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The 7 Best Door Locks In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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Door locks are the most essential part of any household. They keep your house, family, and personal belongings safe and secure. A door lock acts as a perfect barrier to keep your house or workplace safe. It is also helpful in maintaining your privacy.

There are many types of door locks available in the market. Each of these types offers a different level of security. These door locks are also available depending on the type of door. Whether you want to buy a door lock for a pocket door, front door, or cabinet door, you must make sure that you are buying one with the best locking system.

Security is one thing that you should never compromise with. Before buying a door lock for your house, it is very important to understand the different types of door locks available along with their features.

Here is an ultimate “Buying Guide” that will help you understand the difference between all the types of door locks so that you can purchase the most suitable lock for both internal and external doors.

Best Door Locks In India

Door LocksMaterialWeightWarrantyBuy Now
Godrej Locks Ultra Twin BoltStainless Steel1.11 kg5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Godrej Locks Classic Cylindrical LockBrass649 grams2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Met Craft Cylindrical Latch Door LockStainless Steel568 grams2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Ramson 10 Chal Iron Door LockIron1.14 kg-Check On Amazon
Ipsa High Security Cylindrical LockStainless Steel525 grams5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Shaks Traders Europa Dimple Door LockStainless Steel600 gramsLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Atom Mortise Door LockIron980 grams-Check On Amazon

7 Best Door Locks In India Reviews

1. Godrej Locks Ultra Twin Bolt 

godrej locks

Godrej is a renowned safety locks company that has been catering with its highly engineered products to its users for quite a long time. This ultra twin bolt is one such best product in which the body is made with tough coated steel to provide extra strength and protection.

In this lock, the deadbolt and latch bolt are made with non-corrosive brass to enhance its strength and durability. Also, the deadlock system of the door will ensure the latch bolt won’t be pushed back to open it forcefully from outside. The hold back feature of this latch bolt will prevent the inadvertent lock out situations.

The safe knob will ensure that the door can’t be opened from outside without having its own key. The pins and keys are specially made with satin nickel-silver alloy that adds attractive look and enhance smooth operation. The keys come with a 14 pair pin tumbler to provide a superior level of security.

One can get 1 ultra twin-bolt assembly, 1 receptacle, 1 pin cylinder lock assembly and rose, 1 lock retainer plate, 4 keys, 6 screws (8X20 mm), 2 screws (5X60 mm), 4 screws (8X45 mm), marker and user manual for proper installation in this pack. It comes with 5 years warranty on any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. The dimensions of this lockset are 13X9X3 cm with 1.11 kg weight and beige color.

Things we liked:

  • The reinforced receptacle provides some extra resistance from the door being forced to open.
  • It serves dual purpose – key entry from outside and lever enabled lock from inside.
  • Doors will be locked automatically either by pulling or pushing.
  • Looks stylish and performs well.
  • Provides free installation service.

Things we didn’t like:

  • A little bit pricey product.

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2. Godrej Locks Classic Cylindrical Lock

godrej lock classic

This is another best product from Godrej, which provides security to its users with latest technology and constant innovation.  This lock will secure your door and home, especially for the entrance doors of various commercial and residentials. The single panel door where you want to place this lock should come with thickness of about 32 mm to 45 mm and the backset should be 60 mm.

The knob of this lock is made with brass and hardware works with cylindrical type. The pin cylinder mechanism in the brass will allow automatic deadlocking. It comes with 2 keys for locking the door and has both inside and outside lock.

It has 2-year warranty from the date of purchase and free installation is available in selected locations or else one has to go for paid installation by contacting their customers service team @ 1800 209 4543. It weighs 649 grams and round shape will make it look attractive.

Things we liked:

  • Comes with an automatic door locking – both for inside and outside.
  • Suitable mostly for the entrance doors.
  • Having brass finish and looks stylish and durable.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The build quality is not up to the mark.
  • Need to work on the handling issues.

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3. Met Craft Cylindrical Latch Door Lock

Met Craft

This cylindrical lock is made with high quality stainless steel to prevent the door lock from either breaking or tampered easily. The lock comes with waterproof feature which make it not to get corroded quickly. The stainless-steel material of this lock with silver color will provide a classy finish to your house or office doors and make its look attractive.

It is suitable for entrance doors for both commercial and residential purpose and it covers with 3 keys. The single panel doors should come with thickness of about 32 mm to 45 mm and lock backset of about 60 mm.

In general, this lock will come with 60 mm end – end dimensional side latch and those who are trying to replace the old lock will check the latch dimensions of previously installed lock. It comes with 2 years warranty from the date of purchase.

Things we liked:

  • This cylindrical latch/tubular door lock is strong and durable one.
  • The stainless-steel finish will make it look attractive and stylish.
  • The user can lock/unlock the door from both outside (using key) and inside (lock button).
  • Value for money.
  • It is easy to install and sturdy quality material.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the lock (lock rose) is not up to the mark.

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4. Ramson 10 Chal Iron Door Lock


This high security door lock comes from the house of Ramson locks and door fittings. It is made with iron with anti-corrosion feature that lasts for a long time. It comes with steel color and can be operated from both sides of the door (universal door lock). It comes with 3 keys and can be fitted to any door either single or double panel door.

The dimensions of this door locking bar are 9.5X5.5X3.5 inches and ideal to use for wooden / metal doors. It is easy to install and comes with sturdiness. It weighs 1.14 kg and has steel color. One can get 1 lock, 3 keys, 2 cram and 1 key hole in this pack.

Things we liked:

  • Value for money
  • Easy to install this sturdy door lock.
  • Suitable for both wooden and metal doors.

Things we didn’t like:

  • A little bit pricey product.
  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark.

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5. Ipsa High Security Cylindrical Lock


This high security cylindrical lock or lockset tubular knob is made with stainless steel material with grade 202. It can suitable for doors in any room with thickness of about 30 mm to 50 mm and the backset with 60 mm. It comes with stainless steel finish.

It is strong and durable with rust and scratch free lock. It comes with 5 years warranty and has antique and luxurious style. For installation, you have to call their customer service @ 0120-4536600. It comes with 3 computer keys and one can lock/unlock the door from both sides (inside press the button on the knob and outside by using a key). It weighs about 600 grams.

Things we liked:

  • Easy to install but free installation is applicable in only selected areas.
  • Value for money.
  • Good looking and have effective performance.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Poor post-installation service.
  • This is not that much sturdy and the quality are similar to local locks.

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6. Shaks Traders Europa Dimple Door Lock 

shaks traders

This Shaks Traders Europa 8123 AB door lock is suitable for main/entrance door. It is suitable for wooden door in which one can lock / unlock the door with key from outside and without key from inside (lockable knob operated). It is made with pure brass and it is 8-lever and the thickness of the door should be up to 50 mm to install this lock.

It comes with 4 keys in which 1 light key and 3 dimple keys. It is a universal lock that can be fixed on any side of the door (both for left-handed and right-handed door openings). The rim portion of the lock is fixed inside the door and cylinder at the outside.

The dimensions of this product is 12X8X4 cm and weighs about 600 grams and comes with lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Things we liked:

  • It is a genuine Europa lock with metallic color that looks stylish and durable.
  • The heavy and strong built lock to safeguard your home or office.
  • Ideal to fix on the main entrance door.
  • Comes with lifelong warranty on any manufacturing defects.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It won’t be suitable for double door why because it comes with a horizontal lock.
  • The lock quality is not up to the mark, as it may struck when locked inside the home.

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7. Atom Mortise Door Lock

Atom Mortise Door LockNext on our list is Atom’s Mortise door lock. While not as popular as some of the other brands on our list, Atom has a separate customer base for its reliable door locks and knobs.

Atom has used a 65-mm double-stage locking mechanism in this door lock. On top of that, it has 6 levers. These levers provide an additional layer of security and prevent unauthorized entry

The Mortise door lock is made of iron to make it durable. To prevent iron from rusting, the door lock has a special anti-corrosion technology.

The door lock comes with a set of 3 keys. You can use the keys to open both right-hand and left-hand side opening doors. It has a black silver finish that gives a premium look and feels.

With this door lock, you get a spindle bar, lock, handle pair, side cramp, 12 screws, and a full set handle with lock. 

Things we liked:

  • Gives a premium look and feel
  • Very durable and difficult to break-in
  • Can be used for right-hand and left-hand side opening doors
  • Anti-corrosion feature

Things we didn’t like:

  • Difficult to install

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Different Types of Door Locks:

As there are many types of locks, there are multiple security factors that you must consider before buying it. Some of the most commonly available types of door locks and handles are as follows.

1. Deadbolt Lock Types:

Deadbolt Lock Type

Deadbolts are preferred by many users as they claim to offer the best protection against theft, break-in, or burglary. You will have to move the lock bolts by turning a knob or a key, without using a spring. Deadbolts feature a unique locking mechanism. It resists any type of physical attack or battering. You cannot open these locks using a hand tool or a knife. There are three types of deadbolt locks available: single, double, and C.

Single-cylinder deadbolts are the simplest amongst all the types. They can be activated from a single side using a key. A double cylinder deadbolt, on the other side, can be used from both sides using a key. A single, double, and lockable thumb turn deadbolt has a thumb turn inside it that can be locked via a key. This type of deadbolt offers the best security and flexibility to the users.

2. Knob Locks:

Knob Locks

Doorknob locks are the most commonly available types of locks. You will find it in the homes of most people, especially on the inner doors such as bedroom or bathrooms. The lock cylinder is situated in the knob rather than the door. Hence, it is suggested to not use knob locks on the external doors as they can be broken easily using simple tools like a wrench, hammer, etc.

The locking mechanism in these types of locks is installed within the doorknob. The knobs on these locks are present on either side of the door. They can feature either single or double cylinders, depending on whether you want the door to be locked from inside or not.

3. Hand Levers:

Hand Levers

Hand levers are a great choice for the inside doors. They have a simple handle lever on one side of the door and a twist knob on the other side.

When compared to other types of locks, these types don’t provide as much security as others. Hence, they are not considered as an ideal choice for the main entry doors. However, the levers allow you to quickly open the door using a single hand. This is especially important if you are carrying a grocery bag or something in your other hand.

4. Handlesets:


The handleset locks feature a handle on the outer side. On the internal side, they feature either a twisted knob or a keyed opening using which you can lock the door. For extra security, this type of lock has a deadbolt rather than a spring bolt. They offer a similar purpose as that of a doorknob lock but provide a more appealing look. Hence, people prefer using it for the exterior part of the door.

5. Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks are considered as very powerful locks and hence, are used on external doors. These types of locks are available in both heavy and light-duty models. There is an internal system present in these locks that makes them look more like a lockset rather than just a lock.

These locksets can feature either levers or knobs and are usually available in a cylindrical body. The parts are threaded and they also utilize mortise components that are added within the door. There is a box lock that is set within the mortise which is installed deep in the edge of the door. The locksets stay secure by using a set screw along with a cam to create a locking mechanism. The cylindrical body or component are available in various length and heights and thus, can be used on different types of doors.

6 .Padlocks:

Padlocks fall under the category of free-standing locks. Unlike other types of locks, they are portable, and hence, you don’t have to attach it permanently to a particular door. Padlocks are available in a variety of models. However, they are grouped into two main types: combination and keyed.

7. Cam Locks:

Cam Lock

Cam locks are mostly used in lockers, mailboxes, low-security bank deposit boxes, and filing cabinets. The locks are a simple version of other types of locks. While locking and unlocking, you will have to use a key to turn a cam. Cam locks are available in either flat models or tubular models. The key that you get along with them is usually in the same shape.

Door Lock Types by Security & Use

TypeSecurity RatingBest Used for
Padlock🔒Lockers, Drawers, Trash Units, Sheds
Cam Lock🔒Cabinets, Drawers, Mailboxes, and Lower Security OEM applications
Knob Lock🔒 🔒Interior Doors
Deadbolt🔒 🔒 🔒External Doors
Mortise Locks🔒 🔒 🔒Commercial Doors, Entry Glass Doors, and Apartment Doors

Parts of a Door Lock:

Before buying the best door lock for your home, it is very essential that you should know the names of each part and the importance of these parts in the locking mechanism. You should also know that how do these parts help other parts of the lock while locking and unlocking it.

The design and the functionality of these parts vary, depending on the type of door lock that you are planning to buy. The standard parts of a regular door lock are as follows:

1. Cylinder:


The cylinder is that part of the lock from where the key enters. The key must fit inside the cylinder properly and this is further going to allow you to open the lock. Even a slight difference in the shape or pattern of the key will prevent the cylinder from locking or unlocking.

The cylinder comprises of multiple spring-loaded pins that move as soon as you place a key inside it. While you insert the right key, the pins will start moving as the key moves inside the cylinder. It then indicates the lock to unlock by opening the bolt using electronic door locks.

If the cylinder gets damaged, you can replace the damaged in some cases. It is a helpful feature, especially if replacing the entire door lock mechanism is expensive. However, it is less expensive to buy a new lock rather than replacing or repairing this part.

  • Single Cylinder:

In locks with single cylinders, there is a space for the key only on one side. The other side of the lock features a twist knob that can be used to lock the door from the other side. The key side is usually present on the external side of the door and the internal part features a knob so that you can lock the door from the inside without the need for a key.

  • Double Cylinder:

Rather than having a twist knob on the interior side, double cylinder locks need a key to use on either side of the lock. These types of locks are a good choice in places where you don’t want anyone to be able to lock the door from the inside without using a key. You will mostly find them in public places such as restrooms.

2. Bolt/Latch:

When the key fits properly in the cylinder, the pins present inside the cylinder start moving and they engage the bolt (often called as latch) within the lock. The bolt is the

. part of a lock that moves in and out. It rests in a carved-out part of the door frame, also called as the box, when the door is locked, keeping it in its dedicated place.

There two main types of bolts available: the deadbolt and the spring bolt.

  • Dead bolt:

A deadbolt is the type of bolt where you will have to lock it yourself. This type of lock features a cylinder that can open using a key. When compared to the spring bolts, deadbolts are considered as safer and durable options. Hence, many users choose this type of lock for both personal and professional use. Some users even prefer buying a combination of both the locks.

  • Spring Bolt:

Spring bolt features a small clip that keeps the bolts in place. When the key starts moving the pins in the cylinder, the clip starts compressing. It then unlocks the bolt and lets it move inside the lock so that you can open the door.

When you close the door, it releases the spring. This moves the bolt back to its original place to keep the door closed. Most of the time, spring bolt locks get locked on their own as soon as you close the door. You might have noticed it on the doors of hotel rooms.

It provides additional security to those people who often tend to forget locking the door while leaving the house or room.

3. Strike Plate:

Strike Plate

The strike plate is the component where the lock is attached to the door frame. It keeps the door in the correct position whenever you are planning to lock it. A strike plate is a simple component. It is a metallic part that can be screwed to the main door frame. When it comes to replacing or in case of damage, it is the easiest part that can be replaced.

4. Box:

The box is that part of the door frame where the bolt latches. The box is generally a small and squarish hole that is designed to fit the bolt properly. As most of the bolts are similar in size, the boxes are also available in similar sizes. They can fit most locks in a home.

Things to Consider Before Buying Door Locks

There is no harm in knowing the basic things about the door lock. This information will help you narrowing down your options so that you can buy a lock that not only looks good but functions properly as well.  Some of the factors that you must check for before buying a door lock are as follows:

1. Strike Plate or Box Strike:

Strike Plate

The strike plate is installed on the door frame. Its main role is to catch and hold the deadbolt. It helps in keeping the door shut throughout. If you are buying a low-quality strike plate or installing it inappropriately, you might end up compromising with the security of the lock. You should install the strike plate using long screws that extend deeper inside the door frame. For better results and performance, you can upgrade the strike plate to a box strike.

A box strike is nothing but a small piece of hardware that fits inside the doorjamb. It looks more or less like a regular strike plate. However, instead of featuring just a flat piece that frames the deadbolt, it comes in a box shape that surrounds the entire deadbolt with a metallic part. Even though they add up a bit to the total price of the lock, a box strike can make the locking mechanism more organized and prevents any type of break-ins.

2. Door Handing:

Before buying a door lock, you must first determine the handing of the doors at your house. Handing lets you understand whether the door is designed to be opened by right-handed people or left-handed people.

Finding the lock handedness for the lock might be a bit different than determining the door handing while buying the door. To check whether you will need a right-handed lock or a left-handed lock, you will first have to stand on the outside of the door. Now check the location of the hinges. It does not matter if the door is swinging towards you or away from you. Some of the observations that you will have to check for are:

If the hinge is on the right side, this means that you have a right-handed door and thus, you will need a right-handed (RH) lock.

If the hinges are present on the left, you have a left-handed door and will have to buy a left-handed (LH) lock.

Some types of locks available for the doors work on both types of door handing. These locks are often called as “universal handing” or “reversible handing”. They can be easily installed on either side of the door.

3. Lock Quality Grade:

The Indian Standard Institute (ISI) issues ratings to different types of locks. These ratings help you understand how strong and reliable these door locks are.

The door locks are given a grade rating of 1,2, and 3. The rating is provided depending on the durability of the lock and its potential to withstand a forced entry or break-in.

Grade 1:

The Grade 1 deadbolts are usually limited to industrial buildings as they are highly durable and effective. However, the manufacturers these days are making grade 1 locks for residential purposes as well.

To get the Grade 1 rating, the door lock should be able to withstand a minimum of 10 hard strikes against a force of 35 kgs. It should also be able to withstand at least 10,00,000 opening and closing cycles.

Grade 2:

Grade 2 door locks are mostly found in residential places. They are designed specially to withstand multiple attempts of a forceful entry. These types of locks are made using high-quality stainless steel material.

A Grade 2 lock is sufficient to be used for common houses. However, if you want to have high security, you should look for other options.

To get the Grade 2 rating, the lock should be able to withstand a minimum of 5 strikes against a force of 35 kgs. It should also be able to withstand at least 8,00,000 opening and closing cycles.

Grade 3:

Grade 3 door locks are made using substandard components. They offer a certain level of protection to your house. However, if there is a determined intruder at your place, the door lock might not be able to hold till the last. Also, these locks might not last for a very long time as compared to the high-quality locks.

To get a Grade 3 rating, the lock should be able to withstand at least 2 strikes with a force of 35 kgs. It should also be able to withstand around 8,00,000 opening and closing cycles.

4. Installation Considerations:

Before buying a door lock, you should first measure the backset of the door, cross bore, and its thickness to make sure that you are buying the right fit.

Backset: It is the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the lock hole. The backset usually measures around 2 3/8 inches or 2 ¾ inches.

Cross (or edge) bore: It is a small hole that is present along the edge of the main door frame. It usually measures about 1 inch in diameter.

Tip: Exterior doors are often 1 ¾ inch thick whereas the interior doors are usually 1 3/8 inches thick.

5. Security:

While choosing the hardware or door lock for the exterior door of your house, you must consider what level of security do you want or need.

Mortise locks are considered as the most secure locks. Hence, buying them can provide you a sense of relief. For people who have a glass entry door, some of them prefer installing a double-cylinder deadbolt. With this type of set up, an intruder cannot unlock the door from the inside even if they attempt to break the glass.

However, you might want to use a double-cylinder door lock if there is another fire exit door at your home that is easily accessible as you will have to first search for the key before planning to escape from the house in case of an emergency.


For a quality locking mechanism, it is advised to use 3-inch screws to attach the strike plate to the door frame. If the deadbolt screws that you got with the door lock are shorter, we suggest you to buy 3 inches screws separately and use them rather than using the shorter locks.

You must always remember the fact that the longer screws make it difficult for an outsider or an intruder to open the door forcefully.

6. Think about Pre-drilled Door:

If you are planning to buy a door lock or hardware for a door with pre-drilled holes or an existing door, you can simply measure the diameter of these holes and make sure that the lock trim is covering the openings of the door properly.

To install the door lock properly, it is very important to measure the backset (total distance from the center of the hole to the edge of the door along with the width of the door stile).

If the door has a thin stile, you might not be able to install certain types of locksets as they usually result in scraped knuckles while you are attempting to open the door.

The standard inside the door often comes with a thickness of about 1 3/8 inches. The exterior doors, on the other side, come with a thickness of around 1 ¾ inch. If the thickness of the door is differing from the standard, you can simply go ahead and buy conversion parts. This will ensure that the lock is working properly with the door.

7. Secondary Lock:

It is always recommended to use secondary locks as they add an extra layer of security to your house at a low cost. It can be helpful in slowing down the intruders. Due to this, the door locks are often sold in a combination pack of both the doorknob locks and the deadbolts.

If you don’t have a knob lock to be used as a backup for the deadbolt, you can make use of some interior options like chain locks, bolts, or even slide latches. They also act as some of the best supplemental measures to prevent intrusion. These options are important especially for the weaker doors such as basement doors, sliding doors, and even other entryways where you cannot install a fully secure deadbolt.

8. Easy to Operate:

In order to make a fully secured locking mechanism, some manufacturers end up making door handle hardware that is difficult to use. For example, a locking mechanism featuring levers can be easier to operate than the knobs by elder people at the house, children, or anyone whose grip strength is poor. For the keyless locks that come with a smart lock or a coded lock, they can be the best option for those suffering from severe arthritis in their hands.

Amongst all the types of locks, smart locks are considered as the best choice as they are flexible and offer convenient control to the users when they are trying to open the door. These types of locks can even work seamlessly with the home security system, provided that the lock supports home automation.

9. Style and Finish:

Door hardware and locks are available in different styles and finishes. You can choose a model that blends well with the style of your home and the finish on other hardware along with light fixtures.

While selecting a finish, you should always remember that antique bronze and oil-rubbed bronze are some of the living finishes that tend to change over time. If you are using polished brass on the outside, the chances of tarnishing off the finish are high. Hence, you should choose a PVD finish, especially for the exterior doors.

Another thing that you must know is different brands use the same name for the finishes. However, they might not be an exact color match. Hence, if you are going to use a mix of different brands, make sure that you are cross-checking and comparing the colors before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to know when to replace the lock?

Here are a few ways that help you know when to replace the old locks with the new one for your safety and security.
Change the locks of all doors when you’re buying an old home why because we don’t know who all has the keys to the locks. So, to prevent an unexpected break-in by simply replacing all the locks.
Thieves find easier to pick the imperfect lock like rusty or worn out lock on the door. In case, if you find still difficulty to turn after oiling the lock then you need to replace the lock for your home security.
When an intruder breaks into the residence then you need to install a new lock. The door and lock are damaged from the sheer force that caused by the intrusion.
Door without deadbolts are just like an open invitation to devious intruders. So, it’s best to install the deadbolts.

2. Is the handle or knob be removed and make it easy to enter into the home?

Yes, it may happen in case, if the doorknob can easily be drilled through and leave a hole for an intruder to reach through and thereby unlock the deadbolt. So, always add a secondary lock or make different door hardware selection to mitigate the risk.

3. Which type of door lock is best and easily operated by the people in the house?

Not all door handle hardware is easy to operate by all the people in your home. For instance, a keyless lock (like smart or coded) is best for people with hand arthritis (OR) lever style mechanism is best and easy to operate rather than knobs for elder people, children or anyone with poor hand grip or strength. But smart locks are the best choice for convenient control over those who are entering into the home.

4. Does the door need a secondary lock?

Generally, the secondary lock is recommended to add a low-cost security layer and thereby slows down the intruders. So, they are sold in combination of deadbolts and door knob locks. In case, if your door won’t have knob lock backing the deadbolt then one can easily find the interior options like slide latches, chain locks, etc. which acts as best supplement measures. However, they are essential for weaker doors like basement doors, sliding doors and other entryways which won’t accommodate the total secure deadbolt.

5. Is it essential to have an ANSI Grade levels on deadbolts?

Each and every grade has a minimum acceptable requirement for ease of operation, pull strength, impact resistance, number of key torque cycles and finish. Most of the residential exterior door locks comes with grades in between 1 – 3. On this scale. Grade 1 offers the highest level of security and considered as the commercial grade. Grade 3 comes with basic residential requirements and whereas the grade 2 in between these two grades. So, choose either grade 1 or 2 to add some security measures to your locks.


All the above-mentioned products are best in their performance but we pick Godrej Locks Ultra Twin Bolt  as our best door lock. The reason is that it made with tough coated steel and non-corrosive brass to give extra strength and protection. The hold back feature of this latch bolt will prevent the inadvertent lock out situations. It serves dual purpose – key entry from outside and lever enabled lock from inside. Doors will be locked automatically either by pulling or pushing.

Hope you will choose the best door lock that provides security and match with your home interior. Having any queries on its purchase? Then feel free to share it with us in the below comments section.

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