The 8 Best Cycle For Girls in India Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the right cycle for your girl? Cycling not only make them physically fit and active all the day but also enhance their brain development. Most of the children love to ride the bicycle but the girl’s cycle is slightly different from boys’ cycle, especially in terms of look, adjustability, fitting and also it has some properties that make it more feminine for girls.

Other than finding the correct size of the cycle that fits properly for your girl, one has to check these 3 main factors to get the best and most suited bicycle.

Frame Material – The frame of the bicycle is made with steel, aluminum and carbon fiber in which the steel material is commonly used and will provide safe, smooth and comfortable ride than aluminum. Aluminum is strong, stiff and affordable in which it may feel harsh on rough roads but have better shock absorption. Carbon fiber, the most expensive and commonly used for high-end bikes, which is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.

Wheel Size – The wheel size will generally determine the size of the cycle. Most cycles are manufactured as per the age and weight of the girl. The wheel size of about 20 – 24 inches are most commonly used for the girls with age group of 5 to 13 years. So, choose the wheel size as per the age of your girl to make them ride the bicycle comfortably.

Brake System – It provides safety to the girl who is riding the cycle, especially in learning stage. In general, there are 4 types of brakes found in bicycles – Rim Brake (gives grip on the wheel rims but have less stopping power at wet and muddy conditions), Disc Brakes (Provides grip on the wheel hub & gives superior performance in wet terrain), Coaster Brakes (located in the rear hub and activates by turning the pedals backwards) and Drum Brakes (Integrated into the wheel hubs and activate the levers on handlebar but heavier than other styles).

Apart from these 3 main points, one has to consider various other factors like suspension, height of the girl, handlebar shape and more, which are clearly mentioned in the below Comprehensive Buying Guide. Also, have a look on some of the best products available in India to purchase the best cycle for the girl.

Buying a bicycle is easy in these days but finding the right one for your little girl is somewhat difficult. The market is filled with various brands, which may let you confuse on which one to choose and how to get the best one. So, we came up with the list of best cycles for girls in India, to help you find the best cycle.

Best Cycles for Girls in India

Cycle For GirlWheel SizeFrame MaterialAge GroupBuy Now
Hero Fashion Cycle26 inchesSteel12+ yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Avon Sherry 26 T Cycle26 inchesSteel8 – 14 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Hero Peppy 16 T Junior Bike16 inchesSteel4 – 9 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Torado Muscular Bicycle 20 inchesSteel7 – 10 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Global Bike Barbie Bicycle16 inchesAluminum5 – 8 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
BSA Princess Cycle20 inchesAluminum6 – 11 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Rapid Bicycle16 inchesMagnesium Alloy4 – 7 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Vaux Bicycle for Kids16 inchesSteel4 – 8 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

8 Best Cycle For Girls Reviews

1. Hero Fashion Cycle

hero cycle

Hero is one of the best brands in manufacturing cycles. This Hero Miss India is a stylish bicycle for girls/ladies. This cycle is ideal for girls with height that range from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches. It has a 15 inches rigid steel frame and loaded with mudguard, stand, carrier, front reflectors, chain cover, rear reflectors, etc. which makes it ideal for regular usage.

This cycle comes with 85% semi-assembled state in which the assembly tool kit and instructional manual are provided along with the package to help the user to assemble it easily at home. The front and rear caliper brakes with single speed gear will help for safe and comfortable riding. For any queries, simply contact the Hero customer support number @ 18002084376.

Product Information:

  • Frame Material – Steel
  • Age Range – 12 + years
  • Frame Size – 16.5 inches
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches (or 65 cm)
  • Rider Height – 5.4 feet to 5.10 feet
  • Bike Type – Mountain Bike
  • Color – Pink
  • Number of Speeds – 1
  • Speed Rating – Single Speed


  • Good quality product and value for money.
  • Looks stylish and fits perfect for ladies with 5.4 to 5.9 feet height.
  • The steel frame material, rigid suspension, single speed gear, and front and rear caliper brakes will allow the user to have a safe and comfortable riding.


  • The mudguard is small in size and chain guard is plastic.
  • Need to improve the front basket design.
  • Do it yourself installation, which makes it somewhat difficult for some people to assemble the cycle.

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2. Avon Sherry 26 T Cycle

avon sherry

This Avon Sherry 26T cycle comes with 18 inches steel frame (45.5 cm) with inbuilt carrier along with front basket and plastic dress guard. It comes in fully assembled cycle without any installation at home.

It is ideal for girls who are above 5.2 feet tall (height) to ride this bicycle. It is suitable for girls whose age is 8 to 14 years and it has adjustable seat height. The rigid suspension, pink tyres, strong front basket, steel mud guard, caliper brakes (with Alloy levers), and plastic tunic guard, etc. will make it safe, easy and comfortable to ride.

Product Information:

  • Frame Material – Steel
  • Frame Size – 18 inches
  • Wheel Size – 26 inches
  • Age Range – 8 to 14 years
  • Color – Pink
  • Speed Rating – Single Speed
  • Size – 26 T


  • The cycle will be delivered in a fully assembled and good condition.
  • It is made with good quality durable material that make the cycle last longer.
  • The steel frame with inbuilt carrier (to carry loads and move around comfortably), front basket and plastic dress guard will allow the user to have a safe and comfortable riding.
  • The solid caliper brake with alloy levers will act as safety features.


  • Although it is a reasonably good cycle but the tyres and seat covers are of poor quality.
  • No bell or lock or signal indicator is provided.
  • Not suitable for learners.

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3. Hero Peppy 16 T Junior Bike

herp peppy

This is another excellent product from Hero company. This Hero Peppy 16 T is designed as a sporty bicycle for juniors. It has 10.2 inches steel frame with rigid suspension. It is ideal for junior (both boys and girls) with height that range between 2 feet 10 inches to 3 feet 9 inches.

This cool junior bicycle is loaded with carrier, chain cover, mudguard, trainer wheels, front and rear caliper brakes, etc. which makes it ideal for daily usage. It suits best for children with age limit of 5 – 10 years. This cycle is delivered in semi-assembled condition (85% assembled) and the buyer has to assemble the cycle by using the instruction manual and tools, which are provided along with the box.

For any queries, contact their customer support number @ 18002084376 and returns for this cycle will be allowed only in case of any damage or defect in the product.

Product Information:

  • Frame Material – Steel
  • Frame Size – 10.2 inches
  • Wheel Size – 16 inches
  • Age Group – 5 to 10 years
  • Speed Rating – Single Speed
  • Size – 16
  • Color – Pink Black
  • Height – 2.10 feet to 3.8 feet


  • It is suitable for kids with age group of 5 – 8 years.
  • It comes with seat adjustable option.
  • Solid brake system for safe and comfortable rides.
  • Good looking and solid quality.
  • Value for money.


  • DIY installation, which makes it difficult to assemble for a few people.
  • The quality of the rim and seat material is not up to the mark.

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4. Torado Muscular Bicycle 

Torado Muscular

Torado cycles are one of the best manufacturers of bicycles and bicycle related products. This Torado muscular bicycle comes in attractive color scheme. The friction free brake cables with alloy clutch helps in effective braking.

The 36 T chain wheel with full ball free wheel and it comes with semi-knocked down format (semi-assembled), in which it requires professional supervision is essential for its easy assembly. It is reliable and safe with robust side stand. Suitable for girls with age group of about 7 – 10 years.

For any queries, you can reach them through Email Id –

Product Information:

  • Material – Steel
  • Wheel Size – 20 inches
  • Size – Kids
  • Color – Yellow
  • Speed Rating – Single Speed
  • Age Group – 7 to 10 years.
  • Brake System – Caliper Brakes


  • It looks stylish with friction free brake cables with alloy clutch for effective braking.
  • It has 36T chain wheel with full ball free wheel.
  • It is reliable and safe that provides comfortable riding.
  • Overall quality of the cycle is good.


  • Comes in semi knocked down format and thus requires professional supervision for easy assembly.
  • Size is somewhat short that may not be suitable for children above 10 years.
  • The seat quality and paint finishing are not up to the mark.

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5. Global Bike Barbie Bicycle

Global Bikes Barbie

This global bike barbie is ideal for girls with age group of 5 – 8 years. Its stylish sports design with neon shades for street riding, quality tubeless tyres, adjustable seat, and steel rims for smooth and stable ride. The side heavy duty training wheels and full chain cover will help to protect your girl while riding this bicycle.

The carrier / basket to keep the water bottle for drinking water. The adjustable back support with cushion back seat will make the kid ride the cycle safely and comfortably. It is suitable for both boys and girls. It comes with less maintenance, as it comes with rust proof with effective and stylish painting.

The box contains all the essential parts of the bicycle with 80% assembled and remaining 20% has to be assembled by the user. Find any difficult in assembling the cycle, then do it under expert guidance.

Product information:

  • Age Group – 5 to 8 years
  • Wheel Size – 16 inches
  • Cycle Brakes – V Brakes
  • Cycle Frame – Steel


  • The rust proof cycle frame with effective painting will help for less maintenance.
  • Suitable for both boys and girls.
  • The V brakes with airless tyres and heavy-duty supporters will help your girl to ride the cycle safely and comfortably.
  • Value for money.


  • It is DIY installation, which makes a few users a little bit confusion on its installation.
  • The quality of the cycle is not up to the mark.

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6. BSA Cycles Champ Disney Princess Cycle

bsa cycle

BSA is one of the best cycle manufacturers. The light weight frame of this Disney princess junior cycle will make it easy for kid to ride safely and comfortably. The get on / off sturdy trainer wheels will help to have a proper balance while ridding. The thick tyre comfortable cushioned saddle front basket and water bottle holder will add extra comfort.

Product Information:

  • Age Group – 6 to 11 years
  • Color – Pink
  • Wheel Size – 11 inches
  • Size – 20


  • Good quality and stylish look.
  • Value for money.
  • Strong built that makes it ride safely.


  • DIY installation
  • A little bit pricey product

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7. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Rapid Bicycle


This R for Rabbit launches Tiny Toes Rapid – the smart plug and play cycle and can be arranged in three easy steps and comes with ISO 8098 safety certification and all safety features that makes in biking fun for your little ones.

The single structure noncorrosive magnesium alloy frame is loaded with 2.5 inches wide and strong training tires/wheels, chain guard, disc brake, adjustable handle bar, fender, high quality adjustable seat, pedals, and rubber tyre will make this cycle as best and comfortable for riding.

Product Information:

  • Age Range – 4 to 7 years
  • Color – Blue
  • Material – Magnesium
  • Height Range – 3.5 to 4.5 feet
  • Saddle Height – 30 to 40 cm
  • Wheel Size – 16 inches
  • Gender – Unisex
  • Brake Type – V, Disc
  • Size – 16 inches


  • It has smart design along with preassembled up to 90% and it is easy to install.
  • The magnesium alloy will make this bicycle lightweight (45 kg), high in strength along with corrosion or rust free.
  • The disk brake in rear wheels will provide safe and comfortable riding.
  • The tiny toes rapid cycle comes with single frame structure without welding joints to make the structure strong and durable.
  • Safe to use for kids due to its side training wheels.
  • Beautiful, stylish and colorful cycle.


  • No assemble instruction manual which makes it difficult for remaining assembling.
  • The cycle won’t come as seen on the picture.
  • A little bit costly product.

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8. Vaux Bicycle for Kids

Vaux Bicycle

This Vaux pearl lady bicycle is made with rigid suspension and stylish argon welded steel frame that is ideal for girls whose height range from 3.5 to 4 feet. It comes with alloy rim, pu adjustable saddle, steel handlebar with alloy head stem, rear strong carrier, heavy duty sidewheel, front caliper and rear band brakes with durable plastic brake lever, single speed cycle (without gears), etc. to allow your little one ride safely and comfortably.

It comes in semi-assembled packing in which the instruction manual and assembly tools are provided along with the pack. Here, one has to fix the handlebar, sidewheel, pedal and reflector. It is currently available in three colors – blue/orange, green/pink and pink/purple and its size is 117 X 18.5 X 63 cm.

Product Information:

  • Frame Material – Steel
  • Wheel Size – 16 inches
  • Color – Pink
  • Age Group – 4 to 8 years
  • Height Range – 3.5 feet to 4 feet


  • This cycle has single speed system and adjustable saddle.
  • Argon welded steel frame will make it strong and durable.
  • Easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Will help your little girl to have a safe and comfortable riding.


  • The quality of the cycle is not up to the mark and it is not suitable for learners.
  • The cycle doesn’t come with fully assembled.

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Buying Guide for Girl’s Cycle:

As a buyer, you need to know how to choose the best cycle for girls. For this, you should know all essential information on cycles, especially the one used by girls. So, here we are providing you the guide to get a clear idea on the girl’s cycle on what to consider and how to purchase the best one.

1. What are the general parts of the cycle?

Before purchasing any product, one should have a complete idea on what all it consists and how it works, its different parts along with its mechanism. So, have a look at all the parts of a girl’s cycle.

  • Front Derailleur – It is a mechanism used to change the front gear by lifting the chains from one wheel to another.
  • Pedal – Used to rotate for increasing the cycle’s power for moving properly and quickly.
  • Chain Stay – A tube used to connect the pedal mechanism to rear wheel hub.
  • Toe Clip – Attached to the pedal for covering the front part of the feet. Also, helps to keep the feet in the proper position and thereby increases the pedaling power.
  • Drive Chain – Used to transmit the pedaling motion to the rear wheel. It looks like metal links which are joined together with sprockets on the gear wheel and chain wheel.
  • Rear Derailleur – A mechanism used to change the rear gear by lifting chains from one wheel to another for proper rotation of the cycle.
  • Rear Light – Used to signal the presence of cycle in the dark or night time.
  • Reflector – Device used to return light towards source to make them know that cyclist is approaching.
  • Carrier – A part at the back part of the cycle used to carry baggage or another person.
  • Mud Guard – Used to cover the rear wheel for preventing dirt from getting splashed onto the cycle.
  • Seat Stay – A tube used to connect the rear wheel hub to the top of the seat.
  • Rear Brake – Used to activate the brake system, especially for the rear wheel.
  • Seat Post – Used to adjust the seat as per the user’s height and convenience.
  • Seat – A triangular part attached for comfortable seating and riding the cycle.
  • Tyre Pump – Used to inflate the tube by compressing air.
  • Down Tube – This long tube connects the seat tube to the pedal mechanism.
  • Tyre – A round rubber material mounted on the rim to cover the inner case of the tube.
  • Spoke – A metal spindle used to connect the hub to the rim.
  • Rim – Circular metal part to keep the tube stay in it.
  • Front Brake – Activates the brake system, especially to the front wheel.
  • Hub – Central part of the wheel where the spoke radiates to the rim.
  • Stem – Adjusts the height and supports handlebars for proper moving.
  • Brake Lever – Attached to the handlebars and used to activate the brakes of both wheels.
  • Shifter – A lever used to change the gears effectively.
  • Brake Cable – Used to transmit the pressure applied by the user on the brake lever.

Things to Consider before Buying the Cycle for Girls:

Here are a few specifications that guide you on what to look for while choosing the right kind of bicycle for your girl. Just go through this list and check them before buying the girl’s cycle.

1. Wheel Size:

In general, the wheel size is used to determine size of the bicycle. So, one has to consider the wheel size to purchase the suitable one for your baby girl. The wheel comes with 3 main parts – rubber tire, the hub and the rim.

The inflatable part of the wheel is rubber tire, which is filled with air and rolls down continuously on the road as you ride. The rim is the inner metallic covering to the tire, which helps to protect it from damages and thereby keep it in fine condition to function the cycle for a longer time. The hub is the central part of the wheel that connects to the rim by virtue of thin metallic wires that extend on all sides.

Manufacturers will categorize the wheel size in line as per the age and weight of the baby. So, certain age of girl with weight categories are able to use a particular size of the cycle based on the wheel size.

Still having any doubts, then simply consult a salesperson to get the best cycle for your girl to use as per their age and weight. For instance, have a look on the below table to get an idea on how to check the right size that fits perfectly for the girl before purchasing a cycle.

Age of the GirlSize of the Bicycle Wheel
3 to 5 years14 inches
4 to 6 years15 inches
6 to 8 years20 inches
8 to 11 years24 inches
Above 11 years24 inches

2. Frame:

It is just like a heart or skeleton structure of the bicycle why because it occupies the maximum space and make the cycle to have a perfect and recognizable look. In general, the frame of the cycle is made with steel, aluminum, magnesium, iron, or titanium (for extra durability and strength).

The perfect paint finishing will prevent it from rusting and enhance its long-life usage. A few modern model cycle frames are made of carbon fiber to make the cycle strong, lightweight and durable (easy to carry around), but they are little bit expensive than other models).

3. Suspension:

Riding the bicycle on a rough terrain with little bumps on the road will definitely hurt your little ones, if there is no shockers or suspension on the cycle. So, choose the bicycle that is properly equipped to handle shock or vibrations or jerks, which may be caused due to some anomaly on the road to get easily absorbed at the cycle level without reaching to the rider at the slightest.

So, to prevent such shocks, this suspension should be installed at both the rear and front end and they should be properly installed on the bicycle for the safety of your little girls.

4. Height of the cyclist:

Generally, the height and inseam length (leg length) will decide the right bicycle frame size. So, choose the right cycle frame size which no only help to ride efficiently but also helps to reduce the change of getting injury. Also, make sure to consider the riding conditions like the terrain areas before purchasing the cycle.

5. Handlebar Shape:

To have a comfortable riding, one should choose the bicycle where the seat is below the handlebars or else, the user has to apply more power on the pedals to ride their cycle. There are 5 basic styles of handlebars available in the market.

  • Drop Bar – This handlebar found on road bikes and is aerodynamic and lightweight, which is effective for efficient riding but it put you in a position that strains your back while riding on it.
  • Flat Bar – It is found on hybrid bikes along with some mountain and road bikes. They are heavy than drop bar but it let you sit in a relaxed position. It helps you to see the potential hazards while riding and also its upright position will minimize the strain on the shoulders, wrists and hands.
  • Riser Bar – Seen on mountain bikes and they extend slightly upward and back toward the rider. It allows to have an excellent vision of the trail ahead and get perfect control over the steering.
  • Moustache Bar – Looks similar to drop bars but allows the rider to sit in a more upright position. Found commonly on road and hybrid bikes.
  • BMX Bar – This handlebar is strong and durable which are designed to handle the abuse of bike tricks.

6. Brake System:

The brake system is essential factor to consider why because it provides safety to the girl who is riding the cycle, especially when they are in learning stage. So, always check the brake systems and explain to your little girl for her safety before she takes the turn of riding the cycle.

  • Rim Brakes – Used for road bikes and gets grip onto the wheel rims. These are economical, easy to observe brake pad wear and easy to replace but not that much effective as disc brakes.
  • Disc Brakes – Provides grip on the brake rotor which is mounted to the wheel hub. It comes in two versions – hydraulic and mechanical. It is cheaper to replace the worn rotor and gives superior performance in steep and wet terrain but difficult to inspect pad wear and replace pads.
  • Coaster Brakes – Found on BMX bikes and kid’s bikes. Located in the rear hub and activates by turning the pedals backwards. Works well in all-weather with less maintenance but not compatible with bikes with rear derailleurs and may prone to cause skids. Also, can’t rotate the pedals backward.
  • Drum Brakes – Integrated into the wheel hubs and activate the levers on handlebar. Seen commonly on cruiser bikes. Weather resistant with less maintenance but heavier than other brake styles. Also, the hub and wheel have to be changed if this drum wears out.

7. Standing Position:

Always, make sure to consider the stand over height and seat height of the cycle before purchasing, why because it will determine the safe and comfortable usage of cycle. The distance between the lower part of the saddle and ground will determine the seating height. The ability of the girl to ride a cycle will be determined with the proper seat height.

Also, check the standing height of the cycle which determines how comfortable the girl can stand on the ground with the cycle without hurting herself.

8. Weight of the girl:

In general, the cycle for girls would weigh 50% of their body weight. So that they can handle the cycle effectively and enjoy their rides comfortably. The frame material used for preparing cycle will determine the cycle’s weight. So, check this option before buying the bicycle.

9. Training Wheels:

These standing wheels are most suitable for kids who are still in learning stage or below 8 years, for their safety. This is a safety feature that keep the baby safe with proper balance while riding. These training wheels are located at the back wheels of the cycle to enable the cycle to stay well-balanced and safe riding, especially for those who are not good enough with riding cycle.

10. Price:

Quality and features will determine the price of the product. So, always find a good quality cycle with all the required features, which is close to your price range/budget, rather than buying a cheap cycle with low quality.

11. Brand:

Purchasing cycle from a brand will definitely increase the longevity with its standard quality products. So, the majority of people will look for the brands (not inferior brand) to enhance the quality and durability of the cycle. In this article, we came up with the trusted brands of cycles for girls. So, you no need to worry about the brands.

12. Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of the Cycle:

Children, either boys or girls love to play around a lot and if you don’t want to spend money on buying the new cycle every time then simply supervise the kids to ensure that the bicycle is used properly without getting much damage. So, here are some tips that help you to take proper care on the cycle to enhance its longevity.

  • Purchase the Right Bicycle – Check whether the weight of the cycle can be easily handled with the weight of the baby girl. So, that the cycle will last longer without getting through undue stress.
  • Clean the Cycle Regularly – It is one of the best ways to keep the cycle in good condition, why because the cycle have gone through water, mud, and other dirt that would stain the cycle. If this left untreated then they deface the materials and reduce its quality. So, cleaning will definitely prolong the lifespan of the cycle.
  • Follow the Instructional Manual – Most of the manufacturers provide instruction manual like age range, gender specifications, weight requirements, etc. to ensure the safe & comfortable use of bicycle. So, follow them to keep the cycle in good working condition.
  • Fix Loosed Parts – Fixing / tighten up the loosed parts quickly to prevent your children from falling out. So, maintain the essential instruments (like screwdrivers) to prevent any damage to your girl & to their cycle.
  • Regular Maintenance – It won’t require much more maintenance other than oiling its parts regularly. Also, regularly checkup for the faults like air in the tube or make it done with mechanic to expand its life by running it in good working condition all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the cycle for boys and cycle for girls?

There is some slight notable difference between the cycle for girls and cycle for boys. The main difference is their structure. The cycle designed with slanting tube bar for girls to mount easily and stand comfortably and the handlebar and saddle of the cycle will differ from girls and boys. Also, the physiology of the girls is taken into considered while designing the cycles for them to make their ride comfortable.
Also, there are some exceptional cycles that are meant for riding both boys and girls comfortably with some appropriate features (suits for both genders).

2. Is it necessary to have basket/carrier in the front of the girl’s cycle?

It is found in almost all the cycles that are specially designed for the girls. It is used for storage purpose and to ensure a fun ride in which the girl can store their water bottle and bags while going to schools and other stuff like toys for playing. This basket will keep their items safe and thereby make their ride comfortable.

3. How safe is the cycle for your girl/kids?

Generally, the manufacturers will manufacture the cycle by considering the safety and comfort of the kids/girls like good brake system and ensures the usage of good quality materials in the manufacturing of the cycle to keep your kid safe and secured while riding the cycle.


Although, we have given you the list of best products available in India but our top pick for girl’s cycle is Hero Fashion Cycle, why because it is ideal for girls with height that range from 5.4 feet to 6.4 feet. It has a 15 inches rigid steel frame and loaded with mudguard, stand, carrier, front reflectors, chain cover, rear reflectors, front and rear caliper brakes with single speed gear, etc. which makes it ideal for regular usage.

Which Girl’s Cycle you’re going to pick in this 2020. Do share your experience or queries with us in the below comments section.