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5 Best Dining Chairs in India Reviews & Buying Guide

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The best dining chairs should be strong, well-constructed, and attractive to look at. However, there are various other features that you have to consider before investing in the dining chairs.

The traditional style of matching sets of table and chairs are long gone. Now, is the style of mixing and matching different kinds of chairs to a common table. You can put a pair of matching chairs with another pair of contrasting ones. Or, you can opt for all chairs which look different. This concept can leave you very confused when you are looking to buy a chair.

There are some factors that you must consider before investing in a chair. They are listed below.


When buying a chair, you should always look for comfort first. While trying any chair, you must question whether the chair is comfortable for sitting for two hours. To make sure that the chair is comfortable, you have to check the measurements of the chair so that you can sit for hours without having pains or trouble.

Mirrored with your lifestyle

The chairs should be best suited according to your lifestyle. If your home is the place for a fun gathering with your friends, the chairs should be short and cute. Again, if your house is the place for business meetings or official gatherings, then the chairs must be voluminous, which will give the room a formal feel.

There are several other factors that you must consider before buying the dining chair. They are all listed in the buying guide mentioned later in the article.

We have researched and reviewed past and present buyers to list all the best dining chairs available in India. Do give them a look.

Best Dining Chairs in India

Dining ChairsDimensions Material Buy Now
Santosha Decor Sheesham Wood Dining Chair40cm* 40cm* 90cmSheesham WoodCHECK ON AMAZON
MV Furniture Sheesham Wood Dining Chairs44cm* 48cm* 88cmSheesham woodCHECK ON AMAZON
Home Centre Montoya Dining Chair Set45cm* 40cm* 90cmRubberwoodCHECK ON AMAZON
Vivek Wood Wooden Dining Chair34* 18* 18(in inches)Sheesham woodCHECK ON AMAZON
Eagle Furniture Sheesham Wooden Dining Chair19* 24* 30(in inches)Sheesham woodCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Dining Chairs in India Reviews

1. Santosha Decor Sheesham Wood Dining Chair

Santosha Wood Dining Chair

Santosha Decor have manufactured wooden chairs that will complement your dining space and give it a formal and royal feel to it. The frame of the chair is made of wood. Also, the seat of the chair is also made of the same material.

The wood which is used to make the chair is solid sheesham wood. This kind of wood makes the chair resistant to wood decay for a long time and also termites. The wood is easy to clean and maintain.

Additionally, the wood makes the chairs sturdy and strong. This wood also gives the chair a distinctive and unique look due to the natural rich hues of the wood. The color of the chairs has a shiny walnut finish for an amazing look.

The chairs have a contemporary look and feel to it. These chairs are delivered pre-assembled, and no further assembly is required. The product has a 12 months warranty for any manufacturing defect.

Notable Features:

Dimensions: Length 40cm* Width 40cm* Height 90cm

Material: Sheesham Wood

Colour: Walnut finish

Style: Contemporary


  • The sheesham wood makes it resistant to termites and wood decay.
  • Sturdy and strong.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 12 months warranty


  • Poor packaging.

Buy Now at Amazon

2. MV Furniture Sheesham Wood Dining Chairs

MV Furniture Wooden Dining Chair

MV Furniture manufactures furniture which can easily blend in with the existing decor of your home. This product consists of two chairs, which are made of sheesham wood and upholstered with cloth cushions.

These chairs also have a backrest for support. The use of sheesham wood for the chairs makes them repellent of termites and natural wood decay. This property ensures that the products are durable, and you need not change them soon.

The cushions in the chairs provide more comfort for the people sitting down. Wood as a material which ensures that the chair is strong and does not wobble with pressure. This chair can be used in the living room or front of your dressing table. The chairs can basically fit in any corner of your home and also fits under your budget.

The chairs come totally pre-assembled to your doorstep. The cushions are permanently fixed and cannot be cleaned with a damp cloth. It has a warranty of 12 months.

Notable Features:

Dimensions: 44cm * 41cm * 88cm

Material: Sheesham wood

Colour: Brown

Style: Contemporary


  • It is upholstered with cotton cushions for support.
  • It is made of wood, which makes it durable.
  • Contemporary finish on the chairs.
  • Resistant to termites and natural decay.


  • The cushions are difficult to clean.

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3. Home Centre Montoya Dining Chair Set

Home Centre Montoya Dining Chair

Montoya is known for manufacturing furniture which effortlessly fit in your decor and complements the existing furniture of the room. These chairs are ergonomic in design. They have a curved backrest for maximum support. The chair is made of rubberwood, and the seat is constructed with plywood.

The rubberwood makes the chair strong, resilient, and tough. It also effectively makes the chair low-maintenance. If the chair is maintained properly, then it can survive up to 20 years. The chair is burn-resistant and non-toxic.

It also has a good shock absorber property. The chair seat is made of polyester, which is durable and recyclable. The seat is chemically generated, which makes it anti-bacterial. The legs are built in direct PVC spacers, which will avoid direct contact from the floor.

The chair requires special carpenter assembly, which will be provided by the seller. The chair has a one year warranty.

Notable Features:

Dimensions: 45cm* 40cm* 90cm

Material: Rubberwood

Colour: Brown

Style: Contemporary


  • Strong, tough, and resilient chair.
  • Durable can survive up to 20years.
  • Upholstered with polyester.
  • Good shock absorber property


  • The assembly might be late.

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Vivek Wood Wooden Dining Chair

Vivek Wood Wooden Dining Chair

Vivek Wood has earned a good name for its products through all online platforms. They are committed to delivering quality products that show good craftsmanship. The chair is primarily made of sheesham wood. The seat is supported with plywood for maximum durability. The chairs are upholstered with soft cushions for maximum comfort.

The sheesham wood ensures that the chair is durable and lasts for long under low maintenance. It also has a special quality to ensure that the chairs are resistant to termites and wood decay.

The cushions are fixed to the chair and are easy to clean and maintain. The design is unique and can blend well with any kind of decor. It effortlessly fits in your space and also in your budget.

The chairs require assembly, and a manual is provided to help you through the process. The cushion color can be customized according to your wish if you are willing to wait.

Notable Features:

Dimensions: 34inches* 18inches* 18inches

Material: Sheesham wood

Colour: Rustic teak finish

Style: Modern


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Resistant to wood decay and termites.
  • The cushions can be customized.
  • Unique design.


  • No warranty.

Buy Now at Amazon

5. Eagle Furniture Sheesham Wooden Dining Chair

Eagle Dining Chair

Eagle furniture is committed to providing world-class quality through their furniture. The dining chairs have a unique design and can fit in any existing decor of the room. The chairs have a curved back for maximum comfort and support.

The chairs are made of sheesham wood. The seat is also made of sheesham wood along with the legs. Besides, the chairs have a shiny natural teak finish, which gives it a classy look. The sheesham wood helps to make the chairs strong, sturdy, and durable. This wood is also responsible for making the chairs resistant to termites, bugs, and wood decay.

The chairs can be cleaned easily. A soft cotton cloth can be used to clean the chairs of any dust. The chairs should not be treated with lots of water. The company also customizes the size of the chairs according to your preference.

The chairs need assembly, but it is quite simple, and no professional help is required for it. The chairs have a warranty for all kinds of manufacturing defects.

Notable Features:

Dimensions:  19inch* 24inch * 30inch

Material: Sheesham wood

Colour: Natural teak brown with glossy finish

Style: Contemporary


  • Elegant and unique design.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • None delivered.

Buy Now at Amazon

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dining Chair

From grand dinner parties to lazy breakfast, from game nights to official brunches, life can happen in dinner parties in more ways than one. Since time unknown, dinner chairs have been matching with the dinner table. The matching dining sets are predictable, boring, and very expensive.

But the new trends and the mix match culture have changed things up. However, there is one disadvantage to this. This has confused the buyers, and they cannot decide on one chair. There are some factors which you must consider before buying dining chairs. They are listed below.

Comfort must be the first priority

It is astonishing how the color scheme matters more than comfort when it comes to dining chairs. As we all know that looks can be deceiving, so you should always go for comfort. You must question yourself whether you will be comfortable sitting in that chair for 2 hours or more. Here are some pointers to start with.

  • You must measure the widest length of the chair; it might be the backrest or the armrest. The optimal comfort for any dining chair is if the chair is 24 inches deep and 22 inches wide.
  • The minimum width which you should settle for is 17 inches by 20 inches.
  • The dining chairs should have an additional width of 6 inches to fit in the limited spaces.

If you are living with toddlers, pregnant women, or knee patients, then one armchair in the dining table can prove to be a huge advantage as it will allow space to move in and out comfortably and easily.

The dining area is a busy place, so you must go for chairs to slide under the table to create more space. The distance from the table to the chair should be 12 inches for maximum space. The padded or upholstered seats are the best option for maximum comfort.

Chairs should be mirrored with lifestyle

You should choose chairs according to your lifestyle. The chairs which go for formal gatherings are not quite right for social gatherings and vice versa. The high chairs go well for the formal meeting, while the low chairs are more ideal for a laidback evening with friends.

The delicately designed open back chair looks better for small dining rooms and makes it appear bigger, while the voluminous chairs go well with large spaces. This should be the rule for the chair to suit any theme from minimalistic to royal, from contemporary to traditional. You could also opt for the middle route, where you can match some extravagant chairs with some small ones. This will help create a semi-formal atmosphere at the dining space, and you will also have space to move around.

Mix the decor up

You should go for the dining chairs that do not match but complement and enhance the look of your dining space. This idea sounds difficult but is quite easy when you take one thing for common such as the material, size, color, shape, or style. This sort of unites the chairs and makes it compatible with the table.

For example, mismatched chairs can be painted with the same color to look similar, or the chairs can be upholstered with the same fabric to look similar.

Chairs should be movable

The dining chairs should be easy to move so that they can be used as extra seating in the drawing-room when there are more guests. The chairs can also be used as an extra seating in the home office or literally anywhere in the house. The chairs with open backrest come in handy when moving the chairs. The plastic moulded chairs also can be easily moved by kids and older people. Heavy or voluminous chairs are more difficult to maneuver than the alternatives.

The chairs should be able to stand firmly

The dining chairs must not be wobbly under tension. You should keep this in mind, especially when you are opting for antique pieces. The metal and the wooden chairs are the most durable ones. The chairs which are held together by glue, snags, or splinters are not appropriate. If you are going for a wooden bench in place of the chairs, you should keep the same things in mind.

The chairs should be easy to clean

The different kinds of chairs come with different maintenance requirements. When your home has kids or pets, you must go for chairs with minimal fabric or upholstery. They are the easiest to clean. The wooden chairs are also easy to clean, but the wood changes color with time. If you are opting for chairs with fabrics, you should go for dark fabrics as the stains can be concealed easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What material is used to upholster dining chairs?

Most of the dining chairs are upholstered with bonded leather, which has shiny texture or matte finish texture. This makes the chair both sturdy and affordable. Some chairs are also upholstered with high-quality polyester. The upholstery is made of only those materials that are easy to clean.

2. What is meant by bonded leather?

When the leather is bonded with latex along with a top coat of polyurethane. This makes this kind upholstery durable, affordable, and easy to maintain and clean.

3. Can single chairs be ordered?

Yes, you can order any kind and any number of chairs and pair them with different kinds of chairs.

4. Do we need to assemble dining chairs?

Most of the dining chairs come pre-assembled. However, there are some dining chairs that need a little assembling, but you do not require any kind of professional help for that.

5. How can the dining chairs be maintained?

To maintain and clean dining chairs, you need to clean them with a warm, damp cloth. If you want to remove any tough stains, you can go for other techniques, but you need to make sure that they are safe to use.

6. How much space should be left between chairs and table?

A minimum of 12 inches of space must be left between the top of the chair and the bottom of the table. This will ensure that the chairs can fit under the table, and you can have a lot of space around the dining tables.

7. Do the dining chairs have warranty?

The sellers and the manufacturers decide whether the dining chair has warranty or not. Most dining chairs have a one-year warranty, but some can go up to 3 or even 5 years.

Final Word

Gone are the days of matching sets of dining tables and dining chairs. People like to quirk things up and mix and match different kinds of chairs with a single table. But this concept can leave the people confused; we hope that this article helps you choose the ideal chair for you.

However, if you ask for suggestions, we would offer you to go for Santosha Decor Solid Sheesham Wood Dining Chair. These chairs are durable and sturdy. They are also resistant to termites and wood decay.
Do you want any additions to the list? Which was your favorite product? Do mention in the comments section below.

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