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Brooms are essential for our daily cleaning. It helps us in sweeping up the dust, dirt, or other garbage. So we can never underestimate the importance of this old fashioned concept of cleaning.  Brooms are available in various shapes as well as length these days. We have discussed some of the most useful and handy brooms. Let’s have a look:

1. Scotch-Brite No-Dust Fibber Broom

Tagline: Made of high-quality durable plastic that is perfect for domestic help.

Scotch-Brite broom has smooth fibers that help in cleaning the dirt finely. Because of the flexible corners, it can clean the corners easily. It has a detachable handle that helps in dusting too. And the best thing is it is washable and durable. 

2. Gala No Dust Floor Broom

Tagline: Highly useful, a handy broom that can do dusting amazingly.

Gala no dust broom is a premium quality product. The advanced technology of this product provides superb cleaning. The broom is durable and will last long. This sturdy broom has a detachable handle that is washable. This broom makes dusting quite easier.

3. Tormenta Long Handle Broom

Tagline: Compact, long handle broom that has a self-cleaning dustpan.

This adjustable long handle broom provides comfortable sweeping. This is made of high-quality plastic. The broom is quite dense and durable. It has a self-cleaning dustpan that helps in flushing away all the dust and dirt. And the dustpan lip is made of premium quality rubber that will last long. You can use it in multi-surface areas too. It has a 35.43-inch long handle. 

4. Maharsh Plastic Broom

Tagline: Well designed, a long-lasting broom that provides a comfortable grip.

The long handle of the broom allows well cleaning of the ceiling, floor, and garden areas. The feathered tip bristles help in better dusting. The smooth microfibre head provides quick and fine cleaning. And its compact design will not even occupy much area when not in use. The broom and the dustpan are so well combined that it becomes easily movable.

Things to consider before buying a broom:

  • Purpose: Before buying a broom it is important to consider the job for which you need it. Because there are many variations available but not all are suitable for every purpose. Like if you need a broom for multiple purposes it is better to buy various-shaped brooms.
  • Material: It is necessary to check the primary material of the broom. Brooms are mostly made with synthetic fibers. And these are ideal for cleaning small particles of dust. Again corn brooms can grab small amounts of dirt.
  • Shape: Different brooms have different shapes. Some have uniform length whereas some have angled ends. The angled one is better for cleaning the corners but the straight ended brooms work great for wide surfaces. 

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