing the latest technology equipment at affordable prices.


  • The extinguisher has a fairly large capacity of 2KG.
  • The extinguisher comes with easy recharge option and can be refilled after every use by authorised personnel.
  • Equipped with a wall mount bracket, this extinguisher can be easily installed.


Eco Fire promises best customer satisfaction along with reliable after sales service and support throughout the 5 year warranty period. You can contact the support team at ecofireindustries@gmail.com, info@ecofireindustries.com , +91-9911272612 , 011-28313212 .


  • With their unique point and shoot technology, these lightweight extinguishers are easier to use than others available in the market.
  • Works perfectly on all 4 classes of fires.
  • The ISI certification stands for the authenticity and superior quality of the product.


  • Suitable for only small scale fires.
  • Does not come with a long nozzle or pipe.

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2. Safepro Steel Abc Type Fire Extinguisher

Safepro Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned progressive firm in the field of Fire Fighting Equipment. All their products come with ISI certification and CE mark and are hence always reliable. The Safepro Steel Abc Type Fire Extinguisher, 2 Kg, Red is suitable for all A, B, C and Electrical fires.


  • The capacity of this extinguisher is 2 Kg and should last you quite long before the first refill.
  • The extinguisher can be refilled after each use by authorised personnel at a minimal price.
  • A wall clamp is included to hang the extinguisher.


This Safepro fire extinguisher comes with a 1 year warranty. For any service related queries, you can reach out to Safepro Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. at 08049593171.


  • Affordable, considering the quality offered at this price range.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Good after sales service.


  • Comes with a minimum warranty period of 1 year.

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3. Ceasefire Powder Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher

Ceasefire Powder Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher

Ceasefire is known for its state of the art fire and safety solutions. All Ceasefire equipment are backed by dual certification from ISI and European standards which is why their products can always be trusted. This Powder Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher (Red) is adept at extinguishing all Class A, B, C fires as well as Electrical fires.


  • This premium, light-weight portable extinguisher has a capacity of 500 gm.
  • The refill option provided by Ceasefire is quite unique. The company ensures that you are never waiting for the refilled product. They merely replace your empty extinguisher with a pre-filled one. Not just that, all refilled extinguishers are re-painted and go through a pressure test, always giving first priority to your safety.
  • The product comes with a detachable wall mount hardware.


Just like most Ceasefire equipment this extinguisher also comes with a 5 year warranty. There is also an option of extended warranty for all Ceasefire extinguishers.


  • It comes with an effective discharge mechanism which makes it easy to use.
  • Efficient aftersales services that cover installation, maintenance, customer information and the complaint redressal system.
  • Unlike other extinguishers, this product can be installed in cars as well.


  • Slightly overpriced for the quantity provided.

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4. Eco Fire Abc Powder Type 6 Kg Fire Extinguisher

Eco Fire Abc Powder Type 6 Kg Fire Extinguisher

Another great product from Eco Fire Industries well equipped to fight A, B, C and all electrical fires. Eco Fire is known for their consistency in maintaining product quality. From the latest design to build quality, Eco Fire surpasses many companies in the fire fighting field.


  • This extinguisher is best for use in large spaces with a capacity of 6 KG.
  • Like most Eco Fire extinguishers, this product is also rechargeable and can be used again after a refill by authorised personnel.
  • The product comes with an in-built wall mount hardware making installation easy.


This extinguisher comes with a 5 year warranty. For any installation, maintenance and refill related queries you can reach out to ecofireindustries@gmail.com, info@ecofireindustries.com, +91-9911272612 , 011-28313212 .


  • Easy to use point and shoot design
  • Backed with an ISI certification making the product more reliable.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Large capacity at an affordable price.


  • The product does not come with a long pipe/ nozzle.

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5. HappeStop Aluminium 500ml Fire Extinguisher Spray

HappeStop Aluminium 500ml Fire Extinguisher Spray

This set of 4 aluminium Fire Extinguishers from Happestop are perfect for your home and car safety.


  • Each bottle has a capacity of 500 ml and can be used on small fires in the home, kitchen and cars and other vehicles.
  • Each bottle is meant for single use and must be disposed of carefully.
  • The product comes with a wall mount clip stand for easy installation. However, due to its compact design, it can be easily stored in cars.


Though the extinguishers do not come with a warranty, they have been well-reviewed by customers.


  • Light-weight and easy to store and use.
  • Product is non-toxic and environment friendly.
  • Affordable price


  • No warranty.
  • The extinguishers are not backed by any certification.

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Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide

Fires are often unexpected and spread quickly if timely measures are not taken. To avoid such hazards fire extinguishers have now become a common safety measure installed in most private and public spaces. However, a complete knowledge of fire safety- causes and classification are needed to purchase the apt extinguisher required for your space.

What Causes a Fire?

According to the Fire Triangle, the interactions of 3 elements cause a fire – Oxygen, Heat and Fuel. The fire can be stopped by eliminating at least one of these elements. The fire extinguisher does exactly the above-mentioned act to put out a fire.

Fire Classification

  • Class A – this includes fires that involve solid inflammable materials such as wood, paper or textiles.
  • Class B – all fires from flammable liquids such as petrol, kerosene, diesel and other oils.
  • Class C – fires ignited from gases.
  • Class D – fires involving metals.
  • Class E – fires sourcing from live electrical apparatus.
  • Class F – this includes fires from cooking oils such as the ones from deep-fat fryers.

Types of Fire Extinguishers and How They Work

When it comes to fire extinguishers, one type does not suit all. Each type of extinguisher is uniquely designed to extinguish a specific class/ classes of fire. Let us take a quick look at how each type works and how to efficiently use them during a fire.

1. Water Extinguisher

Colour Code: Red

Suitable For: These have a class A rating and are suitable for fighting fires that involve solid combustibles such as wood, paper, and textiles.

Precaution to be taken: Not to be used on burning fat or oil or on electrical appliances as water is a conductor of electricity.

How it Works: The cooling effect of water on the fuel’s surface reduces the burning rate of the fuel.

2. Foam Extinguisher

Colour Code: Red with a cream panel.

Suitable For: Very effective on class A and class B fires involving solid materials and flammable liquids. Those foam extinguishers that have been dielectrically tested to 35000 Volt (35kV) are safe to be used on or near electrical appliances.

Precaution to be taken: Do not use on-chip or fat pan fires.

How it Works: The water-based foaming agent forms a barrier to cease the interaction between the flames and the surface of the fuel.

3. Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

Suitable For: This type was originally designed to extinguish fires involving flammable liquids. CO2 extinguishers are also ideal for electrical fires as CO2 is not a conductor and does not leave behind any harmful residue.

Precaution to be taken: This extinguisher is not meant for fat-pan fires. Care should be taken to prevent a fire start up as CO2 extinguishers do not cool the surface very well. There is also a high risk of asphyxiation caused by the CO2 extinguisher fumes. Hence, the space should be vacated before use and later ventilated after use of the extinguisher.

How it Works: Carbon dioxide extinguishers work by cutting the oxygen supply and thereby choking the fire.

4. ABC Powder Extinguisher (Multi-Purpose)

Colour Code: Blue

Suitable For: As the name suggests these versatile extinguishers can be used on class A, B, C and electrical fires. It also works on gas fires.

Precaution to be taken: Though this type of extinguishers can be used for electrical fires, care should be taken that the flames do not re-ignite. As the powder used is not capable of penetrating the material or cooling the surface easily there are chances of re-ignition. Also using this type of extinguisher within enclosed spaces is not recommended as there are chances of inhaling the powder during use.

How it Works: Dry chemical extinguishers can put off the fire by covering the fuel with a layer of dust, thereby cutting the oxygen supply from the fuel. The powder breaks the chemical reaction of fire, hence, these extinguishers are successful at putting out a fire.

5. Water Mist Extinguisher (‘Dry’ Water Mist)

Colour Code: Red on a White Background

Suitable For: The first versatile extinguisher which can tackle A, B, C fires as well as fats and deep fat fryers (Class F). Some water mist extinguishers contain only de-ionized water which is not a conductor and can be safely used on electrical fires.

Precaution to be taken: Water mist extinguishers are safe for discharge on all fire classifications except Class D.

How it Works: Water is formed into microscopic particles and ejected out through the supersonic nozzle. The water mist quickly brings down the temperature of the fuel, thus, extinguishing the fire.

6. Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Colour Code: Canary Yellow

Suitable For: Wet chemical fire extinguishers work best on Class F fires, that involve cooking oils, fats, olive oil, maize oil, sunflower oil and butter.

Precaution to be taken: These extinguishers are usually not designed for class B fires such as petrol fires.

How it Works: The class F extinguishers are packed with a solution of potassium acetate or potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate. The extinguishing agent is sprayed out as a fine mist and it acts as a cooling agent while the potassium salts form a blanket over the fat and cut out the oxygen supply.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

On those rare occasions when you need to use the fire extinguisher, just remember the 4 basic steps :

  • Pullthe extinguisher’s pin.
  • Aimthe hose at the base of the fire while maintaining a safe distance.
  • Squeezethe operating lever of the extinguisher to spray the fire extinguishing agent.
  • Sweepthe hose from one side to the other pointing at the base of the fire until it appears to be out. Move closer to the fire as it diminishes. Watch the area in case of re-ignition.

Where to Install Which Type of Extinguisher

Each space depending on its usage is differently designed and comes with its own set of fire risks. You need to ensure that all fire risks are covered by installing relevant fire extinguishers and making sure that the building’s occupants are trained on how and when to use them.

The below-mentioned instructions are a guide on suitable fire extinguishers and their placement.

Fire Extinguishers for Office: With most offices cramped with electrical equipment, electrical fires form a potential risk. Water mist fire extinguishers allow fire fighting for class A, B, C, F and Electrical risks. In an office or work environment, the water mist fire extinguishers act as a multi-purpose with the advantage of very little residue being left behind. This means there is no need for clean-up and also no collateral damage to property. ABC dry powder or foam extinguishers are also a good option.

It is recommended to mount fire extinguishers on the wall in a location where it can be easily accessed by all in the time of need.

Fire Extinguishers for Home and Kitchen: While an ABC Dry powder or a Water Mist extinguisher can be kept handy for combatting any small fires in the home space, the kitchen requires special attention. Modern kitchens are equipped with electrical cooking appliances such as microwaves, toasters, mixers etc in usually a confined space. Adding to these is the major risk of fat or oil fires. Hence, it is recommended to install 2 types of extinguishers in the kitchen- Wet Chemical Extinguisher to tackle large chip pan fires and Water Mist extinguisher for use on general risks including electrical appliances.

Safety Measures to Keep in Mind

Though fire extinguishers are well equipped to battle different types of fires, safety measures must always be adhered to when it comes to fire hazards.

  • Ensure there is a fire exit for immediate evacuation before using the fire extinguisher as the fumes might suffocate the occupants of the building.
  • Check that the correct type of extinguisher is used for the particular class of fire.
  • After extinguishing double-check to prevent re-ignition of flames.
  • Do not use the extinguisher if it is damaged or the pressure gauge pointer is in the red ‘recharge’ zone.


Through several market surveys, customer reviews and quality checks we listed down the above mentioned fire extinguishers keeping in mind all safety aspects. Amongst these we especially recommend the Ceasefire Powder Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher (Red) – 500 gm as it is backed by a trusted brand with dual certification and all necessary features. But, if you are looking to install an extinguisher for a larger space, both Eco Fire products, affordable and certified by the ISI, are worthy of consideration.