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The 5 Best Door Handlesets Reviews and Buying Guide

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Looking to create a best first impression for guests who visit your home? Then simply upgrade your door handleset. Rather from having a regular door knob and deadbolt on the front door (entrance door), you can give your door an elegant look with a quality handleset.

In general, we find the front doors of manors, estates and mansions will rely on this door handle sets due to its esthetic appeal. So, one has to be careful while selecting and purchasing this door handlesets. Here are 2 main points which the buyer has to keep in mind to make a correct selection.

Applications – In general, the door handlesets are single door entry (used for single front door with single cylinder deadbolt), glass entry door (used for glass front door that uses double cylinder deadbolt keyed on both sides, best for security) and double door entry (used with double front door and uses single cylinder deadbolt). So, choose it as per your requirement.

Lock System – There are 2 main lock types available for door handlesets – Mortise (rectangular body that works with an inbuilt deadbolt) and Cylindrical Locksets (round shaped body that won’t include any security deadbolt and one have to buy it and fix it for the door security).

There are various factors one has to consider before buying this door handlesets, which are clearly explained in the below Comprehensive Buying Guide. Also, to avoid your confusion on various branded products, we are providing you the list of some best door handlesets.

Scroll down to know all about door handlesets and purchase the best one.

Best Door Handlesets

Door HandlesetsMaterialFinishNumber of HandlesetsBuy Now
Godrej Door HandleZinc AlloySteel2CHECK ON AMAZON
Two Moustaches Door Handle PairBrassBrass2CHECK ON AMAZON
Klaxon Brass Door Stopper SetBrassSilver4CHECK ON AMAZON
Two Moustaches Sitar Design Door HandleBrassBrass1CHECK ON AMAZON
Atom  Door Handle IronBrass (Antique)1CHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Door Handlesets Reviews

1. Godrej Door Handle

Godrej ELC

Godrej is one of the best manufacturers in the platform of locking solutions and systems and this door handle set is one best product from them. This ELC-06 handleset comes with mortise lock, in which it has rectangular body with working mechanism to accommodate the lever handle, latch, knob and deadbolt.

The 6-lever zinc alloy door handle will make it strong, and durable handleset, in which it can be fixed to any suitable wooden door (thickness 35 mm) with both side handles (1 from inside and 1 from outside) to lock the door. It is a corrosion resistant, and water and stain resistant.

One can get 2 handlesets, 1 lock with 2 keys (to use for both left- and right-hand side opening doors), screws and other all required accessories in this pack.

Things we liked:

  • Made from the best brand, which is ranked top in the handlesets.
  • It comes with a simple design with easy grip.
  • Value for money.
  • The built quality is good and it is a strong, sturdy and durable product.
  • Perfect for doors in both ways – looks and security.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Do it yourself installation, in which some professional / carpenter assistance is required for its proper installation.
  • The length of the handle is not up to the mark.

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2. Two Moustaches Door Handle Pair

2 moustaches

The Two Moustaches deals with a wide variety of brass products with advanced technology and machines. This peacock design brass door handleset comes with an antique- inspired, and unique design of two peacocks placed on both the door sides and appears as their body flair joining together for a large wing. The handles are strong, sturdy and durable which can last for years of usage.

The brass material will help the handles to stay as new one without getting worried about corrosion and tarnish. The handleset can be cleaned easily, just wipe out with a wet cloth without using any harsh chemicals.

It can also be a good gifting option to your loved ones on their any occasion. Then dimensions of this each piece is 2 (L) X 2 (W) X 11 (H) inches. One can get 2 brass designer peacock door handles with standard fixing screws in the pack.

Things we liked:

  • Works excellent for house having double door entrance.
  • Made with best quality brass material that suits best for the solid wood doors rather than MDF or plywood doors.
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and durable design with well finish.
  • Value for money and also used as good gifting option.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The screw for fixing is handleset is small in length – Fitting problem.
  • It fits for doors with thickness of 1 – 1.5 inch only.

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3. Klaxon Brass Door Stopper Set


This Klaxon offers the unique door stoppers with best quality in different finishes and sizes. This door stopper is a device generally used to hold the door either closed or open and also prevents the door from opening widely. It is used to prevent the door from hitting an obstacle mounted on the wall.

The door stopper set is made with brass material and coated with silver color. The dimensions of this product are 2 (L) X 3 (W) X 13 (H) cm. it is highly durable, shiny, strength and sturdy material. One can get 4-piece door stopper with all required screws in the pack.

Things we liked:

  • A strong and durable product.
  • The screws get fitted properly to the door to hold it either close or open.
  • Prevent the door from opening or hitting an obstacle.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the product and its finish is not up to the mark.
  • A little bit overpriced product.

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Two Moustaches Sitar Design Door Handle


This is another best product from Two Moustaches that add classic style to your modern interiors. This handle has brown colored decorative sitar design that made with brass to make it sturdy and highly durable. It lasts longer with corrosion resistant and looks attractive. This handle will become an ideal partner for your door.

The flaring and beautiful design will make your guest and other family members gets struck at the door. One can easily clean this showpiece by using a wet cloth but don’t use any harsh chemicals for its cleaning. The dimensions of this product are 2 (L) X 1.5 (W) X 8 (H) inches. The contains in this package are 1 brass decorative sitar cum door handle and required screws to fix it properly.

Things we liked:

  • The fine finishing will make it look stylish and attractive.
  • A classic looking door handle with sturdy and durable nature.
  • Made with brass material that makes the handle lasts longer.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark.
  • A little bit pricey product.

Buy Now at Amazon

5. Atom Door Handle 


The Atom is another best manufacture of door handlesets. They prepare the products by the consummated and professional surface treatment & anticorrosion technology. This 606 K.Y handle set comes with size of 65 mm double stage locking with 6 levers, 3 keys and iron material base plate and handle. The mortise lock specification with spiral spring mechanism and brass antique finish will make it suitable to all doors.

One can get handle pair, 1 spindle bar, 1 side crame, 1 lock, 12 screws, 3 keys (used for both right- and left-hand side opening doors) and other required accessories. To fix this handleset, the thick of the door should be at least 1.5 inch and the dimensions of the product are 7-inch mortise handle and 65 mm locks.

Things we liked:

  • Value for money
  • Looks good and stylish with brass finish and anti-corrosion iron material.
  • Comes with mortise lock mechanism that one can lock from exterior or inside the door.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the product and its finish is not up to the mark.
  • A reported that double stage lock of this handleset is not working properly.

Buy Now at Amazon

Buying Guide for Door Handleset – How to Choose the Best One

Door handle set is one of the types of door handles/hardware. They add a dignified look and sense of quality to the door. These are the most long-lasting door handles why because they are operated with a thumb lever and thus won’t suffer from much wear and tear.

Before purchasing this handle set, one has to measure the distance from the top deadbolt hole to the hole for the bottom latch, which has to match with the new hardware. To open the door, you have to push down on the thumb latch of the handlesets. It can be somewhat uncomfortable for those with mobility limitations.

Although, the door handle sets are not the items which we shop on regular basis. So, it’s worth to take some time to consider how to choose the right design that fits perfectly for your doors. Simply follow this guide to get a clear idea on the door handlesets and thereby to narrow down your selection process.

Things to Consider before Buying the Door Handlesets

Here we are providing you what to consider while purchasing the door handlesets to grab the best one, that suits as per your requirement.

1. Categories / Types

The door handlesets come in a wide variety of designs and finishes that range from classic to contemporary, angular to flowing, in which all designs are perfect to the front door. Have a look on its categories and choose the right one for your home.

  • Single Cylinder – Installed quickly with 1 exterior keyhole
  • Double Cylinder – Comes with exterior and Interior keyholes
  • Smart Locks – Durable locks, which you can easily connect to smart phone.
  • Electronic Locks – Easy to install and it hold up to 19 access codes.
  • In-Active Handleset – Decorative door pull.
  • Dummy Set – Used for inactive double door (doors that are not in use for a long time).
  • Front Entry Handle – Entry handle without deadbolt.

2. Applications

We use door handlesets mostly for single door entry, glass entry door and double door entry. Here we explained in detail about their applications on different door sets.

  • Single Door Entry – Having a single front door then you have to use a handleset that comes with single cylinder deadbolt. To lock or unlock the door, we use deadbolt with a key on the outside (exterior) and use your thumb turn on the inside to lock or unlock the door.
  • Glass Entry Door – Some people prefer to have a full or half glass front door (to enhance their home beauty and look). Then they use a double cylinder deadbolt keyed on both sides. So, it comes with a key hole on both inside and outside the door. Although, it works best for security and safety but it is not recommended unless and until there is another way to come out of the room easily (especially, in case of fire / any other emergency).
  • Double Door Entry – Having home with a double front door, then you need a combination of two handle sets. For double doors, generally, one door is always active whereas the other one is inactive. So, for the door with active side, select a handleset comes with single cylinder deadbolt why because the active door will latch and close to the inactive side along with the deadbolt latched in the inactive door edge. Also, you can use dummy handleset for the inactive door to get the same look but won’t have all the mechanisms.

3. Lock Type

Before deciding on the door locks for home security, one has to get a detailed idea on door lock types and how they are used in the handlesets. There are 2 main lock types available for door handlesets – Mortise and Cylindrical.

  • Cylindrical Locksets – Its rounded body gets fits in a large hole into the face of the bored door and thereby connects with the latch bolt, which is inserted into a small hole drilled on the edge of the door. One should have to buy a deadbolt lock to ensure the door’s security why because this lockset won’t include any security deadbolt in its construction.
  • Mortise – Its rectangular body gets slides into a rectangular pocket, which cut into the edges of the door. The body of this lock will come with a mechanism to accommodate the latch, lever handle or knob, and deadbolt. The knob is interconnected with deadbolt in which unlocking the deadbolt will free the latch. Here the lock is engaged or disengaged by using buttons at the edge of the door.

4. Deadbolt

Generally, the handle sets don’t lock on the handle part but it can be done with a deadbolt to secure the door. Install/fit this deadbolt to the exterior doors as a part of the lockset or separate lock. It’s working mechanism is that when once you turn the key then the thick solid metal bolt slides into the door frame and then strike plate to get locked. Remember that the security of the door is determined by the type of deadbolt you choose for the handleset.

5. Interior/Exterior Lock

Consider whether the handleset lock be utilized on the interior or exterior door. The interior handleset provides privacy rather than security while the exterior one is heavier, durable and ensures the security of the home. The interior one is ideal to use for bathroom and bedroom doors, as it comes with a push button lock, whereas the exterior one is used for entrance doors and can be locked and unlocked from either side of the door by using a key, button or throw latch. Choose it wisely, as the necessity varies from one to another situation.

6. Strike Plate

The strike plate is affixed to the doorjamb to accommodate hole for the bolts of the door. It goes on the doorframe rather than the body and thereby become more susceptible to breaking and entering efforts. They provide a little resistance to kick in. so, for this, you have to select the lock that incorporate a strike box with screws to keep the door to stay in place, especially when anyone tries to kick down the door. Also, if you purchase a lock with this strike plate then consider purchasing an aftermarket box strike and screws for your safety.

7. Door’s Orientation

One has to decide whether the door has left-handed or right-handed handleset before purchasing. The side on which the knob is situated when you open the door towards you will determine its orientation. For instance, if the door opens towards you (inside) and its knob is on the right then it has right-handed door.

8. Door Thickness

The common measurement of door’s thickness will range from 1 3/8 inches to 1 ¾ inches. For an exterior door, it should be slightly thicker. So, make sure to buy a handleset the fit well for your door’s thickness.

9. Quality

The door handlesets are built to last longer and most models are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Select the best stylish and secure door handleset that made with fine quality material and have an excellent finish. So, check with the material made for making the door handleset before buying.

10. Touchscreen Handlesets

Your smart phone has become your new key to open the door (with smart deadbolt). So, one can get easy access to their home right from their pocket without any searching for door key in the bag or whether the door is properly locked or not, while going around. With this home automation system, the door lock allows the user to control home doors from anywhere with its smart connect option.

It is also useful to those who have an active lifestyle or children moving around, then this touchscreen handlesets will eliminate the hassle of key entirely, as it provides a lock system with its smart touch feature. It eliminates the hassle of keys and enhance the use of advanced technology.

11. Style

With a wide range of interior and front door handlesets from traditional, contemporary or transitional styles and designs, it allows you to find the perfect match for your style. One can choose the handlesets with perfect finishes (black, gold or silver) for long lasting impressions at every turn.

12. Installation

One can easily install the handlesets in a few minutes by just using a screwdriver, without the help of carpenter. Also, it can be replaced easily with any of the most existing locks.

13. Look

The door handlesets impact the overall look of the home and the market is flooded with so many options. So, always think that door handleset is an accessory in your home but not as a piece of hardware. For this, you have to consider the overall look and theme of your home. For instance, if your home is sleek and modern then vintage looking brass handleset won’t fit for the style.

Also, one has to consider the door itself – is your home has same door for the entire rooms or having different doors depending on the room or floor. Based on it, you can either choose a same set of handleset to front door and any of your room or different one on each doors.

14. Feel / Comfort

Generally, one has to use the handleset of the door for countless times daily. So, you have to ensure that it feels good in your hand. It should be easy to use with convenient handle and fine finish. Avoid purchasing the one which causes discomfort while using or find any tricky to use. Also, consider physical limitations (if any) while using this door.

15. Cost

To replace or upgrade the door handlesets, most of the home owners thinks about the cost / budget. One can easily find the handlesets with different designs / styles separately. So, you can easily buy the set and replace it to use the existing door with the new handleset. If you’re building the new home then add doors the suits best for your home interior. So, choose your best and purchase the one which comes under your budget range.

16. Tips for buying handlesets

  • The handleset comes with a deadbolt to match for single or double cylinder. The dummy handlesets are available for double doors where the door is not active for most of the time.
  • The only drawback is that one has to drill a hole where the bottom of the handle set attaches.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is deadbolt compulsory to have for this handlesets?

Yes, a deadbolt is a key to operate the handleset and it serves to enhance the security of your door handleset. So, it’s a must to have for the handleset to keep your door and yourself safe and secure.

2. How to know the chosen handleset will fit for my door’s dimensions?

Always, measure the dimensions and thickness of your door before purchasing the handleset. In general, the majority of handlesets are made to fit for the doors with measurement of 1 3/8 inches to 1 ¾ inches. For best results, measure first and then purchase.


Among those best door handlesets, we pick Godrej Door Handle as our first and best product. The reason is that it comes with mortise lock and the 6-lever zinc alloy door handle will make it strong, and durable handleset. It can be fixed to any suitable wooden door (thickness 35 mm) with both side handles (1 from inside and 1 from outside) to lock the door. It is a corrosion resistant, and water and stain resistant that offers long lasting performance.

Which one you’re going to pick in this 2020. Having any queries on its purchase? Then feel free to ask me through the below comments section. We are always ready to clarify your queries and make you do shopping happily.

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