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A candle is essential when it comes to creating a very serene and comfortable vibe. In fact these days, people are becoming obsessed with fascinating candles. You can see so many variations of these candles. They can easily add some extra charm to the ambiance and that’s why we can hardly find people who don’t love candles. Herein, we have listed out some of the best candles. Let’s have a look:

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wax Tealight Unscented Candle

Tagline: A set of 100 unscented candles to decorate your house.

Solimo tealight candles are very useful for daily purposes. When you light these candles, they look extremely sober and serene. You can use these candles not only to decorate your house but also for your puja rooms too. They don’t leave any wax stains. These are smokeless and odorless too.

2. Hosley Unscented Tealights Set

Tagline: 50 unscented tealight candles that are smokeless.

This Hosley candle set contains 50 pieces of unscented candles. These candles come in containers, hence, they are easy to carry. They are perfect as a gift item for all occasions. These unscented candles are a perfect choice for those who don’t love much fragrance. 

3. Nanki Trades Giant Wax Tealight Candles

Tagline: Amazing tealight candles that are easy to use.

Nanki unscented candles are amazing items. They don’t leave any wax stains so you can place them anywhere in your house. You can use these candles to decorate your puja room too. These candles are smokeless and odorless. They are of good quality. You can surely use these candles for decorating purposes. 

4. Candle Universe Tea Lights

Tagline: Premium quality candles that can last up to 3.5 hours almost. 

To create a serene but bright ambiance, these candles are simply amazing. You can place them anywhere in your house. These candles will last for 3.5 hours approximately. To feel the vibe, you can place them on some glass or candle holders. They are white. These unscented candles are made with non-toxic wax.

Things to remember before buying candles:

  • Category: These days a variety of candles are available in the market. Mostly, we don’t care about the categories much when it comes to picking a candle. But we should take care of that. Different candles have different features and not all will serve your purposes well. For example, pillar candles have a longer life compared to tealight candles. So, choose based on your requirements and preference. 
  • Texture: You might think about why we need to focus on the texture. But it is important to consider the texture too. Because not all candles will have the same texture or same finish. If you want candles for your contemporary setup, then you should try out the tealight candles but for a traditional setup, you should try the piler ones. 
  • Colour: Colours also play a great role in our decorations. So, we should take care of the colors of the candles. Because when the color of the candles doesn’t match your entire setup then it might look odd out. 


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