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Best Classy Serving Trays

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Serving trays help you in serving breakfast or snacks from your kitchen to the dining table. Serving trays are available in different sizes, designs, and materials. You can also get trays that match your interior decor and dining table texture. Herein, we picked a few beautiful, easy to use, and easy to wash serving trays for you. Choose the best among the list that meets your food serving needs.

1. St Stehlen Serving Tray

Award: Best microwave-safe

Tagline: A lightweight melamine serving tray with a beautiful blueberry pattern.

St Stehlen serving tray comes in a round shape with an attractive blueberry design. Its fully tempered melamine body making it highly resistant to breaks. Thus, its unbreakable nature ensures long-lasting performance. This serving tray can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 0℃-90℃. Hence, you can happily keep it in the microwave and freezer too. Further, this lightweight tray has ergonomic bars on both sides that give you a comfortable grip to hold. 

2. ExclusiveLane Madhubani Nested Wooden Serving Trays 

Award: Super Durable

Tagline: A wooden serving tray with Madhubani paintings adds a traditional touch to your table.

ExclusiveLane wooden serving tray with Madhubani hand-paintings looks adorable. Bright-colored animal and plant symbols with a rich dark brown tray surface add a vintage look to the tray. You will get a set of two wooden trays in a single pack. The trays are made from premium Sheesham wood that prevents termites and ensures durability. These trays are best suitable for serving snacks and beverages.  

 3. Goodhomes Melamine Serving Tray Set

Award: Most attractive design

Tagline: A set of three serving trays that are freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe.

Goodhomes multicolor serving tray set brings a sparkle to your dining table. The set comes with three elegant serving trays in different sizes to meet your desired serving needs. Beautiful floral patterns on the front and backside of the trays complement your choice. The trays are made from scratch and stain-resistant melamine. Further, they can withstand temperatures up to 140℃, making them safe for microwave use. Moreover, the surface of the serving trays is non-porous, making it leakproof.  

4. Apka Mart The Online Shop Serving Tray

Award: Best Table Decor

Tagline:A pack of three stylish serving trays that impress your dining table!

You will get compliments from guests on serving with these stylish serving trays. The trays have sturdy wooden walls that ensure a comfortable grip and long-lasting performance. Moreover, the surface is designed with attractive artwork on brass sheets that make them look rich. The set comes with a big, medium, and small tray. These trays are perfect to gift on wedding occasions, housewarming ceremonies, birthday parties, and many more. 

Things to consider before buying a Classy Serving Trays

1. Weight

Lightweight serving trays offer you great comfort while carrying them. You will not feel hand-fatigue using serving trays that are less than 1kg in weight. So, before you select a serving tray, make sure of tray weight.

2. Length

And, the length of the serving tray is also a significant factor to consider. A spacious and lengthy serving tray can accommodate a good quantity of snacks and drinks. So, serving trays with at least 9-16 inches in length is the best option to buy.

3. Material type

Mostly, manufacturers use wood, plastic, melamine, and even glass to design serving trays. Compared to wood and melamine, plastic or glass made serving trays are very delicate and highly prone to breakages. It is the best choice to select wooden or melamine serving trays to use them conveniently for many years. 

Though wooden trays offer high durability, most of them are not dishwasher safe. You have to wipe them with a soft cloth. Melamine-powered serving trays are exempted from this. They are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe too. So, based on these factors, choose wisely.

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