The 10 Best Board Games In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Board Games are played between family and friends during leisure time. It helps parents to keep their children away from the smartphone and video games that have harmful effects on the child’s brain. On the other hand, Board games are far better for children as it will encourage them to think, concentrate, and interact with everyone in the family.

Board games are a source for bringing the fun back on the tables with family, friends, and colleagues sitting together and cherishing each moment.

For buying the board game, you must consider two important aspects that are:

  • Number of Players: The board game consists of 2 to 6 players generally, which is perfect for playing with family and friends.
  • Age factor: The board games are played fun-loving entertainment enjoyed by people of all ages as you can play this with your grandparents, parents, or friends. There are toys and games specified for an age group, but the board games cover the generation in a circle.

Here is the list of the best board games in India that we have selected from research. Referring to the list, you will get brief information about each product. For more information on these factors, you can refer to our Buying Guide below.

10 Best Board Games In India

Board GamesNumber Of PlayersRecommended AgeBuy Now
Mattel Scrabble Board Game2 to 4The recommended age is 10 years and aboveCHECK ON AMAZON
Monopoly Banking Edition
Board Game
2 to 4The recommended age is 8 years or upCHECK ON AMAZON
Funskool Othello + Scotland YardOthello: 2, Scotland Yard: 3 to 6The recommended age is above 5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Monopoly Board Game For
Families and Kids
2 to 4The recommended age is 8 years and aboveCHECK ON AMAZON
GSI Carrom Board2 to 4The recommended age is 2 months to 8 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Best Chess Premium Chess Set2The recommended age is above 5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Ekta Business A Board Game4The recommended age is 6 to 18 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Play Panda New Magnetic
Puzzles Circles
Any number of playersThe recommended age is above 5 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Ratna's Classic Chess and
Board Game
Chess: 2, Business: 2 to 6The recommended age is above 3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Ekta Crossword 2 to 4The recommended age is above 8 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

10 Best Board Games In India Reviews

1. Mattel Scrabble Board Game


Mattel Scramble company is manufacturing board games from the 20th century. They provide the best and traditional game methods. This product has been rated as Amazon’s Choice with maximum customer reviews.

What is scrabble?

It is a classic board word game. It is useful for developing your vocabulary and building mental ability. In this game, you have to make a random word using the seven-letter tiles. Also, your word must use the tile already on the playing board.

The scores are provided based on letter value, and points are boost by premium squares on the grid.

You can play with your friends and family as it is a fun-loving game. If you play with your kid, they will learn many words in a day.

The board has premium quality with check and control. The small pieces are durable that withstand for long years to use. The other types are scrabble junior board for kids. Scrabble is not just for fun; it gives educational importance as well. If you are preparing for spelling quizzes then this will add advantage in your preparation.

How to play?

You have to combine two or more letters to form a word. It can be either across or down and must have one letter at the center. Diagonals word matching is not allowed. You have to keep on making a combination of seven words to score more.

Then, the play passes to the left, and there is an addition of one letter to form new words. The turn moves in a clockwise direction.

Two blank tiles can be used as any letter, and it remains that specific letter for the rest of the game. You can challenge the next player to start a new turn, and the loser will lose a turn.

When all the letters have matched the end of the game, and one player uses the last letter to end the game.

Want to score a bonus?

There are four ways to score double points

  • Double Letter Score that doubles the score of the letter placed on it
  • Triple Letter Score that triples the score of a letter placed.
  • Double word score doubles the score of the whole word.
  • Triple Word score triples the score of the whole word.
  • Get 4x and 9x points if the word is on the premium square

Product Information

  • Dimension: 37 x 27 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 955 grams
  • Material: Plastic and Paper
  • Color: Multicolor
  • The recommended age is 10-years and above
  • Number of players requires: 2 or 4


  • Strong and sturdy material that will use for long
  • Long-lasting prints on the tiles
  • Educational and entertaining purpose use at the same time
  • Best for vocab building and spelling quizzes practice
  • Activate your brain and become smart


  • It looked overprice for some customers

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2. Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game


The monopoly game comes from its true manufactures of monopoly, which is a trading and banking-based game. In this game, you can do instant transactions with the banking units.

Providing detailed information about this game will help your kid to learn how to do money transactions and management. This introduces with event cards and location spaces. The rents specifically can rise and fall.

You can keep the properties on auction and track the players’ wealth.

Let us understand each property in detail

The Ultimate Banking game is a fun-loving game that you can play with your family and friends. This game shows the modern banking technology in which you can buy, rent, and do an auction anytime.

Tap Technology helps the players to calculate the player’s worth. Every player starts with having money on a bank card and use it as an Ultimate Banking Unit. When the player taps, then it tells whether the player has money to buy or pay a debt.

When the player comes on the play, they can land on the Event Space, the property might change, players can earn or lose money, and if someone does a fraud you can send it to jail.

Banking units can boost or crash the market. It has the names and logos with the distinctive design of the board with four corners. Some levels will help to upgrade in the game.

The Auction properties let you buy, rent, and tap the way to fortune. A whole lot of game takes 30 minutes to complete. There are events, chance, and community chest cards that can take the place of each other. If the money land on event space, then it may raise or lower to earn or lose the money. With the help of location spaded, you can move a property to any place.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 5 x 40 x 26.7 cm
  • Weight: 907 grams
  • You require 2 to 4 players
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Multicolor
  • The recommended age is 8-years or up
  • It requires 3AAA batteries to run


  • Learn the central banking unit’s terminology
  • Easy to learn
  • Comes with great and intact packaging
  • Sturdy and durable in use
  • Value for money


  • The credit card machine showed an error in entering the money for two players.

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3. Funskool Othello + Scotland Yard


The Funskool is an Indian company that was founded in 1987 for manufacturing toys. The Funskool Othello and Scotland Yard are the most famous board games that are played in children. The objective is to give the child the freedom to think and use his or her mind to enhance imagination.

The pack contains two products that are:

  • Funskool Othello
  • Funskool Scotland Yard

The Funskool Othello is a strategy board game that is played between two players. The person who wins has more number of same color pieces. In this game, one can apply different strategies to collect similar color pieces. It allows your kid to expand their imagination with a fun-loving activity kit.

You can become a master of strategy after playing Othello with your family. It is simple for kids and gives a challenging experience to adults.

The Funskool Scotland Yard is a mystery detective game that will make you enjoy the chase and run game between the cat and mouse. There is a mysterious Mister X, and London’s top detectives are behind him. The Cops and Robbers are negotiating to allocate the trading between the buses, underground taxis in the game board with 199 locations.

How to play?

One player becomes Mister X and confuses his would-be captors. Also, lie under the London Bridge, do riots at Regent Park, or moving through the Buckingham Palace. There is a minimum of two detectives that rely on the stunning skills to catch the man.

Mister X travels to his secret places, and the detective follows the clues to reach to him. This hid and seek the type of game that will give you complete family entertainment. The little ones in the family require patience in understanding the clues. This game is a complete package of dodging, chasing, cornering, and racing.

Product Information

  • Material: Paper and Plastic
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Number of players for Othello: 2 and Scotland Yard: 3 to 6


  • Gives an imaginative way to play the mystery games
  • The strategy game enhances the combining skills
  • A perfect family time game
  • Great packaging


  • There are some disc missing from the packaging of Othello

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4. Monopoly Board Game For Families and Kids


The second Monopoly game on our list is from the same manufacturer Monopoly. As you must be aware of Monopoly as the trading game that helps to understand the trading business to kids at an early age.

The Monopoly is the fast-dealing property trading game. This player can buy, sell, and trade the properties to win the game. If you have a money card, then you can build houses, hotels on your properties and even bankrupt the opponent to win all the money.

Also, it has a chance and community chest card that can help players to change their fortunes. It contains the 6-tokens to choose from the lot. Then, you can place the token and roll the dice to win.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 5.5 x 40 x 27.1 cm
  • Weight: 482 grams
  • The recommended age is 8-years and above.
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Plastic and Paper
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • The package includes 6 Tokens, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 Chance Cards, 16 Community Chest Cards, 32 Houses, 12 Hotels, 2 Dice, and Money Pack.


  • The game is easy to learn for any age person
  • The packaging is good from the manufacturers
  • A fun-loving game for the whole family
  • Helps to learn the trading terminologies to your kids
  • Value for money


  • Beware from detective products

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5. GSI Superior Matte Finish Practice Carrom Board


The GSI (Garg Sports International) store at Meerut manufactures sports accessories and apparel. It provides you the Superior Finish Carrom Striker Board that is the best fun-loving board game to play with family and friends in free time. The Boardgame has gained good popularity among the customers.

The design of the carrom board is impressive with Matte Finish that gives a smooth touch surface playing and great re-bouncing abilities for the strikers. The smooth surface has provided a sturdy reinforcement that improves the flatness.

For strike point delivery, it has four cotton pockets. The surface of the board is water-resistant that keeps the wood new and makes it lifelong. The wood material is made of Assam plywood with hardwood.

How to play?

The game has a striker, coins of two different colors (white and black), and boric powder. The coins are arranged at the center of the board with a pattern design. The center has a red coin that is called Queen.

The game can be played with team and individual. The team members can sit opposite sides and select the color of the coin to play. The Boric powder will help in reducing the friction on the board surface for smooth strikes.

When a player wins the Queen then they have to corner the specific coin color of their team to win extra points.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 81.3 x 81.3 x 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 8.9 kgs
  • Color: Beige
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • The recommended age is 2-months to 8-years.
  • Material Type: Assam Wood
  • The box includes Coins, Striker, Boric Powder.


  • Best summer vacations partner for family time
  • It helps to deal with hand control gestures while playing
  • Improves the aiming ability of the players
  • A smooth surface helps to smooth strike
  • Comes in great packaging
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Value for money


  • Excessive use of surface makes it uneven.

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6. Best Chess Premium Wooden Handcrafted Folding Chess Set

Best Chess

From the makers of Best Chess makers for Chess lovers. The special wooden design makes your eyes stuck to watch the game peacefully. The Quality of the chess piece is a premium that will enhance the feeling to play even more. It is rated as the #1 Best Seller from the Amazon site.

The chess comes in two sizes of 10-inches and 12-inches. The chess is made of the best Sheesham Wood, which is inlaid with Wooden squares. The surface has a glossy finish with appropriate thickness. It has magnets on the pieces that stick to the board, which will keep the pieces tact on it and reduces the chances of getting lost when someone stops the game when they are losing.

Even the Chess pieces are made of strong materials. It is easy to carry with a folding feature that makes it travel-friendly. The King of the chess measures 2.00” high, and other chess pieces are proportional to its size. It comes with an extra queen as well.

The Chess is a royal game and makes your mind sharp to plan strategy and understand the ways to defeat your opponent with limited steps. It is the best gift for children at a young age to improves their learning abilities.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 25.4 x 12.7 x 2 cm
  • Number of puzzle pieces: 32
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • Color: Brown
  • Weight: 699 grams
  • Have magnets for movements
  • The recommended age is above 5-years
  • Material Type: Wood


  • It comes with safe and great packaging
  • The antique and royal looks define the true craftsmanship
  • Magnetic surface to keep the pieces safe
  • Smooth surface and edges.
  • Extra queen
  • Value for money


  • Some magnets are weak on the surface, which falls when upturning the board.

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7. Ekta International Business A Board Game


The Ekta Store manufactures the Best International Business Board Game that is loved by people of all ages. It is a bonanza money game in which you have to count the money to fulfill the specified requirement.

The Business Board game has the fashion of selling, banking, mortgaging, and other monetary purposes. If your kid plays with this then, they will learn to use and exchange the money. It will help them to understand money dealing which is a necessary aspect for learning and overall development.

In the game, you have to deal with other people and learn the art of investing money for future use.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 22 x 10 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 898 grams
  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • Material: Plastic and Paper
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Batteries are included
  • The recommended age is 6 to 18 years


  • The business card quality is great
  • It comes under proper packaging
  • The item is durable in use
  • Gives exposure to other countries’ currencies
  • Value for money


  • Keep a check on the number of items in the box

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8. Play Panda New Magnetic Puzzles Circles

Play panda

The Play Panda Store that is the famous destination for searching the best toys and games for kids in the market. The new game of the Play Panda is the Magnetic Puzzle Circles, which has become Amazon’s choice product because of the extraordinary satisfactory reviews from the customer.

What are the magnetic Puzzles?

The Magnetic Puzzle will let your kid explore the colorful world full of designs. They create their canvas through colorful magnets and draw the various pattern of fruits, alphabets, animals, birds, and many more.

The magnetic puzzle is an innovative concept as its engineer’s creativity in kids. They cultivate the habit of problem-solving with improvement in geometric and spatial understanding.

The puzzle comes with a blackboard in which the magnets easily stick. They have to pick up the color, move, and drag to create a pattern that will help them to inculcate fine motor development and hand-eye coordination at their growing age.

Your kid can create their imagination or refer to the 100 patters provided to help them in learning. In the magic pattern, you do not require to provide them color pens and erasers that becomes clumsy to keep.

The magnet comes with stronger attraction with an up-gradation of 50 % power as compared to earlier models.

This is the best birthday gift for kids of any age, which will be beneficial and fun-loving at the same time.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 32 x 4 x 24 cm
  • Weight: 558 grams
  • Any number of players can play
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue
  • The recommended age is above 5-years
  • The box contains 250 circles of magnets, a magnetic board, 100 pattern design book, a display stand, a magic seal pouch


  • The infinite designing pattern that enhances the creativity of the child
  • It increases the spatial and motor skill development
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Perfect for both boys and girls
  • The quality of the magnets is great
  • Best at its cost


  • Increase the size of the blackboard
  • Keep an eye on your kids as they might take the magnetic piece in the mouth while playing

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9. Ratna’s 2 in 1 Classic Chess and Business Deluxe Board Game


The Ratna company manufactures the 2 in 1 board games. If you want to play the Deluxe Board Game and the Classic Chess, then it is the perfect choice for you. The product has achieved Amazon’s choice batch for satisfactory reviews from the customers.

The two games are Chess and a business game.

How to play chess?

Chess requires two players in which it has 64 squares that are arranged in an 8 x 8 grid. It is one of the most popular brain games that is enjoyed by people of all ages. The chess game is played at the national and international level as well.

How to play business game?

Give wings to your young businessman at home who will learn tricks to rent, buy, mortgage, and deal.

Both games are brain games that will help your kid in self-development and learning new abilities. It is a mental exercising game.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 36 x 18 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 760 grams
  • Number of players: Chess requires 2 and Business game 3 to 6
  • Material Type: Paper and Plastic
  • Color: Multicolor
  • The recommended age is above 3-years
  • The package contains the business board and cards along with the chessboard pieces.


  • Mental exercise for your kids
  • Help them learn new things every day
  • You can become their perfect playing partner as the game require only 2 players
  • Comes with great packaging
  • Durable product
  • Great quality chessboard
  • Value for money


  • Can look for improvement in the business game content for renting

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10. Ekta Crossword


Are you a crossword lover? As the word revolves in your brain all the time. Then, you must go with the Ekta Crossword that is a cost-effective and promising product for crossword lovers.

The crossword game is a word game that is easy to play. You can play it anywhere you go like on weekends or when you are traveling.

How to play crossword?

There are alphabets given you have to pick them up and arrange it in such a manner that it makes a meaningful word. The rule is to put the word together and adding the letters behind.

The quality of the letters is raw, which is safe for kids even if they take it in the mouth. But at the same time, you have to cautious enough. It is the best game for gifting purposes.

Product Information

  • Dimension: 34 x 24 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 322 grams
  • Color: Multicolor
  • The number of players required is 2 or 4
  • The recommended age is above 8-years


  • Easy to learn
  • Best for those who want to build their vocabulary
  • Helps kids to learn a lot of words every day
  • Comes with proper packaging
  • Sturdy parts
  • Value for money


  • The black marking of the board comes out

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How To Buy The Best Board Games?

There are so many choices in the market and there are some important factors that you must consider while buying a board game. Board games are a great source of refreshment and boosting up the mood. For a short period, you will forget the work stress and enjoy by making a strategy on how to win.

Let us have a look on types of board game

Types Of Board Games

1. What do you meme?

Photos will be there, and you have to match it with the best caption and thus creating a meme and more than that the fun you will be having with your friends and the endless laughter.

2. Monopoly

One of the earliest board games. The word itself depicts reality somewhere. Monopoly- only one that’s the truth ONE WINNER. Just buy, sell, and make schemes to become rich and win. Maybe this game flourishes your business skills.

3. Scrabble board game

Maybe you will discover the one with a great vocabulary with this game. In scrabble, you have to arrange the letters to get a word. Making your children learn new words, discover new meanings, and having fun at the same time will be something that everyone wants.

4. Carrom

Hearing the word Carrom the only thing striking in our minds is the Queen. This game requires your complete concentration, and your tricks will make you get the Queen. As the one who gets the Queen is the one who is the winner in guise.

5. Othello

One of the simplest and easiest games you can get in. arranging disks is what you have to do here that’s it. On a square board, you have to arrange disks in a way that others disks should not get aligned diagonally, and that’s it.

6. The game of life

One of the games adults can get in the house at parties. The game revolves around the life journey of a person from birth to each phase of life as the name itself clears it out. A maximum of ten players can play this game together.

7. The Poll

Elections! Get your skills as politicians developed. Each player in the game plays the role of a politician and stands in the election. Each player has to develop manifestoes to attract the public and run the constituencies of the world.

8. The Trivial Pursuit

Are you interested in knowing different cultures and general knowledge? This game is the best match for you. This game is based on the questions based on different cultures and general knowledge questions.

9. Cluedo

Do you like suspense and thrills? Then go for Cluedo and show your skills to solve the murder mystery and many other criminal cases.

10. Cards Against humanity

The name itself tells you what the game is all about. It’s a horrible party game constituting comments which are offensive, politically incorrect, and sarcastic.

11. Catan

Do you like making strategies and making arrangements? Then this game suits you. Build roads and make settlements and develop cities by various strategies.

What Factors To Look When Buying Board Game?

1. Engaging 

Whenever you see a board game, you have thought about what it is all about. You can read the instructions given, and if it looks interesting you decide to play with it. Engagement of games depends on self-interest as some people like business games or word games. Thus, engaging in individual choices lets you enjoy board games from your heart.

2. Number Of Players

Board Games are family games, and we all have 3 to 5 members in the family. If you have two members in the family, you cannot enjoy games that require more people. Check which game will involve everyone in the family.

3. Educational Content

You must be buying the board game for your kid. It is better to make a choice in which your kid will learn something. Crossword board games are best for educational content because it will help to build the vocabulary from an early age. Also, playing chess will improve concentration and increase effective intelligence to think with limited moves.

4. Durability

A durable gaming board will be there with you for a long time. You must have observed your grandparents have kept your parents’ board games and toys as it must be durable to use. Even you can store it easily in your storeroom.

5. Simple Rules

Simple rules are easy to understand and follow. If you do not understand the rules of the game, then you will frequently ask others for it or see the rule book, which will take your fun. The best way to start any game is to read the rules carefully and practically understand them, which will make your task easier.

6. Attractive Design

The attractive design of the board game will pop your heart to play. There will be colorful components and designs that can be printable or graphic ones. Especially young kids will be attracted to it and come to play. Playing board games at an early age assures an excellent mental exercise as compared to the screen games.

7. Easy To Set Up

The Boardgame must be easy to set up so that it will not consume time. Also, if it takes more time then, you will feel discouraged to the board game out from the stored area.

8. Easy To Learn

When you are looking for a game that is suitable for growing kids which will give them the insight to think and learn, and board games are easy to play and sometimes look challenging for adults as well.

9. Purpose

Sometimes, you buy games to pass your time on a train journey with your family. You want to have a board that is easy to carry and does not take space in your luggage bag.

Meanwhile, at home for spending time with your family at weekend you can get a big board game as well.

10. Cleaning Up

Nowadays, it is necessary to maintain hygiene while you are playing because there are so many people touching the board games all together. You can use a wet cloth or sanitizer to clean the board.

11. Playing Time

The game must be for a specific time of 15-20 minutes each round. After every round, you can restart the game. This time length will keep the participants interested enough to keep their stress away. It is perfect for the family night, which will bring everyone laugh and does not take the whole night to complete.

Benefits Of Board Games

  • Helps to come out of the virtual world game or video game that harm eyes.
  • They enhance the thinking of the children and are good for brain development.
  • These games require the involvement of family/friends, thus ensure better real-time communication, unlike mobile games.
  • They do not have any adverse health effects.
  • It teaches you to set a goal and patiently play to achieve
  • Brings family and other relations closer
  • With family, all your stress reduces and makes everyone laugh.

Drawbacks Of Board Games

  • You must take the board games lightly so that you enjoy rather than being competitive

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why the board games are so fun-loving?

The board games are the healthy and social game that you play with any generation of people. It is irreplaceable to any other electronic video games. The designer-based board games will look mesmerizing. You spend time with your parents who share their childhood memories about board games. And, you create memories to cherish.

2.How to set rules while playing board games?

The board games already have a set of rules through which you can play the game wisely. On the board game package, it must be written for your reference if you don’t know about it.

3.What are the chances of winning in the game?

The game depends on two things that are strategy and luck. When you play a dice game, you do not know whether you will score a 6 in the first go or not. Also, when it comes to scrabble or business games, you have to use your mental ability to score better.

4.How many people can play at once?

Generally, the board games are played between 2 to 6 players. This strength covers your friends and family. You can play in rounds for making everyone chance comes once.


While choosing the Board Games consider all your requirements and then make a choice. You can consult with your kid and the environment of your house. But if you are still indecisive then, you can buy Mattel Scrabble Board Game because it brings all sorts of flavors on the table with complete fun and enjoyment with the family. It will help your child to have a good stock of vocabulary and enhance their spelling skills.

For more information, you can ask your queries in the comments down below, and we will reply to you in no time.