7 Best Bookshelves in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

For avid readers, bookshelves are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the entire house. With the help of a bookcase, you can have a mini library at your home.

Apart from books, you can even keep your daily used items in an organized way on these shelves.

Here are a few important factors that you should check before buying a bookshelf for your home.


You can select the size of the bookcase depending on the space available in the room. If there is plenty of free space, you can buy a wide shelf.

If you have a lot of books but there is not enough space, you can buy a taller bookshelf.


Bookshelves are made using different types of materials such as metal or solid hardwood.

Bookcases that are made using metals (stainless steel, iron) and solid hardwoods (walnut, oak, or maple) are sturdy and durable. However, they are a bit expensive too.

Bookshelves made using MDF or engineered wood are cost-effective and are widely used by users. But they are not very sturdy.

If there is a budget constraint, you can buy a bookshelf made using MDF or engineered wood. If not, it is best to buy a bookshelf made using metal or solid wood.

Number of Shelves:

It is suggested to buy a bookshelf that can accommodate around 20 books (both thin and thick books) easily.

You can look for a bookcase with three to four shelves where you can keep 10-12 books on each shelf. This is the average capacity of a bookshelf.

Wheels, depth, and finish are some additional factors that also play a major role in deciding the quality of a bookshelf. We have described these factors in detail in the buying guide.

Here are some of the best bookshelves available in the market that can go well with the interior of your house. Let’s have a look!

7 Best Bookshelves in India

NameMaterialFinishNo of ShelvesAssemblyPrice
DeckUp 3-Shelf BookshelvesEngineered Wood with LaminateMatte Finish3Self-Assembly
DecorNation 3Tier Nora BookshelvesMDF
Glossy White Finish3Self-Assembly
Custom Decor Wall Rack Book ShelvesSheesham WoodHoney Teak Brown Solidwood Finish
AAROORA BedSide Book ShelvesMDF Engineered Wood
Wenge Finish3 open compartmentsAssembly by CarpenterCHECK ON AMAZON
Kurtzy Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Invisible Book ShelvesMDF WoodBrown Professional Finish
Bluewud Book ShelvesPremium High Grade Prelam Engineering Wood
Natural Wood Grain Finish4Self-AssemblyCHECK ON AMAZON
Surprise BookShelvesHigh Quality Plastic
Glossy Black4Self-Assembly

Best Bookshelves in India

  • DeckUpCustomizable shelves makes it easy to adjust as per requirement
  • DecorNationBeautiful white carved bookshelf
  • Custom Decor Strong and sturdy Sheesham wood bookshelf
  • AAROORAContemporary styled book shelf with Wenge finish
  • Kurtzy A practical and decorative bookshelf
  • BLUEWUDA multi-use bookshelf that can be used as décor and storage cabinet
  • Surprise Bookshelf A durable and movable cube shelf

1. DeckUp 3-Shelf Bookshelves

DeckUp 3-Shelf BookshelvesA matte finish book shelf that can blend with any interior, and enhance its richness; that is how we would describe DeckUp bookshelf.

It is a dark wenge finish furniture, which comes with three broad and big shelves, that can accommodate books of any size and other décor accents too. 

DeckUp is a standard and customizable 3 tier shelf that allows you to arrange the height of each shelf as per your requirement.

Here are some more reasons why you should think of buying a DeckUp Bookshelf:

  • There is an extra block of wood at the bottom of the shelf which gives it a sturdy base.
  • The product requires basic assembly, and comes with an easy to follow instruction manual.
  • It’s a light weight furniture, so you can move it easily.

The bookshelf is made of engineered wood with laminate, that gives a beautiful shine to the furniture, and makes it easy to clean it.

The dimensions of DeckUp shelf is 16-inches x 11-inches x 42-inches (length x width x height), giving it ample depth to accommodate thick books, and other decorative items easily. 

Warranty – 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Overall, we would recommend DeckUp bookshelf to anyone looking for an open cabinet that will fit well in living room, bed room or even a studio apartment.


  • A great product that comes at affordable rate
  • Is very easy to install


Might take a lot of space compared to a corner shelf

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2. DecorNation 3Tier Nora Bookshelves

DecorNation 3Tier Nora BookshelvesIf you are looking for a modern bookshelf with a touch of carved beauty, then your search ends here. 

This white colored 3 tier shelf, has the capacity to house around 20 books per shelf. So that solves your space issue, and allows you to use the furniture as a decorative piece as well.

DecorNation’s bookshelf is perfect for living room, bedroom, can even be put up in kitchen, hallway corridor, and is elegant enough for office use too. 

Few more benefits that we notice about this bookrack were:

  • It’s a fresh and new design that enhances the beauty of any type of interior.
  • You need to assemble the product yourself, but the assembly instructions are very easy to follow. 
  • The bookshelf is evenly sized, so it can easily fit in any corner.

Also, the shelf is made of MDF, a material that is denser, stronger and more durable than plywood. It also comes cheap, hence reduces the overall cost of the product. 

The length of the shelf is a mere 63cm, width is 27cm and height 93cm, that gives the shelves lesser depth than DeckUp bookshelf.

Warranty – Duration of warranty not specially mentioned.

Overall, a shelf with special design makes the item aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional. You can use it to keep books or as an open showcase displaying decorative accents.


  • Compared to DeckUp, the shelves of DecorNation are wider
  • Along with screws you also get a screwdriver kind of thing to assemble the product


  • There is no back support for last two shelves, so you got to be careful while placing the items

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3. Custom Decor Wall Rack Book Shelves

Custom Decor Wall Rack Book ShelvesCustom Décor’s wooden book shelf is a true classic. It is a corner shelf made of Sheesham wood, one of the best hardwoods found on Indian soil. 

The material is what makes Customer Décor bookshelf a sturdy and durable product, that will stand tall for years without showing a single crack. 

Compared to DeckUp and Décor Nation we have a 5 tier shelf for you here that looks more like a rack, with the size of the shelves broadening as you go down. 

Some more good things that we noted about Custom Décor bookshelf are:

  • It is a corner shelf which means the furniture will occupy less space.
  • The Honey Teak Brown color gives a kind of rustic look to the shelf.
  • Custom Décor is a great storage unit option for bathroom, closet, home office, living room, kid room, kitchen etc.

It is an open bookshelf with a single vertical slant placed along the length of the shelf, in a way that it can hold books, thin magazines and other knick-knacks easily. 

The height of furniture is a good 63 inches, length is 16-inches and width a mere 16 inches, making it perfect for all types of corners.

Warranty – 12-month warranty on manufacturing defects

Overall, a tall yet not too heavy shelf, that can easily be moved from one corner to the other. Plus the quality of the wood gives the book shelf a long life.


  • The three legs have three protective caps at the bottom giving the item a steady base
  • The bookshelf is already assembled so you don’t have to take any extra effort


  • Beware of the scratches and crevices, check the product thoroughly

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4. AAROORA BedSide Book Shelves

AAROORA BedSide Book ShelvesThe first thing that we noticed about AAROORA is its beautiful and stylish contemporary design, that gives the bookshelf an aesthetically pleasing look. 

Also, contemporary means that you get a lot of option to customize the look of the bookshelf the way you want. 

Like you can use it as a table top to put tea cups, or as a bedside cabinet, keep plants, books, vases, photo-frames and other decorative pieces on it, basically be as creative as you wish to be. 

Some more benefits of owning the AAROORA Bookshelf are:

  • The bookshelf has a natural grain showcase unit with 3 open compartments providing a lot of space to store items.
  • It provides an easy access to your daily essentials.
  • The beautiful wenge finish adds a touch of sophistication to the bookshelf.

AAROORA is made of high grade MDF engineered wood, making the product a lightweight that can be easily carried around. 

It is an open cabinet with 12-inch deep shelves, that guarantees better spacing compared to the average 10-inch deep bookshelves. 

Warranty – There is no warranty on this product

Overall, a multi-functional book shelf, that takes very less space in your room, but provides a lot of space within it to accommodate any book size as well as other items.


  • The quality of the product is excellent giving it a long life
  • Its compact design allows you to fit it in any corner of the house or office


  • You will need help of a carpenter to assemble the product
  • No warranty on the product

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5. Kurtzy Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Invisible Book Shelves

Kurtzy Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Invisible Book ShelvesKurtzy bookshelf is both standard offering a lot of space, and contemporary making it a versatile product, that can be utilized in a number of ways. 

Whether you wish to keep your collective book items on it, or use it as a storage unit to keep stationery and other items, Kurtzy is the best fit for all. 

The furniture has a total of nine shelves, that are protected with side supports, making it an ideal choice for displaying delicate pieces as well. 

We also noted a couple of other benefits, such as:

  • The bookshelf’s edges are sealed, and each unit comes with caps that conceal the screws making it a freestanding safe storage unit.
  • Its unique look and ample space makes it an ideal display unit for living room, bedroom, and office space.
  • Because it has racks instead of open shelves, your items are safer in this storage unit compare to the others. 

Kurtzy bookshelf is made up of MDF wood, that boasts of better quality, is light weight, and easy to clean.

It is a practically designed bookshelf that measures 47cm in length, 21cm in breadth and 13cm in height, giving it a lot of volume to store multiple items. 

Warranty – No Warranty

Overall, one of the best storage unit cum bookshelf that is steady, sturdy and beautiful looking, making it a must have for all.


  • The bookshelf can be positioned standing tall or lying on side
  • Compared to the others this one has more number of shelves


  • It might take a couple of hours to assemble the product
  • No Warranty

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6. Bluewud Book Shelves

Bluewud Book ShelvesWhat caught our attention about Bluewud bookshelf is that it has back support, is a standard book shelf just like our top product DeckUp, but with broader shelves. 

It is a four tier open book shelf that can accommodate books and decorative accents together, and still have a lot of left out space. 

The color is a beautiful walnut brown making it blend with any kind of interior décor. 

Here are some more benefits that you get to enjoy:

  • The style of the bookshelf is both modern and contemporary, making it beautiful and functional both.
  • The product requires a basic installation, and comes with a detailed guide making it a hassle free job for you.
  • The quality is top class

Bluewud bookshelf is made of premium high grade prelam engineering wood that makes it look shiny and stylish, and gives the furniture longer life. 

The height is a good 52.80inch, so you can even use Bluewud like a wall shelf. 

Along with that its 10.80inch breadth and 31.50inch length makes the shelves deep enough to accommodate a lot of long short items together. 

Warranty – 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Overall, one of the best freestanding bookshelf ideal for all those who wanted to flaunt their collections in a stylish manner.


  • Prelam material makes Bluewud a lightweight bookshelf
  • Brown color makes it look new for as long as you choose to keep it


  • The price is on the higher side

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7. Surprise BookShelves

Surprise BookShelvesSurprise bookshelf is nothing like the others in our list, because this is spacious, strong, and made of high quality plastic. 

Surprise is a four tier bookshelf perfect for stacking books and other items such as laundries, groceries etc. 

Also, it’s a cubic bookshelf with back as well as side support which ensures complete safety of all items kept on it. 

Some more important benefits of Surprise Bookshelf are:

  • You can easily dismantle and carry it anywhere.
  • Comes in two attractive dark colors – black and brown making it easy to maintain the shelf.
  • You can even use it in your kid’s room as there is no threat of breaking and cracking, or sharp corners.

The height of each cube is 10.5 inches, making it an ideal to stack big files and thick books. 

Surprise shelf’s weight is a mere 4.1kg, making it very easy to carry the product, even without dismantling it. 

Warranty: No warranty on the product

Overall, one of the most durable products on our list, that can be used in a number of ways.


  • The product is best suited for bachelor accommodations, as it requires less space and can stack-up more
  • It very easy to assemble the shelf


  • The base might bend if you stack too many items
  • No warranty

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Best Bookshelves – Buying Guide

The most important factors that you should check for before buying a bookshelf for your home are as follows:

1. Size:

The size of the bookshelf is one of the first and most important factors that you must consider. To decide the size, you will first have to check that how much space is available in the room where you are planning to install the bookshelf.

If there is a lot of open space, you can buy a wide bookshelf that is several feet wide.

However, if there is not enough space but you have many books, you should look for a longer shelf rather than going for a wide bookshelf.

But if you don’t have many books, you can buy one or more small bookcases. Hence, you should measure the space available in your place and then select the size.

Apart from this, another pointer that you must consider is whether there are children at your home or not? If yes, do you want to give access to the bookshelf to the kids? If the answer is yes, you can buy a shorter option for the bookshelf.

However, if you don’t want to give access to the kids, you can buy a taller bookshelf where you can even keep fragile items on the shelf. Make sure that you mount the bookshelf on the wall though.

2. Depth:

Most of the bookshelves are about 12 inches deep so that there is more space for storage. However, there are a few models of bookcases like leaning style or ladder style bookshelves that feature narrow shelves. Think of what type of books (thick or thin) are you going to store in the bookshelf and then buy accordingly.

3. Material:

Bookcases are made using different types of materials. Some of the most commonly used materials are as follows:

  • Wood:

Wooden bookshelves feature a solid, durable, and long-lasting frame. They offer a traditional look to the interior of your house. Wood is considered as an ideal and standard material used to make a bookshelf. They can withstand a good amount of weight too.

  • MDF or Particle Board:

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can check for a bookshelf that is made using MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or particle board. These bookshelves look like ones made using real wood and are available at an affordable price.

However, particle board is not very sturdy. Thus, before loading up the shelf with books, you must consider weight restrictions as well.

  • Metal:

Bookshelves made using metal offer sturdy storage option and are less bulky when compared to the shelves made using wood or particle board. Thus, if you prefer having a streamlined or contemporary style bookshelf at your home, you can buy metal bookshelves.

You will find many lightweight designs with different shape options in metal shelves. These designs go very well with the interior of your house. Some bookcases with metal frames use marble or wood shelving. These types of bookshelves are perfect to be used in offices.

  • Laminate:

Laminate bookshelves look like any other laminate furniture set. There is a protective layer that is either vinyl-based or plastic-based. Due to its modern design, the structure and the shelves look neat and fresh. You can get these shelves in any color and they are resistant to spills and dings as well.

  • Glass:

Bookshelves with glass frames are usually available with a metallic support structure that connects multiple pieces of glass. There are some bookshelves that are constructed completely using glass. However, they are rarely available.

4. Design:

Before going to shop for a bookshelf, you can think of a design that will look good in your house. Choosing the appropriate design will help you in narrowing down your choices to a great extent. This will also help you in focusing on the style or material that you should check for.

Bookshelves are available in the following designs:

  • Cube:

In cube-shaped bookshelves, you will find cubic spaces where you can either store your books or other belongings. The frames are either in square shape or rectangle to make a symmetrical array of cubes.

If you are looking forward to buying a modern bookshelf, you can buy a casual cube-style bookshelf that can be expanded in either height or width.

  • Standard:

Bookshelves available in standard designs are usually large and are available as a single piece of furniture with multiple horizontal shelves, support walls, and a backing wall. These bookshelves are often rectangular-shaped and tall. However, this might not be the case always. The commonly used construction material to make standard bookcases is wood. You might find them in other materials too.

If you are looking to buy a basic bookshelf, you can go ahead with a standard bookcase. You can keep rectangle-shaped hardcover books on these shelves that are around 10 inches deep.

  • Modular or Built-in:

Modular bookshelves usually come in sets of 2, or more shelves. These shelves can either be interlocked or they can even rest against each other. You can arrange them in a design of your choice. They are often available in cube-based structures and are designed in a way to meet all your requirements.

  • Ladder and Leaning Bookshelves:

Leaning and ladder bookshelves offer the users a great solution to manage and optimize the space at your office or home.

Leaning bookshelves feature a special design and are dependent upon balancing against the wall. The overall frame of these bookshelves has a tilted look whereas the shelves remain horizontal when you are placing the frame against the wall at an appropriate angle.

There are some “stepped” shelves too. The size of these shelves decreases gradually as you move up.

  • Corner:

Corner bookshelves are great to be used in smaller rooms, apartments, or for those who don’t have much space to keep the bookshelf. These types of bookshelves are made at the right angle with an ideal shape so that they can be wedged in tight nooks.

Corner bookshelves tend to hold a lesser number of books when compared to a standard bookcase. However, it is ideal for keeping picture albums, scrapbooks, or storybooks.

  • Barrister:

As the name suggests, the barrister bookcases were initially designed to help lawyers in storing and moving the extensive collection of law books. These types of bookshelves have doors with smoked glass so that the books remain in place even when you are moving the entire bookshelf.

These bookshelves look formal and have either solid or flip-up glass doors. If you prefer buying furniture that looks traditional or vintage, you can buy a barrister bookcase. It is even suitable for those who have a lot of professional space available.

  • Etagere:

The etagere bookshelf looks delicate when compared to a standard bookshelf. It has an open back and the shelves are usually made using glass. The standard bookshelves offer functionality whereas the etagere bookcase is more about form.

  • Scaffold:

The scaffold bookshelves are named after the way they look. The shelving in these bookcases is often suspended between two ladder-like supports.

5. Style:

Talking about the style, there are various options for bookshelves available in the market. The most common styles are as follows:

  • Traditional:

Traditional bookshelves feature a solid appearance and feature artful detail. These were available in the era of ancient kings and queens.

Most of them feature carved wood details and ornamental work or accent to give them a vintage look.

  • Modern:

The modern bookshelves belong to the era of the mid-20th century. They often feature a minimalistic design, but they catch your attention quickly.

Modern bookshelves are usually asymmetrical and don’t have back support.

  • Contemporary:

One of the most amazing features of contemporary bookshelves is there is no specific theory or look behind its design.

Bookshelves in contemporary design often go well with the interior of your house and available in various shapes. Most of them feature a progressive tone such as a ladder-type design.

  • Rustic:

Rustic bookshelves feature an appearance that looks similar to a cottage or a pastoral. These shelves are often made using natural wood. They are broad and have a simple shape and design.

Even though they look a bit rugged, there is something beautiful about these shelves.

  • Coastal:

Coastal bookshelves are rare styled. They look like furniture made using bamboo. Coastal bookshelves feature a natural yet rustic look.

You can get a nice and calm feel after seeing these types of bookshelves.

  • Industrial:

The industry-styled bookshelves look very fascinating too. They usually feature a bold, strong, and a metallic construction and sometimes wood.

6. Adjustable Shelves:

Many manufacturers make bookshelves where you can do a little bit of customizations. Hence, there are a few adjustable shelves too.

These adjustable shelves are very useful if you want to keep large books or large objects in the bookshelf. You can simply remove the shelf and keep the book accordingly.


If the shelves in the bookcase are fixed, measure the space that you require to keep the book beforehand. Adjustable shelves give you flexibility and you can adjust the height of the shelves any time.

7. On-Display or Hidden Away:

You can buy a bookshelf with doors and drawers so that there is no unwanted clutter visible to anyone. Bookshelves that have doors are also called as bookshelf cabinets. They provide security and keep the books safe and dust-free.

Many users prefer buying display bookcases as they not only store the books/items but are easily available on display too. If you have special pictures, mementos, or other artworks, you can keep them in the display bookshelf.

The best part about open bookshelves is they can be accessed from both front as well as back. If you have a big and spacious living room, you can buy an open bookcase and even use it as a room divider. You will have to place it perpendicular to a wall. Check the depth of the shelves and then you can store the books in a way that the spines face out from both sides.

8. Finish and Style:

A piece of furniture that looks good at one corner of your house might not look that great on the other corner. Hence, check the style and the finish of the bookshelf properly and see if it will look good at the place where you are planning to place it.

Styling of the bookshelf matters a lot too. Sometimes, in a modern-style room, rustic bookcase suits perfectly well.

9. Wheels:

If you are thinking to use the bookshelf as a room divider or if you are more like to redecorate the room frequently, you can buy a bookshelf with wheels. This will make it easier to move the bookshelf from one room to the other.

How to Keep Bookshelves Safe?

To keep your books safe, you need to take care of the bookshelf. Here are some steps that you should be taking to keep your shelves pest free:

  • Keep food away from the books. Or if you are using the shelve as a table top then clean it immediately after removing the tea cup and saucer. 
  • Use camphor or naphthalene as a deterrent. 
  • You can also sprinkle fine pepper along the edges of your bookshelf, or insect powder which is equally effective. 
  • Maintain optimum humidity level in case it is a huge book case, or a wall mounted bookshelf. High moisture attracts insects. 

How to Clean Bookshelves?

Bookshelves are a beautiful way of showcasing your book collection, and hence need to be maintained. 

Follow these ways, tips and tricks to keep your bookshelves clean:

Things you will need:


2. Paper towels

3. Cleaning products:

  • Wooden Shelves – Murphy’s oil soap or any other wood cleaning product
  • Plastic Shelves – All-purpose cleaner
  • Glass Shelves – Windex or other glass cleaner
  • Metal Shelves – Cleaner designed for the specific bookshelf metal

4. Soft Cloth

5. Swiffer duster (optional)

Steps to Clean:

Step 1 – Start by removing all the items from the shelf – books, decorative pieces, cutleries, vases.

Step 2 – Place the items in a box and keep it out of reach so that you do not trip while cleaning.

Step 3 – If there are many shelves then start by cleaning the top and work your way down. This way in case any dust or debris falls, it will land on the shelf that has not yet been cleaned.

Step 4 – Once the shelf has been cleaned, dust it with a soft cloth or a Swiffer duster to remove the last remaining dust. 

In case you have an adjustable shelf, then remove the racks and clean the holes as well. 

Step 5 – Now it is time to clean the shelf itself. Use a cleaner designed for the material the shelf is made of. 

Step 6 – Wipe the shelf with a soft cloth and the cleaning product based on the material of the bookcase.

Step 7 – Rinse the shelf if necessary.

Step 8 –  Dry the rack with a soft cloth.

Step 9 – Replace the shelf liner if necessary.

Step 10 – Keep all the items back in the shelf.

Step 11 – In case you have a bigger shelf, then continue the same process on the other parts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best material for bookshelves?

We suggest you to go for engineered wood, as they are light, can be availed at affordable rate, and come in various type of designs and styles. 

2. Do bookshelves increase home value?

Yes, they do. Bookshelves have multi-functional benefits, like they can be used as dividers, TV cabinets etc. You can also use them as storage units for groceries, laundries and other items.

3. Is MDF strong enough for shelves?

An MDF that is well sealed from all sides and edges is less likely to soak moisture. That will keep insects away from it, and the particle board will also not swell or crack. 

4. How deep should the shelves be?

The average depth of a book shelf is 12-inch, that provides enough space for it to accommodate books and other items. 

5. Where to put book case in a room?

Keep the concept of balance and look in your mind, and you will have an idea of where exactly to place the book shelves. 
One tip – if you have a sofa along one wall and you place the shelf beside it, then the look comes out flat. 

6. Can bookshelves have bed bugs?

Keep food items away, and maintain the humidity of the room, and your shelf will never attract any kind of bug. 
But if you have piles of books, that have not been cleaned for ages, and the bookrack is placed beside your bed, then that might attract bed bugs. 


A book shelf is a unique furniture that is used for style and storage. If you are a book-lover, then having a bookshelf that will stack your collectives is a must have.

We understand this emotion way too well, which is why have ensured to put up the best bookshelves that can be availed at cheaper cost in our list.

Our personal favorite is Kurtzy, for its contemporary design, superior quality and also more number of shelves, that makes it a utility cum decorative storage unit.

But, if you think otherwise then we will be very happy to know the reason. So, do share your comments and help other buyers too.

Also, if you have already been using any of these bookshelves, then share your experience too.

Stay Intelligent, Keep Reading!

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