Best Electric Heaters

Chilling temperatures at home can not only disturb your night’s sleep but also your household work during day times. However, winters need not be painful as they were before when plenty of electric heaters are available in the market. Experience instant and efficient solution for low temperatures with the best and reliable electric heaters. Don’t know which one to choose from the numerous products available? Here we are. Have a look at the collection of the best electric heaters listed below.

1. Usha fan heater with adjustable thermostat

Tagline: Experience spot heating with the silent yet powerful fan heater.

Usha fan heater with adjustable thermostat offers a compact, silent, and powerful solution for room heating requirements. It enables positive temperature coefficient technology to provide the utmost safety and efficiency with low operating costs. It promises less than 50dB motor noise and has 3 operating modes to assure customized heating performance. The heater ensures overheating protection and a height adjusting stand. Its technical features include 900/1500 watt and 220 to 240V AC.

2. Havells Cista Room Heater

Tagline: Safe handling instant room heater that offers a wealth of features.

Havells Cista room heater is a feature-rich electric heater that brings warmth to your super cool room. The heater comes with a safe handling cool touch body that prevents your hands from burning when you touch it. The overheat protection regulates the temperature fluctuations and prevents the heater from damage. Not just that, the room heater has a night light indicator and a smart adjustable stand for your safety and comfort. It requires 220-240 V and consumes 1000W/2000W. 

3. Staunch electric handy room heater

Tagline: Control the temperature in your room with a noiseless room heater.

Staunch electric handy heater is an ISI-certified room heater that comes with overheat protection. It provides ultimate convenience by letting you set high or low heat based on your comfort. It comes with an energy-efficient heater and with an inbuilt fan. Its overheating protection automatically cuts-off or shuts down the heater. 

4. Warmex Ptc 99N room heater

Tagline: Make your room warm with the quick heating home appliance.

Warmex Ptc 99N heater offers quick heating, high thermal efficiency, and even heating for your room. It ensures no oxygen burning, automatic reset function, and overheat safety protection. The product comes with a hot air blower and speed control.

Things to consider before buying an electric heater:


Safety should always come first. Buy a room heater that is less prone to risks of fires. Make sure the heater comes with overheat protection and is safe to touch at any time.

Energy efficiency

A warm room in winters should not mean heavy electricity bills. Check the energy efficiency of different room heaters and buy one that comes with an energy-saving mode, adjustable thermostat, low wattage, and timers.

Heating capacity

Shortlist the room heaters that match the space of your room. Larger rooms need higher wattage heaters and vice versa. You don’t have to afford a higher heating capacity heater for a smaller room, right? So, compare and choose accordingly.


Electrical appliances are known to generate noise. However, the latest appliances come with low noise levels. So, check for heaters that guarantee silent operations.


After all, your room heater becomes part of your furniture. So, keep an eye on the design too. See if your interior aligns well with a modern solid white room heater or with a classic design brown fan heater.