Best Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are one of the most complicated items to buy. But in this world of contemporary decor, it is really necessary to stuff things compactly. And without a drawer, it is certainly impossible. The longevity of the drawer depends on the channel quality. So, finding the right slide for your drawer seems tough. To reduce your worries we have selected top-rated few drawer slides here:  

1. Genric Hettich-T-C Steel 500mm Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Channel

Tagline: Made of steel these drawer slides have a load-bearing capacity of 45kgs.

Genric is famous for its runner and drawer collections and this drawer slide is one of them. The package contains a pair of telescopic ball bearing channels. These slides are 500mm x 46mm x 12.7mm. They are the best solution when it comes to buying smooth running, durable, and sturdy ball bearing slides. The hard steel ball provides amazing stability, assuring easy functionality of the drawers. 

2. Plantex Stainless Steel 5 Ball Bearing Telescopic Slide/Drawer Channel

Tagline: Featured with noiseless functioning these channels are super sturdy.

Plantex comes up with full extension drawer slides. They are made of high-quality steel. These silver-colored channels don’t create any such noise while opening or closing. The package contains a pair of telescopic 5 ball-bearing drawer channels. It has a load-bearing capacity of 45kg. These 10 inch drawer channels are perfect for multi-purposes.

3. Met Craft Steel Metco Commercial Telescopic Drawer Channel

Tagline: A set of drawer runners that is perfect for residential and commercial furniture uses.

Met Craft drawer runners have a load-bearing capacity of up to 35kg. Measuring 250×42mm this drawer runner provides high durability. Comes with a zinc coating these drawer runners have an easy lever disconnect feature. These smooth-running ball-bearing slides provide awesome stability. Designed with the less-noise feature, these runners are of super quality that can also be used as full extension runners. These easily installable full extension channels are easy to use. 

4. Godrej Cold Rolled Steel Ball Bearing Telescopic Drawer Channel

Tagline: Designed with an anti-rebound function this drawer channel will last longer.

Godrej presents a telescopic drawer channel that is made of high-grade steel. These channels have a load-bearing capacity of up to 45kgs. Comes with the easy removal feature these channels are sturdy and firm. These ball bearing channels have great corrosion resistance as they are protected with zinc coating. 

Things to consider before buying drawer slides: 

  • Load bearing capacity: Different channels have different load-bearing capacities. Depending on for what purpose you will be needing the drawer channels and how much weight you will be stuffing in your drawer, choose the runners. For any residential furniture applications, 22- 35 kgs load-bearing capacity is ideal.
  • Durability: The drawer slides are supposed to go through regular continual uses and rough functions. Hence they need to be highly durable to endure constant opening and closing.  
  • Full-extension: It is necessary to check if the slides have a full extension feature. otherwise, if you keep some stuff at the end of the drawer you may find it difficult to open and collect later.