Best Electric Toothbrushes To Buy in India 2019

Brushing is one of the most monotonous tasks to start the day with. As a kid, I’ve always wished if there were a way someone else would brush my teeth while I could sleep in some more. While this is not entirely possible, an electric toothbrush is the closest my wish ever came to the truth.

There is not a great big difference between a manual brush and an electric toothbrush except that an electric toothbrush is automatic, faster, does most of your work for you and most importantly, is WAY TOO COOL compared to a stagnant normal toothbrush.

Not only for kids and nerdy adults, electric toothbrushes are a boon for elderly people who cannot brush their teeth by themselves. Moreover, advanced toothbrushes of today even come with soft brush bristles and can reach farther corners of the teeth. Could help you fight gum and cavity problems with relatively great ease.

Now before you run off to find a fancy electric toothbrush for an exuberant amount of money and then cry because it stopped working, read this review. Below we have detailed a list of the best electric toothbrush we could find on the internet. Then, we ran past these models by a few dentists, saw if any of them were dentist recommended toothbrushes and then reviewed all of the selected list. Attached to this article is a “Buying Guide” that contains all of our review parameters that you need to look for before picking an electric toothbrush.

Best Electric Toothbrushes in India

Best Electric ToothbrushesCharging or BatteryModes of OperationBuy Now
Oral B ToothbrushBattery2Check the Price
Fairywill ToothbrushCharging5Check the Price
Oral B ToothbrushCharging2Check the Price
Colgate ToothbrushBattery1Check the Price
JSB ToothbrushCharging2Check the Price
KIPOZI ToothbrushCharging3Check the Price

Top 6 Electric Toothbrush in India with 2019 Reviews

1. Oral B Cross Action 2 Modes cleaning Toothbrush

One of the top and the best Oral Hygiene companies in the world, the Oral B Crossaction Power Toothbrush is a signature product from the house of Oral B and is one of the best toothbrush and the most affordable toothbrush available in India.

With cross-action bristles and rotating oscillating power, this toothbrush is fit for not just for kids but also for adults and the elderly. It is powered by 2 AA batteries like most of the battery-powered toothbrushes in the list.

The rotating powerhead can be used to break up the deposits of plaque and completely eliminates from the surface of the teeth which is ideal for people who have huge amounts of plaque on their teeth.

It also loosens and whisks away plaque from surfaces, gum line and back teeth, which comes to rescue for the people who have plaque formation backside of their teeth.

Sweeping Power Crisscross bristles helps in reaching the areas that might be difficult to reach using a normal brush. It is ideal for people who have a plaque on their teeth and for those who have plaques in the inner deep parts of their teeth.

The only downside that we noticed while using this product is that it makes little noise and is not able to clean the minor gaps between teeth, but it may not be a deal-breaker since you cannot expect high-end quality at this price.

Overall we are extremely satisfied with this product, it works really well and is inexpensive. It has good build quality and is easy to hold. The price of this brush is low when compared with other products in the lineup. A great recommended product.

Things we liked about the product

  • Best in Budget and most affordable
  • Battery operated so no charging hassles
  • Two types of cleaning actions for different types of gums
  • Rotating powerhead for deep clean
  • Sweeping powered crisscross bristles.

Things we don’t like about it

  • Not good at cleaning minor gaps between teeth.
  • A little noisy

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2. Fairywill 5 modes cleaning Toothbrush

Next on our list is a sonic powered toothbrush by Fairywill. It promises a powerful brushing experience that is equal to that of a dentist visit.

Fairywill’s sonic powered bristles promise to give a total of 40,000 micro brush strokes per minute. This could remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular simple toothbrush. In 7 days, Fairywill promises clean and healthy teeth and in 14 days, a significant improvement in the gum and oral health. 

This toothbrush comes with 5 different modes of operation

  • White: Strong force for the removal of stubborn plaque and get white teeth.
  • Clean: Medium force for cleaner teeth and gums
  • Sensitive: For teeth with very gentle gums
  • Polish: For polishing the front teeth in particular
  • Massage: Inverted frequency for massaging and taking care of the Gums 

The toothbrush comes with a smart timer that will pause every 30 seconds for self-directed cleaning of your teeth. It is also water-proof in nature thus you can use it in bathrooms or showers too. But never charge the brush if the port is wet or has water.

It comes with a USB charging port and a charger. You need to charge it for a minimum of 4 hours so you can use if straight for 30 days. 

In the packaging, you also get 3 additional sonic toothbrush heads (made out of dupont nylon), 1 interdental brush head and a manual to help you get guided. Fairywill toothbrush is designed to have 5 years of life and they even provide you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for any making defects.

Things we liked about it

  • Sonic powered technology with 40000 strokes per minute
  • 5 Different modes of brushing for different personas
  • 2-minute timer with 30-seconds interval for self-clean
  • Waterproof in nature
  • Comes with its own USB cable for charging
  • Has 3 additional DuPont nylon sonic toothbrush heads and 1 interdental brush head
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it

  • First-time users tend to experience a kind of tickly sensation. Needs time to get used to.

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3. Oral B 2 modes cleaning Toothbrush

Yet another Oral B product, the Vitality Cross Action Electric Rechargeable toothbrush comes with Oral-B’s trademark Criss Cross bristles. 

Large brush heads are for people in a hurry. But for people who are meticulous about their oral hygiene and brushing, the small but significant round brush head gives a perfect 3D action and the 2D cleaning action is for everything else.

The 2D cleaning action oscillates about and works like a normal electric toothbrush whereas the 3D action takes a single and covers it totally for a complete clean. This complete cleaning action helps better removal of plaque than any regular toothbrush.

Similar to most high-end toothbrushes, this one too has a 2-minute professional timer to remind you of the optimal brushing time.

The Vitality Cross Action toothbrush comes with its own charging station. As there is no specific mention of the toothbrush being explicitly waterproof, it is advised that you proceed with caution. 

Also, the availability of a warranty period is also disputed. While speculations range from 1 year to 2 years, it is not officially specified.

Things we liked about the product

  • Round brush head gives you a  2D and 3D action and thus removes up to 100% more plaque than an ordinary toothbrush.
  • 2 Minutes professional timer for optimal brushing time
  • Dynamic movement for enhanced results
  • Includes a Charging station 

Things we didn’t like 

  • Warranty period not specified
  • Free extra brush heads are not provided
  • Waterproof nature not specified.

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4. Colgate 1 mode cleaning Toothbrush

Colgate is one of the economic and budget-friendly electric toothbrushes from Colgate, the Proclinical 150 is a battery-powered toothbrush with brush heads infused with charcoal.

The charcoal infusion on the bristles of the brush head is anti-bacterial in nature and prevents the growth of bacteria on your teeth.

The Proclinical toothbrush uses sonic vibrations of the order 20000 strokes per minute to clean the narrow and harder to reach spots of your teeth. The bristles are thin tipped and soft and are thus helpful in cleaning the gum-line.

Similar to all of the major electric toothbrushes, the Colgate Proclinical too has an automated timer setting of 2 minutes. The brush head comes with a cheek and tongue cleaner that is great in the removal of odour causing bacteria. 

Elegant in design, lightweight to handle and easy to control, this toothbrush does not require charging but uses 2 AAA batteries that are included in the packaging. Apart from the batteries, you also get an additional replaceable brush head.

You can choose from the two available colours. Black or White. There is, however, a significant price difference between the colour choice. 

Things we liked about the product

  • Very economical for the features provided
  • Sonic vibrations of 20000 strokes per minute
  • Anti-bacterial Charcoal infused bristles
  • Soft thin bristles have smooth action on the gums
  • Includes the recommended 2-minute timer
  • Brush head has a tongue and cheek cleaner 
  • Doesn’t need a recharge. Works on AAA batteries which are included in the packaging
  • Comes with an extra brush head

Things we didn’t like 

  • The white variant costs more than the black variant even though all the features are the same.

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5. JSB 2 modes cleaning Toothbrush

The JSB HF129 is a rechargeable sonic toothbrush that gives out as high as 31000 vibrations per minute. It is waterproof by design and can be used just about anywhere.

A total of 3 brush heads are provided. These brush heads are made out of soft Japanese food grade DuPont bristles that give your teeth and gums additional luxury and comfort. 

This toothbrush has 3 different brushing modes

  • Clean mode for a full cleaning, 
  • Sensitive mode for moderate speed and 
  • Pressure and then the massage mode for massaging the gums.

A 2-minute timer with 30-second interval alerts you to switch between different parts of the mouth and thus get an optimal brushing experience.

This brush comes with its own inductive recharging station much like the Oral-B Vitality criss-cross electric toothbrush. It has an LED indicator and the battery is lithium-ion and thus has longer battery backup. The brush also comes with a 1-year national warranty.

Things we liked about it

  • Minimal design and looks
  • Come with 3 brush heads
  • Brush heads are made out of soft Japanese Food Grade DuPont bristles
  • 3 different brushing modes
  • 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals for switching 
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery with long battery backup
  • 1 Year national warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Mode change is a bit late and not instant

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6. KIPOZI 3 modes cleaning Toothbrush

Yet another UV based motor toothbrush, the Kipozi sonic electric toothbrush is waterproof and has a USB based charging port in it. Similar to the Oral-B Scope sonic toothbrush in many ways, the Kipozi comes in an appealing black matte colour.

On the bottom of the toothbrush base, a USB port is available through which you can charge it using a charger, power bank or even your laptop. A USB cable has been provided with the packaging along with the brush. The LED bulb present near the base would let you know about the charging and the discharging state of the toothbrush.

The ‘W’ shaped bristles of the brush head are ideal to reach to even the farthest corners of your teeth and clean out any kind of plaque or dirt.

Coming to the features and specifications of the toothbrush, it has most of its features similar to that of the Oral-B scope sonic. It has a minimal body, a sonic powered brushing cycle, 3 brush settings (soft mode, gum massaging mode and whitening mode).

A timer present within the toothbrush base has a 2-minute setting so that you brush to the recommended 2 minutes for greater dental hygiene.

The packaging also comes with a 3 replacement brush heads and Kipozi provides you with a full of 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for any product related defects and refunds are hassle-free for up to 180 days of purchase.

Things we liked about the brush

  • Neat and matte black unibody
  • Soft mode for smooth brushing
  • Whitening mode for teeth whitening
  • Gum massaging mode to massage the gums’
  • 2 Minute inbuilt timer
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • USB Based charging facility

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Not so powerful motor
  • Unibody plastic is not entirely durable

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Buying Guide: How to pick the best electric toothbrush?

Your oral hygiene does not stop with your teeth. It has an impact on your overall well being. As important as it is for you to pick a simple toothpaste, picking a toothbrush that suits your oral hygiene regimen and requirements is of equal importance.

Working of an electric toothbrush:

Electric toothbrushes function on the principle of oscillatory motion. A motor either completely rotates or oscillates the bristled toothbrush head. When the moving brush bristles come in contact with the tooth, they perform a sweep styled cleaning which will clear out the teeth of plaque and other dirt.

Things to Consider while buying Electric Toothbrush

Though the basic principle of function of electric toothbrushes is same mostly, the electric toothbrushes are divided based on the following.

  • Brush Head
  • Motion type
  • Motor type
  • Charging type

Again, when it comes to the motion of the toothbrush, it is of two types.,

  • Full circular motion: The toothbrush head will rotate in a circular fashion and you can brush with it.
  • Oscillatory motion: The electric brush will go back and forth in a pendulum fashion just like one brushes to and fro about the teeth.

Now depending on these aspects, there are multiple electric toothbrushes available to buy. Given below given are the important aspects that one has to consider before deciding on what kind of toothbrush is a perfect fit for them.

1. Brush Head

This is the first and foremost thing one has to consider while picking a toothbrush. Brusheads contain small fibre hairs called bristles. The shape and size of these bristles decide the quality and usage of the tooth brush.

Brush head bristles are usually shaped either

  • Criss-Cross
  • Round flat

While there is no strong scientific evidence to back up the high action claims of Criss Cross bristles, they do have a common motion advantage in plaque removal. When the criss cross action happens, it oves about and aids in the perfect removal of plaque in between teeth.

Round and Flat brush heads are good for oscillatory and motion brushes. These oscillate about their own axis and systematically remove the plaque present on the tooth individually. Usually, these brushes accompany a self speed adjustment handles that help in maintaining how fast or slow the brush head should rotate.

Courtesy: Oral-B

This is not a standard mode of operation and cleaning methods of different brush heads differ from one another. They are explained in detail below.

2. Cleaning Method of the different Electric Toothbrush heads.

Apart from the two brush heads, there are various permutations and combinations through which the toothbrushes can clean your teeth. A few are combinations, isolated or different setting s that are available on the brush itself.

There are various types of toothbrushes that are available in the market and they differ in the way they clean the teeth, different types of toothbrushes come with different types of cleaning. It is wise to go for the type that you prefer. Below is the list of different type of brushes.

  • Rotating Electric Toothbrushes – Bristles of this type of brush spin in a circular motion which is almost similar to the way we brush our teeth regularly. If you want a regular type of cleaning but want to use an electronic brush, this is the type you should prefer.
  • Rotating-Oscillating Electric Toothbrushes – This type of toothbrush is good at removing plaque effectively since the head of the toothbrush oscillates in a back and forth motion while we brush the teeth.  If your priority is to remove the plaque then you should consider buying this type.
  • Counter-Oscillating Electric Toothbrushes – In this type apart from tuft that spins in opposite direction, these are very much similar to the rotating oscillating electric toothbrushes. These are also good at removing the plaque, if your priority is to remove plaque but don’t like rotating oscillating ones, then you should consider using this one.
  • Dual Head Toothbrush – This type of brush rotates and moves from one side to the other that ensures more effective cleaning. If you are very keen to clean your teeth, then you should use this type of brushes.
  • Vibrating Electric Toothbrushes – This type of brush vibrates on the surface of the teeth thereby removing the plaque. If you have a problem with the toothbrushes that rotate, then you have a good option of using this type of brush, since they remove the plaque just by vibrating.

3. Speed of Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes move hundreds of time faster than manual brushing which allows more effective cleaning in much less time. But these toothbrushes oscillate, rotate or vibrate at different speed. Faster electric toothbrushes are called sonic or ultrasonic toothbrushes. They are more effective compared to regular electric toothbrushes but are more expensive as well.

4. Power Source of Electric Toothbrush

Electronic brushwork from the power, either supplied from rechargeable or replaceable batteries. The life of the battery depends on different factors like brands, cost, and size of the toothbrush. It is important to decide which one you prefer before buying.

  • Battery Powered Toothbrush – This type of brushes employs AA batteries. This is inexpensive and is easily portable when compared to rechargeable toothbrushes. If you are budget conscious and travel a lot then you should prefer battery powered ones over rechargeable ones. A battery powered toothbrush by far is probably the best disposable version of electric toothbrush.
  • Rechargeable Toothbrush – This is expensive type when compared to the battery powered toothbrushes. This can be powered by using a battery pack that can be connected to the mains.  Generally, this is preferred over battery powered ones since they offer better functionality. This is better suited for people with sensitive gums and teeth.

Additional Features –

  • Timer – They move very quickly than normal toothbrush which is more efficient and saves time. This type of brushes oscillates, vibrate, and rotate at various types of speeds.  The toothbrushes which are faster are called faster electric toothbrushes and are known as ultrasonic or sonic toothbrushes. They are not only effective but also expensive.
  • Pressure Sensor – Applying more pressure while brushing can cause bleeding in the mouth, to avoid such cases, brushes come with pressure sensors that warn the user if we apply more pressure. If you have sensitive teeth, then you should use the brushes that have a pressure sensor. They warn us if we apply more force on the teeth while brushing.
  • Modes – Electronic toothbrushes these days come with various types of modes for different activities like whitening mode, cleaning mode, sensitive mode, massage mode, using which we can adjust the mode as per your needs. It is advisable to go for the electronic brushes with different types of modes since the essence of using electronic toothbrushes is to provide more comfort that lacks normally in normal brushes.
  • Charge Indicator – Buying an electric toothbrushes with indicator light is wise, since it notifies us of when to charge the brush. It certainly helps for improving the longevity of the product.
  • Replaceable Head – Before buying a toothbrush please keep in mind to buy a toothbrush that has a replaceable head, or else, you need to change the entire body, a couple of times for every six months. It is wise to go for the brushes that have a replaceable head, since buying them is cheap when compared with a brush.

Benefits and tips with an electric toothbrush:

  • Never overbrush. Over Brushing is harmful and causes the enamel on the teeth to erode.
  • An electric toothbrush does half of your job for you. So use the brush very gently on your teeth. Do not press and brush.
  • If the brush is being used by the elderly or kids, then go for a large base brush. Large bases and handles make it easier for kids and elderly who lack in dexterity and have shaky hands.
  • Electric Toothbrushes  are eco friendly in nature. They tend to reduce the usage of plastic.
    If you belong to a bigger household, buying an individual electric toothbrush of high quality is highly recommended.
  • People with braces need to be careful while using an electric toothbrush. This is because the bristles may get stuck in the braces and cause damage.
    To prevent this and to be careful, first rinse your mouth by gargling with salt water. This helps remove any food or other particles stuck in your braces and then go ahead to brush.
  • Take the timer seriously. The timer present on the toothbrush serves a reason. As you are not supposed to use a lot of pressure with the brush on your teeth, time is the game. Brush for the 2 whole minutes and use the 30 seconds timer if present to switch sides of the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Which is the best electric toothbrush?

Oral-B is a leading company in the oral and dental care industry. There are a lot of electric toothbrushes from the house of Oral-B which fit the position of being a great electric toothbrush. From their Oral-B Pro series alone there are various battery powered and charge powered toothbrushes. Apart from this, there are a lot of other companies which provide you some of the best electric toothbrushes in the world.  

2. Which toothbrush is good? Manual or electric?

By default, an electric brush is a faster than a manual toothbrush. An electric toothbrush gives you a lot of versatile features, ample hygiene and other dental and oral care functionalities. While this stands, a normal toothbrush is light in weight, does not require special attention or maintenance. They are inexpensive and can be bought from any store and can be easily disposed of.  

3. Do we need to put toothpaste on electric toothbrushes?

No toothbrush works better without toothpaste. Please always use toothpaste on electric as well as normal toothbrushes for better results and good dental hygiene.

4. Can we pour water on electric toothbrushes? 

Yes. There was a time when electric toothbrushes took power directly from a 230V sockets and back then it was dangerous. But modern electric toothbrushes are fast, better and do not induce any shock. But never use water when the brush is connected to a power source for charging.

5. Till when can I keep an electric toothbrush and when should I go for a new one?

Major dentists recommend a 3 month lifetime for any brush. For an electric toothbrush, there are always brush head replacements. Replace the brush head once every 3 months. As for the brush body, you can use it as long as it is functional.

6. Do I need to floss my teeth even after using an electric toothbrush?

Not necessarily. Though an electric toothbrush is perfectly capable of removing any and all plaque on teeth, a few people like to use additional flossing of their teeth. Normally, you need to floss your teeth after using a normal toothbrush to remove any leftover plaque the brush was not able to remove.


With an incredibly economic and low pricing, two cleaning actions, rotating powerhead and most importantly, a sweeping power crisscross bristles, the Oral B Cross Action 2 Modes clean Toothbrush wins our list of the best electric toothbrushes available in India. While that was our list, we would love to hear your opinions and thoughts. Did we miss out on anything? If so please feel free to write to us in the comment section below. Our team of home appliance experts will write back to you ASAP.

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