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Best Decorative Bowls

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Decorative bowls are the best addition for a sober interior decor. And the obsession for these bowls are like never ending! No matter how many we have in our collection but we still want some more. These decorative bowls are very stylish and give a royal glamorous look to our living rooms. There are many varieties of these bowls to make it a perfect fitting item on our bookshelves or centre tables or in our gardens. Here we have discussed four best decorative bowls. Hope you will love the collection.

1. JR Handicrafts World Round Flower Border

Tagline: A flower shaped bowl that looks amazing in our garden.

This ethnic bowl can turn your garden area into a delightful corner. It weighs around 498 gms and is of 24x8x6 cms. The royal golden texture and the floral design gives a retro touch to your decor. It is made of magnetic steel and has the capability to turn any boring place into a joyous area! You can add some rose petals or some gerbera flowers to make it look more gorgeous.

2. Suryashvi Brass Urli

Tagline: A round decorative bowl that can enhance the beauty of your living room.

This bowl can definitely beautify your living room and can bring elegance to the entire set-up. It weighs 625-775 gms and has a diameter of 10 inches with a depth of 3.5 inches. You can add some fresh water, some scented white candles and few red or yellow roses to brighten up its entire look. This can be a perfect set-up for your special evening arrangements. It is made of brass and is not for any cooking purposes.

3. Peacock Design Ganesha Urli Showpiece

Tagline: An elegant decorative bowl that can be a handsome edition to our interior decor.

This decorative bowl has a very royal look because of its distinctive shape. It is made of brass, measuring 24.1×21.6×34.3 cms. This bowl has a very antique texture that can reduce the monotony of any corner of your room. You can gift this bowl for diwali parties or birthday parties too. The additional peacock style and the ganesha idol on the top of this bowl makes it more ethnic and beautiful.

4. Pure Source India Fruit Bowl

Tagline: A classic fruit bowl that can add more beauty to your dining table.

This bowl is made of glass and is a perfect item for your dining table. Even you can keep it on your coffee table too. The dimensions of this bowl are 25.4×25.4×7.6 cms. It has a very decent and sober look. The transparent texture of this bowl adds extra glamour to this bowl. You can gift this decorative fruit bowl for anniversary parties, birthday parties and rice ceremony parties too. This diamond cutting bowl can be kept on the bed side table too.

Things to consider before buying a decorative bowl:

Undoubtedly it becomes difficult for us to resist the urge of buying more and more decorative bowls. But still we need to think about the size or colour or pattern before buying. Let’s have a look on the things that we need to consider before buying.

  • Pattern: it is very important to check the pattern of the bowl before buying. Because not all bowls look great in all corners. Like if you have a low-case set-up then you might need a retro patterned bowl but for high-case arrangements you will need an antique bowl. So never forget to check the pattern.
  • Colour: For decorative bowls we have to be bit choosy about the colours. Because if you have a warm tone on your wall you will be needing a vintage shaded bowl but for some cool toned wall you might need a transparent sober bowl.
  • Size: size is a very important factor for these bowls. Because if you are planning to keep it on your centre table or dining table, then it should be on a smaller size. But for gardens or corner tables you might need a larger one.
  • Price: we always look for decorating items at an affordable price. So, choose a decorative bowl depending on your budget.

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