5 Best Chain Saw Machine To Buy in India: Ultimate Guide

Cutting a tree or wood using Axes is one of the oldest and scary way. This will waste lot of your time and energy. Technology has brought “chainsaw” which will make your life easier. Now, it became tougher to choose which one is best, which one is sufficient for you, which one to buy at what budget.

Here are few factors you need to check before you buy the chainsaw

Bar length:  It is the length of the cutting bar which is on chain saw and determine the size of cutting area.  Bar length is measured in cm.

Weight: For your comfort considering weight is important before you buy. Light model chain saw gives you easy movement.

Other than these there are many factors like handle type, chain speed etc which we have explained in our Buying Guide.

We would like to help you to take a wise decision to choose the best chainsaw in market after our thorough research.

We will be comparing 5 best chainsaws available in market. Chainsaws are available with different power output, works with different power source like electric, gasoline and battery. Price ranging between INR 5000 to 50,000/-. Here are some best options.

Best chainsaw in India 2021

ChainsawBar InchWarrantyBuy Now
Stihl Cast Iron Chainsaw16 Inch bar6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
iBELL Gasoline Chainsaw 566C18 Inch bar1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
DEWALTChainsaw16 Inch bar6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
iBELL EC16-18 Electric Chainsaw16 Inch bar6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Makita Chainsaw16 Inch barN/ACHECK ON AMAZON

Best Chainsaw Machine in India: Reviews

1. Stihl Cast Iron Chainsaw

Stihl Cast Iron Chain Saw

Stihl is the number one selling brand of chainsaws. Andreas Stihl AG & Company KG is the German company and the leading manufacturer of chainsaws.

This product is made up of cast iron and is in orange colour. It is light in weight and the MS 180 comes with the improved engine air flow, enhanced engine cooling and air filtration.

The product dimensions are 81cm x 23cm x 25cm, it is suitable for trimming the tree as well as to cut firewood.

Warranty:  This product has 6 months warranty

Things we liked:

  • To reduce the risk of injury this product is designed with front hand guard
  • For the easy grip there is large starting handle.
  • Air filter cover can be removed easily for filter cleaning or replacement
  • To make cutting easier and prevent pull in and for providing a better control there is the bumper spikes.

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2. iBELL Gasoline Chainsaw

iBELL Gasoline Chain Saw

For the professional performance iBELL created 56cc chain saw and also with the adjustable chain so that it gives quick and easy chain adjustment.

iBELL designs the latest chain saw for the finest cutting speed, handling ease and features with safety. Compared to electric ones these tend to cut more smoothly and quickly and less pressure is required for faster chain speed.

Power and mobility is combined with the gasoline powered chainsaws. Some of the features are given below.

Warranty: iBELL gasoline chainsaw comes with 1 year warranty.

Features of gasoline chainsaw

  • 2 Stroke Engine is perfectly suitable for the farm or garden cutting jobs
  • Durable chainsaw provides maximum performance and optimal ergonomics and is used for preparing firewood, tree pruning, creating fences and clearing the land.

Things we liked:

  • This well balanced chainsaw makes sure to reduce the stress and vibration on shoulder and gives you comfortable working for longer hours.
  • These are highly efficient

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3. Dewalt Cordless Chain Saw

DEWALT Chain saw

For almost a century, Dewalt has been supplying iconic machinery for efficient work. Dewalt brushless cordless chain saw is made of savvy features making it extremely convenient to use.

The 30 cm long hardy chain gives the saw its high-speed and perfection. It works excellently on all types of wooden & tile surfaces and with a chain speed of 7.68 meters per second, it is proven to cut through half a meter diameter conveniently.

The saw runs with a brushless motor which has very fewer chances of overheating and gives the saw 57% more lifetime compared to other motors.

At 3.6 kg, it is very lightweight and is very easy for you to handle. The high-grade material used in its making gives the saw its sturdiness and endurance.

It is designed to be a safe power tool for heavy operations. It comes with a safety grill behind the blade and it stops in less than a second when turned off.

Warranty: The chain saw comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

Things we liked:

  • 18V XR battery
  • Brushless motor
  • 30 cm cutting blade
  • Safe operation
  • Lightweight & durability

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4. iBELL EC16-18 Electric Chainsaw

iBELL EC16-18 Electric Chain Saw

iBELL is committed to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, to develop all the areas of its business and develop the people and for improvement.

When the chain saw power is 1800 w, the chainsaw stands out by versatility and efficiency by their inline engines that have balance and control feature.

This is one of the impressive feature of this chainsaw is that it have powerful 1200RPM motor. This powerful motor offers cutting speed and power for all the cutting needed.

There is a chain break alert in this device which allows the user to alert when the chain brake is activated.

Things we liked:

  • This device comes with the automatic oiler system, which keeps the bar and chain spinning around smoothly.
  • It has powerful 1200RPM motor.

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5. Makita Electric Chain Saw

Makita Electric Chain Saw

Since the year 1915, Makita has grown into a top manufacturer of power tools. Makita electric chain saw has an adjustable automatic chain oil pump that provides the right amount of lubrication and handles the pressure more efficiently.

With a chain oil capacity of 200 ml, it runs with a speed of 14.5 m/sec. Which covers more area in very little time and at a very high speed.

It is equipped with a new adjustment lever to handle the tension very effectively while using. It is also equipped with a metal spike bumper that gives you an easier and controlled sawing.

Its ergonomic soft-grip lets you hold the tool very firmly and conveniently. To make it safer, it is made with a chain brake & kickback brake that turns off the saw in an instant and protects the user from the force of inertia.

Things we liked:

  • High chain speed
  • Chain brake & kickback brake
  • Metal spike bumper
  • Tension adjustment
  • Ergonomic soft grip

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Chainsaw Buying Guide:

What is a Chainsaw?

Chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw that is powered by motor and has a continuous chain with sharp points, which is mainly used for cutting wood.

Types of chainsaw:

There are 4 different types of chainsaw

1. Gas- Powered chainsaw:

This type of chain saw cuts quickly and smoothly. Compared to under powered electric models, this model uses less pressure for the chain to run fast and make the cut neatly and make them best suitable for heavy duty work like downing large limbs and tress.

They require regular service and fuelling of engines air filter and spark plug, to avoid noise. Chain bar length is from 16 to 18 inches for home use and longer for pro models.

2. Corded Electric chainsaw:

In most of the electric saw there is a plug in power cord and it cost lesser than gas powered models. They start easily and normally weight lesser. Squeeze the trigger after plugged in them.

As this device has slower sawing speed this limits the device to lighter duty task like shaping hedges or trimming small tree limb.

For the optimal performance you will need 14 gauge or heavier 12 gauge extension cord. The extension cord size should be max around 100 feet, so that it doesn’t put on fire risk by adding multiple extension cord together.

3. Battery Powered chainsaw:

These types of chainsaw free you from using a power cord as they run on battery power. Compared to light duty gas model these models are great sometimes and this type of chain saw cost equal to gas saw.

Depending on the voltage and amp hour rating of battery the run time is determined. On the single charge the semi continuous cutting can be done about 30 to 40 minutes and 60 min to recharge the battery.

The batteries are interchangeable; this has enough power to cut large tree limbs and small trees also.

4. Electric Loppers:

To cut small limbs occasionally use the light duty power lopper. These are shielded with the pair of safety jaws and the cutting tool is mounted with two feet away from hand grips.

We tested weighing of two models between 5 and 7 pounds. The lighter model makes it easier to cut, if you use optional extension pole that adds 10 feet of higher limbs. To make them safe for storage both the models features with 6 inch retractable blade.

Features of Chainsaw:

The following factors of chainsaw are important consider

1. Bar length:

The bar length is measured in centimetres (cm)

Bar length is the length of cutting bar that is on chain saw and determines the size of cutting area. You can cut the bigger size log in a single pass if the bar length is bigger.

Compared to corded or cordless types, petrol model will have longer bars; chain saw is ranging up to 40cm for domestic purpose.

2. Chain speed:

The chain speed is measured in meters per second (m/s).

Chain speed states how quickly you can cut through material, the speedier the tool performance the higher the number. Petrol models often closer to 20m/s, but corded and cordless types offer around 9m/s.

3. Weight:

The weight of chain saw is measured in kilograms (kg).

The weight of the chain saw gives you the comfort while you use it. Corded and battery powered are the lighter models that offers great easiness of movement and increased manoeuvrability than heavier petrol ones.

4. Handle Type:

There are types of handle that is related to usability for which you should look for the different number of feature. Look for the models with anti vibration and soft grip handle to avoid discomfort and give better accuracy to cut at odd angels.

How do chainsaw work?

Chainsaws are designed with the following parts

  • Fuel tank/ battery
  • Engine( gasoline chainsaw)
  • Carburettor( gasoline chainsaw)
  • Spark plug( gasoline chainsaw)
  • Sprocket
  • Clutch
  • Gears
  • Guide bar
  • Chain

All the above parts work in coordination and each of them have specific functions.

To operate the chainsaw needs source of energy. Both electric and gasoline chainsaw can be used, fill some gasoline into the fuel tank of a gas chainsaw. As soon as the fuel is feed to carburetor and mixes the air.

The mixture of air fuel is pushed in the cylinder and is ignited by spark plug which release energy by burning. The energy released is pushed in the piston back and forth and is converted by rod and crank to rotary motion.

To convert the electric energy to kinetic energy the electric current is fed to motor and rotary motion is produced as the energy is used by rod and crank.

Chain rotates around the edges of the guide bar; the chain has sharpened teeth which go around slicing the wood.

Chainsaw Safety precautions:

According to the U.S consumer product safety commission, these dreadful tools are caught up in more than 27, 000 accidents annually.

A laceration, mainly to arms and legs is the most common injuries, when the saw chain snag and kick back to the operator’s chest or head then serious injury also occur.

Now chain saw is designed with safeguards that are including an automatic chain brake which reduces the risk of kickbacks.

Though the model is filled with safety features you need to take few precautions for your safety.

1. Dress Smart:

You need to have a snug- fitting clothing and strong work boots, if possible steel toed. Wear a helmet with face shield, safeguard your legs with cut resistant chaps and pack your hands with the protective gloves.

To avoid hearing damage you also need hearing protection as most of the saws including electric models exceeds 85 decibel level that causes hearing damage.

2. Maintenance is Key:

Maintenance is important for chain saw safety, a chain that is sharpened properly, tensioned and oiled speeds cutting and also which helps to prevent kickback and reduces wear on chain and bar on which that rides.

A chain which is too loose slips off the bar and move towards the operator as it spins

Chainsaw safety features:

The following are the key safety features to look for when you buy.

1.Tool free chain adjuster:

To avoid using screwdriver the hand operated wheel and crank mechanism easily unlocks and locks the chain bar which moves it in and out and adjust the chain tension.

Safety is improved by making proper adjustment quick and easy.

2. Anti vibration:

This is the concern for safety and comfort, as many gas chainsaw comes with the rubber bushings or metal springs among the handle and engine bar and chain which minimises vibration. Without this feature vibration can make difficult and very tiring.

3. Chain brake:

If the front hand guard is pushed forward or if chain kicks back, chain brake feature stop the chain instantly. Electric and gas powered chainsaw have this feature.

4. Chain catcher:

The metal extension below the guide bar helps to keep the thrown chain from flying towards the user.

5. Trigger lockout:

Most of the chainsaw include a separate palm switch must be pressed before the throttle trigger engages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can we cut wet wood with a chainsaw?

Cutting wet wood with the chainsaw in a rain or snow is fine but if you are worried about your saw getting wet then, Gas powered chainsaws are perfect to use in wet weather.

2. Are electric chainsaw good as gas chainsaw?

Gas chainsaws are louder and heaviest chainsaw and are most powerful and mostly suited for large tasks and also they require gas and oil. Electric chainsaw don’t require fuel and are light in weight but they require an extension cord and are best suitable for light task.

3. Are electric chainsaw dangerous?

If you provide the use of chainsaw for appropriate task and maintain it correctly there will not be any problem.


It’s not easy to identify the products with features that comply with our requirements and choose the best option available in market. We hope the reviews and buying guide helps you to choose the chainsaw which fulfil your requirements. 

After our research and study, If you are looking for 18” chainsaw we would like to suggest you to go ahead with iBELL Gasoline Chain Saw 56cc. This comes with 56cc Petrol engine and comes with 1year warranty. This model has low vibration levels and you can finish off your farm and garden work easily using this one.

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