Best Body Groomer Trimmer

A good body grooming trimmer is a must-have to maintain your hygiene. It can trim the hair of your beard, head and body with precision.  You need to carefully pick the right type of groomer with all the essential features to get your job done with ease. Here you’ll know the best body groomer trimmers available in India with impressive features. 

1. Philips Norelco 1100 Bodygroom Trimmer

Tagline: An impressive trimmer with integrated skin protector can effortlessly guard your skin while you trim.

Philps offers a bi-directional body trimmer with a 3 mm comb that can conveniently trim your hair in both directions. The showerproof feature makes the trimmer easy to use and clean. You also get a shower cord that lets you store the trimmer in your bathroom. As it’s battery-powered, you can take this grooming trimmer anywhere. With a capacity to cut your hair to 1/64 inch, this trimmer cuts the hair without the blades touching your skin. 

2. Kubra KB-5300 Grooming Kit

Tagline: A 5-in-1 grooming kit with 90 minutes runtime provides extra protection with rounded tips and non-scratching combs.

Kubra has come up with a multi-purpose grooming kit with multiple attachments for body, beard, moustache and eyebrow trimming. With 90 minutes runtime and 1.5 hours charge time, you don’t have to worry about the battery draining off. The trimmer has an LED indicator to display the battery percentage. It has a trimming range of 1 to 10 mm and comes with 19 length settings. The stainless steel blades prevent accidental cuts.

3. Philips BG3006/15 Bodygroomer

Tagline: It is the best sensitive skin groomer with hypoallergenic foil that provides skin comfort and prevents allergies. 

The Philips body groomer is suitable for trimming all body zones continuously for up to 40 minutes upon 8 hours of charge. The rounded tips and a 3mm natural comb make the trimmer easy to use. It is a skin-friendly trimmer that can cut the hair of different lengths without the need for multiple attachments. There’s a battery light to indicate the power status on the trimmer. As it’s 100% showerproof, you can rinse and clean the trimmer after use. 

4. Havells Battery Operated Body Trimmer

Tagline: A trimmer with 1mm and 3 mm two-sided body comb that can easily trim the long hair. 

Havells offers a body grooming trimmer that can help you remove the unwanted hair from chest, arms, armpits, legs and the groin area. The bi-directional comb is capable of cutting the hair grown in any direction. You can use the 3mm comb first to trim the long hair and the 1 mm later to reduce the length further. As the trimmer has a skin guard system, you don’t have to worry about the cuts and irritations. 

Things to consider before buying a body groomer trimmer:

1. Design

As trimming the hair takes time, your groomer should have an ergonomic design to hold it with ease. Many trimmers come with multiple heads to help your groom various body parts. Make sure your trimmer reaches the remote parts of the body with ease. 

2. Durability

There are dry and wet trimmers in the market. If you tend to do your grooming routine in the shower, get a trimmer that’s waterproof and has a cap. 

3. Battery

To make them travel-friendly, companies are coming up with battery-operated body trimmers. These trimmers also have more runtime when compared to corded trimmers. Modern trimmers last for up to 8 hours with 2 hours charging time.