Best Diwan Cover Sets

Who doesn’t love to enhance the grandeur of their home decor with an alluring and appealing diwan cover! Diwan sets can certainly make your living space vibrant and dynamic. These four diwan cover set collections are all equally captivating as they are featured with kingliness of beauty.

1. Castiqa Microfibre Unique Patterns Diwan Set Covers

Tagline: A bright diwan cover set made of ultra-soft microfiber.

Castiqa package contains a single bedsheet with five cushion covers and a pair of bolster covers. The skin-friendly high-quality microfiber fabric provides such comfort that you will love it. As it is machine washable, you can easily clean and maintain it. Different color options are also available. You can give this item as a gift for any occasion too.

2. Rajasthanikart Traditional 6 Piece Diwan Set

Tagline: Pure cotton fabricated diwan set to give your living space a brighter look.

The classic folk design of this diwan set from Rajasthanikart is simply adorable. In this set, you will get an 85″× 56″ sized bedsheet, two bolster covers of 30×15 inches, and three cushion covers of 16×16 inches. The symmetrical Rajasthani design in the bolster and cushion covers make this set look more attractive. For longevity, wash it in cold water. As it is made of 100% cotton you need not worry about the softness and comfort of this product.

3. Laying Style Diwan Set

Tagline: A contemporary diwan set that is highly durable.

These 8 pieces of diwan set are available in different color options. This elegant diwan cover is made of cotton. For longer life, it is recommended to wash them in cold water. The modern design of this diwan set will go with any decoration. The set includes one single bedsheet, two bolster covers, and 5 cushion covers. 

4. AVIRAL sajja Premium Diwan Set of 8

Tagline: This premium quality diwan set is perfect to give your house a vintage feeling.

AVIRAL sajja presents an 8 piece diwan set that includes one bedsheet, five cushion covers, and two bolster covers. Fabricated with velvet this diwan cover gives a glossy smooth finish. Definitely whether in the machine or by hand for a better life you need to wash the items separately. This 186 GSM diwan cover is soft and delicate.

Things to consider before buying a diwan cover set:

1. Fabric:

Mostly these diwan covers are made of cotton. Cotton fabricated diwan covers will provide great softness and comfort. Whereas velvet or synthetic fabrics will give a sheer and elegant look but will be less comfortable.

2. Size:

For a fine fitting the size should be checked. These covers are supposed to fit tightly in your bed. So always buy the same sized diwan cover and avoid buying larger items.

3. Color:

If you have a traditional setup, then it is always best to go for any rajasthani or jaipuri ethnic designed diwan cover. Whereas patterned or striped diwan covers look perfect for modern decor.