7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India: 2020 Reviews

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Cleaning car interiors is not an easy task – because of several corners and other challenging areas that are hard to reach. Unlike the exteriors, car interiors cannot be just washed with some soap and water.

Fortunately, car vacuum cleaners are quite handy in such cases.

These devices are specially designed to easily suck out the dirt on seats, corners, and other difficult areas. Apart from that, they also improve air quality inside the car to protect you from negative health effects related to dust.

But before you invest in a car vacuum cleaner, check out the below factors…

  • Corded Vs Cordless – If you have big car, need more suction power, have to vacuum for longer duration and don’t mind a cord, then corded ones are the best choice. However, if you have a small car and don’t need through vacuuming, then go for cordless ones.
  • Suction Power – Corded vacuum have more suction power than cordless ones. If you vacuuming needs to only limited to car interiors, then go for cordless ones. However, if you want a versatile vacuum cleaner that can accommodate other cleaning tasks apart from car interiors (like cleaning garage), then go for corded ones.
  • Tank Capacity – The sucked up dirt will end in the dirt tank present in the car vacuum cleaner. If you want uninterrupted cleaning, then go for a large tank capacity. Or else you may have to stop in the middle of cleaning to trash the collected dirt.

For more detail information on the factors on how to choose a car vacuum cleaner, we recommend reading our BUYING GUIDE.

Or else, you can just pick up any product present in our list of Top 10 Car Vacuum Cleaners in India. Our experts shortlisted them after several hours of research, testing and analysis.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

Car Vacuum CleanersSuction forceFilter TypeMotor PowerWarrantyBuy Now
Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner5 kPaHEPA (stainless steel)150 watts1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
RNG Eko Green RNG-2001 Car Vacuum Cleaner4.5 kPaHEPA150 watts1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Voroly High Power Vacuum Cleaner for Car3.5 kPaHEPA120 watts6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
iGRiD Car Vacuum Cleaner4 kPa3 layer filtration150 wattsNACHECK ON AMAZON
Black & Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner340mm/waterBag filter12.5 watts1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Maharsh enterprise Multipurpose Vacuum CleanerNAHEPA (washable)1000 wattsNo warrantyCHECK ON AMAZON
ResQTech PitBoss Car Vacuum Cleaner6.5 kPaHEPA (stainless steel)NA2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Ozoy Multi-Functional Vacuum CleanerNADust cup1000 watts1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Shopizone High Power Multi-Function Car Vacuum Cleaner5 kPaHEPA (washable)120 watts1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Oshotto Vacuum Cleaner cum Tyre InflatorNADust box100 watts1 month (on motor only)CHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India 2020

1. Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner

This car vacuum cleaner by Bergmann Stunner is a combination of affordability and high-performance. The body has a mirror finish, which gives this vacuum cleaner a sleek look. It is made of top-quality unbreakable plastic, precisely, the ones that are used to make mobile phones.

Homezene lists it as the best car vacuum cleaner in India as it is powered by a high-speed motor that is made of 100% copper. Also, it has a HEPA made of stainless steel that reduces the operating cost of this machine.

The suction force of 5 kPa is enough to draw out dust, debris, dander, hair, and liquids off the nooks and crannies of your car. It uses a powerful 150 watts copper motor to keep your vehicle thoroughly clean.

The Bergmann Stunner car vacuum cleaner has a stainless steel HEPA filter that can eliminate most of the tiny particles. As it is made of stainless steel, it can function for a lifetime and does not need any replacement.

This car cleaning device has three attachments—A hosepipe, a nozzle, and a brush. The nozzle is for cleaning the parts of a car that are tough to reach. The brush head is for the seats, and the hosepipe attaches smoothly to both these attachments in case you need an extension. 

 Its 5 meters power cord gives a great amount of manoeuvrability that is good enough to clean even big SUVs. 

Apart from all the attachments, the package also contains a warranty card. The warranty on this product is 1 year from the date of purchase. 

Also, it is relatively a quieter vacuum cleaner that keeps the noise to 75 decibels only. It is lesser than the average vacuum cleaner, which makes a noise of about 80 decibels. 


  • Copper motor
  • Stylish and sturdy
  • produces low noise
  • A stainless steel HEPA filter
  • Very low operating cost as the filter is reusable
  • Powerful suction 
  • Perfect for both dry and wet surfaces


  • No major cons

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2. RNG Eko Green RNG-2001 Car Vacuum Cleaner

RNG Eko Green RNG-2001 Car Vacuum Cleaner

This car vacuum cleaner model is manufactured by keeping all safety standards in mind, as it has a CE certificate. It also has a RoHS certificate to denote that all its components are completely free from hazardous substances. 

We are ranking the RNG-2001 car vacuum cleaner in the second position because this cleaner’s suction is 4.5 kPa, which is lesser than the former product. Also, it does not have a hosepipe to provide the necessary extension you might need in some cases.

The suction force of the RNG Eko Green RNG-2001 car vacuum cleaner is 4.5 kPa. It is powerful enough to give a decent performance. This vacuum cleaner has 100% copper windings. Its motor has a power of 150 watts.

It uses a HEPA filtration technology to trap the unwanted particles present in your car. The HEPA filter is washable, so you can continue to use it for quite a long time. However, it is not made of stainless steel, and you will have to replace it after a number of washes.

There are just two attachments that come along with this vacuum cleaner. One is a nozzle that you can use to clean the corners and slits of the seats, and the other is a brush. 

Apart from the attachments, the box contains the main unit, a warranty card, a user manual, and a bag to keep all the attachments in one place. The warranty on this product is 1 year from the date of purchase.

You can use this vacuum cleaner to pick up dry and wet wastes.

Most companies use plastic fans in vacuum cleaners. But the fan of this car vacuum cleaner is made of metal for durable performance. 


  • Good performance
  • low noise
  • affordable
  • Copper windings
  • Suitable for all car sizes
  • Suitable for dry and wet cleaning
  • Metal fan


  • Lacks an extension pipe

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3. Voroly High Power Vacuum Cleaner for Car

Voroly High Power Vacuum Cleaner for Car

Do you want a vacuum cleaner that has multiple adjustments to take care of all your car cleaning needs? Well then, you should probably pick the Voroly car cleaning machine. 

The Voroly high power car vacuum cleaner has a suction force of 3.5kPa. The motor in this device is of aluminium that uses 120 watts to clean your car. 

Homezene is ranking it in the third position as this it has an aluminium motor, which is decent enough, but certainly not as good as copper motors. Also, the HEPA filter in this car vacuum cleaner is not washable, which was the case with the former two products.

 This vacuum cleaner uses a HEPA filter to eliminate grimes. However, the HEPA in this machine is not washable, which increases its operating cost a bit. 

The package comes with multiple attachments that include— a short nozzle, a long nozzle, a hosepipe, and a brush. These heads fit in easily and will take care of all your needs as far as cleaning the inside of your car is concerned. 

The 4.5 meters long power cord is good enough for small cars as well as SUVs. This machine is suitable for both dry and wet cleaning purposes. 

Its noise production is just 60 dB, which is very low in comparison to most vacuum cleaners in the market. 

The manufacturers use high-quality ABS plastic to make the Voroly car vacuum cleaner. The weight of this product is around 820 gms.

 This device features a one-touch emptying bin button. Simply slide the switch to open the trash can and empty it into a bin. 

NOTE — On purchase of this product, you will have to register it online within 10 days of purchase to activate its warranty. The warranty period of the Voroly car vacuum cleaner is 6 months from the date of purchase. 


  • Multiple cleaning adjustments
  • high suction force
  • one touch trash bin clean up
  • Silent working
  • made with high-quality ABS plastic


  • 6 months warranty
  • After-sales service is not the best

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4. iGRiD Car Vacuum Cleaner

iGRiD Car Vacuum Cleaner

The iGrid car vacuum cleaner makes a mark as it uses a pro-cyclone technology with a triple cyclone filtration system. Also, it has a patented ‘L’ shape design for the best user experience. 

In spite of all its amazing features, we are placing it in the fourth position. It is because this car vacuum cleaning machine is suitable only for picking up dry particles. You cannot use it on wet surfaces for sucking off any liquid spillage.

The suction power of the iGrid car vacuum cleaner is 4kPa. And its 150 watts motor is enough to draw out stubborn dust particles sitting on the air vents, armrest, or any other parts of your car.

This car vacuum cleaner has a stainless steel HEPA filter that you do not need to replace. Just wash it, and you are good to go. This machine uses the pro-cyclone filtration technology that traps any particle larger than 0.3 microns. 

It comes with three attachments that include an extension pipe, a nozzle, and a square brush. 

This one is a bagless type of car vacuum cleaner. So, you will not need to buy and replace dirtbags every time it is full. Instead, there is a transparent dirt box that you can empty and re-attach to the main unit.

The iGRid car vacuum cleaning machine is essentially a handheld unit that isn’t the most lightweight. The weight of this product is 1.22 kgs, and its dimensions are 37.1 x 15.2 x 12.7 cm. The length of the power cord is 4 meters. 

This cleaning device can function for 15 to 20 minutes at a stretch. After 20 minutes, you need to rest it for a while to avoid overheating. 

It is a very stylish model that has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. However, the company does not mention the warranty policy clearly. 


  • Stunning design
  • Powerful 150 watts motor
  • The bagless model reduces recurring expenditure
  • Long power cord
  • Good suction force
  • Effective 3 layer filtration (traps particles up to 0.3 microns) 


  • Not suitable for wet surfaces
  • Company does not mention warranty policy
  • Heating problem after 15 to 20 minutes of constant use

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5. Black & Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker is an American brand that masters in making affordable electrical appliances that add value to our daily lives. And this car vacuum cleaner stands up to the brand’s reputation. 

We are placing it fifth on this list of the ‘best car vacuum cleaners in India’ because its motor power is somewhat low and needs some time to do the job. It is only suitable for cleaning dry surfaces. And there are just two cleaning adjustments that come along in the package.

 It uses just 12.5 watts for functioning; hence, it is way less taxing on the car battery. The airflow rate of this car vacuum cleaner is 800 l/min, and its suction pressure is 340 mm/Water. 

The manufacturers have paid special attention to the filter and have equipped it with double-action technology. 

 It has just two attachments— a short nozzle that is designed to suck out dust and dirt from the difficult-to-reach areas of your car, and a brush head for AC, dashboard, and mats. You can use the cleaning unit directly on the seats to pick up dirt and other particulate matter. 

 The cord length is 5 meters, which is enough for cleaning four-wheeler of any size. With this length, you can as well clean the trunk of the vehicle. 

An amazing feature of this machine is that it has on-body storage for its adjustments that ensures space-efficiency. 

The weight of the Black & Decker car vacuum cleaner is 798 gms.

The manufacturers provide a warranty of 1 year on the product that covers manufacturing defects. 


  • Double filtration technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight
  • On-body storage for adjustments
  • Brand value
  • Low power consumption


  • Unsuitable for wet surfaces
  • The motor is less powerful
  • Few attachment heads

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6. Maharsh enterprise Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner

Maharsh enterprise Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner by Maharsh Enterprise is versatile. It can perform duel action of suction and blower to suit your varying needs. This car vacuum cleaner also has a fancy feature of a USB point on itself for charging mobile (or any other device that you can connect to the port). 

As a car vacuum cleaner, we rank it sixth. Although it has a powerful motor, it can heat up pretty fast. Also, for making it compatible with the 12v socket of your car, you will have to invest in a converter separately.

This device from the Maharsh Enterprise is actually a regular Vacuum cleaner that you can use to clean a car by using a converter. It has a powerful motor of 1000 watts that provides a thorough cleaning of all dry surfaces. 

 There is a washable HEPA filter for trapping micro-sized particles. Although the HEPA is washable, it is not made of stainless steel. So, you will have to replace it after prolonged use. 

The attachments of this vacuum cleaning machine include one upholstery brush, a flexible snout with nozzle, one square brush, one hosepipe, two extension pipes, an attachment belt, and three blower nozzles. 

 Its cord is 4 meters, which can give you enough manoeuvrability if you use a converter. However, if you plug it into a nearby switchboard, the cord might fall a little short for larger cars like SUVs or mini trucks. 

We recommend you use the belt for carrying it around from place to place as it weighs 2.2 Kgs. 

Although this vacuum cleaner is packed with terrific features, the company does not offer any warranty on it. To be on the safe side, you can buy it from amazon. The site provides a 10-day return policy in case of manufacturing defects. 


  • High performance
  • A shiny and sleek look
  • Duel functioning —suction and blower
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Multiple attachments
  • USB port on the device


  • Heating problem
  • Needs a separate converter for use in cars
  • No warranty

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7. ResQTech PitBoss Car Vacuum Cleaner

ResQTech PitBoss Car Vacuum Cleaner

This cat vacuum cleaner is developed in collaboration with Nakamichi, a Japanese company. The model is designed in Italy to give a better cleaning experience to its users. The manufacturer describes it to be ”World’s most powerful DC Vacuum Cleaner”.

It features a powerful motor and is indeed one of the best car vacuum cleaners in India. However, we are placing it on the seventh rank because its price is high.
 It has a suction force of 6.5 kPa, which is more than most other car vacuum cleaners offers. With this suction power, you can be sure that your vehicle will be thoroughly clean without any speck of dust.

 The ResQTech Pitross car vacuum cleaner features a stainless steel HEPA filter that you can wash and re-use for a lifetime.

It comes with three adjustment heads. It has a nozzle to pick up dust from the hard-to-reach parts of your car like the AC vent and the slits of the seat. A Round brush to wipe pet hair and dander off the car seats and a flexible hosepipe that attaches to the other heads smoothly.

This vacuum cleaning is suitable for both dry and wet surfaces. It can pick up on dust, dirt, ash, hair, water, juice, and other non-inflammable fluids without any trouble.

The power cord is 5 meters long and is compatible with all vehicles that have the 12V sockets.

The ResQTech Pitross vacuum cleaner features an LED light to help you clean the darker corners of your car.

The company provides 2 years of ”NO QUESTIONS ASKED” warranty on the product. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Low noise level
  • Suitable for both wet and dry trash
  • Very high suction force
  • Washable stainless steel HEPA
  • LED light for additional assistance
  • Long cord length


  • Expensive

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8. Ozoy Multi-Functional Vacuum Cleaner

Ozoy Multi-Functional Vacuum Cleaner

The Ozoy vacuum cleaner is yet another multipurpose device on this list. It can perform both suction and blower function. However, to use it as a car vacuum cleaner, you will have to arrange for a converter. 

We are placing it eighth on this list as you will have to invest in a converter separately to use this device as a car vacuum cleaner. Also, the dust box is not transparent (like the Maharsh cleaner), so you might have to check on it often.

 It gives a decent quality cleaning with its 1000 watts motor. Also, it does not heat up quickly, which is common with many other high-power motors. 

This machine uses a dust cup to collect all the particles that it sucks in. It is easy to clean. You can dispose of the dust with the click of a single button. 

It comes with six adjustment heads, which includes— 2 nozzles, 1 upholstery brush, 1 rectangular brush, 1 nozzle with mini blush, and 1 hosepipe. The package also incorporates a shoulder strap.

 The weight of this vacuum cleaner is about 2 kg and the power cord is 5 meters in length. 

There is a warranty of 1 year on this car vacuum cleaner, valid from the date of purchase. 


  • High power motor
  • low noise
  • suction and blower function
  • No heating problem
  • Easy to handle
  • Six attachments


  • The dust box is not transparent
  • Needs converter for car use

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9. Shopizone High Power Multi-Function Car Vacuum Cleaner

Oshotto Vacuum Cleaner cum Tyre Inflator

This one is a stylish model that will win your heart with its sleek and stunning looks. This machine also has an LED light that gives this car vacuum cleaner an upgraded demeanour.

We are placing this product in the ninth position because its build quality is not the best. It can heat up quickly and turn itself off after a few minutes of efficient performance.

It has a 120 watts motor to give a solid performance. The suction force is 5 kPa, that draws out unwanted trash off your car. 

The Sophizone car vacuum cleaner uses an upgraded HEPA filter of the second generation. This filter is washable and can trap 99.99% of the dust. You can use this product to clean both wet and dry surfaces. 

It comes with three adjustments— a nozzle, a brush, and a soft tube for extension. 

The fan in this car vacuum cleaner is made of aluminium alloy that ensures durability.  

The cord length of this vacuum cleaner for car is 4.5 meters long. Its weight is 776 grams.


  • Suitable for wet and dry surfaces
  • LED light
  • Alloy fan
  • second-generation HEPA filter
  • Good suction power
  • Stylish design


  • Build quality can be better
  • Heats up quickly

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10. Oshotto Vacuum Cleaner cum Tyre Inflator

Oshotto Vacuum Cleaner cum Tyre Inflator

This product by Oshotto is a multipurpose device that is made in Taiwan. It cleans your car and takes care of the air pressure of the tyres at the same time. 

As the suction power of this device is a tad bit low, this is our last product. Its power cord is 3.04 meters, which might not be sufficient for big size vehicles. Also, the warranty period is just one month and covers only the motors.
There are two motors with copper windings in this machine. If you use it as a vacuum cleaner, the motor power is 100 watts. While using it as a type inflator, the motor power is 150 watts. 

You will find a two-way switch on the handle. If you push it upwards, it turns on the vacuum cleaner mode. When you push it downwards, the device acts as a type inflator. 

There is a transparent dust cup that collects all the trash and accumulates it in one place. You can detach this cup with the press of a button to clean and re-attach it. 

The package includes a duck mouth suction head, a fabric brush, and a special brush for cleaning wet surfaces. You will also get attachment heads for inflating tyres, footballs, toys, etc.

 The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 1.5 kgs. Its power cord fits into the 12v socket of a car. The package also includes an extra fuse in case of an emergency. 

It features an air pressure gauge that can measure up to 150 psi. This gauge is sufficient to measure the tyre pressure of all Indian vehicles. 


    • Multipurpose use—Inflator and vacuum cleaner
    • Two motors with copper windings
    • Easy to handle
  • Number of adjustments
  • Tyre inflating function is good
  • Suitable for dry and wet wastes


  • Motor power of vacuum cleaner is a little less
  • The power cord is just 3.04 meters
  • Warranty is just one month on the motors only

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How Does a Car Vacuum Cleaner Work?

These portable machines are specially designed to clean small spaces like vehicle interiors. They can handle cleaning debris, hair, dust and other impurities on the car floors and even other small spaces like corners and nooks. Some vacuum cleaners work on batteries while some have to be plugged into 12V cigarette lighter socket present in the car. Both these types are convenient than using normal household vacuum cleaners with large extension cords.

Confused how to select a vacuum cleaner? Below are some of the key points to check out while making the purchase. Read the information carefully to make the right choice.

1.Cordless Vs Corded Vacuums

Car vacuum cleaners are available in two different types – corded and cordless. Corded vacuum cleaners have a cable which has to be connected to a socket for power. They have the highest suction power than cordless ones – which makes them efficient in removing stubborn and stuck dirt, especially on the car carpet or mat. When it comes to size, corded ones are bulky, making them less portable.

Cordless vacuum cleaners come with rechargeable batteries. As they don’t have to plugged into a socket, cordless ones are portable. However, they have shorter runtime and low suction power than corded vacuum cleaners.

Being portable, you can use cordless ones anywhere and reach even far and difficult to reach corners of the car interiors. As car interiors don’t need high suction power, cordless ones are still considered the best for cleaning purposes.

2. Suction Power

Suction power of a car vacuum cleaner is usually determined by motor strength, design and power source. If it has powerful motor, then it can effectively suck up even heavy particles like sand, mud, pebbles and others debris from hidden places as well. Vacuum cleaners with metal fans and copper motor are more efficient than plastic ones.

It is better to prefer cleaners with modern technologies like cyclonic action as they are capable of handling tougher debris. When compared to corded ones, cordless ones have low suction power as they operate on battery powered motor.

While purchasing a car vacuum cleaner for your vehicle, it is also important to determine whether you will use it only for car interiors or for other purposes as well like cleaning garage floor. In such cases, you have to choose a model with higher suction power.

If your requirements are limited to only car interiors only, then suction is not a major concern. So, even cordless ones can provide satisfying results. It is better to choose a model with long runtime battery as it can be frustrating if the machine stops working in middle of the task.

3. Tank Capacity

The dirt accumulated while vacuuming is collected in a tank. For uninterrupted cleaning, we recommend to choose a model with good tank capacity. However, car vacuum cleaners with large tank capacity are often bulky, which can affect the portability. So, understand your requirements carefully choose a model that satisfies portability and good tank capacity.

4. Filters – HEPA or Carbon

When it comes to removing allergens and other pollutants, HEPA filters are the best option. They are also perfect for any household people dealing with asthma and allergies that are triggered by dust or dirt.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that can remove odors, then carbon filter is the right choice. Activated carbon traps the odor particles in order to dissipate the smell. If your car interiors often smell bad, then this model is the right choice.

5. Portability

When compared to corded types, cordless ones are much portable. If you want a model that doesn’t take much truck space or a model that can be used anywhere easily, then choose battery operated ones. Apart from that, they are light in weight as well.

If you use vacuum rarely or just once in a while, then corded ones are the best option. They have higher suction power and unlimited run time.

6. Car or Vehicle Size

As cars comes in varies sizes, their vacuuming requirements are also different. If you own a big car, then choose a heavy-duty model. As big cars have more seats or you may have kids who spill food particles, corded ones can be beneficial, because they have more suction power and long runtime.

If your car is small, then cordless or handled car vacuum cleaner is enough. Because you will not need any heavy vacuuming and additionally it offers ease of use and portability. However, make sure to choose a model with higher battery capacity.

7. Car Interiors

Interiors of a car also an important factor to consider while purchasing a car vacuum cleaner. Because for some interiors, a particular kind of vacuum can be effective than others. For example, if your interiors have leather, then a model with soft brush attachment is beneficial. And moreover, you may not require higher suction capacity for this kind of interior as the dirt will present only the surface.

However, for fabric or velvet seats, you will require a model with higher suction power as the dust can be accumulated in the deeper layers. To be on safe side, we recommend to purchase a vacuum with several attachments which helps you handle all kinds of car interior cleaning.

8. Battery Life

Cordless vacuum cleaners come in different capacities and runtimes. The amount of run time a cordless one provide in a single charge, depends on its suction power. Vacuum with high suction power has a high power rating motor, which means that battery will run out at a quick rate.

Based on your cleaning requirements, select a vacuum that comes with a decent enough runtime to make sure it doesn’t interrupt your cleaning. If you have a big car or have children who leave debris on seats, then you will need longer battery runtime.

It is also better to choose a car vacuum cleaner that comes with an alert system that indicates when the battery is about to die. If an LED indicator is provided for the same, then make sure it is visible enough.

9. Power Rating

Power rating of a car vacuum cleaner is determined by the efficiency of its motor – which therefore represents the cleaning ability of the vacuum. Most of the power ratings start from 12V which indicates suction power. A car vacuum with 12V will run on full battery for almost 30 minutes – which is enough to complete the car cleaning without any issues. So, make sure the model you choose comes with decent amperage so that you don’t end up with a product that struggles in sucking up dirt.

10. Power Cord Length

Length of a power cord should be long enough to reach all the corners and nooks in the car. If you have a large car like SUV, then go for a model with 5m long cord. When it comes to small cars, 3 to 4-meter-long cord length is sufficient enough. If you are choosing a cordless or handheld model, then this factor is not necessary.

11. Wet and Dry Cleaning

Cleaning a car may not be limited to only sucking up dry dirt. In some situations, you may have to clean up wet dirt as well. So, having a car vacuum that supports both wet and dry cleaning can be beneficial than just dry cleaning option. Make sure the model you choose has the capability of supporting these two cleaning types.

12. Weight

Weight of the car vacuum cleaner is also an important factor because it impacts the usability. It should not be heavy to lift or difficult to use/move. For a good vacuum cleaner, the weight of the device should not exceed 2Kgs. Always give preference to ergonomic designs as they provide extreme comfort even when used continuously for a long time.

13. Washables Filters and Dirt Cups

It is important to choose a model that not only cleans easily but also easy to clean its parts. That is why it is crucial to check whether the model you choose has dirt cups and filters that are washable.

14. Additional Accessories

When it comes to cleaning cars, it is important to choose a model that can easily clean corners and difficult to reach areas like in dashboard, under the seats, between the seats and others. This is possible only when the vacuum has different tools and attachments specially designed for handling such difficult tasks.

Some important attachments that are often required include…

  • Brushes
  • Crevice tools
  • Pet hair remover
  • Replaceable filters
  • Flexible hose (not less than 25 feet)

15. Warranty

Warranty period usually depends on the product model and manufacturer. Most of the car vacuum cleaners present in India come with at least 1-year warranty. But some high-end models also come with 2-years warranty. Always go for a model that has at least 1-year warranty. Never choose a product that comes at throw away prices with less or no warranty. Because warranty is a representation of the quality of a product.

Tips to Consider While Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vehicles, especially cars have challenging spaces and corners to clean or vacuum. Not just cabin part, areas like carpet, under the seats, and others can be challenging. But with below tips, you can vacuum easily and get a professional finish.

1. Open car’s windows and doors while cleaning

It is recommended to roll out the windows and open the doors while cleaning the car so that any dirt and debris in the circulating air can move out. This is mainly crucial if you are using certain chemical products. Though car vacuuming will not involve usage of chemicals regularly, opening doors and windows will help to dissipate the odors and musty smells.

2. Remove large trash objects physically

Cleaning trash in your car like wrappers, used tissues and others before vacuuming will make the whole process a lot easier. If not, the rollers can get jammed and hoses can get clogged if the vacuum sucks up big things like papers, coins, others. This can also damage the vacuum machine all together.

3. Remove car accessories for comfortable cleaning

Car accessories like floor mats, dashboard covers, seat covers, cup holders, tissue boxes and other similar things should be removed before vacuuming. This process will let you clean every inch of the car interior explicitly. If you don’t remove the car accessories, then they can get in-between the process of reaching the corners. You can provide thorough cleaning separately before placing them back.

4. Use attachments for better results

Brush attachment can be used to vacuum car’s floor and other surfaces that have fibers. This attachment will reach the deep layers of the fibers to loosen the trapped dirt and suck it up. This process will provide better results than just plain vacuuming. If you don’t have the brush attachment, then using an ordinary brush can also do the trick if you manually do the loosening dirt part before vacuuming.

Long-nose attachment is beneficial to clean hard-to-reach areas like corners and under/between the seats. Crevice tool lets you vacuum every inch of the car interior space. It is perfect for vacuuming floorboard, seat track rails, air vents, upholstery, area underneath the pedals, and dash board.

5. Vacuum each and every area of the car interior in an orderly fashion

If you don’t follow proper cleaning system, then it can get messy. We recommend to start from driver’s section before heading to passage side, finally to the back. Or else, it can be other way-around like from back to front. You can follow any cleaning routine process according to your needs. The whole point of following a process is to make sure the car interiors are free from any kind of debris and dust. Also, make sure no area is left uncovered by the vacuum cleaner – if you want to achieve perfect and professional cleaning finish.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How long does the battery of cordless vacuum cleaner last?

Most of the cordless car vacuum cleaners present in India come with lithium-ion batteries which usually last for 2 to 10 years based on quality and how often they are recharged. Actually, lithium batteries start to degrade slowly once they are recharged few hundred times. So, make sure to check out the specifications of batteries before purchasing them.

2. Does a car vacuum cleaner produce more noise?

The noise of a vacuum cleaner depends on its motor size and design. Car vacuum cleaners make similar noise to any other type of portable vacuum cleaners – which is somewhere around 60dB and above.

3. Is it possible to vacuum car’s air filter?

Yes, you can use the crevice attachment of the vacuum cleaner to clean up the air filter.

4. What should I expect from high-end car vacuum cleaners?

High-end models often come with extra features and accessories that include longer lasting batteries, durability, extra set of attachments and others – which make the whole car vacuuming process a breeze. Cheaper models usually have low power motor which don’t have enough capability to pick up hard dirt. So, if you want explicit finish, then don’t be afraid to spend a little more. Having extra set of features and durability are crucial for the money you invest.

5. Can we use a car vacuum cleaner for home purpose?

Yes, you can use. But before using it for home, you can make some changes. You have to connect it to a 12V SC to DC power adapter. The capacitor present in this adapter converts the voltage from 220V to 12V. You can use it to clean small areas but it may not be feasible enough to clean the whole room at once.

6. Can a car vacuum handle both dry and wet debris?

Not all car vacuum cleaners are developed to handle both dry and wet mess. Some of them may have that feature while some of them may not. Verify the details before making the purchase. If it is mentioned that it can only handle dry waste, then never use it for wet waste as it can damage the machine completely.

7. How long does it take to run the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt completely?

Normally, any car vacuum cleaner may take 15-20 minutes to remove the dust particles completely. However, the time duration may vary depending on the capacity, brand and other factors like battery life, motors and suction power.

8. How Does a Car Vacuum Cleaner Work?

The working principle of a car vacuum cleaner is very much similar to normal household ones. When turn on the machine, the motor runs and generates some suction power – which pulls the dust particles and waste present on the floors, upholstery and others. The waste is collected in a trash bin. Once it is completely filled, throw the waste into the trash.

8. Do I really need a car vacuum cleaner?

Every day you spend hours of your time travelling in your car. Just like our home, even the interiors of car get dusty, especially if you travel with your pets or kids. Pressure washing can clean the exteriors but for interiors you will need a vacuum. A wet cloth cannot reach the crevices and remove the dust. So, investing on a car vacuum cleaner is the best option.


Before coming up with the best car vacuum cleaners in India, we tested several products. We have taken the user experience, customer reviews, and the manufacturer’s claims into account while forming this list.

If you want our opinion, we recommend the Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner. It is the overall best product on this list if we take the value-for-money factor into account. However, if you do not mind spending some more bucks, then the ResQTech PitBoss vacuum cleaner will be our choice as it gives top-notch quality and performance.

If you still have doubts regarding your choice, comment below, and we will try our best to help you.

  • The leather on the back seats has many shade shadow like some liquid has cause it. Can I use water to remove the the shade shadow then vacuum the water out?

    • If you are using a wet and dry car vacuum cleaner, then you can try it.

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