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Best Decorative Door Hangings

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We all know that first impression lasts forever. A decorative, vibrant and colourful door hanging can draw everyone’s attention very easily. Whether you want to create a traditional ethnic setup or a western classic setup, a door hanging can always add some extra elegance. Herein we have discussed the best decorative door hangings. Let’s take a look.

1. Pindia Acrylic Crystal Strings Door Hanging

Tagline:  Beaded door hangings to decorate your bedroom or Window door.

These multicoloured beaded door hangings look extremely gorgeous. The dimensions are 5x5x5 cms and weigh around 629.99gms. These are made of acrylic crystal glass. These sparkling bead curtains look perfectly amazing if you put them in your living room or bedroom and can even enhance your window door curtains. The springs are made of Nylon which will make them last longer.

2. Daedal Dream Catchers Rose Door Hanging Set

Tagline:  A floral door hanging set that can enhance the beauty of your entrance.

This door hanging is primarily made of polyester and the raw materials used here are all handpicked, hence you need not worry about the quality issues. The dimensions are 37x33x9 cms and weigh around 354 gms. This floral door hanging looks so charming and pretty that you can even decorate your entrance door or pooja rooms. The combination of these pink roses and white flower petals and green leaves look absolutely gorgeous.

3. REPTUM DECOR Door Hanging

Tagline: Traditional beaded door hanging to charm up your living room.

A multicolour door hanging is perfect for any occasion at your home and can cheer up the festive vibe. It is primarily made of plastic and has a very unique design. It is easy to clean and is of 105×23 cms. It has a very artistic look and can create a very ethnic look to your interior decor.  You can even gift this door hanging on Diwali parties or anniversary parties too.

4. URBAN HAAT Metal Decorative Door Hanging

Tagline: A real antique door hanging to decorate your puja room

This toran door hanging is perfect for any festive season. It is primarily made of metal (aluminium) and is of multicolour. The mixing of gold and silver-tone enhances the beauty of this toran more. It weighs around 520 gms and is of 16.5×11.5×10 cms. The ethnic embellishments can brighten up the look of your living room. You can even use this for your entrance too.

Things to consider before buying pillow covers:

  • Strength Ability: Always one should check the strength ability before buying a door hanging. Because if it doesn’t have enough strength it won’t last long. So, this should be your primary concern.
  • Design symmetry: If the design of your door hanging doesn’t match your interior then it will not create that certain festive vibe. Hence, it is very important to check the symmetry between your set-up and the door hanging.
  • Colour: Most of the time this door hangings come in multi colours but it completely depends upon your interior arrangement that whether monochrome or a multicoloured door hanging will suit better in your house.

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