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Best Card Holders

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Cardholders are much different from wallets. They are easier to carry because of their compact size and are also resistant to daily wear and tear.

They come with a multitude of slots, so you can store all your ID’s, ATM cards, cash and coins with ease.

Choosing the right cardholder is a tedious task as there are plenty of them in the market with various materials.

So, we got a list below of the best cardholders to help you make the right choice.

1. Storite Card Holder

Award: Best in Size

Tagline heading: Slim and lightweight

Tagline: It is thin enough to easily slide into your jacket, purse, or pants pocket. You can also keep it in your backpack.

Product description:

The bi-cast leather-built cardholder offered by Storite comes in a classy brown colour. This material is sturdy and is a result of mixing split leather with vinyl or polyurethane. This card has 13 card slots where you can keep your credit and debit cards. It also has two money pockets to carry cash. Coming in the size 10.5 x 7.5 x 2.6 cm, this is compact enough to fit into your pockets, handbags and your backpacks.

2. HIDE & SKIN Card Holder

Award: Best in Safety

Tagline heading: Enables RFID blocking

Tagline: This card holder has a distinct metal that protects your cards from data thefts.

Product description:

HIDE & SKIN offer a slim and stylish leather-made cardholder. It has a unique C-clip design that can hold up to 4 to 5 cards. It also has two hidden slots where you can keep debit or credit cards and any important papers if you need to. There is a transparent slot for keeping ID cards and another slot for cash. The holder comes with a key chain that can hold up to 5 keys.

3. Fashion Freak Card Holder

Award: best in Design

Tagline heading: Exclusive finger hole design

Tagline: With a unique design of this holder, you can easily slide the cards out of their slots using just a finger.

Product description:

The cardholder by Fashion Freak is handcrafted out of real leather. It can hold up to 12 cards with ease. It has a coin pocket, two front pockets, one back pocket and one centre cash pocket. Coming in different vibrant colours, this card holder is ideal for men and women alike. 

4. NISUN Card Holder

Award: Also Consider

Tagline heading: Easy to open and close

Tagline: It is lined with a magnetic strip that allows you to flip open and shut the holder easily.

Product description:

The NISUN cardholder is crafted from high-quality PU leather. It has a smudge-free exterior that does not hold back fingerprints. Coming in the size 100 X 65 X 14 mm, this is compact and fits even in tight pockets. The velvety interior ensures your cards are not damaged. It can hold up to 5 credit, debit, or ID cards. It can also hold around 15 business cards, depending on the card thickness.

5. ABYS Card Holder

Award: Classy Look

Tagline heading: Made of pure leather

Tagline: The cardholder has an incredible texture to it. It is stylish to look at besides being a useful accessory.

Product description:

ABYS offers a cardholder with seven card slots. You can comfortably keep your debit and credit cards in them. It also has two cash compartments. The holder has a zipper closure that helps you to open and close it easily. It is a popular choice among both men and women alike. Containing premium leather, it retains the original look for a long time.

Things to consider before buying a card holder


Cardholders are made of pure leather, metal, fabric, and PU leather, among other materials. You should check if the material is strong, has a smooth texture, and is tear-resistant.


Consider cardholders that are compact in. Look for holders that can store all your cards but are small enough to be carried around easily.


Some cardholders have sturdy zippers for higher security. They also offer RFID protection. It prevents your sensitive card data from being stolen.   Look at other such safety features when buying a cardholder.

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