The 5 Best Cajon To Buy Online in India 2020 Reviews: Ultimate Guide

Cajon one of the most demanding drum in the market today, as it is portable, accessible, versatile, affordable and blast to play. These Cajon’s can adapt a wide range of musical settings.

There is no need of a drummer or musicians to play it as it is simple than you think. Before you buy a Cajon you need to check out few points there are

Brand: Selecting the good brand is important as it gives you the high durability and long life.

Quality:  Joint of the Cajon needs to be checks as it gives you good quality if the joint are strong.

Apart from these there are few more points to check like purposes, construction etc which you will find in our “Buying Guide

From our meticulous research and on review bases we have selected five best Cajon’s in India. Hope this helps you to choose the Cajon that suits you the best.

Best Cajon’s in India 2020

CajonType of Wood usedItem weightBuy Now
Clap box Cajon CB11Oak wood4 kg’sCHECK ON AMAZON
KAXON BOX Hand Crafted Cajon Oak wood---CHECK ON AMAZON
Kadence Heartbeat CajonBirch wood2 kg’sCHECK ON AMAZON
Zindagi Builders Katon CajonBirch wood5 kg’sCHECK ON AMAZON
Striker Cajon SB10Oak wood16.8 kg’sCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Wood Cajon: Reviews

1.Clap box Cajon CB11

Clapbox Cajon

The Clap box CB11 is designed with Oak wood Tapa and MDF body and the classic Cajon sound is delivered with the three sets of internal snare wires. There is an amazing bass in the Cajon.

To give you and experience of fully fledged portable drum kit each Cajon undergo strict sound quality checks.

Among the Cajon’s available in the market the Clap box are the finest sounding Cajon’s. For unplugged gigs, for delivering the rhythmic foundation for full band where the full drum set can’t be used these Cajon’s are useful.

Things we liked

  • To provide stability there are large legs provided
  • This Cajon is best suitable for professionals and amateurs

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2. KAXON BOX Hand Crafted Oak Wood Cajon 

KAXON BOX Hand Crafted Oak Wood Cajon

The KAXON Cajon is constructed with Oak wood Tapa and MDF body and have three set of internal snare wires delivers for classic Cajon sound. This Cajon have a great bass.

This Cajon approximately come with the size of H- 50 W-30 L- 30 inch.

Things we liked:

  • Good built quality and smooth wood finish

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3. Kadence Heartbeat Cajon

Kadence Heartbeat Cajon

This Cajon is constructed with solid birch wood body with the rubbing seat surface for extra comfort.

There is a large rubber feet to keep Cajon in place during the play of internal adjustable snare wires to adjust bass and snare sound during play.

Things we liked

  • For increasing portability this Cajon is designed light in weight
  • Built quality of wood is good and smooth wooden finish

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4. Zindagi Builders Katon Cajon

Zindagi Builders Katon Cajon

This Cajon comes with a black canvas padded carry bag. This carry bag helps in easy transportation of your Cajon by 2 or 4wheeler. This Cajon is made of highest quality.

This is built with optimal sound production and comes with the extra strong body. You will be provided with the relaxed and pleasant feeling by the splash veneered playing surface.

Subsequent of playing surface is possible due to the construction. This Cajon comes with a crisp snare sound and differentiated bass. Since wood is natural product all pictures are approximate and the actual tones and structures may vary slightly.

The dimensions of the Cajon are 46 x 30 x 30 cm, it has extra strong 12mm plywood body.

Things we liked:

  • This Cajon is build strong to hold more than 100kg

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5. Striker Cajon SB10

Striker Cajon

This Cajon is lightweight and compact; it is made up of Oak front plate and MDF body frame. It can be carried easily to music circles, jam sessions and so on

You can turn the snares on or off with the comfortably placed knob on the side of Cajon and you can also change the tones from traditional Cajon to a no snare instrument by the help of groovy bass tone.

Striker Cajon comes with the adjustable feet in order to adjust the size of Cajon and also prevent any possibilities of vibration interference.

It is perfect for any type of settings which supports any style of music in a liver or studio setting with help of bass and snare drum sounds to simulate a drum set.

Things we liked:

  • It has adjustable legs to prevent any possibilities of vibration interference
  • It is compact and light in weight

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Cajon Buying Guide

What is a Cajon?

Cajon is a box shaped drumming instrument which is originated from Peru and is played by slapping the front or rear faces with hands, fingers as well as brushes or sticks sometimes.

Cajon’s primarily played for Afro- Peruvian music and also made up its way to flamenco also.

Types of Cajon’s:

Here are some common types of Cajon’s


By African slave musicians the first Cajon probably shipped crates and repurposed as drums. The back of the Cajon are usually made of hardwood which have round shaped sound hole cut out. Front part is made from laminated wood and is called as ‘tapa’.

This type of Cajon produces a tight, dry sound and don’t have a snare.

2. String/ Snare:

If you would like to rebuild the kick and snare sound of drumkit, then this type is perfect as these Cajon’s will be equipped with snare wire or guitar strings against the back of striking surface.

3. Cuban:

The Cuban is usually made of wood with the each side taper downwards by giving it a distinct shape. This Cajon produces higher bongo, conga like tones.

What is the Cajon used for?

The using of Cajon lies in its options and its purpose. If you are playing in an acoustic band then good projection and resonance is needed. If you just want to jam out with friends by covering popular songs then you may need Cajon with a snare.

Features of Cajon:

The new model Cajon’s has a lot of features which allow you to produce different sounds and also micro adjustments that give you large range of tonal options.

1.Adjustable slap corners:

The main striking surface will be secured to the frame with screws. These screws are not only for the structural reason but also it allows you to adjust the tapas slap corner. The more the corner screws are looser the more cracking, clicky attack sound you will get.

2. Bass ports:

As the name suggests it have amazing bass protection, it features forward projecting sound port instead of rear facing cut out.

3. Adjustable snare:

Like Peruvian Cajon few Cajon’s gives you option to play with snare or without. Few models have capability to fine-tune the tension of wire.

4. Internal microphone:

Like other audio instruments we always prefer to increase our sound, always look for Cajon’s equipped with microphones or pickups if you see yourself playing live performance.

Woods used for making Cajon’s:

Hardwood and plywood is used for making of Cajon’s. The sound of the Cajon depends on the type of wood used.

There are 4 hardwoods which are commonly used in Cajon making.

  • Beech: It is a high density hardwood and good all round choice with good lows, mids and highs.
  • Birch: This type of wood is similar to Beech with slightly reduced mids and booster highs; this type is expensive and good choice for well rounded Cajon.
  • Mahogany: This type is known for its deep low ends and provides lot of boomy bass with muted high range.
  • Oak: It is renowned for volume, if you are going to be incorporating Cajon’s into live rock/ pop gig then you should prefer this type.

What to look for before buying a Cajon

You need to check for the following points before you buy a Cajon

  • Brand:

Always choose the best brand for the better output and for it to be standard in long run. Meinl, sela, schlagwerk are the three brands we trust.

  • Quality:

Look at the joints on your Cajon, your Cajon will sound good if the built quality is superb. This is the most important aspect to check for before you buy Cajon.

  • Purpose:

There are many Cajon’s in the market all looking same but each one has different purpose. As said earlier Cuban Cajon’s are more conga or bongo like, some Cajon may have buzzing snares rest are snappier. According to your taste choose the Cajon.

  • Construction:

The construction of the Cajon is another factor you need to consider before you buy the Cajon. Always prefer the Cajon which is made up of wood as it is stiff and durable. The type of wood used determines the type of sound you get.

Prefer Cajon’s made of hardwood if you want deep bass sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Cajon easy to learn?

Cajon is a handy instrument, its portable, it does not take much space and also it is easy to learn. You can play it seated and after learning basic snare and bass sounds, the first simple rhythms are well on their way.

2. What is a clap box?

The Clap box Cajon is made up of Oak wood and MDF body and there is three set of internal snare wire which delivers the classic Cajon sound.

3. Which wood is best for Cajon?

Maple is the best wood, as it produces a bright, balanced sound that most of the Cajon players like.

4. How big is a Cajon?

The Cajon dimensions are 30 x 30 x 50 cm. There should be 4 pieces which are 5mm thick, one at front with 3mm thickness and other at back with 4mm thick.


Make sure to try the Cajon before you buy, than these videos or advices you come across, you getting comfortable with Cajon and hearing it sound in person is more valuable.

Our suggestion is to go with Clap box Cajon CB11 as it made up of wood, and it is the finest sounding Cajon among the Cajon available in market.