Top 10 Best Cloth Drying Racks to Buy Online in India 2020

Most of the houses, especially apartments in cities don’t have enough outdoor space to dry clothes. One of the best solutions for this problem is – Cloth Drying Racks.

They are compact in size, convenient to use and portable to move around. They can be used either outdoor or indoor based on your requirements.

While purchasing a cloth drying rack, make sure to choose a product that satisfies your requirements, taste and inclination. For that, you have to consider certain factors like…

  • Material – Cloth drying racks in India are either made up of metal, plastic or wood. If you want to place the drying rack indoor, then plastic and wood are suitable as they don’t break or rust. However, if it is for outdoor then metal (steel or aluminum) is the right choice as they can withstand harsh weather.
  • Weight Capacity – It represent the amount of weight a drying rack can hold. Usually, an average laundry load weighs 3 to 7Kgs, which can be even more when they are wet. No matter which size (small, large or medium) you choose, a drying rack with high weight capacity will be strong and less likely to tumble or collapse.

For further details on how to choose a cloth drying rack, we recommend reading our BUYING GUIDE.

We have also presented complete review of 10 Best drying racks that you can go for in 2019. They are listed after testing them for hours and consulting with their users.

Top 10 Cloth Drying Stands in India 2019

Cloth Drying Racks Item WeightCapacityDrying SpaceMaterialBuy Now
PARASNATH Clothes Drying Stand4 kg40 kg50 feetPowder-coated steel & plasticCheck the Price
SYNERGY Foldable Cloth Dryer7 kg30 kg55 feetStainless steelCheck the Price
TNC Premium Cloth Drying Stand5 kg45 kg60 feetCarbon SteelCheck the Price
Bathla Clothes Drying Stand 4.1 kg2 kg40 feetAluminiumCheck the Price
Magna Homewares Cloth Drying Stand 4.1 kg45 kg70 feetCarbon SteelCheck the Price
Homwel Ceiling Clot Hanger/Dryer5.5 kg for 5 feet20 kg48 feetStainless steelCheck the Price
Kurtzy Foldable Clothes Dryer8.5 kg3 kg6.22 feetStainless steelCheck the Price
Celebrations Cloth Dryer Stand5.4 kg3 kg42 feetMild steelCheck the Price
PAffy Cloth Drying Stand10.7 kg45 kg70 feetStainless steelCheck the Price
ADA Cloth Drying Stand2 kg20 kg55 feetMild steelCheck the Price

The Top 10 Best Drying Racks in India 2019 – Reviews

1. PARASNATH Prime 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand

Steven Quartz Vintage Design Wall Clock For HomeThis large cloth drying rack from Parasnath comes with amazing capacity, perfect for those who are searching for heavy-duty cloth drying racks and by far the best drying stand at this price range. The 3 poles 3 layer jumbo rack has allotted space to hang your intimates, apparels to bed-sheets for adequate airflow and fast drying.

The design is made to provide sufficient space and line for different garments. Setting up is really easy with the manual guide, can be done by anyone. It has a total of 6 wings and 4 rails on each wing; in addition to that it has arms to hang clothes in a hanger.

The unit is made of solid steel and coated with plastic with a heavy frame that doesn’t bend or fall or break even when fully loaded. You can store it in your bathroom, or outdoor because it has anti-corrosion and anti-rusting features to last for a very long time.

You can fit it in any corner of your room or balcony; the foldable wings create a flatter more compact shape which further saves your space. When not in use, you can completely disassemble the rack to fit inside your closet too.

Product Overview 
Drying Space50 feet
Dimensions (75-126) X 64 X 170 cm
Maximum load capacity40 kg
Product weight4 kg

Other Notable Factors:

  • 2 Top bars– 2 top bars on each side to hang bed-sheets or curtains
  • Accordion design– the accordion design is raised and expanded into an upstanding position and hook up to lock it in place
  • PVC coating– the stands are PVC coated and waterproof. Prevents odour and mildew formation
  • Additional arms– 2 additional arms are present to hang clothes in the hanger, fix the hanger in the hole of the additional arm
  • Castor wheels– A wheel stand with six 360 degree motion wheels make it easy to move in any direction


The product is truly a value for money product.  It comes with loads of drying space, easy folding and moving option, rustproof and waterproof pipes with PVC coating, 360-degree rotational wheels, 2 top bars for hanging bed-sheets and 2 additional arms. The quality of the material could be better though, but at this price point of view, it is negligible.


  • Multi-structural design for better airflow
  • Waterproof, anti-rusting, anti-corrosion
  • Foldable wings for compact storage
  • Durable tubular structure- plastic coated steel made with polypropylene copolymer
  • Expandable accordion design
  • 360-degree rotational castor wheel for greater mobility
  • Additional arms for hangers to hang more clothes


  • Could have used better quality steel and plastic
  • Hard to assemble

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2. SYNERGY Double Pole Foldable Cloth Dryer

SYNERGY - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Double Pole Foldable Cloth DryerMade with 202 high quality stainless steel; the double pole cloth dryer from Synergy is a good alternative to Parasnath! This is crafted in a way to provide you convenient air-drying both indoor and outdoor.

From delicate hand-wash to everyday laundry this has a solution to keep them in a very organized way. It has a total of 55 feet of drying space and 24 hanging rods that provide ample air-flow between the clothes for fast drying.

Wing style design provides easy set-up in minutes. Expand the rack into an upright position then hook the bar in the desired place and lock it. For saving the laundry space fold the wings after drying and store it in a smaller place.

The high-quality heavy-duty stainless steel can withstand adverse weather conditions. Clean epoxy coating over the metal rods fight stains, rust and mildew formation. You can place it in your damp laundry room, rooftop, balcony even bathroom.

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the product in case of rust formation or breakage.

Product Overview 
Drying Space55 feet
Dimensions 68X25X16 inch
Maximum load capacity30 kg
ColourSky Blue
Product weight7 kg
MaterialStainless steel

Other Notable Features-

  • Ease of use– allows to fold the middle frame for drying bed-sheets, blankest etc
  • Castor wheels– It comes with four 360 degree ranges of motion castor wheels, which glides over any surface smoothly without the chassis changing its directions.
  • Additional arm– 4 hanging slots for hangers to hang more clothes
  • Easy to assemble– set-up guide provides hassle-free assemble in a few minutes


The unit has every other feature if compared to Parasnath-our 1st choice, but the only reason it falls behind is that it is flimsy, and it can tip easily if not placed right. Otherwise, it is a great option, offers ample drying space, great quality steel rods, has a lot of carrying capacity and two top bars to hang bed-sheet, curtains etc.


  • Made with heavy-duty stainless steel for greater durability
  • 55 feet of drying space, 24 hanging rods
  • Smooth epoxy finish is rust proof, stain proof prevents mildew formation
  • 4 castor wheels of 360-degree movement
  • Additional arms to hang clothes in hangers
  • Lifetime warranty on the product


  • Not very stable can tip due to wind
  • Plastic finish is not good

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3. Living Basics Heavy Duty Cloth Drying Stand

Living Basics Heavy Duty Cloth Drying Stand

Here’s another product from Living basics- heavy duty rustproof cloths drying stand. This cloth drying stand meets all your needs for additional drying space. 

Cloth Stand is designed with the extra-large height of 5.9 feet and has about 16. 4meters of drying space with 14 hanger holes, where you can dry plenty of cloths at once.

It comes with 6 folding arms to save space and 4 upgrade castor wheels which moves 360 degree for easy movement of the stand. 

Wing style design takes 5 to 10 minutes to assemble the stand, the easy and portable stands can be placed Indoors or outdoors. This rod is water, rust and corrosion resistant which ensures durability and strength of the stand.

Product Overview

Drying Length                                                                                          54 Feet

Dimensions                                                                                              73.4 x 2.3 x 15.5 cm 

Color                                                                                                         Snow White

Product weight                                                                                            5. 73kg

Material                                                                                                    Stainless Steel

Other Notable Factors

  • Additional Arms- There are 2 plastic arms with holes use to hold clothes.
  • Variable Folding- You can use foldable hanging wings in different combinations, like- If you are going to dry bedsheet you can fold the middle wings as it requires more space for hanging.
  • Castor Wheels- you can move your stand 30 degrees, as it has 4 castor wheels.


Overall this is the good option to choose as it has good 5.9 feet height where it will not be an issue to dry larger cloths, it comes with good high quality, stainless steel rods with rust resistance body and provided with 7 years warranty.


  • Six foldable wings
  • Space saver
  • It can be expanded to meet different drying needs
  • Easily movable


  • Sometimes rods keep falling down when removed


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4. Bathla Mobidry Eze Clothes Drying Stand 

Bathla Mobidry Eze - Foldable Clothes Drying StandIf you are hesitating on buying a multilayered rack thinking that it will end up consuming all your laundry space, then Bathla foldable drying stand would be the right choice for you.

This foldable cloth drying stand with 40 feet of drying capacity easily accommodates all your daily laundries. The ergonomic design is intended to give optimum drying space when in use and minimal storing space when folded. The entire body folds into a compact body frame for you to place it in the smallest corner of the room.

The high-end powder-coated steel rods with engendered HDPE components shows total resistance to corrosion and built for all weather conditions.

Different sized rows optimized to hold your different style clothes, where the upper rows are made to hold your shirts, tops, jeans, blouse and the lower and side rows to hold smaller clothes for undergarments, socks, napkins etc.

Easy to carry yet sturdy enough to take heavy loads, the special arms lock stretches the arms outwards while locking them tightly in place. In addition to all this, the manufacturer has covered the product with 1 year of a comprehensive warranty.

Product Overview 
Drying length40 feet
Dimensions100 X 62 X 6 cm
Maximum load capacity2 kg
ColourOrange white
Product weight4.1 kg

Other notable features-

  • Drying space 40 feet
  • Maximum load 2 kg
  • Colour- it is available in white and orange
  • Foldable dual-tier design entire body folds into a small compact structure for easy storage
  • Multi-level upper tier for larger clothes and lower tier for smaller clothes
  • Rubber bushes rubber bushes in the feet for a nice grip and stability


To wrap it up, the unit is a solid piece, has a compact design, it is lightweight yet strong enough not to fall, has plenty of drying space, withstands adverse weather conditions and doesn’t ask you to put the effort in assembling. The material they provide is not stainless steel but the quality is superior, it is well coated outside to last you several years.


  • 40 feet of drying space
  • All weather resistant powder coated steel rods
  • Foldable dual-tier design for compact storage
  • Two-tier drying space to hang different sized clothes
  • Very sturdy and stable with a full load
  • 1-year warranty on the product


  • Not stainless steel

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5. LiMETRO STEEL Stainless Steel Foldable Cloth Dryer Stand 

LiMETRO STEEL Stainless Steel Foldable Cloth Dryer Stand 

Limetro steel is one of the biggest steel suppliers in India, they manufacture home, kitchen steel utensils and home furnishing products in modern design.

This product is rust and corrosion free including its screws and fasteners as it is built with high grade 202 stainless steel. Designed to use in all type of weather conditions

The body is built with high quality metal with large drying space, this helps you to dry your cloths with an enough space in between them.

The cloth drying stand comes with the 3 feet height and has 5.5 feet drying space which is helpful to dry lots of cloths at one stretch. 

It is portable and easy to use; it can be used in both indoors and outdoors. No assembling required, as it comes in assembled form.

Product overview

Drying length                                                                                        5.5 feet

Dimensions                                                                                             51 x 5 x 125 cm

Color                                                                                                        Steel                                                                   

Product Weight                                                                                        4.66 kgs

Material                                                                                                      Stainless Steel


The product offers corrosion resistant steel frame, slit proof plastic and hanger hooks. This is designed with dual foldable tier which ensures maximum dry area while occupying minimum space. 


  • Suitable for cloths that need to lay flat to dry
  • Suitable for every home as this cloth dryer rack can hold huge load of cloths on multiple rods and also best for balcony as well


  • As the overall height is 3 feet, its not comfortable to dry bedsheets or curtains.

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6. Homwell Deluxe Ceiling Clot Hanger/Ceiling Cloth Dryer

Homwell Deluxe Heavy Duty Stainless SteelFor people who don’t want to use the floor space for another drying rack or simply don’t need that much of drying space can check this amazing ceiling cloth drier from Homwell.

The ceiling mount dryer is suitable to place in verandah, corridor, terrace and even bathroom. It comes in a total of 6 sizes, you can choose according to your space and room size. All packages have 6 pipes made of high-quality stainless steel which is rust proof. Each pipe can be pulled downward for putting wet clothes and pulled back to the ceiling again. It goes out of the way and stays hidden when not in use.

Hook plates and the hanger pipes are made of metal to maintain quality performance with time. The pulley rails are made using high-quality nylon ropes; they are further UV ray protected to eliminate sun damage.

Other cheap material weighs around 2 kg but the 6 pipe X 5 feet ceiling cloth dryer with almost 4 kg of weight ensures the use of better quality material. The dimensions and minimum space criteria vary with the size you take. Also, you will get a 1-year manufacturing warranty from Homwell.

Product Overview 
Drying length48 feet
Sizes4, 5 , 6, 7, 8 feet
Maximum load capacity20 kg
Product weight5.5 kg for 5 feet
MaterialStainless steel

Other Notable Features-

  • Materials used: High quality metal pulley rail and UV Protected Nylon rope for long life and durability.
  • Installation– installation is to be done by the customers.  You may need the help of a professional, any carpenter would be able to mount it else you can check ceiling cloth dryer installation on YouTube.
  • Multiple sizes: Available in multiple sizes. You can choose according to your own space requirements.


The product is one of the best wall-mounted cum ceiling-cloth dryers, though it doesn’t have much capacity like other folded and multi-layered drying racks, it is very convenient if you are looking for a dryer with lesser space to hang in your balcony, corridor etc. The product offers good quality, looks premium and doesn’t need to be folded or dismantled for storage.


  • Pure stainless steel.
  • Multiple sizes.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Takes less space.
  • No need to fold or disassemble.


  • Limited capacity
  • Not easy to fix.

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7. Kurtzy Foldable Clothes Laundry Dryer Hanger Rack

Kurtzy Foldable Garments Clothes Laundry Steel Dryer Hanger Rack Rail Organizer Stand for Kids Indoor and OutdoorKurtzy Foldable rack is longer and wider than many of the foldable drying racks in the market.  With bigger space comes faster drying and drying of loads of laundries.

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the rack boasts 13 meters of total drying space. The polycarbonate powder coated on the outside gives it a clean finish which is resistant to rust.

It has 19 rods to hang your clothes and can hold a complete load of laundries. The upper layer with 17 rods or pipes is where you can put your shirt, jeans, tops, kurtis and one side row on each side is to hang your socks, napkins, underwear etc. It can hold as much as 35 clothes (tops/shirts) at once.

Lightweight and foldable rack doesn’t need any assembling; it is a ready-to-use product. Easy to open and close, it can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor drying. The accordion design with two linear wings and two vertical stands can be folded flat to take very little space when drying is done.

Product Overview 
Drying length6.22 feet
Dimensions190X55X85 cm
Maximum load capacity3 kg
ColourMulti colour
Product weight8.5 kg
MaterialStainless steel

Other Notable Features-

  • Rubber bushes– bottom legs with rubber bushes shows a strong and steady grip to the ground, doesn’t collapse with a full load.
  • Flat drying– two wings spread horizontally along the top creating a flat surface convenient for drying flat-drying items like sweaters, which otherwise require more time for drying.
  • Easy folding– the simplistic design makes it the easiest to fold and open, takes seconds


We can say that the product is a good option to go for if you didn’t like its alternative Bathla foldable rack. Drying space is equal in both but the difference comes in the material used, on the positive side it is made of stainless steel what Bathla lacks! On the negative side, it is heavier compared to Bathla. Also, it is difficult to move with the load because the design is wider, while Bathla with its compact design is very easy to move even with a full load.


  • Simplistic design for easy folding
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Rustproof powder coating
  • 13 meters of drying space
  • Feet with rubber bushes
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Flat wings span for flat-drying


  • Heavy to carry
  • No lock in the legs makes it difficult to move with load

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8. Celebrations Fast Dry Cloth Dryer Stand

Celebrations Fast Dry Cloth Dryer StandYet another foldable cloth drying stand on the list. With 42 feet of drying space, the foldable rack comes with mild steel fabrication which is further powder coated for extra longevity and protection against rust and dust. It is suitable to use in all weather conditions both indoors and outdoors.

The rack is very lightweight thereby moving and lifting is hassle-free, mainly crafted keeping the convenience and comfort of women in mind. The design is modified to hold up to 15 clothes at a time, including all types of Indian attires. It comes in a ready-to-use form, requires no assembling or professional installation.

Feet are of criss-cross pattern for added stability with full laundry load. It has two side wings that are folded together with the foot into a flat and compact design to fit in any corner of the room.

Other Notable Factors-

  • Plastic bushes– plastic bushes in the feet make it stable while making is easy to move and drag
  • Lightweight– the entire body is made up of mild steel which makes it easy to carry and move
  • Convenient height level– the height is perfect for all aged women to reach without bending


The last foldable drying rack on the list is a good competitor to the other two mentioned above. The drying space is again equal to the previous one, the design is quite similar to Kurtzy but it is lighter in weight thus easier to carry and fold. The major difference you will find is in the material used, it is not very reliable also not stable either.


  • Lightweight
  • 42 ft of drying space
  • Power coated pipes are rust proof
  • Easy lifting and folding
  • Plastic bushes in feet


  • Flimsy
  • Poor quality paint
  • The manufacturer says it can hold 40 kg of weight which is not true

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PAffy Cloth Drying Stand, 3 Pole 3 Layer9. PAffy Cloth Drying Stand

Another large capacity drying stand with 6 wings to hang your tops, jeans, t-shirts and a top bar to hang your sari and bed-sheets. It has a total of 60 feet of well-organized drying space for adequate air-flow between clothes.

The strong tubular construction is entirely made up of polypropylene copolymer coated steel pipes to lasts for a longer time. The metal rack is rustproof and waterproof with a clean finish that also eliminates any bad odour or mildew formation.

The accordion styled rack can be expanded to a desirable upright position then hook the bar to lock it in its place. You can fold the wings to flat when not in use or can completely dismantle the rack in case of space crunch at your room.  Also, a comprehensive set-up guide comes with the package to assist you in assembling the whole stand dryer.

Other Notable Features-

  • Different folding options– can be folded in different styles as fold the middle/bottom layer to provide more hanging space.
  • Two top bars– it can be utilized to hang sari, curtains and bed-sheets
  • Easy movement– six 360 degree range of motion castor wheels are located on the base stand for multidirectional movement
  • Two additional arms– put the hangers in the arm slot to hang more clothes

The Verdict-

Like the name suggests, the jumbo rack is made to hang a pile of laundries. The unit is durable, strong and stable, it is rust proof as well as waterproof and can be placed anywhere you like, pretty similar to other multilayered drying racks. But it is disappointing that the plastic quality is bad and they often deliver the package with lesser number of screws.


  • 6 hanging frames, 3 on each side with 4 rods in each frame
  • Waterproof and rustproof powder covered steel
  • Different folding options for different cloth hanging
  • Six 360 degree rotational castor wheels
  • Two top bars for hanging larger clothes
  • Two additional arms for hanging hangers


  • Overpriced
  • Missing screws
  • Hard to assemble

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10. ADA Heavy Duty Double Pole Cloth Drying Stand

ADA Heavy Duty Double Pole Foldable Cloth DryerThis multilayered 2 pole drying stand has 6 wings (3 on each side) and a larger 55 feet drying space with total 24 hanger slots. The top wings work well for socks, innerwear, and the remaining wings can fit pretty much everything from towels, shirts, kurtis, and jeans etc. 2 bottom rods can be utilized to dry shoes and slippers.

Mild-steel rods with waterproof adhesive coating look clean and actively eliminate rust, stain and mildew. The plastic joints and side arms are made using ABS and pp plastic which makes it comparatively lightweight and sustainable at the same time. You can place it in your laundry room or balcony.

The wing style design is user-friendly and the whole set-up is much easier and takes less time compared to others. It is opened by simply pulling the side arms out. When not in use, fold the arms down to keep it out of sight and save space.

Other Notable Features-

  • Castor Wheels– 4 castor wheels at the base ensures 360-degree smooth movement
  • 2 side wings– two side wings with hanger slots to dry shirts without creating wrinkles
  • Easy Setup: Comprehensive set up included in the package.


The unit is strong, the finish is good, ample drying space, pipes are rust and waterproof and the price is also reasonable. Considering its negative points, there is no bar for hanging larger clothes like curtains and bed-sheet, which we think is a major missing as a heavy-duty dryer. Also, it is flimsy; the pipes keep falling with the slightest movement so you need to keep it out of reach, especially from kids.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • 55 feet of large drying space
  • Waterproof and rustproof rods
  • 360-degree rotational wheels
  • 2 side wings for hangers


  • Flimsy rods
  • No bar for hanging bed-sheets
  • The plastic quality could be better

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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Cloth Drying Rack

Though cloth drying rack is a simple thing, choosing among several options in the market can be a little confusing. There are different types of cloth drying racks which are specifically designed to cater certain kind of requirements. If you choose a wrong one, then you end up wasting your money.

To make things easy, we have unfolded all the required factors to look out for while purchasing a cloth drying rack. This information will help you choose a product that exactly suits your requirements.

1.Cloth Drying Rack Types

Based on their functionality, they are divided into three types – free standing, mounted and roof hangers. We have mentioned a clear description each type below…

  • Freestanding or Portable Cloth Drying Rack

These are the most popular ones among all the dryer racks. Some of these have folding capability, making them portable to carry and easy to store (when not in use). Freestanding drying racks comes in different sizes – large enough for home and small enough for a teenager or bachelor.

Most commonly purchase cloth drying racks is the X-frame style. Because its heavy-duty racks can handle large weight capacities like small rugs, carpets and bedding.

The gullwing folding racks comes with adjustable wings – which is helpful in drying clothes of different lengths. Tripod area is perfect for hangers which lets the clothes dry without any wrinkles.

  • Mounted

Unlike the above, this one is a permanent solution – means it will be fixed to a wall or ceiling to save space and keep the floor accessible. They can be either retracted or tilt out for usage. Accordion drying rack is the most common among retractable options.

Ceiling mounted drying racks have long rods with string system. It uses warm air to dry the clothes much faster. If you want drying racks for small balconies, then ceiling system is the appropriate one.

Wall mounted option is the perfect solution, if you have limited space. Some of these racks are compact and folding, which lets you use most of the space. They are suitable for apartment laundry rooms, bathroom and bedroom.

  • Roof Hangers

If you want to dry only a few clothes, then roof hangers are the best choice. It will be mounted to hang over the top of the door or shower rod. Some of these racks also come with attached feature clips – which keeps the clothes away from wooden splinters or other sharp edges so that they don’t get ripped. Once the drying is completed, you can remove the rack completely or fold it against the door.

2. What is Your Requirement – Outdoor or Indoor?

Indoor Drying Racks

Indoor cloth drying racks are light in weight, easy to use and move around as well. However, they are as heavy-duty as outdoor ones. Mostly wood or plastic is used for its built-construction.

If it is used outdoor, then it can get damaged under the sun. However, if used properly (like under the shade), then it may last for a while.

Indoor drying racks are perfect for kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms. You can find in several sizes so you can choose any one according to your preference. To prevent any scratches on the floor, look out for anti-skid protection or rubber feet.

Outdoor Drying Racks

Outdoor drying stands are perfect for people who want to avoid dryer and prefer cool or warm breeze for drying their clothes. These racks are made up heavy-duty materials like steel and aluminum. So, they have the capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions, pests, high winds, regular wear and tear. Make sure the outdoor rack you choose is rust proof to prevent stains. Outdoor drying racks can be used indoors as well.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

If you are looking for a drying rack to place in your balcony or patio, then go for outdoor option. Indoor drying racks cannot withstand the harsh environment as they are made with elements like polished metal and untreated wood. However, outdoor drying racks are made up of heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel. They also come with retractable cloth lines which be folded when not in use, saving space.  

An ideal drying rack will be compact and portable. When you are choosing an outdoor rack, make sure it is light in weight so that you can move it conveniently inside or outside the house (both in folded and assembled form). Usually heavy-duty outdoor drying rack are not easy to move unless they come with fitted transport feet. In some racks, transport feet are equipped with rubber feet – it provides safe and stable moving. Low quality racks will not have such option, so they will leave scratches on the floor while moving.

3. Foldability

Space is very precious in our homes, especially in the apartments. If space is not available, then folding drying rack can be helpful. It will keep your area (be it balcony, bathroom or laundry room) looking good. Foldable cloth drying racks are suitable for any house or dormitory.

Some drying racks can be folded to as small as 3 inches. So, you can fold them and store them in a closet when not in use. However, some people may not like to unfold and collapse the racks. So, the choice is yours.

4. Build Material

This one of the most important aspects to consider while purchasing a drying rack. For example, if you purchase a drying rack made with weak wood material, then it will surely break within some days. Apart from that, weak wood is more prone to mildew growth which will damage your clothes.

When it comes to best material suitable for drying rack, stainless and wood (made from durable wood material like bamboo or hardwood) are trust worthy. Because they are rust resistant, durable, light in weight, sturdy and stain resistant.

If your choice is metal, then stainless steel is the right choice. Though its requires little maintenance, it is quite strong, making it capable of handling heavier items like bedding, comforters or others.

Apart from metal and wood, plastic is another material used in some cheap cloth drying racks. Plastic doesn’t break, rust and also light in weight but it can wither out overtime due to harsh weather conditions.

5. Size

Drying racks present in Indian market come in different sizes, ranging from small, wall mounted to large or free standing versions (with multiple tiers). The appropriate choice for you depends on the space available and your average laundry load.

For example, if you want to just dry small items, then a small cloth drying racks is good enough. However, if you do lots of laundries daily, then you will a need a multi-tier drying rack. For large loads, heavy-duty drying rack is the perfect option. Drying racks with wider racks can hold more items and dry much faster.

While checking for the drying racks size, make sure you have enough space to place it. A heavy-duty drying rack will surely need more space. So, make sure you have to enough space to place it while drying the clothes and also enough space to store when you are done with it.

6. Weight Capacity

Check out the maximum weight holding capacity of different drying racks and choose the right one for you. Usually, an average laundry load weighs from 8 to 15 pounds (when dry) and more than that when they are wet. So, no matter which one you choose (small, medium or large), a cloth drying rack with higher weight capacity will be more stable and less likely to tumble or collapse.

To ensure you choose the right one as per your needs, we recommend to calculate the average laundry weight. Make sure the cloth drying racks has more weight capacity than the average laundry weight.

7. Durability

As cloth drying racks need to withstand harsh weather and sun light, you should consider how strong and durable it is. Durability is usually determined by the quality of material used. For maximum longevity, make sure the product you choose is made up of metal instead of plastic.

8. Brand

It is not entirely true that only popular brands provide high quality cloth drying racks. But considering this element ensure to reduce the time spend for looking a good product. Brands that have very good reputation usually provide good quality racks. All you have to do is just identify that brand and purchase from them.

9. Price

Popular brands usually charge more for a product but you can be assured of the quality. However, you should never rely on just the price alone. Sometimes, high price doesn’t represent the quality. So, first check out the quality and reviews by existing customers before making a purchase. A high quality cloth drying racks can be expensive but it is worth every penny you pay.

Advantages of Cloth Drying Racks

  • Very Useful – Unlike tying wires, cloth drying racks can be place anywhere in the balcony, indoor or outdoor spaces. So, the convenience is much higher which makes it perfect to rely upon.
  • Portable – Though few cloth drying racks are a bit heavy, you can easily pick them or move them. You can also remove pipes and store them anywhere in your house. It doesn’t take more than a minute to assemble or disassemble the drying rack.
  • Compact – A wire takes a lots of space for drying clothes. However, a drying rack will take much less space as they are compact and have multiple racks for drying clothes.

Tips to Consider While Using a Cloth Drying Rack

  • Prefer Washing Early – The most effective time to dry clothes on a drying rack is morning time. Daylight has enough dry air, light and plenty of time to dry the laundry. If you wash clothes in the morning, then you will have dry clothes by evening.
  • Sun Light is the Best – It is better to move the drying rack to the sunny part of the house. The sunshine helps the clothes dry much faster. Apart from that, it also provides freshness to clothes.
  • Use Hangers for More Space – Instead of drying flat, some clothes like shirts can be put on a hanger for drying. This ensures you have plenty of space for the rest of the laundry. It also reduces the wrinkles on the clothes. So, you can also directly place the hangers with shirt directly in the closet.
  • Enough Space – While drying clothes, make sure they don’t overlap each other. Because when wet clothes overlap, they take more time to get dried as the moisture of the cloth will not get in contact with surrounding air directly.
  • Turn Them – If you want the clothes to dry quickly, then turn them midway thru. This process will be helpful especially in colder months as the clothes will take longer time to get dried because of the cold air.
  • Perfect for Drying Delicate Clothing – After hand washing or machine washing with detergent, never place delicate clothing in a dryer as it can damage the fabric by stretching or damaging it. A cloth drying rack helps you to lay them flat which is much better option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the right place to keep my drying rack?

Usually, drying racks are place in balconies, laundry rooms, patio, decks or any other outdoor area. Even if you want to place it indoor, make sure there is enough air circulation in that area. However, never place it in corner as there will be less air circulation in that area.
Another thing to consider is where do you wash your clothes? Do you have separate wash and dry areas? These factors should help you choose an appropriate place to place the cloth drying rack in your home.

2. Which one is the easiest cloth drying rack to use and maintain?

It usually depends on the space present in your home. For people who have enough space to wall mount a rack, you can easily pull it from wall and use it. For those who cannot have permanent fixture (like tenants) or have limited space, a pop up or portable rack is suitable. These cloth drying racks can be assembled, disassembled or folded for storage.

3. I have a wooden cloth drying rack. How should I maintain it?

Wooden cloth drying racks are usually beautiful and usually match to your home interior decor. However, they require more maintenance than other materials. It is recommended to place them only outdoors to prevent any mold or mildew formation. If the wood come with some protection, then you can place in indoors. However, after each use, place it under sunshine for few hours before storing it back.

4. What is the best cloth drying rack?

It is difficult to pin point a single product because the requirements vary from person to person. Some may live in rented houses where permanent fixture is not possible. While some may don’t have enough wall mounting space. So, we recommend to first analyze your requirements and space you will cater for the drying racks. After that, analyze the products according to it and purchase the right option.
For further information, we recommend reading our buying guide. It has all the information to help you. To say in simple terms, make sure the cloth drying rack you choose has enough weight capacity, size according to your laundry requirements and space. And moreover, it has to be made up of high quality materials like metal to last for long time.

5. How to dry clothes quickly?

Using an electric dryer is the quickest way to dry your clothes as it helps to dry lots of laundry in less amount of time. But if you don’t have an electric dryer, then you can go for drying them on handing wire. If you have ample amount of space in your home, then this option can be suitable. But if you don’t have much space, then cloth drying racks are the best solution. They are portable, compact and easy to store as well. You can use them either indoor or outdoor based on your requirements.

6. What size to look for while buying a drying rack?

It will depend upon the space you have in your home, if you have enough space you can choose garment driers, which can hold a lot of weight but comes with bigger dimensions and above 6 feet of height. If you live in a small apartment opt for any foldable rack instead. They are easy to move once you are done drying, they are shorter in dimension and weighs pretty light, but cannot hold too many laundries. You can also consider of having a wall-mounted rack in case you don’t have any floor-space.

7. Which drying rack is better Stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood?

Stainless steel would be the best; they are strong and corrosion resistant but costlier. For a plastic rack take a good look at its carrying capacity, wooden racks are strong but they grow mildew if not taken proper care. Metal racks other than stainless steel are budget friendly but often not sturdy enough and prone to rust; take a good look on the material that they use. They come with a warranty period after which you may need to buy another one.

8. How much weight a drying rack can hold?

The big garment racks can carry a lot of laundry as much as 7-10 kg while the foldable ones and the tower drying racks holds limited weight, suitable for singles or small families with 3-4 members. If you overload, chances are they might break or tip anytime.

9. Do they require professional installation?

No! They don’t need professional installation except wall-mountable racks. Multilayered rack may seem confusing but they provide manuals so you can assemble it with your own, without any difficulty. Foldable ones doesn’t need any assembling, they are ready-to-use products.

10. Can a drying rack be used outdoors?

To use them outdoors make sure they have enough support to stand steadily in windy weathers. Go for the ones which have wider legs and multiple stands slant outwards. The vertically oriented tower racks tend to tip easily in windy days, whereas the metal coated racks can form rust if you leave them outside forever.

11. Are drying racks portable?

The huge garment driers comes with wheels for easy portability, you need to fit them in the stand. The foldable ones are lightweight can be carried by oneself; the tower racks are also light weight may come with wheels or easy push feet.

12. How to maintain my drying rack for a longtime?

If you take proper care they may last for a much longer time than your expectations. For this try to keep them in dry environment, don’t leave them in rain as these cause rust formation and the stands become loose or wobbly. For wooden racks, let them dry between uses.


We tend to forget that some of our wardrobe favourites need extra care like dry-wash or hand-wash only and perhaps chemical-free drying of clothes in the warm sun is the easiest and work as the best natural disinfectant of all. So, keeping this in mind, these 10 listed clothes drying racks are very useful and effective. All of them are well equipped with a lot of features like castor wheels for easy movement, easily foldable, accordion design, extra additional arms for more capacity, strong material used etc.

Out of all, our top pick from this list of the top 10 best cloth drying racks to buy online in India is the PARASNATH Prime 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand.

It is lightweight, easily movable with 360-degree rotation wheels and most importantly waterproof which is very essential so as to provide hassle-free performance for a long time. The pipes are total PVS coated; also the capacity is sufficient for a pile of laundries every day. And all this, at a reasonable price! Thus, it is specially handpicked for you.

Which one is your favourite drying rack? Do let us know in the comment section below! Also, do you want us to include a drying rack that is better than any of these products, ping us below? We are all ears!