7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

A car is your prized possession and you leave no stones unturned to keep it squeaky clean. But even the most committed motorhead can’t keep out the microscopic dust particles, dirt, and food crumbs that accumulate on the car floor and dashboard.

Although professional auto detailing from time to time is a good way to keep your car interior well maintained, it does burn a hole in your pocket.

Purchasing a portable car vacuum cleaner is more of a reasonable and affordable option that helps you to keep your car clean and tidy on a daily basis.

It is best to choose a car vacuum cleaner over a general vacuum cleaner for this purpose because car interiors involve tricky cleaning and it is best to use a tool that has been specifically designed for this purpose.

So, when it comes to choosing a car vacuum cleaner, it is important to check a few basic features such as power options, cord length, added crevice tools, etc. Read our “Buying Guide” to make an informed purchase.


Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

Car Vacuum CleanersFeaturesBuy Now
Black & Decker AV1205 Flip up brush, Washable dirt bowl, Lithium ion battery, Extendable crevice tool Check the Price
Dirt Devil Scorpion SD20005 Comfortable handle, 7-amp motor, crevice Tool
16-feet power cord
Check the Price
Bergmann HurricaneAdvanced multi-filtration technology, HEPA filter, 4.5 meters copper cord Check the Price
Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa BaglessBuilt-in blower feature, Detachable dust bin, 3 vacuum heads with dash brush and upholstery tool Check the Price
ArmorAll Wet/DryErgonomic handle, Platinum 500mAh adaptor, 15 feet power cord and 12V plug Check the Price
RNG EKO Green Wet/ DryMetallic fan motor, Washable HEPA filter, 150Watts of high power supply Check the Price
Coido 6023Added crevice tool, Built-in tire gauge pressure, Very strong suction power vacuum cleaner Check the Price

1. Black and Decker CHV1410L Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vac by BLACK+DECKER

Are you looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that easily wipes out your car interiors? Black and Decker is the ideal choice.

This has become the very first one in the list of best selling car vacuum cleaners available in India because of the amazing performance and impressive features it holds.

The light weighted handheld vacuum cleaner is very easy to operate, control and clean at every corner of the car.

What is included?

  • A car vacuum cleaner
  • Crevice tool
  • Flip up brush and
  • Detachable dustbin

The crevice tool and flip-up brush help to clean the difficult-to-reach areas with an ease. Through its twin action filtration system, vacuum cleaner sucks away the small dust particles by moving each and every corner of the car.

The vacuum cleaner features a 5-meter-long cable that can be plug-in to a faraway power source. And the small size adapter easily fits into a cigarette lighter socket which is inside the car.

All the filters present in this cleaner are washable that saves your time and money, instead of getting a new one when it becomes dirty.

This wonderful cordless car vacuum cleaner may take 4hour’s time to charge fully and completes the tasks in just 15-20 minutes.

For its strong power suction and flexible to clean car and home, made to use for a wide range of applications. It comes in a lightweight design so as to carry easily to other places when you’re on a long vacation. Also, there are 14000+ reviews and ratings on this product.

There are no major drawbacks except the price and warranty details. However, they can be ignored shortly if your main priority is to maintain the car in good hygienic condition.

If you don’t want to invest more on car vacuum cleaner, then Black & Decker ADV1210 Automatic Car Vacuum Cleaner is the right choice. It comes in a stylish ergonomic design for the convenience of users. Also, it features 5-meter long cable, crevice tool, and brush tool with a 1-year warranty card.

Features of Black Decker Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Flip up brush
  • Washable dirt bowl
  • 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Extendable crevice tool
  • Cordless car vacuum cleaner

Things we love

  • Very strong suction.
  • 16V power supply.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design.

Things we hate

  • Expensive vacuum cleaner.
  • No warranty information

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2. Dirt Devil Scorpion SD20005 Red Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum

The second one in the list is the Scorpion Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner. This is yet another decent quality vacuum cleaner that is specialized in performing efficient cleaning.

The lightweight design of this car vacuum cleaner makes the user carry and handle the things effortlessly while performing a specific task.

What is included?

  • Detachable dustbin
  • Quick flip crevice tool
  • Dusting and a sliding brush
  • 16 feet power cord and
  • Upholstery tool

Scorpion corded handheld vacuum cleaner comes in a bagless design structurer along with a strong handle to hold the device for the certain duration while vacuuming the car. Further, it comes with many other attachments to make the process simple and convenient. Let’s discuss each in detail now!

With 16-feet long power cord gives the freedom to clean the car interiors and stairs neatly. The onboard quick flip crevice tool flips down to clean the rigid surfaces and areas hard to reach like couch cushions and car seats.

As the dust bowl is full, you can seamlessly dump the dust into a trashcan. And clean it before you fix it to the vacuum cleaner.

This scorpion cleaner offers a high-end performance by featuring a powerful 7-amp motor to ensure the cleaning of all dirt types like sand and pebbles in your car. Even though if you use the device for a long time, it will not lose the suction power.

However, functionality matters the most.

If you’re in need of car vacuum cleaner that comes at a reasonable price, then this is for you.

Overall, it good to use if your car is full of dust, dirt, scrap and other particles. Though it looks simple, offers outstanding performance compared to other models in our line-up. Hence, it is listed as one of the best budget car vacuum cleaners in India for the impulse buyers.

Features of Scorpion Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Comfortable handle
  • 7-amp motor
  • Quick flip crevice Tool
  • 16-feet Long power cord

Things we love

  • Light weighted design.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Exceptional performance.

Things we hate

  • Generates little noise.
  • May heat up quickly

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3. Bergmann Hurricane Hi-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

This is an extremely portable and compact car vacuum cleaner that comes at very low prices. It is powerful despite its small size and has an almost silent operation.

Bergmann Germany now brings the most advanced car vacuum cleaner than ever before. Because it is made with 100% high-quality Virgin ABS plastic material for better functioning and long-lasting.

What is included in the kit?

  • White car vacuum cleaner
  • Nozzle and brush attachment
  • Dust bag
  • Power cord
  • Extra fuse and
  • A user-friendly manual

Unlike other cleaners, this wonderful device features advanced multi-stage filtration which uses 3 filters namely- Mesh filter, Exhaust filter, and HEPA filter. All of them are washable and hence makes the device work efficiently.

Other accessories include a nozzle, hose pipe, fabric brush and carpet brush allows house cleaning and attachments, extra fuse makes this unit convenient to use.

Comparatively, the motor present is quite large than other home car vacuum cleaners as it is made with copper and works at a speed of 27000rpm. Using 12V power, the vacuum cleaner can suck up both dry and wet in one go. Hence, it is considered the best among top 10 wet and dry car vacuum cleaners in India.

One of the biggest issues with many car vacuum cleaners is that the dust falls out when tilted. But, with its ultra-sleek design and fully isolated nature, makes the flow of dust in only one direction.

It also features high-quality cigarette lighter plug with fuse 4.5 meters long copper cord to reach the each and every corner of the car comfortably. It can also be detached when not in use.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the product. And whenever you find any sort of damage, get a repair for free from the manufacturer’s store within the notice period.

Overall it’s a great product to buy as it makes easy to clean car, floors, mattresses, curtains and stairs. Another major advantage is that it is a bagless vacuum cleaner which means you don’t need to replace the dust bags. What made us so disappointed is that this cleaner does not come with blower function.

What if the one you purchase damages quickly? It will be so annoying to get it repaired and also the performance diminishes. Instead, go with Bergmann Car Vacuum Cleaner that comes in an unbreakable, scratch-proof design that can last for a long time many other models on the list.

Features of Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Comes with dust box, mesh, exhaustive, HEPA filter and sponge
  • 5 meters of long copper cord
  • Advanced multi-filtration technology

Things we love

  • 12V of the power supply.
  • Elegant and clever design.
  • Best budget car vacuum cleaner.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Made with high-quality ABS plastic.
  • For dual purpose-wet and dry wastes.

Things we hate

  • No blower function.

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4. Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto Vac Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac Hand-Held Vaccum

Are you the one who loves to use a vacuum cleaner for car interiors as well as at homes, then Carrand 940 Bagless Auto-Vac Vacuum Cleaner is for you.

Carrand changes the way cleaning products are used to be by introducing unique design, functionality, and quality products. They mainly focus on creating innovative ideas to offer the best ever experience to the customers.

Though it comes at very expensive rates, delivers outstanding performance using the power cord, 40-inch vacuum hose, heads, dash brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool present in the cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner comes with pretty interesting design and multiple cleaning functions for the convenience of consumers.

When the device pulls the waste particles, only a small amount of dust particles gets trapped into the device but does not reach the motor compartment. It uses a hose, crevice nozzle, upholstery brush and multiple attachments to solve a variety of issues in hard-to-reach places.

The 12-feet power extension cord can go deeper and deeper to clean perfectly for big cars or vehicles. 360 degree pivoting elbow and 40-inch flexible vacuum hose allows easy access to all the tight spots in a car.

For efficient cleaning, it may use 550Watts of power.

Thus it makes perfect to use in any situation by delivering superb cleaning performance to any vehicle. The major drawback of this product is that it generates more noise when the motor is turned On. And also the life expectancy is very less compared to other popular brands in the given list.

Features of Carrand Auto-Vac Vacuum Cleaner

  • 12 feet power cord
  • Built-in blower feature
  • Detachable dustbin
  • 3 vacuum heads with dash brush
  • Crevice tool, carpet and upholstery tool

Things we love

  • Very easy to clean.
  • 550Watts of cleaning power.
  • 40-inch flexible vacuum hose.
  • Lightweight and portable design.

Things we hate

  • Bit noisy.
  • Average Lifespan.
  • Too expensive to buy.

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5. ArmorAll Wet/Dry 12V Car Vacuum Cleaner

ArmorAll Wet-Dry 12V Vacuum Cleaner

Next one in the list is ArmorAll car vacuum cleaner. This is another decent quality handheld vacuum cleaner that does an impressive job for cleaning the car.

The ArmorAll car vacuum cleaner is the perfect one with excellent power, reusable dust bags, and the clean-up is thorough and quick. Ergonomic handle and lightweight design allow the customer to carry with an ease and use securely.

There’re few car vacuum cleaners that provides better power suction available in the market. But this ArmorAll vacuum cleaner is very simple and helps to remove both dry and wet wastes present in the car.

Moreover, it has a 15-feet power cord that can be extended to the boot of the car and also cleans the home-floors, curtains, stairs, and beneath the furniture. Built-in crevice tool and LED light allows you to reach corners and cracks.

The 12V plugin allows you to power the device from the car itself.

Other great features include a 15-foot cord, brush for dry cleaning, squeegee for wet pick up, and non-slip bag for car storage.

To conclude, this is one of the best car vacuum cleaners out there in the market that comes at the moderate price range. It comes with a lot of features to offer the best cleaning experience. What we don’t like about the product is that the power suction loses its ability when used for a long time. And also it is incapable of removing dust on rough or hard surfaces.

Features of ArmorAll Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Built-in crevice tool
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Platinum 500mAh adaptor
  • 15 feet power cord and 12V plug

Things we love

  • Very economical to buy.
  • Picks both wet and dry debris.
  • Comes in a lightweight design.

Things we hate

  • Power suction isn’t that good.
  • Cannot deter dust effectively on rigid surfaces

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6. RNG EKO Green Wet/ Dry Handled Car Vacuum Cleaner

RNG EKO Green 150Watt High Power Wet-Dry Single Hand Held Car Vacuum Cleaner

Last but one in the list is RNG EKO Car Vacuum Cleaner. This wet/dry car vacuum cleaner has the ability to clean up both solids and liquids by offering unlimited uses.

We’re impressed with the decent cleaning performance of the RNG EKO green vacuum cleaner that offers exceptional features at a reasonable price.

What is included?

  •  Vacuum cleaner
  • Brush connector
  • Extension connector
  • 5-meter long wire and
  • An instruction manual

This car vacuum cleaner comes with a high power motor to run the device effectively. The metallic fan generates a high suction force of 4.5KPA for smoothing functioning than others generated by the plastic fan.

The HEPA filter included in the vacuum cleaner can easily be removed and washed when required to ensure the effective cleaning mechanism. It also comes with a standard 4.2-meter-long wire, extra brush and connectors to deter the dust particles by reaching all the corners, thereby ensuring thorough cleaning.

It can deter the dirt, dust, smoke, dry or wet waste and other particles by pulling into the dust bowl of vacuum cleaner using power suction. All of them get attached to the easily removable and washable HEPA filter (high efficiency) that protect the motor from the dust entering into it.

The 5-meter long wire attached to the device is suitable for small to big cars and reach the car dicky very easily.

When the device is turned On, it generates the noise up to 72dB because of the motors and metallic fan. Also, they get heated up quickly when used for a long time.

With all the good things aside, there are few minor cons like the noise which is too high (72dB) than the required and once the filters are removed from the device, it’s very difficult to re-fit the filter. People can use it for multiple applications like for cars and homes without any issue.

Overall, the RNG EKO Green car vacuum cleaner is a wonderful device that comes with a lot of features that worth the money. Grab it as soon as possible to experience the car vacuum cleaner.

Features of RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • 5-meter long wire
  • Metallic fan motor
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • 150Watts of a high power supply
  • Storage bag, brush connectors and extension mouth

Things we love

  • CE & ROHS certification.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Very cheap car vacuum cleaner.
  • Made with a high-quality plastic material.
  • Performs wet and dry cleaning operations.

Things we hate

    • Generates 72dB of noise.
    • Difficult to re-fit the filter when removed for cleaning.

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7. Coido 6023 2 in 1 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Coido 6023 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner & Tire Inflator and Pressure Gauge

Last but not least Coido Car Vacuum Cleaner is finally here. This is an entry-level car vacuum cleaner that is available at an affordable price range.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting vacuum cleaner for Rs2,000 or Rs5,000. You must be aware of how well you’re going to use the product. If you know exactly what you want, then nothing can stop you from choosing the right one.

On a comparison note, the Coido vacuum cleaner is made good quality materials and is CE, ROHS certified. It is pretty much suitable for all kinds of cars.

What is included?

  •  Coido 3-in-1 inflator vacuum cleaner
  • Nozzles
  • Sports Needle
  • Air hosepipe
  • Cervical tool and
  • Pressure gauge indicator

The strong suction power vacuum cleaner with duckbill sucker pulls the heavy dust particles present inside the car.

Attachments and the washable filters help to deter the wastages completely. Now, the particles are stored in the small container and when completely filled, detach from the cleaner and throw the dirt in the big trash or garbage cans. However, you can wash the detachable container before re-fitting into the cleaner.

The crevice tool makes it possible to clean the hard-to-reach areas of your car. And the filters included in the vacuum cleaner can easily be removed and washed from time to time.

There is a built-in tire gauge pressure so as to control the air pressure at any time. You can refill the tank of 206PA in just 3-5 minutes and use to pull the dust particles into the cleaner.

Extra brush and connectors help to clean the corners thoroughly. It can be used for both dry and wet cleaning by absorbing the spilled out wastages present inside the car. 15 minutes is sufficient to clean your car interiors and dicky. And give it a rest, otherwise, it may lose the suction power to an extent when used for a long time.

Features of Coido Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Washable filters
  • Added crevice tool
  • Built-in tire gauge pressure
  • Very strong suction power vacuum cleaner

Things we love

  • Very simple to clean.
  • Comes at a very low price.
  • 3-5 minutes of runtime.
  • CE and ROHS certified.
  • Environmental friendly materials.

Things we hate

  • Does not come with a warranty.

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Things to Look for When Choosing a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing a car vacuum cleaner isn’t easy as there are numerous brands in the market by offering competitive edge designs to the users. However, you must know some of the key factors like types, suction power, power cords, added features etc. Let’s discuss each in detail now…

1. Types of Vacuum Cleaner

Depending upon the design and purpose, car vacuum cleaners are classified into 7 types. Read on to know which car vacuum cleaner will best match with your requirements.

a) Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister vacuum cleaners are very popular in India as it comes in a versatile design to provide high performance. It contains a cylinder incorporated with motor pump, bag and the container to clean floors, carpets, stairs and furniture.

They’ve come with more flexible options to perform cleaning operations. If you’re looking for all in one cleaning device, then this canister car vacuum cleaner should be your choice.

b) Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner features the latest technology launched recently in India. As the name suggests it can sit in an upright position (vertical). It’s god to use the device by placing in the vertical position for cleaning the car or home.

They’re specially designed to clean all types of carpet floors by covering a large area. The design is such that the nozzle head and the motor is directed towards the carpet for efficient cleaning.

However, you may face difficulty in cleaning the sofa, stairs and under the furniture. Because heavy weighted design makes the device incapable of moving in multi-directions in a room.

c) Stick Vacuum Cleaner (Or Electric Broom)

It is just like another upright vacuum cleaner that comes with more compact size and lightweight. With its versatile design, makes easy to clean even on hard surfaces.

Stick vacuum cleaner is pretty much suitable for elders, who suffer from back pain and for those who’re looking for easy movable. Also, it features built-in batteries to achieve great performance.

d) Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners are best known for their compact and handy design. Though they’re less powerful than other types of vacuum cleaners, helps to clean curtains, car interiors, and can go deeper for better cleaning.

The latest models have come with built-in batteries to carry easily and don’t worry about the large cables. Furthermore, it features a disk filter made with paper or cloth to trap the dust particles and keep you strong, healthy.

e) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are launched very recently. They come in a disk shape structure with powered battery to move flexibly throughout the room. As the robotic vacuum cleaners come with smart connectivity- Android or iPhone, can monitor and clean the room in your absence.

And for this to happen, you just need to fix the timings from mobiles and will work according to the instructions given. When the battery is low, it goes back to the charging point, energizes fully and again starts cleaning.

The only downside of using a robot vacuum cleaner is that it cannot be used to clean on rough surfaces and you need to empty the dustbin once in a week.

f) Convertible Vacuum Cleaner

These are not very much popular in India, but still, exist in some parts of the country. Though the vacuum cleaner comes with the convertible option, you can clean everything present on the carpets, floors, curtains, and stairs etc.

Using this, you can covert the vacuum cleaner from an upright to a canister, handheld or any other vacuum cleaner.

h) Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car vacuum cleaner is a specialized vacuum cleaner in the given list of several types. It is designed by considering the comfort zone of users and the efficiency of cleaning a car. It comes in a small, lightweight design that power supply to operate. And most of the handheld devices are the car vacuum cleaners.

* Depending upon the dust bag storage location, car vacuum cleaners are further categorized into 2 types, namely- Bagged car vacuum cleaner and Bagless car vacuum cleaner.

  • Bagged Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged car vacuum cleaner comes with a dust bag and HEPA filter to collect dust, dirt and other particles. If the dust bag is full, it will empty the bag or replace with a new one using disposable or reusable bags.

The main advantage of using a bagged car vacuum cleaner is that it automatically changes the dust bag without the interference of a person. However, it loses its suction power when the tank is full of mud.

  • Bagless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless car vacuum cleaner makes use of the plastic box to collect the dust particles. When the tank is full, separate it from the device and dump the waste materials in dustbin or garbage can. This wonderful device is further divided into 2 types- filtered and cyclonic to perform efficient cleaning functions.

2. Know Your Purpose

The first thing you need to ask yourself is that how you’re going to use the car vacuum cleaner? How often you clean the car?

If you’ve answered for these 2 questions, then you can simply buy the car vacuum cleaner that best suits for your needs and uses it without any delay. Suppose, if you’re fed cleaning the pet hair or clean the scrap, dust particles then a lightweight vacuum cleaner with compact design is mostly preferred.

3. Know the Size of Car

As the car vacuum cleaners are available in different sizes, you must be aware of the size of the car. Because it helps to pick the perfect one for your car and clean everything in it.

If you’re the owner of a big car or have 2/3 cars, then grab the one that has numerous features and large cord length to deter the dust and another sort of scrap efficiently. And is not recommended to opt for the entry-level models.

Likewise, it’s good to know the size of the vacuum cleaner as you get an idea of choosing the best for your requirement.

4. Power Options (Wall Plug-in and Automobile Powered)

Power option of vacuum cleaners includes wall plug-in and automobile powered. Some ultraportable vacuum cleaners are also battery powered. While the wall plug-in vacuum cleaners have the most powerful suction they only work where there is an electricity point nearby. Some portable vacuum cleaners can be plugged into your car’s 12V outlet and used to clean your car. Some small-sized vacuum cleaners run on battery but they have usually low suction power compared to other models.

5. Suction Power

In simple words, suction power is expressed as the amount of power required to capture the dust or other particles using a vacuum cleaner. It greatly depends on the power of the motor and the general design of the vacuum cleaner.

Corded vacuum cleaners usually have larger and stronger suction power because of their design and motor and used to clean the car floor and various other parts of the house.

Thought the suction strength of the cordless vacuum cleaner depends on the battery life, reduces with time and use. So, you must choose the vacuum cleaner that generates high suction power of the available.

6. Cord Length

Another important factor you need to consider before purchasing car vacuum cleaner is the length of the cord. If you decide to opt for a corded car vacuum cleaner make sure that it comes with a decent length of cord (minimum of 3 to 4 meters) so that it can reach all the corners of the car and clean the dust and debris effectively.

7. Added Accessories

Opt for a car vacuum cleaner that includes some useful accessories such as crevice tools that suck out dirt from under the seats, upholstery/carpet brushes to clean softer fabric such as seat covers, replaceable or washable filters, etc.

8. Battery Life of Car Vacuum Cleaner

On a recent survey, 15 minutes of battery life is good enough to clean the entire car as it uses a lithium-ion battery. However, it has overcome the major drawbacks of NiCad batteries which can last for 5 minutes and loses the suction power.

Always prefer to use car vacuum cleaner that comes with long battery life. Because better battery life enables you to perform the cleaning operations without any disturbances. Also, the vacuum cleaner should feature a charging indicator so that the user will know when the battery is about to die.

If you look at some of the popular brands on the list, they’ve outstanding battery life along with LED display where blue color indicates the battery life of the car vacuum cleaner.

9. Portability

Portability of the car vacuum cleaner refers to the ability to move the device from one location to another for a specific purpose. As they come in a lightweight design, very easy to carry and can be stored at the backside of a car.

If you’re using the car for attending functions, business meetings or pick up and dropping passengers then you need to give a touch up with the car vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable with the bad odors, and dust particles in a car.

10. Capacity of the Tank

A capacity of the tank is so important. Some of the popular brands offer vacuum cleaner with a tank capacity ranging from 1-gallon to 18-gallon. But the debris in a car will be very less. It won’t be an intimated choice if you prefer vacuum cleaner that features high tank capacity. And the ideal range of the tank capacity is 2-6 gallons for small activities and 8-14 gallons for medium to heavy chores.

11. Cleaning Performance

The vacuum cleaner sucks the dust and other particles in a car using cords. The performance of the car vacuum cleaner is completely based on the suction power and battery life. However, there are some other minor factors like airflow, fan speed, motor, added accessories and cord length etc.

Decide yourself that best matches your requirements and also offers excellent performance in cleaning the dust on floor, seats, backside of the car etc.

12. Design and Weight

The design of the car vacuum cleaner should be smooth for the handiness purpose and light weighted to carry when you’re on a long vacation or so. For a good vacuum cleaner, the weight of the device should not exceed 2Kgs.

Always give preference to ergonomic designs as they provide extreme comfort even when used continuously for a long time.

13. Price and Warranty Details

Price of the car vacuum cleaner isn’t the thing if you’re main intention is to clean the car neatly. Also, there is a myth that high priced vacuum cleaners come with more number of features to perform better cleaning operations. It is somewhat true. But, it doesn’t mean that low-budget car vacuum cleaners offer poor performance.

There are some brands like Team-bhp, Philips car vacuum cleaner that provides excellent cleaning functionalities at a very low price. You need to make a wise decision before you select the car vacuum cleaner.

The minimum warranty offered by any brand is 1-year. However, you can extend the warranty for 2 more years by paying some amount to the manufacturers.

Advantages of Using Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Car vacuum cleaners are very easy to use.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Easy to store in cars boot.
  • Absolutely great for quick cleaning.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design structure.
  • Able to clean the hidden areas, and corners in a car.
  • Will not cause or damage the other electronic items.
  • Even children can handle the car vacuum cleaner effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Vacuum Cleaners

1) Can a car vacuum cleaner handle dry and wet debris?

Not all. But, most of the car vacuum cleaners can deter the dry and wet debris by sucking up them using cords. If you decide to use the vacuum cleaner for both solid and liquid wastes, then make sure that the cleaner comes with a powerful suction to wipe out completely.

2) Is there any cordless vacuum cleaner?

Cordless vacuum cleaners do readily available in the market. Before purchasing you need to decide whether you want a corded or cordless car vacuum cleaner. As they are battery-powered devices, can easily be carried to other places. And the runtime hardly varies from 5-30 minutes.

3) How long should I run the car vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt completely?

The car vacuum cleaner may take 15-20 minutes to deter the dust particles completely. It may not be the same for all and varies from brand to brand. The runtime of car vacuum cleaner completely depends on several other factors like battery life, suction power, and motors.

4) Can car vacuum cleaner be used for homes?

Definitely yes. Car vacuum cleaner is used to clean the dust, scrap and other particles in a home. To make it happen, simply plug-in the jack of vacuum cleaner into the adapter and switch on the power supply. The conversion is very easy. And it can only the curtains, floors, and carpets effectively.

5) How does a car vacuum cleaner work?

The working of a car vacuum cleaner is similar to the regular ones. Initially, when your turn on the device, the motor run and generates some power. The power has utilized the cords to pull the dust particles present on the floors, walls, furniture’s, stairs, curtains etc. into the trash can. And after filling the garbage can completely, unmount it from the cleaner and throw the waste in bins.

Few Words to Say…

So, now that you came to know how to select the car vacuum cleaners. Which one do you prefer the most? Or using any of the above-mentioned car vacuum cleaners?

My best suggestion is to go with Black & Decker Car Vacuum Cleaner and is our top pick from the list of best car vacuum cleaners in India.

This reputed brand comes with twin action filtration system to ensure effective cleaning while the added accessories like 5-meter power cord make it possible to clean even the hard-to-reach corners of your car. Also, there is very good car vacuum cleaner reviews and ratings for this product.

If you think that we’ve missed any of the branded car vacuum cleaners, let us know in the comment section given below. We just do a bit of research and update the products list.

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