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Top 7 Best Car Dash Cam India 2021: List & Reviews

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Not a lot of us realize this but a Dash Camera for your Car is a very important accessory to buy. They are not just helpful in rear-parking but also aid in surveillance and work as anti-theft devices which record and report everything happening around your car.  This is relatively a new concept in India and is soon catching on very fast.

Given the newness of the entire concept, a lot of us tend to buy any (mostly cheap) dash cameras that either Signal hawkers sell us or whatever a new deal comes in for them. Given the important function of a dash camera, one always needs to look for the following 3 things before buying a dashcam. 

  • Wide Angle Capability:

How far of an angle your camera can shoot will give you more coverage area and thus more secure. Generally, you should be looking for a camera with a wide-angle of 140 degrees. This way, you will be covering almost a good area.

  • Recording capabilities:

The entire point of having a camera is to be able to record and store recordings. While standard cameras will not come with any inbuilt memory, it is up to you to choose the memory card. But a lot of cameras DO come with apps and other web applications etc., which act as data and surveillance centres for you. You can easily download, login and look at your footage. Go for cameras which have such facilities. 

  • GPS and WiFi connectivity: 

The third most important thing that you need to look for in a Dash camera is its GPS and WiFi connectivity. Cameras which have these capabilities will add on to the security features of the camera and will give you an added advantage of tracking your car in the event that it gets stolen.

Apart from these three, there are a lot of other factors that should influence your decision of buying a dash camera. We have listed them out in detail and talked about them in the “Buying Guide” section of the article. Make sure you give that a read as well. 

Now let us jump right into reviewing the Best Car Dash Cameras in India.

List of the Best Car Dash Cam in India: 2021

Car Dash CamerasResolutionWide AngleWarrantyBuy Now
Blueskysea B1W Dash Cam Car Camera1080p150 degrees1 YearCheck On Amazon
DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera1080p140 degrees1 YearCheck On Amazon
70mai Smart Car Dash Camera1944p140 degrees1 YearCheck On Amazon
APEMAN Car Dash Camera 1080p 170 degrees---Check On Amazon
TOGUARDCar Dash Camera 1080 p170 degrees---Check On Amazon
Instaplay Car Dash Camera1080p130 degrees---Check On Amazon
Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera1080p120 degrees6 monthsCheck On Amazon

Best Car Dash Cameras in India: Reviews

1. Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam Car Camera

Blueskysea car camera

First on our list is the Blueskysea B1W, a WiFi-enabled Mini Dash Camera with Full HD Capabilities. The BlueSkySea is a black box dash camera which can be easily mounted onto the WindShield of your car. Its 1080p video recording capabilities are thanks to its 6G lenses.

This miniature-sized camera is very stealthy and can easily hide by your car’s windshield. It does not come with an LCD screen or anything as such but can rotate in 360 degrees easily. All you need to do is adjust the lens angle which will let you record the insides, the sides, the front or the rear side of the car.

Coming to the field of view, The BlueSkySea B1W Camera offers a superior 150 degrees angle of view that lets you view a lot more than just the road and thus stay alert and secure. 

Also, the camera has an inbuilt Microphone and a speaker that will record and playback all of the video recorded making it a very useful accessory for your car.

It uses dual supercapacitors for its power instead of the normal lithium batteries. These are not just safer but are also more reliable when you are in a high-temperature environment. 

The camera comes with an inbuilt WiFi which will let you connect to your phone or system via the internet. Now you can view the footage, download it or toggle the settings of the camera using the application.

Supporting Night Vision, the camera works in dark garages and for recording anything during the night as well.

With its automatically triggered G-Sensor, the B1W camera switches into a parking mode. The camera will automatically start to record for 30 seconds. For this, you would need to buy a separate hardware kit which is not included in the packaging. 

Other useful and unique features of this camera include emergency recording, emergency file lock and loop recording functionalities.

The camera comes with a superior high sensitivity image sensor from Sony, the Sony IMX323 CMOS and as for the processor, it uses the super-fast Novatek GM8135S processor. For charging the camera, you can simply use the car’s cigarette lighter. Blueskysea also provides you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Things we liked about the camera:

  • Records in a full HD 1080p resolution 
  • Has 6G Lens set
  • Supports Night Vision
  • Sony IMX323 CMOS high sensitivity image sensor and Novatek GM8135S processor 
  • Highly sensible G-Sensor which automatically starts when in parking mode 
  • Works on super capacitors as batteries
  • Automatic recording in parking mode for 30 seconds
  • Emergency recording and emergency file lock protection
  • Loop recording features
  • WiFi-enabled and App controls
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • The hardware kit for parking function is not included in the kit and needs to be bought separately.
  • No Screen

Buy Now From Amazon

2. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

Next on our list is the DDPAI mini car dash camera with full HD 1080P display. This dash camera comes with a Exmor CMOS sensor and a wide angle of 140 degrees making it perfect to be placed in the central windshield and get a good view of the road of about 4 or 6 lanes at the same time (depending on the placement)

As mentioned, the camera can record in 1080p Full HD at the rate of 30 frames per second. The main processor used in this is the Hisilicon Hi3516C and coupled with that, the Exmor CMOS image sensor and also the 6G lenses (with its infrared filter) capture and record video perfectly. Thanks to its F 2.2 large aperture, it can capture videos in very low light as well as it will maximise the light capture.

This large aperture and the WDR Technology enabled Super Night Vision facilitates better recording of the camera whether it is day or night. You can also turn it into the 24 hours parking mode where in the camera will record the video at the rate of 1 FPS and thus let it cover a long duration without consuming a lot of data storage

The camera features emergency recording which will record a seamless loop of video recording. This will overwrite and delete old footage and then write new footage upon it and thus does not run out of space in times of need. The G-Sensor in it is variable and can automatically detect sudden jerks or any crashes as such. This will trigger and lock the footage to a special folder called “event file” and such videos from loop recording overwrite.

Highly reliable, the camera can work in extreme temperature ranges of -25 degrees centigrade to 85 degree centigrade. You can achieve this if you remove the temperature sensitive batteries and the LCD screen. Speaking of the batteries, they can be replaced with super capacitors which can give you longer lifespan and are well suited for monitoring your parking for 24 hour.

Unlike the blueskysea, this camera comes with a Dual USB car charger which works for both 12 Volts and also 24 volt vehicles. The camera’s memory can be expanded upto 128 GB SD card (SD Card not included).

It also comes with its own App that lets you control all of the major features and accessibilities of the camera such as viewing the footage, deleting files, setting up custom modes etc. The camera is WiFi enabled and you can buy the associated Hardware kit separately (there is a bundle pack available) for further customization. DDPAI provides you a 1 year Brand warranty on the product from the date of purchase.

Things we liked about the camera:

  • 140 degrees wide view angle enough to cover 6 lanes
  • Full 1080p HD recording @360 FPS
  • Loop recording enabled to save memory
  • 128 GB expandable storage
  • G-Sensor can automatic detection of jerks, crashes or abnormalities and footage is saved to prevent automatic deletion 
  • WiFi enabled
  • Lithium ion batteries and also supports super capacitors
  • 2.2 Large aperture that can record in low light too
  • Super Night Vision mode through WDR technology
  • Further toggling and options available via the Mobile App
  • 1 year of brand warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No screen given

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3. 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera

70mai Smart Dash Cam

70Mai Smart Dash Cam Pro is not just a normal dash camera with basic functionalities. It can be controlled using your voice as well. Furthermore, what sets it apart from the crowd is its 1944P HD recording capability. 

The camera is embedded with an IMX335 sensor and is of Truth 5 megapixels. With its WDR technology, it can automatically adjust the exposure balance and thus give you finest video even in very low light. In normal conditions, the image quality is vibrant and clear thus making it a worthy CCTV camera for your car. 

It comes with a special DeFog Algorithm which works in reducing the distortion and also any sort of image degradation. Thus the final output will be a clear vision even when you are driving in rain, smoke, smog or snowy environment. All of these combine together to give it a brilliant night vision capabilities.

24 Hours monitoring capability with time lapse can protect your car while driving or even in parking as well all while saving on disk space. Highly sensitive G-Sensor in the camera can automatically detect any kind of abnormalities in the motion of the car and thus save the recording even in parking mode.

The camera comes with an advanced driver assistance system boost that will alert you when you are veering off any lane or if you are about to collide with any vehicle or anything behind or infront of you. 

This WiFi enabled device also comes with a Loop cycle recording function which will automatically delete older footage to make room for new ones. The footage recorded by G-Sensor triggering is saved in a separate folder. 

There is also a mobile app which lets you control and toggle a lot of features of this camera using your mobile. Also, the camera is equipped with a tiny LCD screen on it that you can use to monitor the situation while still sitting inside the car. 70Mai provides you with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Things we liked about this camera:

  • Voice controls available
  • Can record in a super HD quality of 1944P
  • 24 hours monitoring capability through time lapse and thus does not fall heavy on memory
  • Sensitive G-Sensor will automatically record and save footage in events of collisions, sudden movements etc.,
  • Loop cycle recording functionality available
  • WDR enabled night vision
  • Has a small tiny screen to it
  • Works on Lithium ion batteries
  • Comes with a custom mobile app as well
  • WiFi enabled
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Priced comparatively higher than its competitors

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4. Apeman 1080p Dash Cam

Apeman 1080p Dash Cam

The brand Apeman has instore revolutionizing digital accessories. Its dashcam is lightweight and suits perfectly in all car models. It can be perfectly hidden behind the rear mirror.

This dashcam features a high-end video processor that smoothly records at 30 frames per second in 1080P resolution. Due to its advanced sensor, the f/1.8 large aperture, and wide dynamic range, it can record high-quality videos even at night.

The cam adopts a 170° ultra-wide-angle all-glass lens that lets it monitor an area up to 3 driving lanes without any distortion or dead angle.

It possesses consistent recording capability. Even when its memory is full, it does not stop recording as it replaces old videos with new ones. If you would like to store a few important videos, you can do so. The cam locks those clips and protects them from being overwritten.

Whenever there is a car vibration, the cam starts recording automatically. To supply enough power for this feature, you just have purchased a few add-ons.

You will be receiving all essential accessories for immediate use. You don’t have to go through much hassle to get it up and running. A simple installation process is all you have to do.

Things we liked about the camera:

  • 1080P full HD recording
  • Advanced sensor, f/1.8 large aperture & wide dynamic range
  • 170° ultra wide-angle
  • Motion detection
  • 24/7 parking monitoring
  • Seamless loop recording
  • G-sensor
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Warranty details are mentioned
  • Does not come with a battery

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Toguard 1080P Dual Dash Cam

Toguard 1080P Dual Dash Cam

Update yourself by uplifting your digital accessories. Toguard supplies all kinds of camera accessories that make your life easy. Its advanced dual dash cam is designed to make your driving experience comfortable and hassle-free.

This dashcam is equipped with both front and rear cameras to record front and rear roads in 1080P resolution.

To provide complete wide-angle visibility, the cam is featured with a dual 170° wide-angle providing all-in-all vicinity without any blind spots.

Instead of a lithium battery, this dashcam is given a supercapacitor that you can connect to your car cigarette lighter jock for interrupted service. It turns on and off with respect to your car is turned on and off.

It also features an optional GPS service which you can use to browse your driving track, speed, and your exact longitude and latitude location. This service is an add-on that you can order separately.

The dashcam loop records videos seamlessly as it replaces old videos with new ones. Its G-sensor locks the current video when it senses sudden collision or shock. To avoid every video being recorded unnecessarily and fill up the memory, you can adjust the G-sensor sensitivity.

The installation process of this came is very easy. You just have to attach the front and back camera to the windshield with adhesive pads.

The cam supports extended storage up to 128 GB. You can use an external SD card to avoid your videos being overwritten due to loop recording.

The package you receive includes the 1080P front and back dash cam, car charger, mini USB cable, and suction mount cup.

Things we liked about the camera:

  • Front & back dashcam
  • 1080P HD resolution for both
  • Dual 170° wide angle
  • Supercapacitor
  • Optional GPS
  • Loop recording
  • Adjustable G-sensor
  • Extended memory compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable after-sale service

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Does not come with a warranty

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6. Instaplay Instacam Car Dash Camera

Instaplay Instacam Car Dash Camera

Instaplay is a brand that has several exceptional digital accessories that can transform your living. Its Instacam dash camera comes with a 2-inch full HD screen for convenient use. The screen is small yet sophisticated with the menu and the alerts are shown clearly.

The camera records everything with utmost precision due to its 1080P full HD recording of 30 frames per second. The images and the video footage are undisputable due to high picture quality with a 2M sensor.

The dashcam has a 130° wide viewing angle that captures every detail on the road including the license number plates and traffic signals.

In case your vehicle happened to be in a collision, the built-in G-sensor instantly records the movement of the vehicle and makes sure that the clip is not overwritten.

With dimensions 6 x 6 x 3.5 cm and 350 grams weight, it is a perfect value-for-money accessory that is lightweight and portable. It is very easy to install and you can use it without any hassle.

Things we liked about the camera:

  • 130° wide viewing angle
  • 1080P full HD recording at 30 fps
  • Superior picture quality with 2M sensor
  • 3-axis G-sensor
  • 2-inch full HD screen
  • Portability
  • Easy to access

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Warranty details are not mentioned.

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera

Procus Convoy car Dash Camera

Procus has a very intuitive dash camera called the Convoy Car Dash Camera. It can record in a full HD 1080p resolution and has a wide angle of 120 degrees which is decent but not exactly high, compared to all of the cameras listed above. 

The procus convoy uses a H.264 photography compression technology along with Smooth Image Processing. The camera’s class A lenses and the Wide Dynamic Range technology combine to give it an above average Night vision image capture capability.

Loop Systems Enabled, the camera will automatically get rid of old footage and make space for new footage and thus save memory hassles. It also comes with a G-sensor that enables motion detection and also in the parking monitoring system. 

It can automatically start and record the footage when it detects any kind of jerk or sudden motion or even unauthorized ignition. The recordings triggered by the G-Sensor are not deleted by the Loop System. 

While these all look fine, the camera only comes with a 32 GB storage capacity which is low when you are leaving the camera in a sentry mode for parking. It comes with a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 

Things we liked about the camera:

  • Full HD 1080p recording
  • Uses H.264 photography compression 
  • 120 degrees wide angle
  • Night vision with WDR and high aperture
  • Loop system
  • G-Sensors
  • 6 months of warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Only 32 GB of storage
  • Could have improved the build quality
  • Needs to work on improving the product reliability
  • No WiFi compatibility or Mobile App 

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide: How to pick the right Dash Camera for your Car

A dash camera is slowly moving from the stage of being a simple accessory to being a security necessity. In this buying guide, we will be looking at all the factors that are important and crucial and thus will be helpful to you in choosing a Dash Camera for your car. 

1. Video Quality

A camera is defined by the quality of video it provides and a dash camera is no exception. A typical Dash Camera should be having a good 1080P recording capability. There are a lot of cameras in the market which promises you even 4K HD recording but end up giving you a meagre 360p video which serves no purpose. Look at the reviews and ratings before you buy. There are a lot of models which DO offer you 4K recording but it is just a matter of finding the trusted one. 

2. Wide Angle Capability

As we have already mentioned before, the Wide Angle Capability of a dashcam refers to how far and how wide the camera can look and record video at. A rule of thumb is that the camera should have at the very least a 140 degrees wide angle. 

There are a lot of models (mostly models that integrate into the car) which provide even 160-degree angle as well. Look before you choose.

3. Screen

The screen on a dash camera is very helpful when you are reverse parking or parallel parking ( in case you have a multi-channel side cams as well). You would either be placing them on the dashboard or on the windshield. 

In the case that you would be placing the camera on the dashboard or in the gearbox area, a large size can do the trick and even be helpful. In the case that you are placing the screen on the windshield, it is suggested that you go for a slightly smaller screen. This is to ensure that the screen will not obstruct your view of the drive and thus be safe.

Small or large, one thing that sticks commonly, in either case, is that the screen should be able to support 1080p or 2k or 4k video resolution.

4. No of Channels

The number of channels in a camera refers to how many lenses are active in a single go. While if your goal is to have something monitor the rear area ONLY, then go with a single channel with a single camera. If your goal is to watch both the front and back, then 2 channels. If interiors of the car are also included, then you would be looking for a multi-channel version. 

But here, you need to consider costs as well. As the number of channels increase, so do your costs so choose wisely depending on your need. If you are looking for more security, then go with Multi-Channel versions without a second thought.

5. App support

This is actually very common. A lot of dash cams come with app support. Apps are central stations where you can view all the recordings, set custom commands and control your Dash Camera. Different cameras come up with different app configurations and no two apps are the same. 

While choosing the camera, you will be looking for what all the features the camera’s app comes with. Can it record at night, the custom settings, remote views etc.,

6. GPS and WiFi

GPS and WiFi are the two most important things when you look at this camera from a security point of view. With Cameras that have GPS, you need not worry about your car getting stolen. Through your app, you can easily control and pinpoint the exact location of your car too. Furthermore, you can also use the GPS for navigation purposes as well; a feature that is present in advanced cameras.

7. Loop Recording

A cool feature that comes with a lot of trendy dash cameras, loop recording is particularly helpful in maintaining the storage capacity of the camera. If your dash camera has a loop recording feature, you can leave the camera in a power-on state and leave it. When the memory fills up, the loop recording feature will automatically delete old videos and start recording new ones. As most of these models come equipped with Apps and WiFi, you can configure the camera to automatically send in the video files to the cloud to save memory as well.

8. Night Vision

Another key important feature, cameras with night vision recordings are particularly helpful not just in the evenings but also while you park your vehicles in dark cellars etc., 

Night vision modes in these cameras refer to the camera’s ability to record in very low light by using the lights of the car or light from any feeble sources in the surroundings. It cannot literally view things in Infrared.

9. Warranty

Finally, we come to the most important aspect of cameras; that is the warranty part. While Cameras do not come with hefty warranties, good choices do come with a 1-year warranty at the least. There are a lot of good products with just 6 months of warranty as well. After you have looked at all the features and offerings the cameras provide, you can finalize on your choice by comparing the warranties of those products and pick the one that gives you the best deal. 

10. Customer Support

Apart from the warranty, you also need to look at the customer service and the brand reputation for the product that you are picking. There are a lot of products that give out a wide range of wild features with a good warranty but if their customer service fails, nothing else matters. Similarly, there are a lot of products that may not give you cool features (just the important basics) but offer superior customer support that makes you actually helps you in tough situations.

Wrapping it up:

The Blueskysea B1W wins our list of the best car dash cameras with its superior quality, 1080p quality recording, 6G Lens set, Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensors, superior night vision and its Novatek GM8135S processor.

It also comes with a 1 year warranty and ahandy mobile app to help further control it. Compared to other cameras, it employs supercapacitors instead of low powered lithium batteries and thus can run for a long time making it a great buying choices.

While that was our list, we are intrigued about what you think about it. Did we miss out on anything? Or do you wish for us to add or delete something? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our team of experts will write back to you as soon as possible.

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