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Face towels are useful for multiple purposes like wiping your face and hands. You can also use soft mini towels for cleaning kitchen countertops as well. Finding the right towel from manifold models with super absorbency features might be a difficult task. In this article, we have shortlisted four face washcloths to help you make the right purchase. Let’s have a look at them.

1. KSC Shop Face Towel 

Award: Best Budget-friendly

Tagline: A pack of 10 premium quality soft cotton face towels in multi-colors.

KSC Shop’s face towels have a soft plush with a cotton backing that provides a gentle touch on your face. These cotton-made towels are super breathable, making them excellent water absorbents. Further, the soft texture on both sides of the towels offers you ultimate comfortability. The fabric is suitable for machine wash. So, you can happily wash them for durable use. You will get ten colorful towels in a single pack and each with 30cm X 30cm in size. 

2. Yellow Weaves Microfiber Face Towel 

Award: Great absorbents

Tagline: A set of four soft microfiber-made face towels with hanging loops. 

Whether you work in the kitchen or workout at the gym or meditate, these towels help in cleaning your wet face or hands. Yellow Weaves face towels are made from 100% pure skin-friendly microfiber. Each face towel has a hanging loop that helps you hang easily to wall hooks. The size of each towel is 40 X 40 cm. Thus, you can carry it comfortably with you all around. 

3. Palatial Lifestyles 10 Piece Face Towel Set

Award: Best Fabric

Tagline: Cotton-made towels that ensure an oil-free or sweat-free face after every wipe.

Palatial Lifestyles has introduced one of the best face washcloths made from pure cotton. The towels use non-toxic dyes and are safe to use on the face. They are gentle on all skin types. Further, the towels easily wipe sweat or water without hurting your sensitive skin. The package contains ten 12 X 12 inches face towels in different colors that meet your desired needs.

4. Fresh from Loom face Towels

Award: Extra softer

Tagline: The face towels are made from spun cotton that works mildly on the face.

If you want to keep your face ever glossy without oil, then these towels are a perfect choice. These plain towels with ultra-soft fabric pamper your skin. The cotton fabric quickly absorbs water and makes it suitable for multiple purposes. Moreover, the towels have well-stitched edges that keep the fabric sturdy and long-lasting. The set comes with six white-colored cotton face towels. You can wash the towels with cold or warm water. 

5. AmazonBasics Cotton Face Towel 

Award: Gentle on skin

Tagline: Made of highly durable and easily washable soft cotton fabric.

AmazonBasic best-in-fabric washcloths wipe away oil, dirt, and sweat on the face with ease. They also help you in removing makeup from your face. The towels quickly absorb moisture and dry within minutes. The towels last for a long time since they are made from extra soft and durable cotton fabric. The fabric does not shrink and remains bright even after multiple washes. You will get a pack of 24 face towels in white color. 

Buying Guide

1. Softness & comfortability

The fabric of the face towels should be soft and breathable to ensure your comfort. Cotton and microfiber face towels ensure more softness and comfortability. These fabrics soothe sensitive skin on your face. Moreover, they absorb water quickly and make your skin get rid of dead cells and shine. 

2. Natural -colors

Choosing a face towel with natural colors always compliments your purchase. To make the fabric bright and colorful, some manufacturers use dyes. If you have acne or skin allergies, it would be best to choose towels with organic dyes.

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