6 Best Car Brush Dusters in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

A car duster is designed in such a way that cleaning the exterior of the car is not only easy but is hassle-free too. It also saves you from the effort of washing the car completely every time you want to clean it.

Most of the car dusters come with a durable handle. With the help of these handles, you can clean all the hard-to-reach areas easily.

Using a cheap quality car duster can lead to scratches or damage the surface of the car. So, before buying a car duster, consider the factors mentioned below.


There are four major types of car duster available: cotton, microfiber, lambswool, and compressed air.

The most commonly used ones are the microfiber dusters as they are easy to use, effective, and environment friendly too.


Handles that are made using stainless steel are considered strong as well as long-lasting. Plastic and wooden handles can break down easily.

If you own an SUV or a large truck or if you face trouble while bending due to physical health issues, you might want to buy a duster that comes with a telescoping handle. It lets you reach all the difficult areas of the car very easily.


You should buy a duster that is easy to use and offers a firm grip on the handle. The ideal choice is either a molded plastic handle or a molded grip on stainless steel handles.

Head shape, size, and versatility are some other factors that you should also look for. To learn more about them, you can check the buying guide at the end of this article.

As there are so many options for car dusters available, we have shortlisted some of the best ones in the market. Let’s have a look!

6 Top Car Brush Dusters in India

Car Brush DusterHandle materialThread materialBuy Now
Jopasu Car DusterPlasticWax coated cottonCHECK ON AMAZON
R Runilex Microfiber Car DusterStainless steelMicrofiberCHECK ON AMAZON
Getko with Device Car Cleaning DusterStainless steelMicrofiberCHECK ON AMAZON
Lukzer Microfiber Car DusterStainless steelMicrofiberCHECK ON AMAZON
TOUARETAILS Flexible Car Cleaning DusterStainless steelMicrofiberCHECK ON AMAZON
VRT Microfiber Car Cleaning DusterStainless steelRound microfiberCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Car Brush Dusters in India: Reviews

1. Jopasu Car Duster

Jopasu Car Duster

This car duster is very strong with plastic handle, wax coated cotton strands which will ease your cleaning process. As this duster use wax coated strands this will not push the dust around but trap the dust without using water.

Its long handle helps you to reach long distances like roof easily. A bag included along with this duster helps you to store this easily.

Things we liked:

  • Durable handle
  • Wax coated cotton threads
  • Clean your car without using water
  • Bag included to store the duster.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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2. R Runilex Microfiber Car Duster

R Runilex Microfiber Car DusterThis car duster from R Runilex is worth your money for two reasons. First, it has high-quality microfibre strands that can easily absorb water and dust on your car surface. These strands are soft enough to prevent scratches on the glass surfaces of your vehicle.

The second reason that makes this duster stand apart is the extendable handle. This handle is made of stainless steel, so extending it and putting it back is an easy job. It can be stretched to 87 centimetres, so cleaning your car roof is now a cakewalk.

With a soft rubber grip at the bottom of the handle, you can effortlessly reach even the hard-to-clean areas. 

Furthermore, this handle is completely removable, so you can easily wash the microfiber strands under running water.

Things we liked:

  • Microfibre strands to easily absorb dust or water.
  • Extendable and removable handle for easy cleaning and storage.
  • Stainless steel handle resists corrosion.
  • Rubber grip on the handle.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing specific to mention.

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3. Getko with Device Microfiber Flexible Car Cleaning Duster

Getko With Device Microfiber Flexible Car Cleaning Duster

This is a great tool to mop your car or furniture without leaving any scratches. This product comes with very soft grip, height adjustable handle. Its head made of wax coated microfiber threads which will absorb the dust easily.

Things we liked:

  • Stainless steel length adjustable handle
  • Soft grip handle
  • Wax coated micro fibre threads
  • Hand washable threads

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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4. Lukzer Microfiber Car Duster

Lukzer car duster

This car duster made of microfiber threads at the head and use stainless steel telescoping extendable handle with sponge grip helps you to clean your car easily and comfortably.

This allow you to clean 360degree without much effort. this duster is also washable so you can reuse this without any issue.

Things we liked:

  • Telescopic extendable handle
  • Soft grip made of sponge
  • Handle made of stainless steel

Things we didn’t like:

  • Threads leaving small particles after using few days which stick to your car.

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5.  TOUARETAILS Microfiber Flexible Car Cleaning Duster

TOUARETAILS Microfiber Flexible Car Cleaning Duster (1)

This flexible car duster helps you to clean your car easily. Handle made of stainless steel this can be extendable for around 14cm long. Anti-slip handle used for comfortable usage.

Duster made of microfiber threads which absorbs the dust and washable. Threads made of Polyester (80%) and Polyamide (20%).

Things we liked:

  • Stainless steel handle
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Washable microfiber threads

Things we didn’t like:

  • Sometimes adjustable handle break into middle
  • Threads are not very soft.

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6.  VRT Microfiber Retractable Type Round Car Cleaning Duster

VRT Microfiber Retractable Type Round Car Cleaning Duster

This product has microfiber threads round the head, so you can use this very comfortably. Its height adjustable stainless-steel handle will be very sturdy and helps you to reach long distance easily. Microfiber used in this duster is very efficient than threads made of cotton.

This product comes with a storage bag which helps you to store this easily without any hassle.

Things we liked:

  • Round head with microfiber threads
  • Stainless steel handle with adjustable length
  • Soft microfiber which is more efficient than cotton threads.
  • Comes with storage bag

Things we didn’t like:

  • Threads are not wax coated.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Car Duster

If you go out to buy a car duster, you will find that there are so many types of dusters available that you can end up being confused. Rather than buying a product that you are not going to use; it is better to do some research beforehand and then buy the perfect car duster to clean your car. Going through these factors can be helpful in the long run:

1. Types of Car Dusters:

There are 4 main types of car dusters available. They are cotton, microfiber, lambswool, and compressed air duster.

  • Microfiber Dusters:

Microfiber dusters are made using a synthetic material that helps in creating a small electrostatic charge. This charge is responsible for attracting and trapping smaller particles like dust, pollen, or other allergens. Microfibers are usually very soft and thus, don’t lead to any scratches or other damage caused to the car’s surface.

There are different styles of microfiber dusters such as microfiber fingers and flat cloths. Microfiber fingers can trap more dust and thus, cover more surface area when compared to a flat cloth. Microfiber fingers are versatile and can be used to clean smaller spaces too. However, you need to be careful as the fingers can snag or get stuck to sharp edges or corners.

  • Cotton:

As cotton is also a soft material, these dusters are a great option to clean the car, thereby preventing scratching. But the cotton in the car dusters is not completely cotton. Cotton can absorb water very quickly which can lead to the formation of lint. To avoid this, the cotton threads in the car duster are often coated using wax.

Some brands even use beeswax, natural paraffin, or even different types of synthetic wax as a coating. The wax coating prevents the cotton from causing any scratches.

Wax also helps the cotton thread in attracting and trapping dirt. The biggest advantage of wax coating is it takes care of the issues caused due to lint.

However, one of the downsides of using a cotton car duster is you cannot wash them. Hence, you will have to be careful while using it. For example, if you see bird poop over the car’s surface, it will be better if you avoid cleaning it with a cotton duster.

If the duster is new or it is hot, the wax coating over the cotton threads can sometimes lead to streaking. Some amount of lint is unavoidable. However, once you get used to using these cotton car dusters, such issues won’t bother you.

  • Lambswool:

Dusters made using lambswool are quite expensive when compared to the ones made using microfiber or cotton. Even though lambswool is a traditional dusting material, it is less effective than modern materials. These dusters work due to the natural magnetic static force created by lambswool. However, you might find it tough to clean smaller or difficult to reach areas.

  • Compressed Air:

Dusters using compressed air are designed specially keeping in the areas that are very difficult to reach. You can use them to clean smaller accessories and other electronic gadgets in the car. These dusters are very useful for cleaning the gaps nearby switches or panels. However, the usage is a bit limited plus the cost is high too.

2. Quality and Durability:

Apart from the material used to make the duster, checking its build quality is equally important as it will help you in determining the overall quality of the car duster.

If a duster is made using a good quality material but if it is poorly built, the duster might not be durable at all. Along with this, a poorly designed or built duster can break off easily and it might cause damage to the vehicle or you as well.

You should check for a duster that is made using heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel. Other materials used to make car dusters are plastic and wood but they can break off easily.

3. Effectiveness:

For effective results, you should look for a dusting brush that can remove all the dust at a time and hold it to a place rather than blowing it off in the air. These dusters trap the dust until you shake it or wash the duster completely.

4. Grip:

You will need a duster that is comfortable to use and allow you to maintain a firm grip on the handle. To achieve this, it is better to look for dusters with either molded plastic handles or molded grips on the stainless steel handles.

If you find that the grip is not steady or it is uncomfortable, you will have to put too much pressure on the duster while dusting. This can cause damage to the car’s surface, especially on windows or mirrors.

5. Size:

Car dusters are available in different sizes, varying from small to extra-large sizes. Tiny dusters are helpful while cleaning the interior parts of the car. Large dusters, on the other hand, are helpful in cleaning the exterior surface area of the car. Check the dimension of the duster properly before buying or ordering it.

6. Head Shape:

The head of a car duster is shaped in different ways. While some dusters have long yet narrow heads, others have rounded or square-shaped heads. There are some cylindrical shaped car dusters too.

A long and narrow car duster head offers maximum reach while dusting the car. The rounded or square-shaped heads might take a bit longer to get rid of the layers of dust.

A rounded car duster works very similarly to the narrow-headed dusters. The only difference is you get the benefit of a 360-degree cleaning angle using the dusters with round-shaped heads. Wiping the duster in a circular motion helps in getting rid of thick layers of dust effectively.

7. Telescopic or Extendable Handle:

If you have a large SUV or a truck or if you have some health issues where bending is a task, you can buy a duster with a telescopic handle. It is helpful in reaching almost all the areas of the car easily. Telescopic handles are effective on taller cars that have high roofs. Handles made using plastic or metal are more preferred when compared to the traditional wooden handle.

For an effective cleaning session, it is very important the handle of the duster should be long and comfortable. However, for dusting the interior parts, you can buy dusters with shorter handles.

8. Versatility:

The best car duster is the one that can be used for various purposes. For example, you can use the same car duster to clean the dust at your home near the kitchen counter, living room, or other areas that are prone to accumulation of dust.

9. Reusability:

It is always better to buy a duster that can be reused rather than buying one that is not effective and needs to be thrown away after using it for a few times. Even though reusable duster requires some amount of cleaning and maintenance to keep it in working condition, it is totally worth it. A reusable duster is cost-effective and is good for the environment too.

10. Ease of Use:

The car duster that you selected should obviously be easy to use. You should be able to clean all the areas like air vents or cup holders easily.

If you own a big car, buying a duster with a telescoping handle can be helpful. It is also beneficial for cleaning the exterior and hard-to-reach rooftop of the car or the doors.

Benefits of Car Duster

Having a car duster can make your life much more easier. Some of the benefits of buying a car duster are as follows:

  • You can get rid of interior dust. By using a car duster, you can get rid of dust in and out of the car easily and quickly. All you have to do is swipe the duster across the dashboard and other areas and clean all the unwanted particles.
  • Effective results when compared to wiping with a plain cloth. When you use a cloth material for dusting, it often moves the debris from one part to another. A duster, on the other hand, picks up all the debris and removes them from the car completely.
  • Prevents the car’s interior from fading. There are some places in the car where dust can accumulate, and these areas are skipped while washing too. When you are using an ordinary duster, the surface area might get faded or it can even lead to scratches over the dashboard or other spots.
  • No need for frequent vacuuming. If you clean the car using a car duster on a regular basis, you will not have to vacuum clean the car every time. The duster will take care of this unnecessary debris or dust particles that eventually falls on the seat or floor.
  • Avoid wet and messy environment. Even though cleaning the car with soap and water gives effective results, it can sometimes get really messy. By using a dash duster, you can avoid splatters, spills, and drips.
  • It can easily clean tough-to-reach parts. Using a vacuum cleaner, you can easily and effectively clean car seats and carpet. However, cleaning some areas like air vents, cup holders, or other tiny spaces can be a bit difficult. A car duster can be helpful in such situations.

Usage and Maintenance Tips for Car Dusters

Here are some tips that can be helpful to you while using a car duster:

  • While cleaning mirrors or glass surfaces, wipe the duster in a gentle sweeping motion. This will prevent the surface from scratching or other damage. Also, to avoid streaks, make sure that the glass surface is dry before dusting.
  • Check whether the mirrors are properly adjusted after dusting as they move while cleaning.
  • Before starting the dusting process, twist and shake off the duster once or twice so that it releases dust, lint, other pieces of fabric to get a smooth and dust-free result.
  • If you are using a cotton wax duster for the first time, you might have to do some prep work. Let it sit on a newspaper or cardboard so that it absorbs the excess paraffin wax before you can start dusting your car.
  • Using a poor quality car duster can damage the interior or paintwork of the car. Thus, it is better to invest in a product that can give efficient results.
  • If the car duster that you bought is made using cheaper or second-rate materials, it might not do its job properly. Hence, consider it as a one-time investment and buy a good product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it necessary to use the duster along with a cleaning solution?

Most of the car dusters don’t need a cleaning solution or detergent to clean the car. In fact, using a cleaning solution might lead to scratches over the car’s surface.

2. Can I use a car duster to remove dog hair?

Because of its construction, most of the car dusters cannot pick up dog hair. In such situations, you can either use a handheld vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, or dryer sheets to get rid of dog hair.

3. What is the right way to clean a car duster?

It is always better to buy a washable car duster as you can use it for a long time. For wiping off liquids or bird’s poop, it is important to buy a washable duster.
Car dusters that have threads coated with wax cannot be washed. Nevertheless, most of the non-coated microfiber material duster heads can be washed.
The problem with microfiber is it can lose its effectiveness if you are washing the duster too often. You must always had-wash the duster head. If you wash it in a washing machine, the head shape can get spoiled.
If you use the duster only for dusting purposes, there is absolutely no need to wash the duster. You can simply shake off the duster or tap it gently against a wall to get rid of the dust particles.

4. How can I avoid streaks?

Streaks are formed due to the moisture that is either trapped in the car duster or on the car’s surface. Sometimes, the coating on the duster can also lead to streaks.
If you are using a wax-coated duster, ensure that the duster is not very hot while you are dusting. It usually happens in the summer season or on hot days. A little bit of streaking due to excess wax is common when you are using the duster for the first few times. With use, the excess wax will go off eventually.
Another way to get rid of excess wax is you can try keeping it over a newspaper for 1 – 2 days.
While dusting, avoid rubbing or scrubbing over the surface as it can lead to streaking. In worst-case scenarios, it can even cause scratching.

5. Is it ok if I clean the auto glass using a duster?

If you are using a soft duster that is made using microfiber, you can easily use it to clean glass. However, be very gentle while wiping it in the back and forth direction. Don’t apply any unnecessary pressure while dusting. Also, ensure that the surface is completely dry before starting the dusting process. This will help in avoiding streaks.
You can even clean a car’s mirror using a duster. But, before that, check the settings and keep the mirror in a position that is suitable for cleaning. Make sure that the mirror is not moving while you are dusting as it can cause issues going forward.

6. Can a car duster be used on glass?

Yes, you can use the car duster on the glass as it is made of soft materials. On the side mirrors, rear-view mirrors and on windshields you can easily use the car duster.

7. Are the car dusters washable?

For the longer use always prefer the washable car duster which is mostly used when you clean liquids or bird droppings.
Few car dusters comes with the threads coated in wax this type are not washable, non coated material are washable.

8. Do I need to use a cleaning solution with the duster?

Mostly there is no need of using the cleaning solution as using it may lead to scratches or damage on the car.


Cleaning your car is very essential for it’s shiny look. You need to use a car cleaning duster for comfortable cleaning without using water. Wax coated threads are always best to absorb the dust which helps you to clean car faster without water.

Based on our research we found “Jopasu car duster as one of the best available in market in that low budget. This also comes with wax coated cotton threads which will absorb the dust easily and you can clean your car without water.