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Best Dining Table Covers

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A good combination of a stylish table and a classic table cover can always make your food taste better. Good table linen can not only change the look of the dining arrangements but can also make your food look more appealing. Table covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Herein we tried to highlight some of the most stylish and elegant table covers that can add extra class to your interior decor.

1. Kuber Industries Cotton Dining Table Cover

Tagline: Cotton printed table cover that is easy to clean.

This printed table cover is primarily made of net material. It is perfect for a 6 seater table. This cover is easily washable. The cover is 60 x 90 inches. This cream color table cover looks classic.

2. Oriental Weavers Decojewels PVC Dining Table Cover

Tagline: Nonwoven pretty table cover that is made with premium quality material. 

This nonwoven table cover looks amazingly stylish. It is available in multiple sizes. This rectangularly shaped cover is easy to clean. The lacework is perfectly stitched. It is made of top Pvc material. It will undoubtedly last longer.

3. Clasiko 6 Seater PVC Table Cover

Tagline: An amazing table cover that is even waterproof.

This table cover is perfect for any 6 seater table. It is made of high-quality Pvc material. This has awesome thickness. It will go well with any table setup. This cover is easy to clean too. The size of the cover is 60 x 90 inches. This will give your house a modern look. 

4. Khooti Washable Jute Table Cover

Tagline: This table cover is perfect for daily use.

This table cover is made of high-quality jute. This is amazing for multipurpose. The size of the cover is 50″x50″. This eco-friendly product is highly durable. This is just perfect for daily use. For longevity of the product hand wash is recommended. 

Things to consider before buying a table cover:

To buy a perfect table cover is not a matter of joke. It is not something you can easily select. The table cover should have a proper size or shape. Even it should also match with your setup. This way there are a variety of factors you need to think about before buying table linen. We have discussed three factors here.

  • Size: One of the most important factors is size. Because if you buy a 4 seater table linen for your 6 seater table it will be too small for that. So the size should be checked before buying.
  • Color: Color is also an important factor. Because not all colors go well with all settings. Like if you have a glass table then a transparent table cover can do justice to the show of the table.
  • Features: It is equally necessary to check the features of the linen because if you buy such linen which has some specific feature and if you’re not aware of it then it will not last long. Like if the product is not made of waterproof material then it will get easily damaged.


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