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Best Copper Water Bottle in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

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Copper bottles are in great demand these days as drinking and storing water in them is both safe and beneficial for the health.

If you are storing water in a copper bottle for the entire night, a tiny amount of copper ions starts getting dissolved in the water. This process is also called as Oligodynamic effect.

Copper serves as an anti-microbial agent. It can destroy mold, fungi, and other microbes from the water so that it is safe to drink.

To get all the benefits, you must only buy pure copper bottles. To understand the purity of a copper bottle, check the buying guide below.

Before buying a copper bottle, you must always check its capacity. If you plan to use it the entire day while you are outdoor or while you are at work, you must buy a bottle that holds sufficient water.

Also, make sure that the bottle is leak proof. You can even check if its cap has an O-ring to avoid leakage.

To help you buy the best copper bottle, we have shortlisted some of the best options available in the market. Let’s have a look!

Top Copper Water Bottle in India 2021

Copper BottlesCapacity
Set ofLeakproof Lightweight Buy Now
UDDHAV Copper Bottle1 liter1Yes
Ayurveda Copper Bottle1 liter1YesNoCHECK ON AMAZON
EVERGROW Copper Bottle1 liter1YesYesCHECK ON AMAZON
Prestige Copper Bottle950 ml
Milton Copper Bottle960 ml1YesYesCHECK ON AMAZON
TAGOTT Copper Bottle1 liter1YesYesCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Copper Water Bottles in India: Reviews

1. UDDHAV GOLD Pure Copper Bottle

UDDHAV GOLD provides its customers with the real and traditional way of cooking and eating experience by its products such as steel dinner set, bottles, and others. 

If you are looking for something that comes with a stylish yet sleek design and original material then this is the best option for you. 

This copper bottle comes with a mat finish and original copper material so that you get benefited from both the sides- looks and health. 

The capacity of this bottle is 1 liter so that a family of 2-3 persons can easily drink water from the stored one (when you will keep it stored for around 8 hours to receive the health benefits). 

This bottle doesn’t come with any joints so that you will not have any problem with its breakage. 

It is also very leak-proof so that your water inside the bottle will remain for as many hours as you want. 

The bottle cap is made to be screwed on so that it remains intact when you keep the bottle stored properly. 

It comes with a silicon washer which will help you in keeping it for as long as you want. 

You can store cold or hot water and it will remain the same or become cooler or hotter due to its copper property. 

Usually, copper bottles are heavyweight but this bottle is lightweight so that you can easily carry it from one place to another (you can carry it for picnic purposes and others). 

You can clean it easily by pouring water and applying other materials. You can read more about this in our Buying Guide. 


  • Sturdy build copper bottle
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Maximum capacity- 1 liter
  • Leakproof
  • Silicon washer


  • None for now 

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2. Ayurveda Copper Bottle

This copper bottle comes with a lacquer coating which adds more attraction to the bottle. Well, the bottle’s inside is made up of original copper and you can easily store it overnight or at any time and benefit from its water. 

Well, even if you have a pregnant woman at home then she can drink it very easily as it does provide a lot of help to her and her child. 

To know more about the benefits which you get from a copper bottle, you can refer to our Buying Guide at the end of the article. 

The bottle comes with a capacity of 1 liter so that a single person can easily use it during his office, college, school or any hour. Also, a family of 2-3 people can easily drink the water which was stored overnight. 

The bottle is made without any joints which will not break so easily. It is very leak-proof and the water will remain intact for many hours. 

Store hot or cold water and experience the same form of water even after 8-10 hours. 

Well, the cap is not much sturdy and it might come out after a few usage (as per the customers’ review). 

Most of the copper bottles are heavier and this one will be too (so you might experience difficulty while holding it for long). 

You can easily wash it daily by pouring water into it. To tarnish it completely once in every week or alternate days, please refer to our Buying Guide. 


  • Sturdy build copper bottle
  • Sleek design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Maximum capacity- 1 liter
  • Leakproof


  • Cap is not much sturdy
  • Heavier

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3. EVERGROW Leak Proof Copper Bottle

EVERGROW delivers various robust quality products such as grass food grade bottle, juicer machine, copper jugs, bottles, glasses, and others. 

This is a very stylish yet sleek designed bottle with various circles hammered or carved on it downwards. You will feel good while touching it or holding it, to be precise. 

It comes in a pure brown color with a smooth finishing which adds up to its look and the copper is also very sturdy. 

The best part of this bottle is that it is handmade metal (which is made by skilled craftsmen of our country). 

The capacity of this bottle is 1 liter so that anyone can feasibly drink water from it. A family of 2-3 people can also drink the water after keeping it overnight. 

This bottle is lightweight so that you can easily carry it for a picnic or traveling purposes as well. 

The bottle is leak-proof so that you can store the water and drink it whenever you want without worrying about anything. 

This bottle has been made without any joints which save extra points to get saved from any wear and tear. 

You can use it for anything- either storing hot or cold water as the copper is known as the best form of an insulator. 

The cap comes with an easy slide option so that you can open and close it without any worries. 

Well, every expert recommends cleaning the bottle every day and hence, it would be safer if you clean it daily (it will also increase the lifespan of the bottle). 


  • Sturdy build copper bottle
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Maximum capacity- 1 liter
  • Leakproof


  • Cap’s rubber is slides downward after a certain usage

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4. Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle

Prestige is a very well known brand and it deals with various high-quality products such as pressure cookers, gas stoves, induction cooktops, bottles, and others. 

You can simply trust on prestige products due to its ergonomically designed and robust quality materials. 

The best part of this bottle is that it comes with a silicone seal which is known as the best in the market for providing sealing for leak-proof. 

The capacity of this bottle is a little less than 1 liter as the capacity is 950 ml which is 50 ml less than 1 liter. You can easily use it for a family of 2-3 people and for a single person. 

The bottle is leak-proof so that you can store the water for as long as you want. 

You can store anything- cool to hot water inside it and get cooler or hotter water after storing for a longer period. 


  • Sturdy build copper bottle
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Maximum capacity- 950 ml
  • Leakproof
  • Silicone seal


  • The bottle leaks sometimes (as per the reviews)

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5. Milton Copper Charge 1000 Water Bottle

Milton Copper Charge 1000 Water Bottle

Milton is one of the trusted brands in the homeware industry, thanks to its constant evolution to adapt to people’s changing The brand’s water bottles are one of the best as they are leakproof and sturdy.

This elegant and classic copper bottle from the brand has a single wall insulation, so you can store both hot and cold water and the temperature remains intact.

It is made of 99.9% copper, so when you leave the water in it overnight, you will be consuming the most hygienic water with all the medicinal benefits.

With the capacity of 960 ml, the bottle is ideal for a single person use, be it carrying for school, college, office, gym or for any outdoor activities. 

Coming in at 26.9 cm height and a diameter of 7.6 cm, this copper fits into your college bags, gym bags, sports bags with ease.

It is also very easy to maintain the bottle. You can just clean it with lemon and salt, pour water and shake well. 


  • Shiny exterior that enhances the look of your dining table or kitchen.
  • Lightweight (280 grams), so there’s less chance of developing bumps when you drop the bottle.
  • Leakproof.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The lid becomes a bit difficult to open at times.

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6. TAGOTT Apsara Copper Water Bottle

TAGOTT Apsara Copper Water Bottle

Tagott is a lifestyle store based in India that sells creative home essentials across the world. 

This handmade and stylish water bottle from the brand is made of 100% pure copper with Lacquer coating, making it look trendy. 

With a capacity to store 1 litre of water, you can accurately make count of how many litres of water you are consuming in a day. 

As it has no joints, you can expect less bumps or cracks whenever the bottle falls down. 

Being 28 cm tall, it is compact enough to fit into the bottle slots of your college bags and travel backpacks.

The brand has also improvised the lid, so it fits and opens perfectly each time. 


  • Stylish look.
  • 100% copper material.
  • Leakproof.
  • Ideal size.
  • Thick copper layer.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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7. COP29 ESSENCE OF LIFE Fairy Copper Water Bottle

COP29 ESSENCE OF LIFE copper bottle

Cop29 is a local brand which is new in the market. It has come up with some of the elegant and beautiful-looking copper bottles to serve all the needs of customers.

Among them, this copper bottle with wooden brown exterior has caught our attention for its exquisite look to suit not only modern homes but also for yoga or any outdoor activities.

This bottle comes in a 900 ml capacity, making it compact and travel-friendly. With a height of 27 cm, it easily fits into most of the bags.

You don’t have to worry about the fitting of the cap as this bottle comes with a silicone seal, making the closing and opening of the lid an easy task.


  • Lightweight (500 grams).
  • Comes with an additional silicone washer.
  • The wooden exterior is scratch-free.
  • Compact and sturdy.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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Best Copper Bottle – Buying Guide:

Since drinking water in copper bottles is very good for health, you must not compromise with the quality. Here are some important factors that will help you in buying the best copper bottle.

1. Quality or Authenticity:

Many manufacturers claim their bottles to be made up of “pure copper”. However, most of them are only copper-lined water bottles.

Even though you can get some benefits of copper-infused water from these copper-lined water bottles too, you might miss out on a few. Some of the benefits that you won’t get are good insulation quality and other long-term effects of copper.

Hence, you must always make sure whether the bottle is made using pure copper or not. Here are a few ways using which you can check the authenticity of the bottle:

  • The bottle will be magnetic since pure copper attracts a magnet
  • As copper is quite heavy, the weight of the bottle will be heavy too
  • The color of the bottle will change if you apply lemon juice to it

Don’t forget to check the comments and reviews of the customers who have already bought the bottle. Make sure you buy a bottle that has positive reviews. Its authenticity also depends on the brand that is manufacturing it and how popular it is in the market.

2. Capacity:

Before buying a copper bottle, you must determine the capacity that will be sufficient for you.

If you want to use the bottle the entire day while you are at work or going for shopping, or other outdoor activities like camping or hiking, you must select a size that will hold enough water.

3. Leakproof:

One of the most common complaints by the users is their copper bottles are not leakproof. Nobody likes to carry a water bottle that is leaking.

Thus, while buying a copper water bottle, you must select one that at least one O-ring. Check if the cap or the top of the bottle screws tightly and if it can be sealed using the O-ring.

The issue with copper bottles is whenever there is a leakage, it can lead to oxidation. This can completely ruin the way the bottle looks from outside. Hence, you must never compromise here and buy a leakproof bottle with a solid O-ring along with a threaded cap.

4. Brand:

Similar to any other product, you must do a little bit of research and figure out which ones are the trustable brands. To understand the credibility of the brands, customer reviews can be of great help. All the copper water bottles that we have shortlisted above are from good and reputed brands.

5. Price:

The price of good copper water starts from Rs. 499 to Rs. 1500. Some bottles are even costlier.

While shopping for a copper water bottle, we suggest you to not compromise on the budget. The low-priced bottles are either fake or poorly made. However, this does not mean that the costliest ones are going to be the best.

The price of the copper water bottles varies from sellers to sellers. You must check the quality and the reputation of the brand and then take a call.

How to Clean or Properly Maintain the Copper Water Bottles:

Staining and darkening are very common with utensils made using copper. It happens naturally due to a process called as oxidation.

The following steps can be helpful in maintaining your copper vessels for years.

1. Lemon and Salt Method:

Using lemon and salt to clean copper utensils is one of the easiest and traditional ways. All you have to do is add some salt in a bowl. Cut a lemon in two halves and dip it in salt. Now, scrub the lemon with salt over the copper utensil.

Squeeze the lemon a bit while scrubbing. This will allow and juice to mix with salt so that the utensil starts shining like never before. Repeat it until you finish scrubbing the entire utensil. After finishing, wash the utensil with a regular dishwasher properly.

How to Clean the Inside of the Copper Bottle Using Lemon and Salt:

To clean the inside of the bottle, add a half cup of water and 1 tablespoon of salt to it. Now, squeeze half a lemon in the bottle. Close the lid and shake the bottle thoroughly. After a minute or so, throw this lemon water solution and then rinse the bottle with plain water thoroughly. The bottle will now shine both inside and outside.

2. Vinegar and Salt Method:

If you don’t have lemon at your place, you can use vinegar instead. Take 1 tablespoon of salt in the bowl and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to it. Wait till the salt dissolves and then start applying this solution to the copper vessel using a damp cloth or cotton. Scrub it properly until all the stains are gone.

After finishing all the corners, wash it off with water. Take a cotton cloth and wipe the utensil off immediately to avoid further water stains.

How to Clean the Inside of the Copper Bottle Using Vinegar and Salt:

While cleaning the copper bottle from the inside, add a tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and 1 cup of plain water in the bottle. Close the lid and shake the water properly. Pour this mixture out and rinse it with plain water 2-3 times. Your copper bottle will be clean by now.

3. Using Baking Soda:

Baking soda is another alternative that can be used to clean copper utensils. Rather than using salt, you can use baking soda along with lemon or vinegar. Follow the same steps mentioned above to clean the bottle.

Some Important Tips:

  • After cleaning the water bottle, make sure that you dry it properly using a cotton cloth. If not, water stains will start developing on the bottle and you will have to clean it again.
  • Whenever the bottle is not in use, dry it properly and store it in a dry place.
  • You can use a regular dishwashing liquid or detergent to clean the copper water bottles either before or after the cleaning steps mentioned above.
  • Some manufacturers use a lacquer finish on the outside of the bottle to make it look good aesthetically. However, the taste of lacquer is horrible and is not safe if you are ingesting it.

Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Water Bottles

There are many benefits of storing and drinking water from copper water bottles. All these benefits are mentioned below:

1. Antibacterial properties:

Pure copper has amazing antibacterial properties that help in making water safe for drinking. It can destroy about 1 million bacteria per milliliter. Copper is very effective against bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella, etc.

2. Good for Thyroid Gland:

To function efficiently, our thyroid glands need copper. Hence, drinking water from copper water bottles helps in balancing the inconsistencies caused in the thyroid gland.

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are generally linked with a deficiency of copper in the body. Drinking copper water regularly can help in solving this.

3. Alkalizing effect:

When copper comes in direct contact with the water, it releases copper ions in a small amount. This helps in alkalizing the water and provides multiple health benefits.

4. Helpful in brain functioning:

The human brain transmits impulses from one neuron to the other via synapses. These neurons are covered by a sheath namely myelin sheath. This myelin sheath works as a conductive agent.

Copper is one of the most important minerals that are responsible for creating the MBP i.e. myelin basic protein. Hence it has a direct impact on the formation and stabilization of this myelin sheath.

5. Good for Arthritis and Inflamed Joints:

Since copper has many anti-inflammatory properties, drinking water from copper bottles is helpful in relieving pains caused because of inflamed joints like arthritis. Copper is even helpful in boosting the immune system and strengthening bone tissues. Hence, it is very good for dealing with rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Helps in the production of Collagen and Melanin:

Collagen and elastin are important structural components of the human body that are used to scaffold bones, skin, and muscles. Copper is helpful in the creation of these components.

Copper’s antioxidative properties also help in preventing aging of the skin. It also has an effect on the production of melanin that helps with protection from UV radiation and cell production.

7. Improve the digestive system:

Copper is very helpful in improving the digestive system as it kills all the pathogens (that can lead to gastrointestinal issues), reduces the inflammation, and stimulates peristalsis (contraction and relaxation of the stomach).

8. It improves the cardiovascular system:

As the connective tissues in the heat are made using elastin and collagen, copper is very helpful. Copper is required for the healthy functioning of the heart.

It is also helpful in maintaining blood pressure in the body.

9. Good for immunity system:

Copper plays a major role in creating and maintaining multiple cells and antibodies that are essential for the healthy functioning of the immune system. Some of them are cytokines, white blood cells, etc.

10. Generating and storing energy in the cells:

Copper is responsible for releasing cellular energy i.e. ATP in the mitochondria. Mitochondria is the power plant of the cells.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How frequently can I clean the copper water bottle?

It is suggested that you clean your copper water daily. As copper can oxidize quickly, you must make sure that the bottle is dry completely from the outside otherwise the finish of the bottle will soon start tarnishing. This is a normal process though when copper is exposed to water and oxygen. Letting the inside of the bottle stay wet is fine.

2. Can I wash my copper water bottle using a regular detergent?

As copper is a natural element, exposing it hard detergents can reduce its lifetime. Instead, you can clean these bottles using natural materials like salt and lemon.

3. Which ones are better: hammered copper bottles or plain copper bottles?

When compared, hammered copper water bottles are a bit better than the plain ones as they provide better exposure to the surface. Hence, the interaction between water and copper is more.

4. Can I keep the copper water bottles in a deep freezer?

It is not recommended to keep the copper bottle in the freezer. The purification of water happens only at room temperature. Hence, by keeping it in the freezer, you might not get any benefits.

5. Can I put hot water in the copper bottle?

Copper bottle purifies the water by a process called as oxidization. If you are adding hot water to the bottle, you will eventually disturb the process. Also, copper absorbs heat. Thus, if you add hot water to the bottle, it will be difficult for you to carry the bottle.
However, you can add warm water to it rather than pouring boiling hot water.
By adding hot water, the bottle will have negative effects. Due to hot water, the copper reactions turn faster, and thus, water will absorb copper at a faster rate.
The best and the healthiest way to use a copper water bottle is to add either lukewarm water or at room temperature.

6. Can I add juice or milk in my copper bottle?

Copper is not at all good with acidic food or drinks. Since milk has lactic acid, it is suggested not to add milk or other fruit juices to the copper water bottle.
The acid in the juice or milk will react with copper and this will ruin its taste. Thus, you must avoid adding any other liquid than water in the copper water bottle.

7. Why has my copper bottle turned black from the inside?

Due to the formation of copper oxide, the copper turns black. When you store water in a copper bottle overnight, it turns black because of oxidation. This is a sign that the copper that is used is pure and hence, the water is safe to drink.
After washing it, the bottle will retain its color.

8. Why does the outside of copper bottles turn black, but not their insides?

Any reactive metal reacts with the gases present in the atmosphere during the time of getting exposed. Well, this why copper reacts with gases and turns its color to black or any other. You can not find the same thing with the copper bottle’s inside as it doesn’t get exposed to any kind of gases present in the atmosphere.

9. Drinking water from a copper bottle tastes very metallic. Is it normal?

Yes, it is very normal. Well, it is very beneficial to drink the water which has been stored overnight or for 8 hours in the copper bottle as you will get various minerals to your body (which will benefit your health like never before). We have elaborated on the health benefits of copper bottles in our Buying Guide and you can read about them. 

10. Can we keep a copper bottle in a refrigerator?

No, it is not much appreciated by the experts to keep copper bottles inside a refrigerator. The copper itself is a very good insulator and can insulate or to put it in general terms, can just normally keep the cold and hot water hotter or cooler after a certain point of time. To get proper health benefits, it is better if you store the copper water outside rather than storing it inside. 

11. I use lemon and salt to clean copper bottle. The mixture turns blue. Why?

A compound of copper comes in blue color and it comes when lemon (citric acid) reacts with copper. Usually, with lemon and salt washing, you can easily tarnish the copper bottle but if the blue color comes then it might be the case of extra rubbing. Rub the mixture mildly and you can get amazing results out of it.


Copper has many health benefits and you can actually benefit from those if you buy the right product and of course, a real copper which can stay with for as long as you require. After, proper analysis and research, we would recommend you UDDHAV GOLD Pure Copper Bottle as it comes with the maximum storage capacity, is leak-proof and most importantly, very sturdy and durable. 

Please write to us in case of any queries by just commenting down below. We will reply within 5 working days and it can be early as well (the reply depends on the flow of the comment). Till then, we wish you a safe and happy shopping 🙂

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