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Choosing a right faucet will definitely add a special look to the home décor (for both bathroom and kitchen). There are different styles, designs and features will allow you to dress up and personalize your space. You should consider both its functionality and aesthetics for the faucets before buying.

But before purchasing this faucet, you have to keep these 3 main things in your mind to grab the best one. Let’s know what those main things to consider are.

Types of Faucets – Before purchasing, you have to know what type of faucets you are preferring for usage. Although, there are various types of faucets (get detailed information in buying guide) available but you have to choose the best the suits your requirement and décor.

Material with Finish – Generally, the taps are made of stainless steel, chrome, copper or brass in which the brass made faucets are durable and suits for the traditional look theme. The chrome taps gives aesthetic option and steel is a common faucet material.

Space – You have to check the space availability before purchasing. In general, the basic faucets suits for small spaced bathrooms. So, avoid choosing the basin mixer if you have less space. 

Here in this article, we are providing you with a Buying Guide (a comprehensive overview) to know its style, materials, finishes and their functionality along with the some best top rated faucets in Indian online market. 

Best Faucets in India

Best FaucetsMaterialSuits Best
ColorWarrantyBuy Now
Kohler Cuff Health FaucetABS
BathroomWhite3 Years
Check On Amazon
Alton SHR20855 ABS Health FaucetABS (with steel hose pipe)BathroomWhite1 YearCheck On Amazon
Asian Paints EssEss FaucetABS (with PVC pipe)BathroomWhite3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Cera F8030103 Health FaucetABS (with steel rubber hose)BathroomSilver7 YearsCheck On Amazon
Hindware F160013 ABS Health FaucetABS (with PVC flexible hose)BathroomSilver1 YearCheck On Amazon
Hindware FaucetABSBathroomWhite
1 YearCheck On Amazon
Maruti Villa FaucetABS with stainless steel hose pipeKitchenSilver---Check On Amazon
10X Sink Tap Flexible FaucetShower – ABS & Spout – Stainless Steel Both Kitchen and BathroomSilver1 YearCheck On Amazon
BIUT FaucetABS with stainless
steel hose pipe
Both Bathroom and Kitchen Silver1 YearCheck On Amazon
10X Honey Brass FaucetBrass with Stainless Steel
Both Bathroom and Kitchen Silver5 YearsCheck On Amazon

10 Best Faucets in India: Reviews 2021

Here are some best rated faucets in Indian online market (as per the ratings and reviews on the product). All you need is to choose the best one that suits your requirement of home décor and budget.

1. Kohler Cuff Health Faucet

KOHLER Cuff Health Faucet

Kohler is an international well-known brand for its quality products. It is a modern design that comes with white head and black jet area that blends well with toilet area and feels hygienic. This premium hygiene spray has G 1/2-inch thread connection. This bathroom faucet include an extended 1200mm metal hose and handle, which is flexible, durable and ease of use.

The product is tested for its performance in certain conditions like low water pressure and poor water quality to know the screen washer prevent clogging or not. The company is offering 3 years warranty for the product from the date of purchase.

How to Clean Faucets – Test the cleaning solution on the inconspicuous area before applying. Wipe surfaces clean and rinse completely with water after applying cleaner. If overspray lands on nearby surfaces the rinse and dry it with a soft, dampened sponge or cloth but not with abrasive material like scrubbing pad or brush. Don’t allow cleaners to soak on the surfaces.

Product Information:

  • Material – ABS
  • Color – White
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Dimensions – 270 X 200 X 50 mm
  • Length of tube/pipe – 1.2 m
  • Size of Fixture – 1/2 inch


  • Can be fitted to any company wall hung or floor mount toilet seat.
  • Made of combination of metal and plastic
  • Comes with an attractive, elegant and artistic design


  • A do it yourself fitting (or) you can call your local plumber to fix it properly.
  • It is a bit hard to clean the salt, mud or sand that accumulated in the gun. Also, there is no effective way to clean any blockages that clogs in the nozzle (thin nozzle holes), especially for the places with high saline content in the water.

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2. Alton SHR20855 ABS Health Faucet

ALTON SHR20855 ABS Health Faucet

This Alton Health Faucet is made of heavy duty ABS and SS – 304 Grade and comes with 1.25 meter flexible hose pipe and wall hook. It is tested for its superior performance in poor water quality and low water pressure conditions as screen washer prevent clogging.

The Alton sets the standard for outstanding design and innovation. They are tested to bring quality and comfort to your bathroom. The material used for this faucet is heavy duty ABS that ensure you for leak free and also resist to high pressure and thereby avoid blasting.

This product will ensure you for the smooth and free flow of water without any noise. Remember that the higher water pressure will make the water flow bigger but when the pressure exceeds 0.14 gpm, the water flow remain constant. The stylish wall mounted hook will enhance the interior design along with providing the class to you décor.

Product Information:

  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Color – White
  • Hose Pipe – 1.25 meter
  • Weight – 299 grams
  • Installation Threading Size – 1/2 inch


  • This modern design looks amazing (with ceramic finish wall hook) and comes with pulse water spray (excellent water pressure) for fast cleaning and also saves water.
  • Easy and convenient to use in your daily life – personal hygiene, taking bath for pets, cleaning washrooms, etc. without any leak and no water pressure problems.
  • The explosion proof with chrome finish along with brass coupling and nuts make it a corrosion – resistant and durable along with built to resist scratches.


  • Avoid cleaning this faucet with strong chemicals why because it may result in dullness of chrome finish.
  • Some customers report that the quality is not up to the mark.

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3. Asian Paints EssEss Premium Quality Bathroom Health Faucet

Asian Paints EssEss Premium Quality Bathroom ABS Health Faucet

This EssEss faucet is an electric range of bath products from the house of Asian Paints that is rich in both functionality and design. They provide a resolution within 96 working hours along with 3 year free service. The EssEss will bring you a smart and intriguing world of ergonomically sculpted and innovatively designed bath concepts.

It is good at low pressure water flow and this is made of heavy duty ABS material. The brass piston that used internally which is tested for 50000 life cycles. The high quality finish will ensure durability and also deliver a rust free experience.

How to install – It comes with everything we need like health faucet, hose pipe and a wall hook in which they all make you to install it easily. This handheld jet spray is connected easily to the existing fitting.

Product Information:

  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Weight – 399 grams
  • Hose Pipe – 1.2M length
  • Color – White


  • It comes with features like high flow jet spray, leakproof white PVC pipe, durable, sleek and contemporary design & foma lite.
  • It offers with free service and free repair for this product till it covered under warranty.
  • The water pressure is enormous and can be used best for cleaning.


  • It is not suitable for high pressure water flow.
  • The lever is slightly delicate

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4. Cera F8030103 Health Faucet

Cera F8030103 Health Faucet

This CERA model health faucet will meet the requirement that doesn’t leak or rust. It is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic and this faucet comes with a thin 0.3 – 0.5 micron chromium plating to get a shiny stainless steel finish. It comes with 1 meter long to ensure you easy to handle the faucet and the wall hook makes it easy to put on the bathroom wall.

The nozzle work efficiently and the pressure can be controlled by using its handle. The rubber hose helps to maintain it easily without any hassle of rust.

Product Information:

  • Primary Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 354 grams
  • Warranty – 7 years
  • Hose Pipe Length – 1 meter
  • Color – Steel


  • It comes with rust resistant (enhance the look and feel of the washroom), glossy shine (comes with a thin chromium plating to give a shiny and stainless finish) and rubber hose (easy to handle and durable).
  • The pore openings are thicker than any other normal faucets and suitable for low pressure and high pressure water flows.
  • The faucet has ABS body with wall hook and 1 – meter stainless steel braided rubber hose.
  • You can fit this faucet with any bib cock and it is not connected directly to a tap, as it connects on an angle cock.


  • Some customers report that the quality of this product is not up to the mark and the water is leaking.

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5. Hindware F160013 ABS Health Faucet Cleaning System

Hindware F160013 ABS Health Faucet

This hindware faucet comes with a consistent powerful spray at high pressure water flow (with adequate water) as well as under the low water pressure. This brings your bathroom a single flow overhead shower with latest designs and quality material.

You can operate it with any wall mixer that comes with a provision of diverter or overhead shower arrangement. It stays lustrous with bright shine due to its mirror – like reflective body and works for longer time.

It comes with a stunning symmentry and sharp design to provide a stylish effect. You can fix it easily to any bib or stop cock with the tube and a wall hook that attaches to the wall to hold this faucet. The anti-clogging nozzles will prevent blocking and the wide spray will allow you to have full coverage.

Product Information:

  • Coating – Chrome Plating
  • Hose Pipe Length – 1.2M
  • Weight – 458 grams
  • Material – ABS
  • Warranty – 12 year


  • It is operated with trigger control and the wall hook gets attached to the wall to hold this faucet.
  • This has to be used in WC area in which it is fixed to bib cock 2 in 1 or angular stop cock with the tube and the rubbit technology will definitely ensures no blockages in nozzles.
  • It comes with features like mirror look technology, proper functioning, effective water flow, perfect design, anti-clogging nozzles and easy to install.
  • Suitable for both high pressure and low pressure water flows.


  • Some customers report that the edge of the threaded part of this faucet is uneven and sharp and cut the washer and leaked.

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6. Hindware F160027 Health Faucet with 1.2m PVC Flexible Tube

Hindware faucet

Hindware is a leading supplier of sanitaryware and bathroom accessories. The brand is known for launching technology-driven products, so that its customers can lead a luxurious life. 

This F160027 health faucet from Hindware promises superior performance with a unique Rubbit cleaning technology to ensure the holes never block. So, you get jets of water every time you trigger the handle. 

This faucet is made with virgin brass and some amount of copper. Also, it has a high-quality chrome plating that prevents scratches and rust formation. This chrome coating also gives the faucet a lustrous shine, making it look new all the time.

Coming to the operation, it can easily be used with any wall mixer that has the provision for an overhead shower. Also, it is very easy to install as you just have to fix it to a stop cock. You also get an ABS wall hook to hold the health faucet against the wall.

It comes with a 1.2 metre long PVC cable containing ABS, which is flexible enough to move the faucet in any direction.

Product Information:

Coating – Chrome Plating

Hose Pipe Length – 1.2M

Weight – 400 grams

Material – ABS

Warranty – 1 year


  • Rubbit technology ensures that pores are not clogged.
  • Chrome coating prevents corrosion.
  • Weighs just 400 grams and is break proof.


  • Some users complained about water leakage from the faucet.

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7. Maruti Villa turbo flex 360 Degree Faucet

Maruti Villa turbo flex 360 Degree Faucet

This product is a kitchen faucet from Maruti Villa, which is a local brand that delivers high-quality kitchen accessories.

Containing premium quality stainless steel, this faucet is not only easy to clean but also resists water bubbles. So, it looks new all the time. Moreover, if you get hard water from the taps, this steel material prevents corrosion formation too.

The interface of this kitchen faucet contains brass material, making it easily fit into any sink taps.

Meanwhile, the hose pipe is expandable to short, medium and long heights. So, you can adjust its height from 2.7 inch to 7.8 inches. Also, you can twist and turn it 360-degrees for easy operation.

Speaking of water flow from this faucet, there are two modes you can choose from. The sprinkler mode gives out water at low pressure. So, you can use this mode while cleaning vegetables or fruits. The pulse mode is for high-pressure water, suitable for filling pots or pans faster. 

To prevent water leakage from the faucet, there’s a built-in water cushion that pumps out water in a certain direction only. 

Product Information:

Material – Stainless Steel, brass

Size – 15 mm

Color – Silver

Modes – 2 (Sprinkle mode, Pulse mode)

Weight – 110 grams


  • No water leakage from the faucet with the built-in water cushion.
  • Lightweight (110 grams).
  • Can be twisted 360-degrees.
  • High-quality stainless steel hose pipe for durability.


  • No warranty from the brand.

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8. 10X Sink Tap Flexible Faucet Softy with Double Flow

10x Sink Tap Flexible Faucet

10X Faucet with double flow will create a transitional look for exceptional beauty, reliability and innovative design to perfectly balance your water pressure. It comes with features like the unique design will make it stable and its height will enable you to meet the daily kitchen requirement. The high arc spout with 360⁰ rotation that definitely offers you with a variety of sink activities.

The dual water features such as shower and foam flow will make you clean it perfectly. Also, the lead free solid brass casting body construction will comes with durable and long lasting usage.

Product Information:

  • Material – Honey Brass (Shower – ABS and Spout – Stainless Steel)
  • Size – 15 mm
  • Length of the spout – 50 cm
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Threading Size – 1/2 inch


  • It comes with dual flow – shower pattern and spray (or foam) pattern along with spill proof bubbler.
  • It is highly durable and made of strong quality products.
  • The flexible 360 degree rotations (or movements) will give your perfect cleaning and also it comes after 100% factory tested.
  • It also acts as a perfect faucet for a perfect bathroom.


  • Some customers report that the quality of the product is not up to the mark and also not suitable for high pressure water flows.

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9. BIUT ABS Health Faucet with Brass Inserts

BIUT Faucet

If you are looking for a multipurpose health faucet, this one from BIUT is for you. With a 1.25 metre long hose pipe and 360-degree rotatable swivel, you can use this faucet for pet bathing, cleaning the bathroom, home cleaning and bathing.

Coming to the materials, the handle is made of ABS material with brass inserts, the hose pipe contains stainless steel to withstand extremely hot and cold water. Moreover, the head, hose and the hook are coated with 0.5 micron chrome plating and also nickel plating to ensure maximum longevity. 

The faucet has a lever lock, allowing you to control the flow of water coming from it. Also, it is very easy to clean. You can twist and open the nozzle to remove all the salt and dirt inside. 

Moreover, you get a 1-year warranty from the brand against all the manufacturing defects.

Product Information:

Material – ABS, stainless steel, brass

Color – Silver

Warranty – 1 year

Dimensions – 6.2 x 5 x 14.5 cm

Weight: 380 grams

Length of tube/pipe – 1.25 m


  • Multipurpose faucet.
  • Long 1.25 m hose pipe for flexibility.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Chrome plating for shine and durability.


  • Water can leak from the nozzle.

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10. 10X Honey Brass Metal Swan Neck Flexible with Double Flow

10x Honey Brass Metal Swan

This is another product from 10X flexible faucets with double flow in which the spout creates a transitional look to suit for all types of kitchen and bathroom styles. It comes with some unique features like its design makes it more stable with suitable height to meet the demand of most of the household kitchen sinks. The high arc spout with 360 degree rotation will offer you with a variety of sink activities. The dual water flow (shower and foam) will help you in perfect cleaning.

Product Information:

  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Size – 15 mm
  • Color – Silver
  • Mounting – Table
  • Threading Length – 2.5 inches
  • Warranty – 5 years (leakage warranty)


  • It comes with brass cartridge with brass bar, brass body, KTS ceramic disc and silicon gasket that gives long service life.
  • It is not for wall mounted, it is table mounted and has high durability and longevity.
  • The flexible movements with dual flow and spill proof technology will definitely make this faucet as one of the best for both kitchen and bathrooms.
  • This single lever faucet also comes with high quality shower attachment but we can’t change the water temperatures.


  • Unable to work on low pressure water area.

Not suitable for single hole washbasins and suitable for medium kitchen sinks.

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Before choosing a faucet, you have to decide where you want the tap to be mounted, which means for the existing or a new one. Next to consider is what the style of the faucet and how they control the temperature and water flow. To reduce your research time and shopping strain, our experts suggest you the best faucet for bathroom and kitchen.

For bathroom, you can go with Kohler Cuff Health Faucet, why because it include an extended 1200mm metal hose and handle, which is flexible, durable and ease of use. The product is tested for its performance in low water pressure and poor water quality.

For Kitchen Sinks, you can buy HOMELODY Single Handle Swan Neck with Double Flow Tap, why because it comes with anti-spray that won’t cause splashing, soft, reduce noise and comfortable that makes you to clean the utensils and effective water saving (bubble aerator mixes 70% water and 30% air).

What you want to replace or buy – Bathroom or kitchen faucets? Which one you are going to pick? Or do you have any queries about these faucets? Then let me know through the below comments box. 

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