7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India: 2019 Reviews

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Accumulation of dirt, debris, dust and other contaminants can damage the car interiors in the longer run. Maintaining hygienic environment in the car is even more important, especially if the driver or passenger have skin or pulmonary allergies.

Normal household vacuum cleaners are not portable enough, as they are not built to reach small areas and corners in the car. Only a car vacuum cleaner can deal with these specific cleaning challenges like under the seats and other difficult to reach areas.

Now the point is, which ones is appropriate for you…?

As there are different models present of car vacuum present in the market, it is very difficult to select the best one. So, how do you ensure the model you choose is the right one? Read our “Buying Guide” to know the factors to consider while purchasing a car vacuum cleaner.

To simplify things, let us look at the selection of best car vacuum cleaners carefully picked up by our experts.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

Car Vacuum CleanersCord LengthWeightMotor CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Dirt Devil SD20005RED  Scorpion Car Vacuum Cleaner16 feet3.75 pounds7amp3 yearsCheck the Price
Black & Decker ADV1220 Car Vacuum Cleaner5 meter789 grams12.5 Watts1 yearCheck the Price
Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner4.5 meter989 grams130 Watts1 yearCheck the Price
IGRID Car Vacuum Cleaner4 meter>1 kg12VNACheck the Price
ResQTech PitBoss Car Vacuum Cleaner5 meter>1 kg17V2 yearsCheck the Price
RNG EKO Green Handled Car Vacuum Cleaner5 meter449 grams150 Watts1 yearCheck the Price
Shopizone Multi-Functional Car Vacuum Cleaner16.8 feet776 grams125 Watts1 yearCheck the Price

7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India 2019

1. Dirt Devil SD20005RED  Scorpion Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum

The very first product from our list Dirt Devil is an International brand – which are known for developing innovative, versatile and affordable cleaning products. Today, we shall discuss about their handheld bagless vacuum cleaner – which is perfect for any car owner who wants to clean their car interiors in a jiffy.

Despite being one of the cost-effective car vacuum cleaners in the market, DirtDevil SD20005RED has excellent suction capability. The 7-amp motor is responsible for its suction capabilities – It can easily suck tough mess that includes pet hair, small peddles, sand, trapped debris and others. Fortunately, the suction power remains constant from start to end of vacuuming session.

Another best feature is – integrated crevice tool, which is very helpful in cleaning the corners and other narrow spaces. Apart from that, it also comes with another attachment specially designed for upholstery. So, you can easily clear up the dirt on the seats without making your hands messy.

As it comes with 16 feet long cord, it becomes very easy to reach any area of the car. Though the build material of this product is basic, it will surely last for a very long time. This machine just weighs 3.75 pounds – so even elderly and children can easily use it.

The DirtDevil DS20005RED Scorpion is very easy to maintain – because of its bagless feature. Once the dirt container, you can just empty its contents in the trash can and re-attach it to the device. The easy maintenance is not just limited to the trash can, it even extends to filter. You can just simply brush off the dust on the filter and re-attach it again.

Apart from being reasonably prices, DirtDevil Scorpion also comes with 3-year warranty which covers electric motor and other main components.


  • Light in weight
  • Perfect for cleaning car interiors
  • Comes with 3 attachments
  • Bagless design
  • 3-year warranty
  • 16-foot power cord
  • 7amp electric motor
  • Easy and comfortable to handle
  • High suction power
  • Exceptional performance
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Affordably priced 


  • A little bit noisy
  • Can heat up quickly. 

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2. Black & Decker ADV1220 Dustbuster Automatc Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker ADV1220 Dustbuster Automatic Car Vacuum Cleaner

Second from our list comes from the brand – Black & Decker, which is renowned to provide innovative solutions for over a century. The ADV1220 car vacuum cleaner comes in a unique style which capable of designing every nook and corner of the car.

This device comes with 4 attachments that include crevice tool, brush, long hose, and extra-long nozzle. The crevice attachment gives access to clean between the car seats. The extra-long nozzle with wide mouth will easily remove large debris and sand particles.

The hose and brush cleans tough spots and awkward areas with utmost ease. As this device contains 5-meter-long cable cord which enables to reach even most difficult areas and the boot as well. ADV1220 has a cyclonic action which spins out debris, dust away from the filter.

The manufacturers have specially designed the filters for double action which ensures higher performance for a really long time. The machine can be corded to 12VCD (cigarette lighter) socket for power.

Because of its strong power suction, flexibility and versatility, it can be used for a wide range of applications. It comes in a lightweight design so as to carry easily to other places when you’re on a long vacation.

This device just weighs 798grams so it is very easy to use it for a longer time. Only high-quality plastic is used for making this machine which its sturdy and durable. Its ergonomic design is very easy handle and maintain it.

This product is suitable for mini and medium cars. However, if you own a big family car or SUV then we recommend choosing Black & Decker VH780. It has 12 accessories which help in different kinds of vacuuming. Apart car vacuuming, it also helps in removing dirt and debris in garages and other small outdoor areas. Apart from that, it also has excellent features like built-in blog indicator, inflating functionality, and several others. And moreover, it is much easy to maintain as well.


  • Comes with 4 attachments
  • Double filtration for higher performance
  • 5-meter long cable cord
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Cyclonic action which spins away the dirt from filter
  • High quality plastic is used
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design
  • Weighs just 798grams
  • Volume of 0.55 liters
  • Small adapter which fits easily in cigarette lighter socket 


  • A bit expensive
  • Just 1-year warranty. 

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3. Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Germany is as well-known brand for its state-of-art technologies and innovative products. Its car vacuum cleaner product is considered to be the most advanced one ever in their category. Its sleek, stylish and ergonomic design simply leaves you awestruck.

Unlike other car vacuum cleaners present in the market, Bergmann Supersonic has 3-stage filter – Mesh filter + HEPA filter + Exhaust filter. All these filters are completely washable, you can just wash them under running water and dry them before putting back into the cleaner.

This process ensures even most tiny particles are collected and trapped without escaping into the motor compartment. Some of the vacuums have an issue – dust falls when the product is tilted. However, this is issue is not present in this device as the dust compartment is isolated and dust flows only one-way.

The motor of this product is large (3.6cm) when compared to motors present in other car vacuum cleaners (which is generally 2.7cm). Only 100% pure copper is used in the motor which increases its efficiency and speed (27,000 rpm).

4.5-meter-long cable cord is provided with the product which is sufficient enough to reach difficult areas and boot of the car as well. And moreover as it is detachable, it is even easier to clean or stow away. The package includes 2 attachments – crevice nozzle and brush. The crevice nozzle is suitable for cleaning upholstery and between the seats. While the brush is capable of sucking out trapped debris and dust from fabrics, mats and carpets.

The dust box or collected is transparent so you can know when its full. It just weighs 989 grams so you can use it for long time without any strain. Manufacturer provides 1-year warranty for the Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Sleek mirror finish
  • Scratch proof and unbreakable
  • High speed motor
  • Advanced 3-stage filter system
  • Patented one-way dust flow
  • Transparent bust box
  • 5-meter-long cord
  • 2 attachments – crevice nozzle and brush
  • 1-year warranty 


No blower function 

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4. IGRID Car Vacuum Cleaner

IGRID Car Vacuum

Next from our list is from a brand – IGRID which recognized for its amazing customer service and secured shipping, apart from the high quality products. The patented and latest technology used in IGRID BL1010-B makes it a master blaster in the range of car vacuum cleaners.

Stainless steel HEPA filter and triple cyclone filtration system is used in this product which provides the efficiency of trapping even smallest (0.3 microns) particles. It also prevents these particles from leaving the exhaust filter and reaching the motor.

It comes with patented L shaped pro-cyclone technology which ensures highly powerful suction. It also prevents suction loss even when the dust compartment is full. The HEPA filter can be easily removed and washed which ensures more effective vacuuming, keep the motor safe and improve the lifespan.

Another benefit is – bag-less vacuum cleaner so you don’t have to replace the dust bags and save money for buying new ones. The dust and other waste particles are collected in a dirt box which can be easily detached to throw out the contents.

As the dirt box is transparent, you will know when it is full and needs emptying. The ergonomically designed handle ensures better handling and usage. This product can be plugged into car’s cigarette light port for power.

A 4-meter long cord is provided with the machine, which helps in reaching almost all areas in the car, including the boot. It comes with 3 attachments that include a square brush, crevice suction tool and extension pipe.


  • Powerful suction
  • Unique filter technology
  • No dust bag
  • Transparent dust collector
  • Portable and convenient to store
  • handle for easy carrying
  • weighs less than 1 kg
  • can suck even small particles (0.3 microns)
  • 4-meter long cord 


  • Warranty details are not provided 

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5. ResQTech PitBoss Car Vacuum Cleaner

ResQTech PitBoss Car Vacuum Cleaner

Pitboss is considered to be the most powerful and premium car vacuum cleaner available in India. This product is designed and developed by ResQTech in collaboration with Nakamichi Japan. The suction power of 6.5 KPA is the reason why it is considered so powerful and effective.

Another excellent feature of this product is – it can handle both wet and dry waste, which is very rare in car vacuum cleaners. It can effectively handle vacuuming dust, pet hair, cigarette ash, water, juices, crumbs and other small waste particles.

It comes with 100W motor which is efficient enough in providing 4300 PA – 4500 PA suction force. The manufacturer has provided this machine with Italian designed body which makes it stylish and ergonomic to handle. It features an easily detachable nano filter which is effective enough to suck up all the waste. This filter can be washed using normal water and has to be dried before using it again.

The stylish hook handle helps you manage to clean even most difficult areas and handle machine easily in all angles. The 5-meter-long power cord helps to reach all areas (in all cars/SUV), even the boot as well. It comes with an in-built light which helps to clean the dark areas as well like under/between the seats.

As it is bagless, you don’t have to purchase trash bags which will save money and environment as well. Manufacturer also provides genuine 2-year warranty in India.


  • Can handle both dry and wet vacuum
  • Integrated LED light
  • Japanese technology
  • 5-meter-long cable cord
  • Bagless vacuum cleaner
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to detach and wash the filter
  • Easy to empty the trash box
  • Light in weight
  • Ergonomic and stylish design
  • Powerful suction capability 


  • Cannot be used for other purpose other than vacuuming car
  • A bit expensive 

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6. RNG EKO Green Handled Car Vacuum Cleaner

RNG EKO Green 150Watt High Power Wet-Dry Single Hand Held Car Vacuum Cleaner


Just like ResQTech Pitboss product, RNG EKO also has the ability of handling both wet and dry vacuuming. We are totally impressed by the suction power and performance provided by RNG EKO, that too at a reasonable price.

This car vacuum cleaner comes with a high power motor to run the device effectively. The metallic fan generates a high suction force of 4.5KPA for smoothing functioning than others generated by the plastic fan.

The HEPA filter included in the vacuum cleaner can easily be removed and washed when required to ensure the effective cleaning mechanism. It also comes with an extra brush and connectors to deter the dust particles by reaching all the corners, thereby ensuring thorough cleaning.

It can deter the dirt, dust, smoke, dry or wet waste and other particles by pulling into the dust bowl of vacuum cleaner using power suction. All of them get attached to the easily removable and washable HEPA filter (high efficiency) that protect the motor from the dust entering into it.

The 5-meter long wire attached to the device is suitable for small to big cars and reach the car dicky very easily. When the device is turned On, it generates the noise up to 72dB because of the motors and metallic fan. Also, they get heated up quickly when used for a long time.

With all the good things aside, there are few minor cons like the noise which is too high (72dB) than the required and once the filters are removed from the device, it’s very difficult to re-fit the filter. People can use it for multiple applications like for cars and homes without any issue.


  • CE & ROHS certified
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made with high quality plastic material
  • Lasts long
  • Can handle both wet and dry waste
  • Comes with brush connectors and extension mouth
  • Metallic fan motor
  • 5-meter long cable cord
  • Washable HEPA filter 


  • Produces 75dB noise
  • It is not easy to re-attach the filter. 

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7. Shopizone Multi-Functional Car Vacuum Cleaner

Shopizone High Power Multi-Function Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a stylish, easy to handle, multi-functional and modern car vacuum cleaner, then Shopizone is the right choice. This machine is powered with 120W motor which ensures effective vacuuming.

When compared to others vacuum cleaners, this one is extremely light in weight and convenient to handle. Your hands will not get tired or strained by using it for a long time. A bag is provided along with the machine for proper carrying and storage.

14.8 feet long cable cord is provided with the cleaner which allows you reach any spot or corner of the car, including the boot. It comes with 3 attachments that include – brush, crevice and extension hose. These attachments are good enough in cleaning every corner of the car, including mat, carpet and upholstery.

The manufacturer has provided upgraded second generated HEPA filter with this machine which is known to be effective in handling 99.9% dust. This HEPA filter can be easily detached and washed for maintaining the vacuum cleaner properly.


  • Great suction power
  • Easy to handle
  • Comes with 3 attachments
  • 8ft long cable cord
  • Portable and light weight
  • Multifunctional – can handle both dry and wet waste
  • Upgraded HEPA filter
  • Sturdy and stylish design 


  • Heats up quickly. 

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Things to Look for When Choosing a Car Vacuum Cleaner

An ideal investment is the one which satisfies your personal requirements. To achieve that, you should have the proper knowledge on which factors to check out. For your convenience, we have assorted all the information below.

1. Corded or Cordless, which one is better?

Mainly, there are two types of car vacuum cleaners – handhelds (cordless) and wall-mounts (corded).

Corded: As the name suggests, corded ones feature a cable which has to be connected to a power source, this is usually the car charger point. Their suction power is much higher so it is better at cleaning. This option is perfect for cleaning the mats in the car. However, they are a bigger than cordless ones which means limited portability. If you want to purchase corded car vacuum cleaner, then take look at the specifications for cord length. A decent length is minimum of 3 – 4 meters so it can reach all the corners of the car.

Cordless: on the other hand, cordless car vacuum cleaners work on batteries. As they don’t have to be plugged to a power source, their mobility and portability is unbeatable. You can use them anywhere, regardless of whether there is a power source or not. It is very easy to reach even the most difficult areas like under seat, corners and others.

2. What is its Dusting Capacity?

The size of the waste tank or dust collector determines how often you have to empty the vacuum. As you will be working outside (may be on your driveway or garage) while vacuuming the car, the trash may not be nearby. If you vacuum once in a while, then it may not be a necessary factor. However, if your car gets constantly messy (due to pets or kids) then purchase the one which a large capacity of collecting the waste.

3. What is the Suction Power?

In simple words, suction power is expressed as the amount of power required to capture the dust or other particles using a vacuum cleaner. It greatly depends on the power of the motor and the general design of the vacuum cleaner.

Corded vacuum cleaners usually have larger and stronger suction power because of their design and motor and used to clean the car floor and various other parts of the house. Thought the suction strength of the cordless vacuum cleaner depends on the battery life, reduces with time and use. So, you must choose the vacuum cleaner that generates high suction power of the available.

4. What is the size of your car?

It is a known fact that cars come in different sizes – which means the vacuuming requirements are also different. If you own a big family car, then it is obvious that you will need a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. A handheld bagless vacuum cleaner would be suitable enough for this requirement. If you have a small car, then cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable enough to handle the messy job. Just make sure the batteries are rechargeable so that you don’t have to waste money in buying new ones’ every time.

5. What type of interiors does your car have?

Though it sounds a bit strange, the car interiors also determine the vacuum you should purchase. If you don’t yet have kids or pets and only drive your car once in a while, then a normal would be enough. However, if you have kids or if your car gets dusty too often or has leather interiors then you will need a car vacuum cleaner with specific attachments. Some of them include brushes, pet hair remover, long and flexible hose. Brushes have the capability to remove the trapped dirt in the deep layers of fiber fabrics like carpets.

6. What is the Battery Life?

Different car vacuum cleaners have different capacities and runtimes. These things usually depend on the suction power of the machine. A higher suction power means, higher power motor – which drains the power quickly. Depending on your vacuuming needs, select a device with decent battery life accordingly. Always prefer to use car vacuum cleaner that comes with long battery life. Because better battery life enables you to perform the cleaning operations without any disturbances. It is better to have a feature that alerts when the battery is less or when the device has to be recharged.

7. Is the device portable?

Portability of the car vacuum cleaner refers to the ability to move the device from one location to another for a specific purpose. As they come in a lightweight design, very easy to carry and can be stored at the backside of a car.

If you’re using the car for attending functions, business meetings or pick up and dropping passengers then you need to give a touch up with the car vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable with the bad odors, and dust particles in a car.

8. Is it light in weight or heavy?

The design of the car vacuum cleaner should be smooth for the handiness purpose and light weighted to carry when you’re on a long vacation or so. For a good vacuum cleaner, the weight of the device should not exceed 2Kgs. Always give preference to ergonomic designs as they provide extreme comfort even when used continuously for a long time.

9. How much does it cost and what are the warranty details?

Price of the car vacuum cleaner isn’t the thing if you’re main intention is to clean the car neatly. Also, there is a myth that high priced vacuum cleaners come with more number of features to perform better cleaning operations. It is somewhat true. But, it doesn’t mean that low-budget car vacuum cleaners offer poor performance.

There are some brands like Team-bhp, Philips car vacuum cleaner that provides excellent cleaning functionalities at a very low price. You need to make a wise decision before you select the car vacuum cleaner. The minimum warranty offered by any brand is 1-year. However, you can extend the warranty for 2 more years by paying some amount to the manufacturers.

Tips and Precautions to Consider While Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Having proper knowledge on – how to use the car vacuum cleaner is very important to achieve successful results. That is the reason we have mentioned few tips below…

  • Always open the car windows and doors while cleaning the car. This allows the circulating air to carry away some of the dirt, stale odors and dust. This is even more important when you are using certain chemicals.
  • Remove large objects and big particles physically. A car vacuum cleaner is designed to pick up the fine dust and small dust particles.
  • Remove car accessories like floor mats, dashboard covers, seat covers, cup holders and other similar items before vacuuming. This helps to reach and clean every inch of the car. And moreover clean these accessories separately for thorough cleaning.
  • Use the attachments properly. For cleaning car floor and other surfaces with fiber, we recommend using brush attachment, as it loosens up the dirt and other particles accumulated in the deep layers of fiber. For reaching under the seats and other hard-to-reach areas, use long-nose hose attachment. Everything else in the car can be thoroughly cleaned using the crevice tool.
  • It is often recommended to start cleaning from driver section, passenger side and finally the back seats. However, you can reverse the way around as per your convenience.

Advantages of Using Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Car vacuum cleaners are much easy to use as they are portable and light in weight when compared to household vacuum cleaners.
  • Much affordable in pricing than household vacuum cleaners
  • Compact, so doesn’t take much place for storage
  • Light in weight
  • Can easily slide under the seats or reach difficult areas
  • Operation is very simple, so even children can use them effortlessly
  • Stylish and ergonomically designed
  • Will not cause any damage to the fabric or other electronic items
  • It will not dismantle the adhesives in the car.
  • It will not lead to any rusting

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can we use a car vacuum cleaner for home purpose?

Yes, you can use. But before using it for home, you can make some changes. You have to connect it to a 12V SC to DC power adapter. The capacitor present in this adapter converts the voltage from 220V to 12V. You can use it to clean small areas but it may not be feasible enough to clean the whole room at once.

2. Can a car vacuum handle both dry and wet debris?

Not all car vacuum cleaners are developed to handle both dry and wet mess. Some of them may have that feature while some of them may not. Verify the details before making the purchase. If it is mentioned that it can only handle dry waste, then never use it for wet waste as it can damage the machine completely.

3. How long does it take to run the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt completely?

Normally, any car vacuum cleaner may take 15-20 minutes to remove the dust particles completely. However, the time duration may vary depending on the capacity, brand and other factors like battery life, motors and suction power.

4. How Does a Car Vacuum Cleaner Work?

The working principle of a car vacuum cleaner is very much similar to normal household ones. When turn on the machine, the motor runs and generates some suction power – which pulls the dust particles and waste present on the floors, upholstery and others. The waste is collected in a trash bin. Once it is completely filled, throw the waste into the trash.

5. Do I really need a car vacuum cleaner?

Every day you spend hours of your time travelling in your car. Just like our home, even the interiors of car get dusty, especially if you travel with your pets or kids. Pressure washing can clean the exteriors but for interiors you will need a vacuum. A wet cloth cannot reach the crevices and remove the dust. So, investing on a car vacuum cleaner is the best option.

Few Words Before Winding Up…

Vacuuming the car interiors at least once in a week is very important. Clean car interiors not only keep the car immaculate but also contribute a lot to better air quality inside. Unlike exteriors, you cannot clean the car interiors with a damp cloth and detergent water. This is where a car vacuum cleaner comes in the light.

To pick the right one in a pool of several products is a difficult task. But don’t worry, our buying guide will make things easy for you. Using it you can shortlist the products and finally choose the right one as per your requirements.

Among the products picked up by our experts, DirtDevil SD20005RED Scorpion is our personal preference. With its features and suction power, it is a real pleasure to vacuum the car interiors using this device.

So, which one did you choose? Do you still have any queries? Write to us in the comment section. If you have purchased any product from the list, please send us a video or written review. It helps other readers in taking the decision.

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